Video FLASH FLOOD Draws BIG Fish to Urban Spillway!!!

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FLASH FLOOD Draws BIG Fish to Urban Spillway!!!
FLASH FLOOD Draws BIG Fish to Urban Spillway!!! thumb FLASH FLOOD Draws BIG Fish to Urban Spillway!!! thumb FLASH FLOOD Draws BIG Fish to Urban Spillway!!! thumb


  • you ready think we're actually gonna
  • catch me holy balls
  • that's the little flooded all right
  • that's not where we're going
  • this is gonna be some muddy water ethic
  • what's up in that first excited for
  • today's video myself and mrs. Melek and
  • fishing are down in Houston as you guess
  • I went fishing yesterday with Casey the
  • president guy of sixth sense
  • he showed around the shop we told you
  • about our new salon shack there goes the
  • directions there Fallon whatever idiot
  • anyways we didn't catch him that good
  • yesterday but it was at least good to
  • get out with Casey always is when saw
  • some new baits at six cents fishing and
  • now we're doing something totally
  • different
  • picking up my sister and potates from
  • the airport we're going to the beach
  • actually we're gonna check out Galveston
  • try and get some saltwater fishing over
  • there getting wiped by our rods we got a
  • rod stocked in because today we are
  • doing some pond hopping we're gonna go
  • try to figure out some damn fish on
  • these ponds it rained last night like
  • three inches and it's supposed to rain
  • like ten inches here in Houston the next
  • like I don't know two or three days so
  • we're kind of nervous about going to
  • Galveston get back home but we're on
  • wanna give the damn peach so that's what
  • we're doing but first first stop we're
  • gonna go hit some of these ponds we got
  • about two hours to do it before we got
  • to go get those dudes at the airport and
  • then go to the beach and I think we
  • probably catch we don't have very much
  • tackle someone to show you guys we get
  • to the lake hopefully find the spillway
  • or something I think with the running
  • water and stuff could be absolutely
  • freaking fired you never know down here
  • in the south you might accidentally
  • catch yourself a BAM 10-pounder dick
  • guitar out in these little areas and I
  • got a cool new bait that I designed to
  • show you guys too that you've never ever
  • before seen this damn hat thank you show
  • everyone your hat you gotta use that one
  • it's pretty hat
  • matching rod pop out and we really
  • probably only have like four lures we
  • can use two of them are under spins
  • which maybe not ideal in the muddy water
  • but we got this new guy I was the
  • six-inch shop and the only thing I
  • picked up yesterday was that half or
  • miss Mel with your fishing but custom
  • and I think they're gonna call this mil
  • Gil look at that sumbitch that's like
  • this is the color I request I was like
  • you don't have a green pumpkin Gil with
  • some blue flash on its face fade into
  • some some yellow on the bottom what do
  • you guys think that's going a bit
  • because it is so that's the only one in
  • existence I might as well Bank fish with
  • it and see if we can snag it ain't
  • Giants
  • dang I'll be down with son deal would
  • you catch it on a fishing pole that's
  • good you eat like a worm good deal well
  • thanks for giving us the hot tips have
  • you fish down there good we're gonna
  • give it a try hi Becky here's our
  • situation we have three rod and reels
  • two of them are kind of crank bait rods
  • one of them's not a crank bait rod the
  • one you have and we really only have
  • like four or five baits we got swim jig
  • my new male Gill crank bait which isn't
  • gonna come with saltwater hooks that's
  • just yeah the only other bait we have
  • the saltwater bait so we got those janky
  • hooks what you got on there underspend
  • so that's what we caught him on
  • yesterday a little bit but this is kind
  • of a different situation but that's like
  • pretty much all we got so we got
  • spillway down there it just rains so
  • let's start by the spillway I could be
  • good and then this lake up here and then
  • the experts we've got KVD and Michael
  • Iaconelli over there gave us all the hot
  • tips let's do it let's go this other
  • side though because I think that's what
  • the water is actually coming in that
  • looks awesome Becky
  • that's the money spot what you're using
  • actually it's probably gonna be pretty
  • good right there but so you want to go
  • right up there in that right there
  • and pull down so the sign Arthur says
  • private property no entry no fishing it
  • says it over there or two but I think
  • that's just on the other side of the
  • sign so we're just gonna fish down here
  • in the spillway situation there you go
  • now keep your rod tip down a little bit
