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Burning Money - Cool Science Experiment
Burning Money - Cool Science Experiment thumb Burning Money - Cool Science Experiment thumb Burning Money - Cool Science Experiment thumb


  • the fire extinguisher and flammable
  • objects bring some objects your your
  • men's handkerchief I didn't even know
  • people had those still but thank you
  • appreciate that so that's in a clean
  • mind so thank you yes well you know
  • little things I do for you
  • so I put on your safety glasses in the
  • old ways because the handkerchief goes
  • into the beaker did I say good bye now
  • no I'll be fine this is just a flammable
  • liquid so those here like this so it's
  • fine you don't have to worry about this
  • at all soap some right up you don't lie
  • you know they're valuable that way it's
  • fine and so now here watch this oh so
  • it's now completely wet
  • oh and the lights are going down well so
  • even we're worried about this at all so
  • it's so it's fine so you see how I've
  • shaken out most of the flammable Lego
  • and then we just hold onto it like this
  • you want to hold that with your bare
  • hands I think I'm gonna move back to the
  • way bed and so now here you see you just
  • kind of like this on fire like this and
  • so now this is your hand which I think
  • it's kind of nice though
  • so it's perfect what is that kind of
  • night under that is nice you know how
  • much this watches as the lights come up
  • yeah and II look at this and it's still
  • intact it's not only entire feeling
  • oh it's laundry dry he's in nice and
  • rare singing ever was that was that was
  • that was remarkable that was absolutely
  • amazing absolutely oh look at this your
  • handkerchief is okay I'm amazed you
  • asked me how he did it
  • how did we do that because I expected
  • the incinerated so glad that you asked
  • so here is the secret believe it or not
  • when you take a look at rubbing alcohol
  • so if you'll hold it here like this
  • rubbing alcohol 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • you know what that really means seven
  • parts isopropyl alcohol three parts
  • water right oh so it's it has water in
  • it and so that water is the protective
  • material that's in here so believe it or
  • not the fuel is what's burning and the
  • water keeps this nice and dry so we
  • evaporation right this is why you sweat
  • in the summer two ways why you sweat all
  • the time they call your body produces
  • perspiration so that that now evaporates
  • and cause everything down there great
  • about this I think I could ask is a
  • buddy so if you have shows out here is
  • that pure alcohol it has a little bit of
  • water in it a little work so if you had
  • like a hundred dollar bill that would be
  • Fayetteville exploding but it's five
  • times better
  • you had a hundred so it really well I've
  • lost hundreds here before so how about
  • it morning he's actually shading his
  • eyes he hasn't seen the light in a long
  • time so now here watch this I was down
  • inside like this
  • so they hadn't actually done this before
  • but I saw it in the Internet we're gonna
  • burn the money up yes
  • oh if the theory is correct - see this
  • is what science is all about science is
  • about this is it we have a hypothesis
  • and now we're gonna test it and you're
  • gonna put your money where your mouth is
  • so cases this is looking good that's
  • doing good about this is ink flammable
  • well we'll find out yeah I really know
  • let's look at would you owe the money
  • looks like it's brochure enough okay so
  • it's only a fuel the burnt look once
  • again fine for heaven's sakes that's the
  • greatest thing I'm relieved and this
  • time you get to hang on to it so this is
  • the so I don't know I've never done is
  • its money's largely cotton right yeah it
  • is and there's longing there's laws
  • against destroying it - aren't there if
  • you try to pass it so look at that that
  • don't hang you hold it over the fuel oh
  • okay that was perfect see how you do
  • that you do it one time it's the
  • greatest thing ever
  • it's drawing I have a new drying agent
  • that I think you're gonna enjoy as well
  • so here it's gonna over here like this
  • okay remember the fuel is what's burning
  • right now so if you'll don't try this at
  • home this is something that a chemistry
  • teacher a science teacher would do co
  • but it's just our controlled environment
  • he'll make and you know there's my suit
  • between me and my you know that's me or
  • my skin that's for in the years gonna
  • dry it off here tell them about that you
  • know what I can do this this a drying
  • agent that I have they think that you're
  • going to enjoy so here it's just a
  • little drying agent that goes on like
  • this and so now you hang on to it and I
  • think the drying agent will be perfect
  • for this so this goes here like this
  • okay and oh you are so well that worked
  • great the drawing agent is fire well oh
  • that's another 20 down the hole I didn't
  • actually have that yeah this usually
  • happens to me to be with you
  • you

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Our science guy, Steve Spangler, says that he doesn't have money to burn... that's why he asked Mark Koebrich to bring $20 for today's science experiment. Matches, money and safety glasses sound like a recipe for science fun.

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