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Video Rappers That Weren’t Born For The Street
06:50   |   274K+ views   |   today at 02:15


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • Keywest time
  • my family wall
  • because we be clapping shit keep some
  • killers women with that lagging shit
  • come on brother cookie you like the
  • Maverick big hit the comma shooter down
  • heal from stabbing shit
  • he also ran up be a house they kill your
  • granny shit I can turn a good girl into
  • a block Beach oh my god clapping
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • that's just Barry got cookie could stop
  • White Widow hold counter that fucking
  • squad I'm three deep about ten niggas
  • that's ten she pussies pussy niggas
  • don't want beef cuz they all chick 10
  • piece of meat growling
  • what i'ma smell alone me baby please me
  • odo Jesus on roofs weather God didn't
  • kill you white guy bitches killin niggas
  • kill Bo - oh and my youngest son to feel
  • killer news check sorry we're really
  • broke will you get the change wrong
  • please take it
  • [Music]
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • anything coming out if you don't like
  • what I'm saying now I don't give a fuck
  • cuz it won't change the fact that my
  • dick is in your butt but ok we'll make
  • it numb so imma put it in yes with my
  • son it's time to get freaky Miley Cyrus
  • we can have a baby game colors busy
  • Cyrus I'm a demented motherfucker
  • i'ma fuck Miley Cyrus and fry another
  • mother I look ok
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • oh yeah
  • [Music]
  • my son ain't no lack at Holeman I'm as
  • sane
  • you know what's cracking on me mouselina
  • he got that ratchet on
  • gonna change old frames you get the
  • picture line to bring 30 papi
  • no God no witness she's Russian it open
  • she took us a fashion if you slow motion
  • I'm running let's go in your leather too
  • much better cut early focus hit left
  • it's a bitch fucking the ha ha kitty so
  • slow like endless my waters we split and
  • a half ago get some more shit why this
  • fuck home Jeff Weaver
  • and Big B shit you a bitch little fuck
  • Utah Beach away bitch ass nigga what I
  • got my chin you know what you told bitch
  • asshole Kim wait with that Twitter shit
  • we shot there's niggas you sell fat
  • pussy ass niggas poor man shop ass nigga
  • shop ass nigga what's up what's up
  • what's up beat your ass
  • what beat your ass do it do it do it do
  • it for the rock your ass hood throw them
  • rock you're gonna rock your ass
  • [Music]

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