Video $4.95 Budget Boat - Sink Hole Lake!

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$4.95 Budget Boat - Sink Hole Lake!
$4.95 Budget Boat - Sink Hole Lake! thumb $4.95 Budget Boat - Sink Hole Lake! thumb $4.95 Budget Boat - Sink Hole Lake! thumb


  • you guys ready to go yet double
  • coefficient new challenge new challenge
  • won't go get a hen or too little too
  • little to inner-tubes
  • fish off that okay alright let's go
  • I was doing let's go to a woman well uh
  • we're here is that every time well it's
  • gonna be interesting with the
  • entertainers you have to make sure you
  • get something to wear you could you know
  • move a baby
  • you should do the baby so cool alright
  • whatever you wanna hold it
  • I want this that is $24 this is nine
  • dollars but it's only big enough for a
  • cooler I don't know if I can fit in that
  • I'm gonna get me a river too
  • that's that's where I'm gonna put my
  • flippers on I'm good some cheap frisbees
  • the bids at power whatever you want on
  • Sam yeah whatever you want to use for
  • the panel
  • the only problem is you're gonna have to
  • hold on to it while you're fishing I
  • mean but is there not a cheaper frisbee
  • than six bucks
  • so I got my inner-tube hoodie
  • we got a billy's paddle 97 cents good
  • choice and his easy for Lounge she's
  • trying to be relaxed what he's bitch
  • I need you get nothing do
  • yeah
  • [Music]
  • hop in loser we're going okay let's blow
  • those inner tubes out we're outside this
  • requires an epic montage you ready
  • [Music]
  • what's your one Roth CIPA things gonna
  • bring Billy I got a favorite rod it is a
  • rush series I have a medium heavy I'm
  • gonna throw this googan dang I didn't
  • realize I had Alabama crawl but I have
  • Alabama crawl I thought I had natural
  • I'm going with the jackhammer series I'm
  • gonna Jack him up
  • what's the Jack conversing jackhammer
  • raw with a jackhammer spin real going
  • old wax rig can't go wrong with that got
  • my aapko forgot what this is called ask
  • oh sorry so I don't get some Burt you
  • really really gonna it's gonna suffocate
  • you in your fall in the water
  • it's okay I think I could handle it I'm
  • a ninja I'm kind of like you Rob you're
  • gonna walk down to that bit there yes
  • there's the 10 pounder that's like
  • probably eight pounder at least
  • can fish you catch whatever you want
  • this is Brandon and Billy explore the
  • crater we're just going fishing we're
  • gonna explore the crater want to explore
  • the crater yeah this is a crater right
  • sinkholes a sinkhole and the word is
  • it's like 250 feet deep so this is just
  • a big hole full of water yeah okay I'm
  • going in oh my gosh so cold this is
  • gonna be a lot harder a lot harder than
  • I thought
  • oh I had a bite it's so hard to maneuver
  • with this thing that one bass yeah baby
  • I gotta land
  • oh yeah back first bass all right let
  • her go
  • by you got one
  • he won't be still my first finish with
  • you he's a cute little fella
  • I'll let him go through my hole
  • [Laughter]
  • I'll stop stop stop stop
  • I named him fussy he's a little fussy
  • through the whole hard part about this
  • thing is that Kant rotates and I move
  • too much turbo mode activated got enough
  • oh I had another one dang dang it's
  • gotta be a fish right there oh there he
  • is oh my gosh I think that was a grim
  • it's kind of relaxing huh feels good
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • I just can't get it out because of a
  • stupid
  • then hey Billy I'm out of worms can I
  • get a worm from me what are you guys
  • doing
  • what do you do what happened he popped
  • by pop he popped my - what - well that
  • ended not as expected Billy I don't know
  • what just happened I mean I don't
  • believe that should I was just working
  • my way back to you man you know I could
  • have died giving you a worm next thing I
  • know you start paddling off I'm like
  • what are you doing you left you float
  • and everything oh yeah where was it you
  • suspected to do well
  • well into here all right oh no my
  • insurance paid off
  • thanks for subscribing comment share the
  • video and Billy bam bam
  • [Music]

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No Bass Boat? No Problem! These two items at Walmart work great for making a boat on a budget. They both cost $4.95 and one is much better than the other. This trip ends with an epic FAIL! Hope you enjoy this Billy and Brandon Adventures on the Secret Sink Hole Lake.

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