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Video The 7 WORST Misses In The Last 10 MLB Drafts
10:10   |   11/14/2018 at 19:35


  • ever since the first majorly draft in
  • 1965 teams have made major mistakes that
  • have changed the course of their
  • franchise forever so what's up guys my
  • name is Dawson and today we are going to
  • be looking at the seven worst draft
  • player mistakes from the last ten years
  • and let's go ahead and get started
  • number seven Chris Brian going into the
  • 2013 Major League Draft the Astros had
  • the first overall pick and the Cubs had
  • the second
  • it was pretty sure that the Astros would
  • take pitcher mark Appel and the Cubs are
  • debating on who to take and then arrived
  • the draft the Astros as expected took
  • mark Appel and the Cubs took a third
  • baseman from San Diego by the name of
  • Chris Bryant Appel is now retired there
  • will be some more on him later and Chris
  • Bryant has already won an MVP and led
  • his team to the World Series if the
  • Astros passed on a pail and took Bryant
  • they could have had an infield of Alex
  • Bregman Carlos Correia Jose Altuve and
  • Chris Bryant and they could move
  • probably Guri L to the D H well maybe it
  • is a good thing that the Astros didn't
  • take Bryant the Cubs got a ring Astros
  • got a ring anyways and that MLB got to
  • avoid a situation where they would have
  • their own version of the Golden State
  • Warriors Bryan would be higher on the
  • list but he was drafted number two
  • overall so is it that much of a miss
  • unless your name is the Houston Astros
  • number six Erin judge back to the 2013
  • MLB Draft Erin judge was seen as a kid
  • with a lot of power but his inability to
  • make consistently good contact caused
  • him to drop in the draft the previous
  • offseason the Indian sign it switcher
  • which allowed the Yankees to get another
  • compensation pick in the draft and with
  • that pick the Yankees selected
  • outfielder Erin judge with the 32nd
  • overall pick judgment on to win Rookie
  • of the Year and come very well be a
  • future MVP one day now there are a few
  • different ways we could go with this the
  • Yankees could have resigned it so sure
  • not had that compensation pick or team
  • sort of realized the player that judge
  • would be any
  • gone to the Astros isn't that horrifying
  • the Cubs or the Rockies or the twins or
  • the I you get the point your team had a
  • chance to draft Aaron judge and they
  • missed it so unless you're a Yankee fan
  • I have something for you number five
  • Buster Posey going into the 2008 MLB
  • Draft the Rays had the first overall
  • pick and were heavily debating between
  • high school shortstop Tim Beckham and
  • Florida State catcher Buster Posey and
  • with the first overall pick the race
  • selected Tim Beckham according to
  • multiple sources the choice could have
  • gone either way and the Rays obviously
  • made the wrong choice by know what some
  • are thinking but wasn't Posey drafted
  • fifth overall and you're right
  • the Pirates Royals and the Orioles all
  • passed on Posey allowing him to fall to
  • the Giants the Royals were really the
  • only ones with the top four pick that
  • turned out well as they drafted Eric
  • Hosmer
  • but let's say the Rays did tape Posey
  • first overall Beckham would fall to the
  • Royals and the Giants would take Hosmer
  • when Posey came up in 2010 he had a huge
  • impact on the Giants roster so no Posey
  • probably means the Giants World Series
  • run doesn't happen the Giants won the
  • division on the last day of the season
  • and without Posey them having a chance
  • to win the division probably wouldn't be
  • there on the other hand the addition of
  • Posey might be enough to get the Rays
  • past the Rangers and all the way to the
  • World Series if only someone would redo
  • that scenario
  • number four Nolan Arenado probably the
  • second-best player to come out of the
  • 2009 MLB Draft
  • Arenado was selected by the Rockies in
  • the second round with the 59th overall
  • pick a few teams passed on Arenado since
  • at the time he was committed to a
  • baseball scholarship by ASU and he
  • wasn't anywhere near the defensive
  • player that he is now being a five-time
  • Gold Glove winner and probably a future
  • MVP did hear that la teens missed their
  • chance on Arenado the Nationals could
  • have had Harper and Arenado in the 3-4
  • spot and the Astros Co drafted him as
  • well which thank goodness that didn't
  • happen number three Mookie Betts Mookie
  • Betts is probably one of the best
  • players in Major League Baseball right
  • now and is currently in the running for
  • the 2018 AL MVP Mookie could arguably be
  • the number one pick on this list because
  • he wasn't selected in the first round
  • the second round the third round or the
  • fourth round
  • Mookie was selected in the fifth round a
  • hundred and seventy second overall how
  • this many teams missed on Mookie really
  • is crazy
  • Mookie was drafted out of high school
  • but he was committed to the University
  • of Tennessee
  • the Red Sox offered Betts a $750,000
  • contract and Betts agreed to sign at the
