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  • how's everyone I won't go back to a gta5
  • bitch from GTA 5 video so yeah today in
  • this video I'm gonna be showing you a
  • nice glitch which will make you have a
  • bag yeah this is the bag glitch so first
  • of all you want to go to a new nation no
  • where is it well as I mean I think I
  • think it up here yes OPA was too good
  • because of you nation
  • so I got a new nation to get publisher
  • cannot like well whoever show me this
  • and they subscribe to him his name's
  • Alex corner he's gonna help me in there
  • Oh could it know that editing and I need
  • you told me to split so you know yeah
  • you should Florida result is good wait a
  • min description below as well so yeah
  • let's go to a new nice shirts get out so
  • you wanna buy this parachute oh my god
  • woman I was just one say wasn't this
  • publisher okay well I see something yes
  • I'm I get puffs and then you have to go
  • see her bags and it's I know what turn
  • it off because I've sold it before and
  • I'll tell you guys oh yes this one same
  • it is eyes will eyes mailbag yeah so you
  • wanna so they go to
  • venturi oh shoot on and then you need to
  • go to what's it called out actually
  • there's actually a little picture if you
  • change your haircut now to the hipster
  • you will get a Mexican bag which is
  • weird
  • yeah so yeah you need to go to the
  • clothes Amy got it closed or closed or
  • let's go here so boys I need to go to
  • outreach Wow are you doing
  • you want jump I'll do a shot that people
  • shot
  • please different shop then
  • why don't other people come a kill me so
  • there's only one down the voltage that
  • this one special indistinct shot that
  • woman it's not nice I lost a bit of cash
  • yeah there's just spent twelve thousand
  • so yeah here we are
  • hey down the road is it yes it's just
  • down the road from here so I was just
  • just just just ya know if you want to
  • fight now I'll give you something say no
  • West sermons better than bingo clothing
  • it's been a bit on for us I'm woman
  • there yeah isn't it so you go to team no
  • okay you need this with and then you
  • need the parachute back on which is just
  • came off for some reason think it's this
  • more anyway so yeah and it's this one
  • and then you want to go to the
  • hairdresser's hairdressers for the win
  • it's cool to do hey where's the closest
  • header from there
  • let's go to the hairdresser's which
  • isn't nice here then you just need to
  • get any random haircut any any random
  • hair
  • so I get a nice output which we run like
  • so I'm not like what that times I've
  • bowled forget that stem so yeah we just
  • turn the car over here round here coming
  • [Music]
  • disappointing well he's gonna win
  • oh my gosh guys dead okay get away from
  • the evidence over here well yeah my
  • confident see what I like
  • yes shall we so we need for two
  • hairstyles so let's get one I like but
  • wonder were like brows spiky okay what
  • okay I need something
  • it's final Auto it's hipsters
  • so this hipster hair cool and then we
  • should have the back I said we should
  • have the back yeah look we have the bag
  • yeah and then you will have the back so
  • I want to go like this in Auschwitz
  • outfit oh no it's gonna fight us
  • one paramedic catch me yeah you can't
  • touch me Batman
  • so it was turn and I wasn't an actress
  • and I'll quit I'll shoot I'll keep on
  • saying up nice just an outfit please go
  • away
  • I'm down boy but I'm going to girl got
  • something to say get out of here I don't
  • want to fight you
  • I love it whoops here I was here before
  • I love it so I want to go to standard I
  • look good back I won't come on these all
  • these all these oh oh I'm gonna give it
  • soon no oh it's not no come with any of
  • these is it I want to find well we'll
  • just beat it
  • try fine Oh what oh hush will place on
  • that oh this is really so this is not
  • showing oh it looks nice though
  • keep on saying it fuckin gettin a rebel
  • place Oh what please on these hi I like
  • to say my brother did it then because
  • it's not working for me
  • which one looks good so please quit uh
  • please I got home an outfit with this
  • suit Jackie so we won why not huh I got
  • a suit Jackie
  • so okay this is only inside half
  • let's press outfits honest artful
  • standard and I got some food
  • I like this it's gonna make the save how
  • would I side me idiots know about this
  • [Music]
  • think it's the pizza yes go eat glitch
  • Brother Wang got let it tip hey final
  • spin up glitch number one so I'll be the
  • end of the video so hope you guys all
  • like the enjoyed and I'll see you guys
  • later bye

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