Video Home Alone Christmas Reunion - (2019 Movie Trailer) Parody

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Home Alone Christmas Reunion - (2019 Movie Trailer) Parody
Home Alone Christmas Reunion - (2019 Movie Trailer) Parody thumb Home Alone Christmas Reunion - (2019 Movie Trailer) Parody thumb Home Alone Christmas Reunion - (2019 Movie Trailer) Parody thumb


  • keep the change of guilty animal so
  • we're going to wild with this weekend
  • and we're gonna figure it all out
  • there's a Bluegrass Festival we're going
  • you're not going anywhere either of you
  • you are staying here you hear me you
  • stopped
  • Christmas it's a time for friends I want
  • to throw an enormous Christmas party at
  • your house I was thinking Christmassy
  • she's speaking to us good food you just
  • and family so buzz are we finally gonna
  • meet your girlfriend look this isn't an
  • ordinary Christmas it's the McCalister
  • family reunion I would feel good about
  • going because you are how you want
  • because it specifically feels like
  • you're trying to get away from me fuller
  • no easy I'm Lucy and this time nobody
  • gets left behind
  • [Music]
  • this family is a little complicated so I
  • bought you something but they forget me
  • you know the cutest fucking control in
  • the universe
  • so this is about you I depend off my
  • house psychopath commentators yeah I
  • could find that weird but not everybody
  • shares the Christmas spirit
  • [Music]
  • this viewed isn't Silverton my fucking
  • ocean it's time for this family to heal
  • what happened
  • the boy inside its home alone Christmas
  • reunion this is one film you'll never
  • forget coming soon
  • [Music]
  • Kevin it's me when a party appears you
  • should totally talk wanna see deleted
  • scenes from this trailer then check out
  • the making of video in the link below to
  • watch other fun trailers like Forrest
  • Gump too
  • the crabs to Nancy's revenge Buffy the
  • Vampire Slayer resurrection just tap
  • here or here you can tap right here on
  • your phone or tablet vj4 raw to
  • you

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This holiday season, the McCallister's are back! But Christmas can be a little sensitive for this family. Join Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), Buzz (Devin Ratray) and Fuller (Kieran Culkin) as they return home for one big family reunion. But not everybody enjoys Christmas. The Wet Bandits (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) are back, and this time they're going to settle the score.

Yes, this trailer is fake. It's a fan trailer (or a concept trailer). These types of videos are often misunderstood. They're not trying to "fool" you, they're creative pieces that transform existing footage into something new. These vidoes are transformative in nature and covered under Fair Use.

A little background about this video. I originally started this two years ago but never finished it due to a lack of useable footage. Both Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci have appeared in very few acting roles over the last 5 years. Due to the lack of footage I found it very difficult to generate a storyline and the trailer sat unfinished for the last two years. I finally got around to completing it this month, and the end result is a little... "erratic". There's not much flow, but I tried my best. This video was one of the most difficult I've created. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Footage used in this trailer came from the following sources
Home Alone 1
Love Ranch
Adult Children of Divorce
Mrs Doubtfire
The Joe McGaffin Show
Approaching A Breakthrough (Short)
Compare the Market Commercial
Blue Ruin
Wet Bandits Resurface (Daniel Stern Clip)
Kevin Defends Apartment (by Studio C)
A Bad Mom's Christmas
Christmas Inheritance
Life of the Party

Audio provided by CalanRobinson (voiceover) and Day Pheonix (voice actress) courtesy of Fiverr.

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