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Video Burning Money... *Dont Try This*
22:50   |   479K+ views   |   today at 11:26


  • yo yo everyone welcome to another Fram
  • allistic blog so today I think we're
  • gonna be heading out to like this really
  • cool garden place with loads of flowers
  • but I don't know why before we head out
  • to go there I thought it'd be really
  • cool to burn this $100 tissue now I've
  • seen pictures like this with real money
  • and obviously I'm not gonna do that so
  • we're gonna be burning this $100 tissues
  • now why not try out see art let's just
  • try and put it in slow motion is all
  • okay come on here goes nothing no let's
  • go wow that looks like real money you
  • can not even lie okay
  • I'm not sure if this is the best idea
  • doing this inside but this is catching
  • fire pretty quick I mean there you go
  • guys whoa okay yo yo
  • should I just drop this oh my god oh my
  • god oh my god oh my god no no not a
  • great idea mo not a great idea at all oh
  • so much smoke we're lucky there's no
  • like fire thing in this house like an
  • alarm but wow they're your guys I
  • started this look by being an idiot oh
  • boy by the way kids don't try this at
  • home yeah basically I tried it so you
  • guys wouldn't but there you go
  • not gonna lie it looks so cool look at
  • that
  • anyways I quickly just got a little mop
  • to clean that up
  • I'm hoping I haven't burnt the tiles I
  • don't think they can burn but let's just
  • see okay please tell me that this is not
  • burnt under it please no come on is that
  • fern
  • okay now it's not burnt guys you see
  • that the wipes off there we go
  • whoa hello are you ready to see
  • something cool
  • why are your lights off man are you like
  • I'm a vampire
  • turn them on okay are you ready to see a
  • cool creation I made by the way it's
  • behind my back guys okay ready
  • are you crazy that's so awesome right it
  • looked cool Diana I was gonna put a
  • picture on Instagram like saying I'm
  • balling
  • yeah I'm ballin gonna try it
  • Joe give me $100 I'll try it for ya
  • there is some certain monies I think
  • some oh you'd like currencies in the
  • road maybe I think the Chinese Hong Kong
  • it looks very plasticky and unburnable
  • by the way I just want to show everybody
  • like this is where all your fan mail
  • goes a baby girl Lana and a load of
  • other teddy bears you have this is what
  • it did end I think that is hers that's
  • also fan mail that L cards I think their
  • fan mail there's a lot of fan mail in
  • this room oh yeah these as well Wow
  • so there you go guys Lana is now finally
  • ready to go out we start getting ready
  • okay that's where that came from
  • we started getting ready at two o'clock
  • when it was sunshine guys and if you
  • open the door wait guys two o'clock and
  • now it's eight o'clock six hours we're
  • gonna let the yo-yo squad decide who's
  • lying here it goes okay fine fine you
  • should be is nobody follows is fit so
  • guys we just okay be careful mommy yeah
  • we were actually gonna go marry Chloe is
  • it blurry no he can see footage for you
  • guys sunlight to see flowers yeah I know
  • there's no sunlight I was telling my
  • road that nobody was listening until
  • they got in the car instead so I'm gonna
  • do is we're gonna go to the game section
  • yes I play some games
  • Laura playing some cool games don't
  • don't they were playing the board games
  • which game we don't play that darts
  • Dance Revolution my jeans into the
  • garden now you can hold your dress and
  • start flicking it around I swear I hope
  • it's me so awkward to be so angry
  • they're not painted I feel like my toes
  • look so weird
  • they cost about that one toy
  • okay mom mom okay guys if you guys are
  • part of Asian family Stefani's
  • where's the yogurt squat now was it all
  • a fantasy imagine tomorrow morning you
  • wake up I know even a youtuber you guys
  • know your squat to be here for us you
  • guys know what the dude is I'm always
  • gonna vlog when I see nice cars and this
  • is definitely a nice car you got the
  • orange Aventador here Rolls Royces and
  • other stuff like that but we didn't come
  • here to do cosplay we came here to play
  • games so yeah the first game we're gonna
  • try today is to win a little poodle I
  • don't know why I found it kind of
  • adorable so I'm gonna give it to Lana to
  • try come on come on
  • oh yeah yeah you had one shot okay this
  • is your last ride give me give me give
  • me the car down come on you can do it
  • come on is it good it so Lana is here
