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  • Oh what's up Cher's welcome to the vlog
  • I got all my scuba gear I'm going back
  • in into what into the pods and see the
  • pun card it might be warm out today
  • might be a beautiful sunny day but that
  • water is definitely definitely not warm
  • yeah the water is definitely still
  • freezing but I got my scuba gear I got
  • everything I need I'm jumping in and I'm
  • gonna find it what are you gonna look
  • for the treasure in the pond what
  • treasure the sunken treasure in the pond
  • what what are you talking about there's
  • no treasure in the pond
  • yeah there's sunken treasure in that
  • pond this pond is over a hundred years
  • old
  • remember that vlog that showed like all
  • the old pictures of this house oh yeah
  • the pond is super old people came
  • knocking on our house one day and share
  • with us old pictures of what the pond
  • used to look like yes that pond is like
  • over 100 years old so I'm just thinking
  • of all the crazy stuff that fell into
  • that pond so I think there's definitely
  • buried treasure underwater in that pond
  • and I also know that there's a GoPro in
  • there so I'm at least gonna get that
  • GoPro today all right shares well I'm
  • not going to it's freezing cold but
  • Carter good luck okay we made it down to
  • the pond
  • it looks like it's warm out it's a
  • beautiful day it's really warm today but
  • uh go ahead and test that water tell me
  • how cold it is are you ready yeah three
  • but your sock is olan oh yeah take that
  • sorry yeah it is cold whoa that is cold
  • definitely not going in that cart of
  • good luck
  • yeah I know it's a warm day but it takes
  • a while for the water to heat up because
  • it is ice-cold in this pond
  • Sherri's if you're new here I'm Carter
  • share you guys just wanna share a family
  • to smash the subscribe button and join
  • the most epic it on YouTube oh yeah the
  • Sherriff family is the strongest family
  • on YouTube it's on four different
  • channels on my channel Steve is Channel
  • Lizzy's Channel and even baby otter has
  • a channel so make sure you smash that
  • subscribe button enjoyed each of the
  • channels and see what the sheriff AM is
  • up to alright so shares if you haven't
  • been following along on my vlogs just a
  • couple weeks ago I was driving one of my
  • RC cars on water and a drove across the
  • water but what happened is the GoPro
  • fell off and it sunk to the bottom so
  • that means the GoPro is in the bottom of
  • this pond somewhere and I am gonna find
  • it and I'm also thinking I might find
  • some other crazy stuff in this pump
  • because like I said earlier this pond is
  • over 100 years old and that's really
  • really old so I'm just thinking of all
  • the crazy stuff that might have fallen
  • in here or I got washed up in the rain
  • and saw like that there might be some
  • crazy stuff on my fine I got a scuba
  • suit on I'm gonna go in this pond even
  • though the water is ice-cold and see
  • what we can find
  • thermometer let's see how cold the water
  • is Carter take a guess if I had to guess
  • I would guess that it's probably like 50
  • degrees or something like that like
  • really cold
  • I'm gonna guess 64 degrees and shares
  • common what'd you think remember this
  • pond was frozen just like two weeks ago
  • so I bet you it's still getting rid of
  • the ice shoot it let's ready three two
  • one oh it is 69 degrees okay too bad
  • that doesn't seem too bad shares but for
  • water 69 is actually still pretty cold
  • so good think I have this wet suit on I
  • got a scuba mask scuba goggles
  • I got fins and I got these claw machines
  • too so hopefully I can reach to the
  • bottom and find this thing yeah good
  • luck it's literally it's gonna be hard
  • to find anything in this pond yeah the
  • water is not very clear so I'm basically
  • jumping in blind but let's go ahead and
  • get started I gotta take my shirt off
  • Wow okay this this wetsuit that I'm
  • wearing it's really tight I can probably
  • like lift my arms above my head - sure
  • what's yeah that's for sheriff am I'm
  • gonna take my pants off don't look ah
  • okay I got my wetsuit and now check it
  • out we also got claws so I can reach
  • under there and start grabbing at the
  • bottom and see if I can fish out some
  • treasure and I got my scuba mask let's
  • put this thing on I've never wore one of
  • these before so oh my gosh I don't know
  • my head fits oh it's so tight maybe it
  • needs to get wet first to slide oh my
  • gosh it's so tight this is for like a
  • small head do I have a big head Cher's
  • all right oh the water feels gonna be
  • freeze yeah it's cold it's definitely
  • gold put that on your head come on oh my
  • gosh it's so tight you might have to
  • scratch that Kylie Network
  • oh I think is it look right yeah I look
  • like a scuba diver you're kind of like
  • an upside down flower I can't hear
  • anything
  • you kind of look like an upside down
  • flower I'm not sure if this is on
  • properly are you gonna get it off that's
  • a good question I don't know how I'm
  • gonna the next step I need goggles so I
  • got my goggles these ones look pretty
  • good there's still sand in it from the
  • last time they went to the beach let's
  • wash them off okay there we go
  • oh these are tight - oh why is
  • everything so tight okay I got my
  • goggles on am I looking like a scuba
  • diver now yeah okay we have two options
  • we have a scuba regulator that we can
  • hook up to a tank so I could wear this