  • scenario they're really too many
  • different options because every team had
  • multiple opportunities to draft Mookie
  • but all of them missed it's set for the
  • Red Sox number two mark Appel now hold
  • on I know what you're thinking how is
  • Mark Appel above Mookie Betts well let
  • me explain you see Mark Appel was
  • drafted three different times he was
  • first drafted out of high school by the
  • Tigers in a late round so that one isn't
  • really as important and then he went to
  • play ball at Stanford upheld a great at
  • Stanford and was projected to go 1st
  • overall in the 2012 MLB Draft the Astros
  • who had the first pick reportedly
  • offered Appel a 6 million dollar signing
  • bonus but he said no so when the draft
  • came the Astros took Carlos
  • Raya and Appel fell in the draft because
  • teens are worried they wasn't going to
  • sign this was until he was selected
  • eighth overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • but not surprisingly Appel didn't sign
  • with the Pirates because he thought the
  • 3.8 million dollar signing bonus they
  • offered him wasn't enough so he went to
  • finish his senior year at Stanford and
  • then in the 2013 MLB Draft the Astros
  • took a pill first overall and he signed
  • with a six point three five million
  • dollar signing bonus and Appel never
  • played a single game in the bid Li's I
  • made a whole video on a pill if you want
  • to check that out for more details and
  • number one is none other than Mike Trout
  • is this really a surprise to anybody my
  • trout is the greatest player of this
  • generation and 15 years from now he
  • could be in the running for the greatest
  • of all time trout was selected in the
  • first round with the 25th picked by the
  • Angels that pick by the way was a
  • compensation pick from the Yankees since
  • they signed Mark Teixeira pretty much
  • everyone in the draft missed this one
  • the Nationals could have taken trout
  • over Strasburg and then have an outfield
  • of Chau Harper and Soto and the guy the
  • Rangers drafted didn't even sign with
  • them so way to go Rangers but this is
  • probably one of if not the biggest draft
  • mistake of all time thank you guys for
  • watching if you guys did enjoy be sure
  • to drop a like on the video and if
  • you're new subscribe to the channel and
  • turn on bail notifications be sure if
  • you think I missed anyone on this list
  • or if you think I ordered it wrong be
  • sure to let me know why in the comments
  • below and for those of you don't already
  • know I have a podcast an episode eight
  • of the podcast just released and I want
  • to show you guys a clip from it and Noah
  • it has been quite the week in sports so
  • far hasn't it
  • it has oh man so we had LeBron signed
  • with the Lakers last night we had
  • everything going on with Jameis Winston
  • in the NFL and but well most importantly
  • out of all of those Reds relief pitcher
  • Michael Lorenzen hit more home
  • runs in the month of June then Bryce
  • Harper that's pretty crazy to think
  • about that and I think it's he only has
  • came to the plate seven times he has
  • seven plate appearances a season yep
  • seven plate appearances and only five
  • at-bats that's pretty sad so that that's
  • so he hit he hit three home runs in June
  • and Bryce Harper only hit two and
  • somehow even with all of that Bryce
  • Harper is probably still gonna be a
  • starter for yeah national exalt he has
  • 1.8 million votes that's the least of
  • all the are the others starting
  • outfielders but but he has more than
  • Buster Posey yeah which is I think is
  • kind of sad I mean yeah okay if if you
  • hit two home runs in one month and
  • you're an outfielder considered a power
  • hitter you're so yeah yeah remember
  • remember what I mean the is Bryce Harper
  • overrated video and then I was just
  • saying like oh you know Bryce Harper
  • he's a power hitter man look at all the
  • home runs easy ball runs to all mines in
  • the month of June and then you have
  • Michael Lorenzen he's free and my goal
  • Arends and hit a grand slam
  • like I mean oh and he'll be as well I've
  • got Bad's now I know obviously pitchers
  • are going to pitch to other pictures
  • especially relief pitchers differently
  • then they would approach Bryce Harper
  • but but still two home runs poor man I
  • hope you guys enjoyed that clip and the
  • video if you want to listen to the whole
  • podcast the link will be in the
  • description but thanks guys and I will
  • see you in the next video

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In this video, I discuss the worst mistakes made by teams in the last 10 MLB drafts. These include, Mike Trout, Buster Posey, Mark Appel, Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge and Kris Bryant. Not only did these moves change the course of small franchises, but major ones like the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, Dodgers, and basically the entire MLB.

The Secondary Lead Podcast Episode 8: /watch?v=ra_9C1XRWxU

Mark Appel Video: /watch?v=1EIZbf96QMY

My Website:



See y’all in the next video...


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