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Video $5,000 GUCCI HAUL... uh oh
14:57   |   02/22/2019 at 23:39


  • hello vlog my room is really messy as
  • you guys can see I'm really sorry I'm
  • not that sorry it's like 5 in the
  • morning I was at the club tonight with
  • Jordan and he was like you're just gonna
  • go home and you're gonna go to sleep and
  • you're not even gonna film any videos
  • and so I got home and out of pure spite
  • I am filming videos to make my manager
  • happy hello you guys are always tweeting
  • me on Twitter like please do more hauls
  • I think it's your favorite thing to
  • watch my vlog Channel the other day I
  • went to court and after court I ended up
  • getting decent news had I missed that
  • court date I would have gone to jail but
  • since I showed up and since I have
  • really awesome like lawyers and my
  • lawyer that represented me that day was
  • really awesome and as long as I take
  • these classes everything's gonna be fine
  • if I don't take the classes I will go to
  • jail for 10 days I will be on parole for
  • three years and I won't be able to get a
  • driver's license until like 2019 so I'm
  • definitely gonna do those things but um
  • on the way home from Court Court was in
  • Palm Springs cuz that's where Coachella
  • was where I got in trouble for drinking
  • we stopped at the Gucci outlets in Palm
  • Springs which was super dope and I guess
  • I was feeling a little celebratory so I
  • bought some stuff from the Gucci stow
  • and then right before that the night
  • before I needed clothes for court
  • because I didn't pack anyone when I came
  • to LA this time so my lovely friend
  • Laura over at Laura's booty opened up
  • her store and let me just kind of go in
  • I also went shopping with my stylist and
  • he gifted me some stuff so yeah I'm just
  • gonna be showing you guys a collective
  • haul from shopping with my stylist gifts
  • from my stylist stuff from Laura and
  • stuff from the Gucci so this is about to
  • be a long-ass haul and I'm sorry but you
  • guys really like also I'm excited first
  • things we're definitely for court and
  • just these little black stilettos which
  • I didn't actually end up wearing to
  • court but I like them a lot because as
  • you guys can tell the way the arch goes
  • isn't too steep so they're not
  • uncomfortable in the slightest so if you
  • need a black heel for anything that
  • they're gonna be super comfy for these
  • are dope then I got a little bit
  • trendier version of that which are these
  • chunky velvet ones again super
  • comfortable look at that these are
  • really cute I'm definitely know where
  • these a lot in life the next thing we
  • have is so fucking cute and I'm obsessed
  • with this because house of Seabee makes
  • skirts like this for like $90 and I've
  • almost bought the skirts from house of
  • seabees so many times but every time I'm
  • willing know they're like $90 and this
  • is $25 and it's so cute it's like this
  • pink latex skirt imagine this was like a
  • little white cotton crop top and like
  • some cute sneakers I love this I mean
  • it's also really flattering make sure
  • but look really big so you guys have
  • heard me a million times talk about my
  • favorite jeans from laura's they make
  • the best flat feet I don't care what
  • anybody has to say I told Laura I was
  • going to court and she was like perfect
  • I know exactly what you need you're
  • gonna love it
  • it's your favorite jeans without a slit
  • in the knees I'm gonna say black jeans
  • with a red stripe down the side these
  • are made for me I'm so excited then my
  • favorite thing ever because I'm a lazy
  • ass bitch we have this gray red and
  • white and black little 2-piece set with
  • matching pants serving me Juicy Couture
  • vibes this would like some sneakers to
  • the airport it's so fucking cute then I
  • have this denim little dress with
  • attached denim sleeves
  • I actually really can't wait to wear
  • this I'm really excited to wear this
  • next thing speaking of cute flattering
  • dresses I actually almost wore this
  • tonight and then I didn't last minute
  • it's this little black sweater dress as
  • you guys can see it's like a ribbed
  • sweater II material in it this was like
  • a jean jacket is just such a look for me
  • the next thing I have is this like latex
  • bodysuit which I know you look at it and
  • you're like oh shit that's like
  • intimidating but the inside is caught in
  • it's super stretchy
  • it also comes up high so you don't have
  • to worry about like showing your boobs
  • like you can just wear a bra with it or
  • not wear a bra with it and it's just
  • really easy to throw on with like black
  • jeans and you automatically look like
  • you're trying harder than you are the
  • next thing I have is just like that
  • black dress I just showed like sweatery
  • ribbed material where it ties it gives
  • you like a little underboob action super
  • modest but it's a bodysuit and then I
  • wore this to court as well Laura just
  • gave me a black high neck body suit it's
  • backless I wore it with no bra I was in
  • Sorella
  • like a month ago shopping and I wanted
