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Video I Found His SECRET Creative Map.. (Fortnite)
10:01   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • there's something I kind of don't want
  • you to see you really don't want you to
  • see it dude too bad I'm going right now
  • I found his secret creative world this
  • is not a joke he made a creative world
  • that he probably wasn't supposed to show
  • me my friend Bodil told me about it and
  • ladies and gentlemen I am about to
  • confront SEF blaze I'm going to make him
  • show me the world because I have the
  • code I have everything I'm able to get
  • in either way but I want to actually
  • join it with him he's probably gonna get
  • super nervous because I'm pretty sure
  • I'm not supposed to be seeing this I'm
  • going to call him up he has no idea why
  • he's in this lobby I invited him to it
  • he joined inside this is going to be
  • insane and here we go alright so a
  • minutes chat with SEF right now oh he's
  • going to reply I haven't talked to him
  • yet today I found something lol I don't
  • want to get right into it I want to kind
  • of make him guess and figure it out that
  • I found it he says yo what do you mean
  • you found something creative I really
  • don't want to say too much he's probably
  • gonna freak out I want to make sure that
  • I could actually get him inside of the
  • call without him just leaving the game
  • he said it what do you mean you know
  • what I mean he's probably super nervous
  • right now I'm going to call him up this
  • is going to be insane I mean I found
  • your secret for tonight creative map
  • which is true he actually did find it
  • that was a few days ago though are you
  • saying you found my secret for tonight
  • creative map call me okay hello hello
  • it's okay I found it okay I don't know
  • exactly what you're talking about I feel
  • like you're bluffing alright like I know
  • I found your secret for that creative
  • map the other day um but are you saying
  • you found the mind map I found it listen
  • boy I showed it to me and I haven't
  • gotten inside of it yet either way no
  • matter what if you play this with me or
  • not I can get inside of the world so
  • let's just play together wait prove to
  • me prove to me that you know the world
  • golf carts dude okay you know actually
  • alright alright you know you know when I
  • found yours you were embarrassed okay
  • I'm I'm a little embarrassed because
  • there's something I kind of don't want
  • you to see yet all right we're doing
  • something embarrassing and yours I
  • really don't want you to see it this is
  • where I started getting super excited
  • because f told me there was something
  • embarrassing at the end of his map
  • and he didn't want me to see it now I
  • knew already from Bodil that this map
  • was pretty much a race with golf carts
  • right so my played all along was to make
  • a bet with Zeff that at the end of the
  • race if I was to win the race that he
  • made I would be able to see the
  • embarrassing part I was sure that Steph
  • would accept the offer because obviously
  • he built the map he was beautifully
  • going to win the race and he actually
  • agreed to the bag
  • I'm not gonna say what happens but guys
  • get ready this video was crazy okay
  • let's show it inside to drive permission
  • to play so on the map we can play it and
  • everything just don't go to the hill all
  • right just don't go on top of the hill
  • or the mountain just just don't go there
  • okay okay all right
  • I won't let's let's try it aside to it
  • dude it's literally right here is this
  • Thawne justjust don't go in it yet okay
  • again alright fine I'm fine
  • but okay look look look like like look
  • at me okay you can look around that's
  • fine that's fine I'll go I built this
  • map you know this racing map I kind of
  • got inspired from your map that I found
  • but uh yeah I kind of made up my own
  • version you know you racist buff and
  • there's a finish line all this stuff so
  • just whatever you do you see that hill
  • over there just don't go there okay okay
  • that I just don't want you seeing was
  • there okay all right so okay you're what
  • yeah bad so you want to race or
  • something um you know let's do it should
  • we like to make it interesting
  • oh you want to do a bad you want to do a
  • bet okay how about this if I win this
  • race I probably won't because you made
  • this map if I somehow win it I get to
  • see what's at the end of the map oh okay
  • all right fine all right bet for bet all
  • right I'm down for that so yeah we could
  • we could race this big it's kind of like
  • a race and an obstacle course later on
  • but yeah let's do it
  • are you doing sorry see you bye bye I
  • know the ins and outs of this place okay
  • so you're going down man I have
  • absolutely no idea what is going on
  • right now you are no no no I'm a drift
  • King bro dude all right I'm set back
  • okay no worries I got time to catch up
  • oh no dude
  • well I need to make sure I win this race
  • because of dude you were so bad I don't
  • know what's a little bit could it just
  • like wait for me or something oh five
  • five final way at this point in the
  • video I decided that I would actually
  • wait for Zeff and the reason for this is
  • because I remember that he was actually
  • nice enough to let me play his map and
  • make the bet with me that if I beat him
  • in this race he would let me see the
  • embarrassing part about his map now I