  • or I got a snorkel I think I'm gonna try
  • the snorkel first because it might be a
  • little bit easier to use looks good I
  • think I'm gonna jump in the water now
  • but I've kind of scared cuz it's so cold
  • you know what I'm gonna try this mask I
  • think this is a little bit better for
  • scuba diving so I'm gonna put this one
  • on I think we go down a zipline first
  • okay so it shines I thought this one I
  • haven't ridden a zipline for a very long
  • time so because you didn't hear that
  • Carter got the zipline he hasn't ridden
  • as a bunt for a while in order to ride
  • the zipline though you got to start all
  • the way up by that tree there the
  • highest point possible then you ride it
  • all the way down
  • catching speed finally dropping off over
  • top of the water
  • [Music]
  • oh whoa whoa whoa hang on something's
  • major is in the water look at that look
  • at those swirl marks shares something is
  • in the water look at that
  • uh-oh Carter's about to jump into that
  • so hopefully that doesn't get in his way
  • I don't know what that noise is
  • oh dear cars about to jump into the
  • dangerous pond maybe the snake is back
  • we never did find the snake so who knows
  • okay Carter yeah good luck let's do this
  • three two one go oh no it's got to be
  • cold whoo is it cold is it good it's
  • cold quarter said it's cold
  • good luck Carter it's cold still with
  • the wetsuit I mean it's way better with
  • the wetsuit but it's still really cool
  • okay now that I'm all wet I'm just gonna
  • jump back in and try to find this
  • treasure
  • I think the RC car went like here I'm
  • gonna drove all the way across to that
  • side over there
  • that means there's treasure in the pond
  • halfway in between all the way down at
  • the bottom so let's see if we can go
  • fine that's good jump in and see what we
  • can do I get aggressive the scariest
  • part is the water so close all right
  • good luck
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • kids see anything I think we're gonna
  • need to switch gears so here we go with
  • this scuba mask I'm hoping this one
  • doesn't fog up so bad okay so I didn't
  • have scuba gloves but I got these gloves
  • because I don't know what's on the
  • bottom of that pond but these will offer
  • a little bit of protection I don't want
  • to get bit I don't know what's down
  • there I can't even see I'm going down
  • there blind because the water is foggy
  • so I can't see I can always see about a
  • foot and then if you go all the way to
  • the bottom it's like dark I got one of
  • these claws this might come in handy I
  • don't know let's see what we can do I'm
  • gonna go right
  • in the water oh my gosh I don't want to
  • go under Steve you gotta you gotta find
  • the treasure
  • I need to find this buried treasure
  • you're any committed you just got to go
  • and search whoo all right go under
  • Carter oh no he's back up okay I can't
  • see how you think you just got a feel
  • around oh that's not gonna work
  • all right party's going back under
  • yeah I hit the bottom already I hit the
  • bottom are you sure yeah
  • my head hit the bottom I saw I can't see
  • anything that my head hit your feet were
  • like sticking out of the water how did
  • you hit the bottom because I dug down my
  • head and a hit so I couldn't see the
  • bottom it came up will be so fast
  • oh there those carvings going under
  • okay it's so scary yeah of course any
  • more protection okay Carter what's the
  • what's the problem why you keep coming
  • back up because it's really scary under
  • there I can't see anything and I don't
  • know what's down there and we found a
  • snake in this pond there's fish in this
  • pond there's all kinds of stuff I just
  • feel like I'm gonna run into something
  • bad if I go too deep
  • yeah corner right before you went off
  • the zip line there was something in the
  • water over there that made some type of
  • motion yeah I saw it was a big splash so
  • that might've been bigger than a fish I
  • think the next step we're gonna need
  • some more scuba gear go with the fins
  • okay
  • just wrap just like snapped I think
  • these might be really old and they just
  • dry rot in or something okay since the
  • fins broke I'm just gonna go with some
  • running shoes these ones are really old
  • and muddy so I think this will be
  • perfect and then this way I could walk
  • across the bottom and my feet won't get
  • cut on anything that's sharp or pokey
  • down there and I'll still be able to
  • feel around and hopefully I can find
  • something okay I got my shoes on we're
  • doing like all different kinds of
  • equipment today where's my scoop oh my
  • god Liz you up here okay I think we're
  • ready to go
  • this time I'm gonna just try walking if
  • it's deep enough I can touch I'm not
  • sure if it's too deep to walk or not
  • okay I wouldn't jump it whoa okay I'm
  • touching I'm standing right now and I
  • think it gets deeper as we go out okay
  • oh okay I'm walking oh there's something
  • right there I could feel it it's like
  • something getting move yeah fish turtle
  • snake oh I hope it's not a snake oh my
  • feet are getting really cold I hope it
  • was just like a rocker site but it was
  • big I kicked it that's how big it bumped
  • out of the ground I'm sure was just a
  • rock oh yeah that's so scary you might
  • be the wrong man for this job yeah I
  • don't think I'm the right person for
  • this Sharra's covered hashtag scuba if
  • you would go scuba diving in this pod in
  • search on the bottom oh okay there's up