  • and I don't know if there'll be too many
  • snags or anything right there
  • somewhere yeah from right there I'm
  • going down there though like those kids
  • are like those hooligans I'm starting
  • with my custom squared bill square
  • Williams
  • okay first cast milk it works that is a
  • largemouth bass
  • here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna send
  • a picture my buddy said we weren't gonna
  • catch any I'm gonna send them a picture
  • of this one I can't tell you it's a
  • secret I'm just kidding it's a crankbait
  • all right not a big guy but I think
  • they're in here today it could be good
  • you going on
  • you got a dadgum giant
  • dude we actually don't we don't have any
  • hooks what the heck this kids over there
  • just had a freaking giant break them off
  • guys we really don't have any hooks no I
  • don't know how absolutely bring her over
  • well see what happens is a lot of bait
  • and stuff and bugs and worms and
  • baitfish they come from down there so
  • the fish sit right behind those concrete
  • things and when the food comes by they
  • pop out and grab it
  • it's called an ambush point that's why
  • they're in there but I don't know if we
  • never fished here before so I don't know
  • if there's a lot here or a couple or
  • what yeah so you didn't give him much of
  • a chance then huh well today could be
  • good because all this water's coming in
  • that's why I wanted to start you yeah
  • that could've been part of it
  • are you sure it was a fish that's a fish
  • another one definitely got a fish on
  • these guys fight that's a better one huh
  • this looks like he got bit by a bigger
  • fish look at that
  • something is his top fins messed up
  • that's cool though yeah the Mills gills
  • does work like a fish
  • what's the Turtles down here and
  • everything there's a bunch 29 yeah
  • that's a pretty random number you want
  • to hear button for me homey all right so
  • what are you guys using for bait wait
  • these nose worms there you go right
  • there
  • here let me see what you got there for a
  • hook and for a uh yeah you might need to
  • wait for those guys give any weights in
  • there you got some little weights let's
  • see Oh perfect you got split shots you
  • guys know how to tie a knot you want to
  • learn an easy one all right so it's
  • called the clinch knot gonna put
  • throughout that and just hold on to it I
  • got to do is spin your hook like eight
  • times eight yep go down there see that
  • hole there on the bottom just take your
  • line and go right back through there so
  • that's a regular clinch now you can do
  • an improved clinch knot which is a
  • little stronger and you just go back
  • through that loop you made but you can
  • just do a regular one works too we just
  • call it at the bottom but it's always
  • good to put a little bit of spit on
  • there cuz when it goes down like that it
  • likes to cut and do it stuff a little
  • bit but all you do then is just pull it
  • tight that's a really good knot all
  • right let me see give me a couple as
  • little split shot weights of little guys
  • yeah perfect
  • two threes good too
  • well I caught that last one down here
  • too so I think you just got to cast it
  • around man we threw it back zoom zoom
  • zoom it was yeah
  • zoom ultra vibe speed worm it's called
  • so with this guy I would just put it
  • like this with this hook just leave the
  • hook sticking out that way you can get
  • hooked better oh there you go homie
  • don't forget your stuff here you're
  • welcome
  • well thanks for the tips guys oh god
  • that one destroyed it I thought I took
  • the rod out of my hand
  • this color is apparently it works
  • yeah okay there we go
  • yeah that's got to be better sorry guys
  • I got a secret color got a secret color
  • don't mind me
  • oh there it goes another another small
  • one of course the big one got away
  • that's the fire spot back there
  • trespassing
  • arrest her
  • Oh
  • Bob took it out of my hand these little
  • saltwater hooks probably don't help I'm
  • gonna catch him this time just switch
  • sides cuz I'm snagged but like all the
  • fish that I've been catching about of
  • this current seam right here that's
  • something to definitely look for just
  • tell you guys I'm doing a little bit
  • this color is I mean I designed the
  • color so of course might be biased about
  • but square bail is really good because
  • it has a wide wobble it makes a lot of
  • noise these fish are active the water's
  • probably like 75 degrees and it's coming
  • in from down there so it's good to throw
  • a moving bait to start out with and
  • unfortunate we don't have like a jig but
  • my next choice is probably to flip it
  • jig in there after we threw this around
  • Becky's throwing a swim jig kind of
  • swimming that around she shouldn't be