  • with their best friend and I put them up
  • for the challenge of who can punch the
  • hardest okay so let's see guys let's see
  • what the score is are you guys ready
  • okay who's going first okay there you go
  • Lana go first you go first okay
  • we need a hard punch okay you got 12
  • seconds to punch it that they see a good
  • price
  • that's a good one 7.1 K they're up next
  • you ready here okay here goes nothing
  • can you beat 7.1 K Lana's practicing
  • with this little hammer
  • it's actually really you can't even get
  • it behind you oh yeah I think Johnny
  • just leave this game do you want to try
  • poppy we should try is where the shot
  • really
  • but I wonder which one I should press
  • guys am i a woman and a kid a little kid
  • or big aha
  • so there you go guys who said I wasn't
  • strong I just want that machine see she
  • could've lived it I won that game a bit
  • boy before you guys say I was in the
  • women mode that actually doesn't make
  • too much of a difference trust me guys
  • I lived you won that right there anyways
  • we're gonna go around play some other
  • game right you have to find the dogs
  • machine so let's do that that's like an
  • all round game everybody can play where
  • are you taking us this is my little
  • shortcut so you guys know about boys
  • play them coin machines around like
  • pushing it forward they have something
  • similar finally now they have these I
  • know beads and I think you push these
  • down so that's all we're gonna try just
  • keep on spamming us right now
  • Oh aho what type of game is this
  • oh you go on you don't
  • oh they drop put your game points
  • that's our equivalent to a coin slot
  • machine guys that's the best we can do
  • okay so the moment you guys have been
  • waiting for me alone are about to play
  • okay she's not dressed appropriately I'm
  • gonna be harder for her so yeah let's
  • play I think I need to swipe it twice
  • just give me a check
  • Oh bro this card is so messed up okay
  • we're selecting a song right now
  • that was so bad
  • did we look mad though Rihanna's Anila
  • oh my god that was so hard I promised
  • you we used to be bad at that but that
  • was the worst game I've ever played
  • we're gonna do the dog same thing again
  • because we completely forgot to be good
  • like me so hold off on that if you guys
  • are played before you understand me like
  • we literally after I completely forgot
  • you so proud - lets go again on this
  • bigger machine and see with Lana's
  • adjusting her wardrobe to try and be
  • able to play this game do you think that
  • has to be okay I don't know I'm not even
  • gonna say anything do you think that's
  • gonna help it looks so weird
  • okay just hold it anyways let's go again
  • round two okay we're gonna go for this
  • song are you ready
  • I can't round two
  • I did good then I got a you go D okay
  • we're gonna head out the game section
  • for today now or you're literally
  • sweating right now from that day and
  • that was a four dogs up we did there
  • anyways you guys so I'll spend on says
  • I'm off John I killed it I got a yeah
  • head update down
  • they were about to if I had to show you
  • could dive in my trips this year and you
  • know that's like one of my favorite so
  • we'll eat and I'll catch you guys after
  • my sister has a special way of mixing it
  • learn guys learn how to do this you know
  • I really don't like that sauce I don't
  • like how it looks it just looks really
  • bad but anyways we're heading off home
  • right now awesome awesome day out with
  • some friends do you guys have it like me
  • ever I think this runs in my family but
  • our throats each so badly and we know
  • like all the time okay sometimes yeah
  • whenever we're like sick but so get it
  • bear with you just a minute listen to
  • the sounds like it sounds weird right
  • but I don't know how we also gonna do
  • it's not like we told each other I don't
  • know I don't know why and that's the
  • only way I can each my mind when I don't
  • know I don't do it also only when I get
  • and I think it's a cold I think their
  • code or their stuff it's just so weird
  • like doing it Robbie was like
  • I'm thinking that you Oh Toby hey Toby
  • come come come on
  • yeah come here we have reached home
  • destination you can now get out my car
  • get out my car okay we just got home is
  • that it my sister's making a big deal
  • about that little spider it's tiny look
  • how much I've to do it's the size of a
  • button now that I'm home I'm gonna be
  • super honest with a lot of you like I
  • love playing games but you guys won't