  • didn't know for sure what was going on I
  • had absolutely no idea what the
  • embarrassing thing was Bodil wouldn't
  • tell me he knew what it was but he just
  • would not tell me Sood get ready because
  • this was insane I would it be a nice guy
  • Obie dude I'm right here you don't don't
  • wait for me I told you Matt we're going
  • all out alright I know the ins and outs
  • of this if I get behind I can recover
  • dude no questions asked you are not
  • winning this oh my gosh we are going so
  • fast are you ready for this power slide
  • watch this
  • alright oh look at that okay okay I see
  • Oh almost fell off but we're good
  • what good don't worry so dude if I lose
  • this somehow I don't think at all I'm
  • going to lose but if I somehow lose what
  • happens I just don't get to see the end
  • of it um
  • negotiations are up four for the table
  • you know negotiate like we have is that
  • what I get if you know what is this
  • where are we huh that's right that's
  • right I added a little bit of a terrain
  • here okay I don't know what's going on I
  • mean just keep driving that's all you
  • have to do okay
  • grappling hooks ladies and gents we're
  • with these therefore you know let me
  • just show you all right I'll wait I'll
  • wait you up there I'm gonna show you how
  • it's done
  • I know this is for you Oh where's next
  • yeah oh yeah past boy yes right that's
  • right wait did I just see you fly no
  • imma let you slide yes well on this one
  • guess what I don't know you're not gonna
  • make it oh you didn't make it okay oh no
  • you're not gonna make this one you're
  • not gonna make it
  • what do you I don't know
  • oh here we go dude I don't know if I'm
  • doing it I don't know if I'm doing it
  • you're doing it you're doing it but
  • guess what what guess what good hard
  • yeah end
  • why is this thing not you can still use
  • the grapples dude oh shoot that one got
  • close and the end I uh I kind of won
  • this one this right here was F's worst
  • mistake out of the entire video because
  • I lost the bet I lost the race yet he
  • still showed me where the house was he
  • said it was over there but don't go
  • because he lost the race but knowing me
  • mr. top-5 you already know that I'm
  • gonna go over I'm gonna check out the
  • house even though I lost the bet watch
  • this I go over the house I find the
  • embarrassing thing this gets crazy
  • you literally broke the rules dude how
  • who set the rules
  • I'm not through the grand foyer yeah you
  • could use the grappler here I don't know
  • you could well I mean I mean yeah okay I
  • have the Creator uh where's the house
  • anyway I know the ins and outs uh it's
  • uh it's it's over there um but I you
  • know I kind of want I'm going really use
  • the grappler you use you're flying so
  • we're used to flying at all I never use
  • flying at all alright literally saying
  • this is embarrassing I know I'm gonna
  • I'm going alright I know you're
  • recording dude I know you recording
  • alright look like I need like you see it
  • okay just just okay look just why fine
  • you're good friend I'm gonna let you see
  • it it's kind of embarrassing but like
  • it's whatever dude I saw your thing so
  • all right don't know before you don't
  • look behind yet don't look behind come
  • over here come over here don't look
  • behind just just no alright what I don't
  • know just just go just go I'm not gonna
  • stall it anymore just go see I did what
  • am I looking for
  • good check this court wait what do you
  • mean check this card I didn't want it to
  • come to this what what I want you to do
  • right now comment down below and let me
  • know what you think was so embarrassing
  • about the end of this map I already know
  • what it is because I'm recording this
  • after the video you guys do not want to
  • miss this and here we go of so confuse
  • dude but you saw my my darkest secret
  • all right now I'm gonna need you I'm I
  • need you to detect escort for me bro I
  • had no
  • idea what was going on at this point I
  • couldn't find anything embarrassing in
  • the house but apparently the
  • embarrassing part was on discord that so
  • itself was telling me a dude at this
  • point I was just absolutely so confused
  • I couldn't tell if stuff was pranking me
  • or if there was actually something
  • embarrassing and guys you do not want to
  • miss this
  • I checked discard watch what happens
  • check this court yep is this some very
  • sick thing or what keep this darkest
  • secret did okay I'm going to discord
  • right now I'm nervous I don't know don't
  • be you're my friend you can know my
  • deepest darkest secret all right I'm
  • doing it three two one oh my gosh you
  • were asking for it bro you're asking for
  • it
  • you really had to me me I had to bro
  • after I saw what's at your place okay
  • your secret fun night great a map you
  • know I had to mean you a little bit dude
  • come on Icee believes me that there was
  • gonna be a secret here that you
  • literally wasted my time right out of it
  • I'm gonna get you back that is not funny
  • I'm getting back there is a shadow
  • coldest track coming out this Friday
  • make sure to subscribe to see it as soon
  • as it comes out

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I Found His SECRET Creative Map.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Today, I found my friend's fortnite creative secret map!


Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)


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