  • able to catch one over there she looks
  • good enough anyway
  • anyways banging this guy off of these
  • currents seems so right here has been
  • the deal I don't know if you can see it
  • kind of it kind of cuts in right here on
  • this bank but the the grass the currents
  • coming straight down this edge so the
  • bats are sitting right there on this
  • side like right up here and they like to
  • pop out and grab whatever comes by
  • that's current fishing 101 also I
  • haven't been to kechi I guess the first
  • one I caught was up there in the
  • concrete pillar guys but since then
  • haven't done much from there I don't
  • know how many fish are in this little
  • spot though so we're plugging go ahead
  • another pond I think right above there
  • might be really good as well we should
  • do that next Becky we should go right up
  • above there I bet that's probably better
  • and there's probably better quality
  • besides that one that might be a big oh
  • god it's giant dude no way oh come here
  • that's the one he had maybe you hook
  • still in there then
  • that's the bass dreams are made of right
  • there come here bud sorry I get excited
  • yes that's the one yeah that's a
  • freaking tank that's like a almost a
  • five pounder yeah
  • kidding me I'm fired up right now I
  • don't see the hook in there he must have
  • shook it off holy that is insane okay
  • just as I was I didn't think there was
  • any fish up there and then pillars those
  • concrete things that's what I was saying
  • though about yeah cast it he was right
  • up there behind there he was doing when
  • I was telling you guys so he's probably
  • sitting behind there waiting for
  • something to come by just eating all the
  • food okay this like works if I can get
  • this hook of his mouth it'll be a
  • miracle Yeah right up there he was right
  • where the water's coming in go cast up
  • there I didn't think there was an
  • equality in here and I was sadly
  • mistaken
  • we found a dadgum hammer slugging fry
  • doesn't look that big but this guy is
  • like super thick healthy have you got
  • we're hanging back in the water though a
  • good riddle release shot on him
  • super super active aggressive fish poop
  • pile this would be a good place to stand
  • right here because we're gonna go we're
  • gonna move a different spot but if you
  • stand right here and cast as close as
  • you can up there it could be really good
  • because that's what I've been doing
  • I've been catching some yeah but yeah if
  • you can if you stand right here and you
  • cast up where the concrete is then your
  • worm will just come straight back
  • towards us and see all that the fish
  • have their faces pointed up that way
  • right because they're eating stuff
  • that's coming over so that's a perfect
  • way to fish for them dude you can move
  • wherever you want we're gonna go up
  • above the bridge I think real quick see
  • if it's any good up there
  • I hope so that's the spot up there yeah
  • Wow deal I hope I can catch that mini I
  • don't know about this this Lake looks
  • like too grassy so let's see if we can I
  • know that looks good I don't know if
  • it's like a pinch point though like this
  • other one was and there's I don't know
  • if there's a lot of current rolling into
  • it there's another spillway down there
  • we could go try that we got let's drive
  • there though all right so we need to
  • figure out a place to park and this is
  • the spillway holy balls this is tiny
  • tiny spillway worth the try though I'm
  • not to tell Casey he needs to come out
  • with this blue rod because it matches
  • your hat no it's just like doesn't that
  • isn't even the series it's gonna be out
  • that's gonna be called the Devine and
  • it's not blue well they're all blue and
  • green miss em effort actually I'm going
  • to talk to him like today about making a
  • kid's rod alright this is tiny but it
  • could be really good we found another
  • spot with moving water turtle
  • this one's tiny tiny see if I can bust
  • my ass getting down to it
  • come on little baby spillway so down
  • there is like we were just fishing since
  • it just rained I'm thinking a lot of
  • these areas moving water should have
  • fish I mean we caught them at the other
  • spot on the secret mil gill cover this
  • is a five-minute er we've got to be one
  • or two up there but the bridge I gotta
  • know because a damn plane has been
  • delayed for the last 18 hours and had to
  • get redirected to El Paso Texas for you
  • guys one during El Paso Texas is 11 and
  • a half hours from Houston Texas Omaha
  • Nebraska is 12 and a half hours
  • Houston Texas it's one hour further to
  • go to Omaha they should have just driven
  • here they could have driven here faster
  • if they would all in the same damn time