  • even believe me when I say it vlogging
  • has made my life so busy and like kind
  • of a good way actually not a bad way at
  • all
  • that I haven't even played my
  • playstation for three months literally
  • three months so I think today it's time
  • to take this do you see how dusty that
  • is guys look look at this oh my god do
  • you see them are dust on my finger like
  • it looks like it's two different colors
  • on this joystick but look at that all of
  • this is dust that's how much I have not
  • touched my playstation
  • let's open up fully to see how it is
  • whoa look at that
  • mommy mommy look at this that is so cool
  • right whoa
  • oh yeah boys PlayStation is alive this
  • is how much of a nerd I am I'm literally
  • pulled one couch all the way to the
  • middle of the living room to play
  • PlayStation
  • an object a damn update a system update
  • which I've not done for like three years
  • please move fast yes yes yes come on all
  • right you know what that's that's good
  • yes I think I think I spoke way too soon
  • about that days I really really think I
  • spoke too soon yeah sixty minute update
  • right here sixty minutes guys
  • and here's I'm not playing PlayStation
  • tonight I it's like 11 o'clock right now
  • I don't think I'm waiting to midnight
  • just to play playstation so you know
  • what I think I'm going back to my
  • computer games did you want to see
  • something come to come look at the
  • coolest coolest tablecloth ever you want
  • to see it come I've got the coolest
  • tablecloth Edler and their ever yeah
  • buddy
  • that looks cool right I could sell this
  • on eBay
  • as a legitimate you know what cool it
  • printed money burnt evacuation happened
  • lost feast found Kitty versus bubbles Oh
  • No is she gonna hit him from the top is
  • she coming to do it damn Bo's
  • okay I have to show you guys this
  • Instagram account now normally I'm not a
  • big fan of trolls I stay away from them
  • but this is some next-level trolling out
  • here okay there is a mole blocks troll
  • this is not my account I have no idea
  • what it is but this guy trolls the
  • living your hell out of anything like
  • he's gonna print screen' something right
  • here and troll about okay let me show
  • you I mean oh my god this is a
  • ridiculous
  • focus look at this guy's for example
  • normal photo avenues bleed when you get
  • punched for not knowing what ap1 is guys
  • guys okay this isn't even just for him I
  • made a mistake guys I made a mistake I
  • honestly know what p1 is and the
  • differences but I genuinely don't know
  • if it was me being excited that day or
  • for the cool things by just cool there
  • p1 because somebody actually I'm not
  • even gonna I don't like blaming people
  • but before I even went out to see the
  • cars
  • somebody said Yoda is a Bugatti and p1
  • outside and that's stuck in my head and
  • that's why I said it okay
  • I don't normally explain myself but
  • that's that well besides from that look
  • at the other things this page has okay
  • okay which one which one when because
  • this guy's the ultimate trol this guy
  • man lien is when bubbles grows up too
  • quickly
  • alright you know what there you go shout
  • out to you man
  • alright oh jokes aside a funny account I
  • started reason I mentioned it to be
  • honest I'm gonna interview you with
  • honest answers okay so don't make up
  • anything just be very straightforward
  • yeah okay so guys I'm on skype right now
  • with my friend enough I want to show you
  • guys life behind more vlogs so behind me
  • behind me and you guys so my first
  • question is how much do you like me
  • there there you go guys
  • if I give you a shout-out how much would
  • you like beside my skype interview is
  • there anything else you want to add in
  • there like nice comments about me thank
  • you sad I've never had kind words said
  • about me like that thank you
  • we're gonna go to a drink
  • as always I'm gonna wrap up today's
  • Mikey I hope you have enjoyed I don't
  • know why I thought of doing that
  • interview but it turned out pretty funny
  • I'm not even kidding guys you saw me
  • starting back he had no idea he was
  • gonna be on the blog and he was like
  • okay fine I'll doing on this review but
  • yeah anyway also everybody I love you
  • all and I'm gonna be honest there's a
  • lot of car things planned for this week
  • so for you car lovers and they're pretty
  • awesome car but it's not like your
  • normal ones they're actually really
  • really cool so hope you guys enjoy stay
  • awesome Yolo Yolo good boy

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