  • this black crop top it was on the
  • mannequin and they only had it in
  • mediums and largest and so I was like
  • damn I can't get that and I showed up to
  • Laura's and I immediately see this on
  • the wall and I'm like yo I need that
  • crop top that looks just like this one I
  • wanted from Sirella and Laura was like
  • yeah no sir Ella's buyer bought that
  • shirt to like its by the red nude like
  • they sell it in Sorella and she was like
  • what the difference is it's Arella is
  • like $45 and minds like $13.99 then the
  • next thing is this red dress this is the
  • Selena dress it's like a red silky
  • material definitely will like snatch
  • your waist I just got this for like
  • random things I have to go to I feel
  • like I'm always going to someone's like
  • birthday or like some party celebrating
  • something someone is fucking doing where
  • I need to look nice for no fucking
  • reason and
  • is a perfect thing for that like just
  • like I need address here's address and
  • it snatches your mate speaking of dope
  • dresses that will snatch you we have two
  • more we have a Celina dress in black as
  • well the next thing is giving me serious
  • Kim Kardashian vibes it is this white
  • bodysuit it's like ruched around the
  • tits and is off the shoulder and has
  • these attached sleeves and as you guys
  • can see it's a bodysuit again with like
  • jeans are like a white skirt like you're
  • done bitch like a nudist Curt even I was
  • cute nude skirt that my stylist me but
  • this would be so cute with and this is
  • fucking $21.99 like a long-sleeved
  • trendy ass Kim Kardashian ass body suits
  • making a roof task Kim Kardashian ass
  • shirts this one is striped and it ties
  • up here I know it's about to get cold
  • but it's still really warm in LA in the
  • daytime and I think that this will be
  • cute which is like little black jeans
  • the next thing Laura also gave me four
  • quarts so I'm gonna have to show up to
  • court again in like a month I'll
  • probably wear this but it's just like a
  • strapless black pantsuit super
  • flattering this thing literally makes my
  • ass look like the fucking Sun like it's
  • so flattering the next thing we have is
  • the Sophie top and it's just this like
  • ruched grey off-the-shoulder sweater you
  • could also wear this on the shoulder but
  • I like it off the shoulder when I was in
  • the store Laura was like yo you need to
  • get this sweater and I was like which
  • sweater and she's like this one and I
  • was like okay yeah I just grabbed it and
  • she was like no I need you to feel it
  • and I was like oh my fucking god like
  • not only is this really cute but it's so
  • soft this is stuff to a fucking piece
  • this white off the shoulder cropped
  • sweater I'm literally wearing this
  • tomorrow like I can't even look at this
  • anymore without wearing it like it's
  • just so yeah then we have I believe this
  • is called the kylie 2-piece set I didn't
  • really want this until I saw photos of
  • Laura wearing it like she is like the
  • most perfect person on this planet only
  • krantz gram blue still it's just like
  • this little bando talked with this long
  • ass black skirt and I'm not even kidding
  • you I look so slim thick in it now I'll
  • switch it up if you guys are getting
  • bored with some jewelry first we have
  • the Kim K choker which look at that
  • child of wild makes chokers just like
  • this with little like Jesus Mary symbols
  • on them for like 50 $60 and they break
  • and I lose them all the time and this
  • was $7 and it's so cute and then
  • speaking of the same thing we have
  • another set of three chokers just like a
  • little a little silver one with crosses
  • a little chain-link one another little
  • chain link one I can't wait to wear
  • these these are so cute I also like
  • getting cheaper chokers because if I
  • lose them I just don't feel as shitty
  • about it you know what I mean and then
  • the next one which I actually wore
  • tonight with a dress is just this cross
  • with another cross attached with another
  • little tiny choker and this isn't say
  • just like Christmas to you I don't know
  • it does it's this red sweater II
  • off-the-shoulder crop top with these red
  • sweater II jogger pants also make your
  • ass look incredible this is an
  • incredible two-piece set and like
  • December 1st I'll be running around the
  • house with the motherfucking Santa hat
  • on like this and some hot cocoa like
  • speaking of cute ass two-piece sets that
  • I'm not over in the beginning you guys I
  • showed you a gray white and red
  • two-piece so I also got it in my three
  • favorite colors to wear black white and
  • red it's just a little bando looks like
  • and then the pants look like that like
  • what that is so cute like that is so
  • cute just with like black stilettos out
  • black pumps out this is the Tana
  • checkered crop top every time she has
  • something dope and checkered and she
  • names it after me because she thinks my
  • favorite and it's so cute I born this
  • like 10 times it's so funny that the
  • things that she names after me too I end