  • don't shoot kind of parking on this
  • guy's space here but whatever its public
  • ish okay
  • public ish launch stick pin gauge ok
  • these houses are dumps in here total
  • dumps those kids said this is where they
  • catch them look at that down there it's
  • like shallow oh yeah
  • we got a little bit of running water
  • it's a turtle out there this could be
  • good
  • you think those kids would us
  • better not all right this is like maybe
  • the last spot of the day probably the
  • last father day we only have like 15
  • more minutes I'm gonna go pick the kids
  • up at the airport but first spot was
  • fire we probably should have stayed
  • there but we're on a little bit of an
  • exploratory mission you know we caught
  • one four pounder there and some little
  • ones we're trying to catch 27 powder
  • today so we had to go explore some
  • different stuff oh god there's a snake
  • I'm catching it can I oh no it's
  • freaking growing as it gets closer I
  • still want to catch it that ain't a damn
  • garden snake oh he's pissed now
  • I don't want tell me where he goes Becky
  • I'm trying to fish here now I'm
  • terrified I don't like that snake just
  • disappeared like that Becky I'm not even
  • that scared of them they're just creepy
  • I kind of want to touch him from a
  • distance do it let's do it let's hit
  • that's what's it though small we started
  • for five minutes this one made of that
  • spillway right there so we have like 10
  • minutes left
  • miss Melek and fishings getting
  • beautiful for the audience down here
  • just keep rubbing that in that's my
  • custom color $0.06 crushed 50x crankbait
  • and they are chewing it all right one
  • more time Betty we're doing it
  • we are doing it maybe hopefully
  • yep you bet look at this one look at the
  • freakin coloration on that fish what the
  • heck
  • he's like diseased or something yeah but
  • he's not done fighting either I kind of
  • caught having he look at that bass that
  • is insane I've never seen a bass cover
  • like that before that is freakin crazy
  • this fish is spotted that's at the
  • craziest coloration Aversa don't know if
  • it's because he lives or what the deal
  • is if it's just like a really cool
  • colored fish its largemouth it almost is
  • built and looks like a spotted vest but
  • not because the black spots but just the
  • way it's built but yeah let's get it
  • back in the water once again stupid this
  • stupid perfect color works so well well
  • my fridge back home here in Nebraska
  • that told you in the last video but
  • amazing time in the Tejas went to the
  • beach potates and my sister finally got
  • into freaking town went there with Casey
  • and his lovely wife Amber and we had a
  • blast as always in Galveston didn't
  • really shoot any videos there kind of
  • rain the whole time we got to do some
  • crab and we went out and caught some
  • blue crabs from the bank Oh things are
  • freaking delicious and they're super fun
  • to catch you don't even catch them they
  • just grab onto your bait you slowly reel
  • man then scoop them with the net and
  • trick them anyway it's better get back
  • to the the video at hand before we go
  • there my first had a freaking blast pond
  • hopping I always loved getting out doing
  • these at bank fishing excursions google
  • map type excursions where you just flat
  • out you go find a place to fish and you
  • go figure out the fishery break down the
  • fishery and we were able to do that the
  • first of all we went to had fish we
  • found the area with the most running
  • water with the biggest lakes next to it
  • albeit they were both ponds and they
  • freaking had fish in some decent fish
  • nonetheless I'm so frickin jacked that
  • was literally the first cast ever made
  • with that color that I designed for six
  • cents that'll be available here in a
  • couple months mills gill or mill gill I
  • don't know what for those variations
  • we're gonna call it but obviously
  • freaking worked on those public water
  • fish of course is always
  • to me the younger future an effort I
  • seriously if you have kids and you want
  • to come say hi to me if you watch my
  • channel please do if you don't have kids
  • come say hi to me while not fish and I'd
  • love to talk to you and me every single
  • freaking one of you because I appreciate
  • I love your support I love you guys so
  • much for taking the time to watch these
  • videos let me know though in the
  • comments if you want to see more pond
  • hopping Google Earth type videos like
  • this one and yeah hopefully that'll
  • that'll happen because I love friggin
  • doing it thanks so much for watching
  • this video guys I'll catch you very soon
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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