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Video Kennedy Holmes' Cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" Gets FOUR TURNS - The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions
06:50   |   today at 01:53


  • -Hoo. Come on, kid.
  • ♪♪
  • -♪ Hooooooo, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
  • -Oh, man.
  • -♪ Close enough to start a war ♪
  • ♪ All that I say, you always say more ♪
  • ♪ I can't keep up with your turning tables ♪
  • ♪ Under your thumb, I can't breathe ♪
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • ♪ So I won't let you ♪
  • ♪ Close enough to hurt me ♪
  • ♪ No, I won't ask you ♪
  • ♪ You to just desert me ♪
  • ♪ I can't give you ♪
  • ♪ What you think you gave me ♪
  • ♪ It's time to say goodbye ♪
  • ♪ So I won't ♪
  • ♪ Let you close enough to hurt me ♪
  • ♪ No, I won't ♪
  • ♪ Ask you to just desert me ♪
  • ♪ I can't give you ♪
  • ♪ What you think you gave me ♪
  • ♪ It's time to say goodbye ♪
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • ♪ To turning tables ♪
  • ♪ To turning tables ♪
  • ♪ To turning tables ♪
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Whoo!
  • [ Cheers and applause continues ]
  • -Oh, they are gonna fight.
  • -Welcome to "The Voice."
  • -[ Laughs ] Thank you.
  • -What's your name? -Kennedy Holmes.
  • I'm 13 years old, and I'm from St. Louis, Missouri.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -[ Laughing ]
  • -What?!
  • -Well, let me be the first to thank you
  • for coming to "The Voice," 'cause our ratings
  • are going to shoot through the roof this season.
  • -No, thank you. -What?
  • -Damn.
  • -I think you're the best vocalist
  • that has auditioned this year.
  • -Thank you! [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Oh, my God.
  • -Your voice already sounds so seasoned and accomplished
  • and so much control, so much range.
  • Oh, my gosh. -[ Laughs ]
  • -I don't want you to get distracted by the fact that
  • I'm a country artist and you're the greatest artist of all time.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • I've worked with people from all kinds of different genres
  • and done well.
  • I want you to pick me as your coach
  • so you can teach me how to sing like that.
  • -Thank you, thank you.
  • -She's so young.
  • I'm, like, crying. It was so pretty.
  • Just so you know, the most beautiful parts of your voice
  • aren't even the biggest.
  • The most beautiful is those intimate ones
  • where you let that roundness of that falsetto,
  • that head voice, like, set in.
  • That's -- It's -- Whoo!
  • It's so good. -Thank you, thank you.
  • -And you deserved every one of these chairs
  • turning around, girl. You sound so beautiful.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -How long have you been singing?
  • If you're only -- Is she --
  • -Oh, great. -Oh, Lord. Oh.
  • -[ Crying ]
  • -You all right? -She just realized that
  • Jennifer Hudson's talking to her.
  • -Yeah, Jennifer Hudson. -Oh, wow.
  • -Oh, okay. So, one of my first performances,
  • I sang "I Am Changing." -Oh, my God.
  • I've dreamed to sing with you. -I'm ready.
  • -[ Laughing ] [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -What'd she say? She said, "I'm ready."
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Give me love.
  • You are amazing. -Thank you.
  • -You are gifted. That is a gift.
  • -Oh, my God. I'm so happy.
  • ♪♪
  • -♪ Look at me ♪
  • ♪ Look at me ♪
  • ♪ I am changing ♪
  • -♪ Changing ♪ -Yes!
  • -♪ I'll be better than I am ♪
  • -Sing, girl.
  • -♪ And I'm trying ♪
  • ♪ To find a way ♪
  • ♪ To understand ♪
  • ♪ But I need you ♪
  • ♪ I need you ♪
  • ♪ I need your help ♪
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Aah!
  • -That was so sweet.
  • -You are amazing. Okay.
  • -Thank you so much.
  • -Does that mean you'll come to my team?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Oh, my gosh. I'm, like, crying.
  • -You are so gifted.
  • -Thank you. -You are a star.
  • It was an honor and a pleasure just to sing with you.
  • -Thank you. Thank you so much.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Kennedy! -Adam!
  • -I'm gonna pretend like -- -You have a chance?
  • -No, no, no. [ Laughter ]
  • Very, very rarely does someone come around
  • that kind of reignites our passion for what we do.
  • And to hear you sing today did that.
  • I watched you address every single person on the panel
  • fearlessly and with all of the heart and soul
  • that you were throwing out there.
  • Just to see that kind of confidence
  • naturally exist in you at such a young age, it's unheard of.
  • After the 15 seasons, you really can become
  • the absolute biggest thing to ever come from this show.
  • So you should be on my team, Kennedy.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Well, that was a good pitch.
  • -I think if Adam wanted you enough,
  • he'd sing "I Am Changing" with you, too.
  • -Thank you, Kelly. [ Laughter ]
  • -You are a gem, and I understand just how special
  • and precious it is, and if I can instill every inch
  • of whatever I could possibly give you, I will do that.
  • And I will be that coach that's there for you, no matter what.
  • -Thank you so much. [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Okay, Kennedy, it's time.
  • Who do you pick as your coach?
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • ♪♪
  • -Does Adam have a chance?
  • -I think Adam does.
  • ♪♪
  • -I truly love and adore each and every one of you.
  • ♪♪
  • But...
  • ♪♪

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Kelly Clarkson is blown away with 13-year-old Kennedy Holmes’ cover of Adele’s “Turning Tables”. After Jennifer Hudson sings with her on stage, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton feel Kennedy might just be the biggest thing to come from this show.
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Kennedy Holmes' Cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" Gets FOUR TURNS - The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

The Voice


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