  • up wearing so much I wear this on
  • Williams show the other day with a
  • little skirt and then the next thing I
  • grabbed out Laura's is this dope ass
  • black hoodie with a rose on it this is
  • also like under $20 I'm like with coat
  • Anna it's even cheaper it's just this
  • black hoodie with a red rose on it you
  • guys know I love roses it's super soft
  • too and like super cozy which I'm
  • obsessed with like I just can't wait to
  • wear this with like leggings and joggers
  • and stuff I actually think I'm gonna
  • sleep in this tonight okay so that is
  • all the stuff from Laura's if you guys
  • don't know I have a cold with Laura's if
  • you guys want to save 10% off on
  • anything you just watch you can use it I
  • will link every single item in the
  • description I highly recommend Laura's
  • if you're on a budget like alright now
  • I'm just gonna get into like a
  • collective haul from life lately the
  • first thing is this leather jacket from
  • Topshop as you guys can see super cute
  • like studded moto
  • leather jacket from Topshop I knew that
  • one of the things on my shopping list
  • this fall was gonna definitely be a
  • dope-ass leather jacket but I just
  • didn't know where I wanted it from and
  • I'd seen a million and I wasn't crazy
  • about them but I love this one like I
  • think this is so dope then the next two
  • things I ordered off deep hop so
  • unfortunately I cannot link in the
  • description and I hate doing that to you
  • guys so I'm sorry in advance but they're
  • both vintage and super dope and I've
  • worn both of them already the first
  • thing is this white Chanel t-shirt which
  • I'm really excited about wearing I saw a
  • picture of the girl wearing it with a
  • white
  • fishnet long-sleeve shirt underneath and
  • that's literally the reason why I bought
  • it like I have a white fishnet long
  • sleeve and I can't wait to do that look
  • with like nude heels and the next thing
  • I bought more for like everyday this is
  • just a vintage Gucci hoodie I'm a rapper
  • I gotta flex on these hoes but I gotta
  • flex on these hoes then the next thing
  • is this giant gray sweater from Topshop
  • and this is super destroyed on the
  • bottom as you guys can see and super
  • destroyed on the top and I can't wait to
  • wash this and for this to just get like
  • more and more destroyed and like
  • unraveled and like the sleeves till I
  • get like fucky like I just think it's
  • gonna be so cute
  • even though I showed a hundred thousand
  • black body suits in this haul my stylist
  • was like yo you need this and to be
  • honest he was right like it's a super
  • super thick ribbed
  • like high fucking quality bodysuit from
  • house of Seabee this literally if I
  • close my eyes I would think that this
  • was like product like it's just it feels
  • incredible it's an incredible material
  • but I'm really excited to wear this the
  • next thing is also from Topshop it is
  • from mistress rocks which you guys know
  • is where my favorite brands at Topshop
  • it's just this red lace for all that
  • it's lined so you can't see like your
  • nipples through it
  • I have those hoodies that like cut off
  • and they're not like full shirts and I
  • think that this would be really sick
  • over that for like maybe like a music
  • video or like an iconic outfit like I
  • can't wait to like debut this I'm
  • excited then my stylist forced me to get
  • these which I'm definitely gonna get
  • some shit for when I wear them these
  • psycho rhinestone covered hoops dead at
  • Topshop I got this little black and
  • white silk top I really like this I
  • think next time I wear it I want to wear
  • what they go push-up bra though because
  • it's really tight in it like flattens
  • your boobs so if you're looking like a
  • modest look I definitely like this and
  • then I got these little red dangly
  • earrings these were four dollars I still
  • like wearing all black during the
  • holidays so I love things like this
  • because it's like hell yeah bitch I got
  • a red hearing on speaking of dangly
  • earrings we have this long ass sword
  • offski ass dangly earring there's two of
  • them but the other one is in my drawer
  • and I'm lazy I definitely think if
  • you're into earrings that you're into
  • hoops you should try out some dangly
  • just long stringy earrings like it's
  • something different but still like
  • within your comfort zone I also just got
  • some red hoops from Topshop which are
  • rather dirty but I really like these I
  • wore these on the no jumper podcast the
  • other day with like a red crop top like
  • you're going for an all red look adding
  • a red hoop is like yeah bitch I went for
  • an all red look like I went there and I
  • fucking executed it and I did it and
  • then last from Topshop I'm in love with
  • this
  • nothing like this and I'm super obsess
  • it's this lacy trimmed long-sleeve
  • bodysuit like so cute like off the
  • shoulder it's cold outside but you still
  • want to look really cute with like
  • curled hair cute pants are cute black
  • skirt like I love this I think it's a
  • really really really cute bodysuit it's
  • really stretchy really flattering with