  • standing on something it's a rock
  • humming a rock yeah there's a lot as all
  • kinds of stuff down here so it's kind of
  • scary all right go for it you gotta find
  • this I do we gotta find this this is
  • like the last day it's been underwater
  • for so long okay I know it's deeper out
  • in the
  • water I had to guess it would be like
  • out here right what do you think yeah
  • probably around there probably to your
  • left a little bit okay I can't believe
  • I'm touching right now I feel like I
  • need a sticks tree what about that
  • yellow stick a stick yeah one yellow
  • stick coming up Oh a touch something and
  • you got it just a stick
  • see if there's like sticks a poke your
  • legs it's so scary it's just a stick I
  • know but it's a lot scary because I
  • can't see anything well just know that
  • they're just sticks okay I feel
  • something right here
  • I go for it could be the GoPro
  • well I'm standing it like mud it's like
  • really gross down here it's hard to
  • stand actually okay where do you think
  • it is am I in the right spot um maybe a
  • little further out yeah maybe a little
  • further out if I step on it I'll feel it
  • that I can grab it when you realize a
  • GoPro is like this small and you're
  • looking for something this small and
  • upon this big yeah but it's on a selfie
  • stick that's about a foot long oh that's
  • right
  • so I can find the selfie stick easier
  • than the GoPro he's attached to it okay
  • it just floats this is metal but it
  • floats when you like an underwater metal
  • detector oh I got an idea
  • hey Carter tried this thing you can rake
  • the bottom that could worry scoop up the
  • GoPro with this you feel something yeah
  • but it could be anything
  • wait there's something here Steve go for
  • it
  • there's totally sub gonna be it it's on
  • my left foot let's go under and see what
  • it is all right go get it go get it go
  • get it oh my gosh think it's it I don't
  • know what it is but it could be
  • something good let's go get it all right
  • I think I'm gonna go Thunder it's right
  • here right where the stick you go for it
  • girl wrote it all let's go under secret
  • policy
  • and he is under mmm I can't fly floats
  • oh well it's hard to get under it's hard
  • to stay under I'm floating so well kick
  • hard you gotta go okay you gotta get it
  • go to the bottom come on Carter go down
  • and get it go go go come on you got it
  • it's scary just go for it
  • sheriff smash the like button for cardi
  • you got to dive down and get it
  • we need this GoPro footage go you can
  • find what's on that GoPro
  • [Applause]
  • go pro oh my gosh I can't believe it
  • it's been under for so long wait
  • look at this thing what the first thing
  • I feel Steve is the GoPro are you
  • serious oh no way it's clearly been
  • under for a long time I don't know if
  • it's gonna look at this totally build up
  • with oh my god this is GoPro number two
  • honestly I wonder what kind of footage
  • just thinks at under the water for days
  • just recording or just recording until
  • the battery dies so I wonder if there's
  • some secret footage on here oh my gosh I
  • wonder if it's gonna work though look at
  • this there's just mud all in there I
  • mean it looks it looks okay like maybe
  • like hopefully the memory is okay in
  • there who knows it's been under for
  • probably three weeks at this point yes I
  • think so like guys I don't know you tell
  • me how long it's been underwater it's
  • happened on when the xmax drove on top
  • in the water with the dually tires
  • whenever I posted that video is the day
  • that this thing sunk oh the mud is just
  • dripping into the water what we gotta
  • wash this thing off get it clean and
  • recharge hey if it works GoPros are
  • worth a lot of money so this is like
  • finding buried treasure in the pond and
  • that's just the first thing we found I
  • felt some other stuff under that too
  • that I didn't want to grab but maybe we
  • should go back in and try to grab it
  • oops okay so I think that's kind of a
  • successful day because last time we
  • tried looking for buried treasure in
  • here I was sitting on a boat I didn't
  • find anything okay I need to take this
  • thing off let's say yeah good luck
  • this thing is so tight he's gonna rip my
  • head off I think oh my gosh dude whoa
  • whoa okay we got it off I think we need
  • to go and wash this thing off and see
  • what we can find and see what kind of
  • footage is on here so stay tuned on my
  • channel so we can see what we found on
  • this we might find something super
  • creepy when it was filming at the bottom
  • of the pond for like three days or until
  • the battery died at least so turn on
  • post notifications so you don't miss
  • anything and comment down below
  • hashtag treasure if I should go back in
  • this pond and look for more buried
  • treasure just like this GoPro and until
  • next time you know what to do stay
  • awesome and share the love peace whoo
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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Today Carter Sharer and his brother Stephen Sharer (Sharer Bros) went down to the pond to search for buried treasure underwater at the bottom of the pond. Carter has a full scuba suit with googles, snorkels, fins and all. He was ready to jump into the cold pond water and search the bottom of the pond for the treasure that awaits. Carter is hoping he can find buried treasure like a treasure chest. Comment if you loved this epic vlog!

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