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How It's Made Ice Cream
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  • [Music]
  • to make ice cream treats you first have
  • to make the ice cream it all begins with
  • fresh cream the factory stores it in
  • refrigerated silos set just a few
  • degrees above freezing the silos feed a
  • high speed mixer that blends the cream
  • with other ingredients the main dry
  • ingredients are powdered skim milk and
  • plant-based stabilizers and mul so fires
  • stabilizers prevent the ice cream from
  • crystallizing and emulsifiers allow the
  • mix to bond with air during the whipping
  • process the other ingredients are sugar
  • and corn syrup
  • [Music]
  • after about three minutes of mixing a
  • pumping system moves the mixture into
  • pasteurization tanks and heats it to 162
  • degrees for half an hour killing any
  • bacteria and activating the stabilizers
  • [Music]
  • then the factory homogenizes the mixture
  • a process that breaks up the fat
  • globules giving the ice cream a smooth
  • texture the mixture is cooled and
  • concentrated vanilla flavoring is added
  • [Music]
  • then the concoction is chilled and
  • whipped for about 15 seconds whipping
  • blends the mix with air transforming it
  • from liquid to a soft solid without
  • error the finished product would come
  • out looking like frozen milk rather than
  • ice cream if it wasn't whipped the Ice
  • Cream Sandwich wafers are made of
  • chocolate cake ingredients a filling
  • machine feeds two lines of wafers toward
  • an injection pipe just as two wafers
  • come together the machine injects 1/3 of
  • a cup of vanilla ice cream in between
  • the pipes head fits the ice cream into a
  • rectangular slab that fits perfectly
  • between the wafers all this happens at a
  • rate of 140 ice cream sandwiches per
  • minute
  • [Music]
  • as the sandwiches move on to packaging
  • the filling is still ice cold from the
  • freezing phase so there is no threat of
  • meltdown the packaging system raises
  • each sandwich into a wrapper then folds
  • and tucks the ends the next machine
  • counts the sandwiches and inserts them
  • into boxes once sealed the boxes go
  • directly into a storage freezer at minus
  • 22 degrees on another line ice cream
  • cone production is underway a feeder
  • drops pre-wrapped sugar cones in a
  • holder on a conveyor belt
  • sprayers coat the insides with a
  • chocolaty layer which add flavor and
  • creates a barrier between the cones and
  • ice cream so the cone remains crispy
  • until you eat it next nozzles squirt in
  • the ice cream filling one production
  • line two flavors one row gets vanilla
  • ice cream the other chocolate now for a
  • tasty surprise in the cone score an
  • injection of liquid caramel this factory
  • also makes chocolate and strawberry
  • sauce inside next a chocolate favored
  • liquid topping then the crunchy
  • finishing touch a layer of chocolaty
  • coated puffed rice
  • [Music]
  • finally the cones move under a lid
  • dispenser that applies a wax coated
  • paper lid to each one a heating element
  • instantly melts the wax sealing the lids
  • to the cones paper sleeve from here the
  • ice cream cones go into boxes then
  • straight into the freezer ready to take
  • a licking
  • [Music]

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