  • or without a bra I'm gonna wear the fuck
  • out of this this winter and I can't wait
  • then my stylist gave me a few pieces his
  • instagram is tyler g lambert or lambert
  • store i will link both of those below
  • he's so talented every single piece he
  • gives me he like puts his own spin on
  • which i love so we have a bleached
  • flannel which I have a million from him
  • he makes the best flannels I've gotten
  • flannels from a million other places and
  • they're all really really good but he
  • just picks out the most high-quality
  • ones and then whole dip them in Bleach
  • and they're obviously then one-of-a-kind
  • like no other flannel is exactly like
  • the other so that's one thing I like
  • about him is every single item has a
  • different type and then the next thing
  • from Tyler I actually saw in his
  • Instagram and commented like two months
  • ago I was like I need this and he
  • remembered and gave it to me like last
  • week and I was like oh my god it's this
  • dope bath gray army crop top it's like
  • hand-cut and it's like the dopest little
  • lengthen I wore this a hundred thousand
  • times for some reason I really like gray
  • long sleeve things with my hair like I
  • just think it looks really good I mean
  • gray is my favorite color to wear right
  • now besides black white and red and then
  • look at this little bitch look at this
  • little bitch and I actually matching
  • pants to this at home this dope ass army
  • parade cropped jacket and it's like a
  • thinner one so for the fall it's perfect
  • over RT long sleeve things I love this I
  • was with us tonight
  • I can't wait to fuckin wear this I think
  • it's the dopest piece ever like he stays
  • swagging young it's crazy it's crazy he
  • gave me this black cropped jacket which
  • I wanted forever and he's always like
  • don't get one from anyone else I'll make
  • you one and I'm so glad I waited like
  • it's just the dopest ripped black crop
  • top last but not least we gonna dive
  • right into the Gucci stove I haven't
  • been going to a Gucci outlet if you want
  • some basic Gucci like staples cuz like
  • they're a little bit cheaper they're
  • probably like 10 20 percent off so I got
  • a three things imma start with this one
  • it is this red and green Gucci belts not
  • a traditional belt buckle you like
  • fastened it through like a ribbon and
  • like loop it through so it looks really
  • dope this is also really cute for the
  • holiday season I'd like everybody only
  • gucchi boats with like the g's not just
  • like gucci and this one just like says
  • Gucci so I think that's dope like
  • imagine be wearing like all-black like
  • some red fucking cloud goggles and like
  • this belt like I think the belt would be
  • like the statement of that outfit which
  • is dope but then four days where I'm
  • trying to be a little more basic and
  • low-key I just got a really big black
  • leather Gucci belt with the G's this one
  • is super heavy-duty super high quality
  • like I will have this for so long I like
  • this for a subtle flexing kind of day
  • like an all-black outfit with this like
  • I just think it's don't I'm a rapper I
  • like Gucci boats I think they're so cute
  • with jeans like I just think any outfit
  • where you're wearing like jeans and a
  • bodysuit and jeans and a crop top you
  • add a Gucci belt and it immediately
  • makes your outfit look so pulled
  • together and like dope and like
  • philosophy you know and then last but
  • not least I'm so excited about this I
  • saw this and I was like you know I got
  • to get this I was shopping around I
  • didn't really see any bags I wanted I
  • didn't think I was gonna get any bags
  • but yo look at this like if you wear it
  • like that or if you do that fucking new
  • weird Fugazi ass bullshit where you're
  • like well you like this like the piece
  • itself is so dope my favorite thing in
  • the world is going to the airport with
  • something like this and then like a
  • checked bag I'm like checking my bag and
  • then walking through the airport only
  • having this like I have my idea have my
  • wallet I have my phone at my chargers my
  • headphones like chapstick like anything
  • I would really need in this bag but then
  • you don't have to carry anything while
  • everyone else is carrying like ten
  • carry-ons and they're just like
  • miserable like I live for that shit
  • alright guys that was it for the longest
  • haul of my entire life
  • we have some daily vlogs coming up don't
  • worry you guys have really been liking
  • them behind the scenes of Hefner so I
  • will link that below as well I can't
  • believe we have a million subscribers on
  • here either like that's just that's what
  • I need to make a whole video about that
  • I'm just I'm being such an emotional
  • little bitch today I need to lay down
  • okay I love you subscribe to this
  • channel follow my social media is in the
  • description below Stream Hefner on
  • Spotify grab some Hefner merch if you
  • want it subscribe to my main channel and
  • I'll talk to you guys in the next video
  • bye

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