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  • which used to be spicy pho Bay it's
  • something near we're gonna try it out
  • today
  • got the fresh wok set up I got the
  • higher tables and it's clearly clean
  • same hot water set up here same garlic
  • set up with chilies looks like the same
  • chili sauce too
  • same candy setup it's the bigger and
  • cleaner now I'm sitting by the sea view
  • at the music though I don't know be kami
  • but basically they Jack the whole Wow
  • looks tasty
  • can't go wrong yes thank you for
  • aligning me always
  • you know you got a lady when she limes
  • you and she knows you like that double
  • lime all right give me some of this
  • garlic pickled garlic
  • how's that broth it's really good but
  • it's not as good as them
  • ooh ooh it's good no it's great
  • all right new full joint in the old
  • spicy phob a spot how good are you this
  • is my first bite
  • check out these news right here
  • [Music]
  • I don't know I agree with date from the
  • partial to do Old Spice beef obey even
  • in the new joint that's really really
  • dirty the plate that Kate was just
  • their noodles are kind of blah almost
  • overdone I would say would you agree
  • that was overdone the meat is my job no
  • tasteless yeah flavorless no the broth
  • is not like doesn't taste like a nice
  • broth that's been like simmering and
  • reduced down you know it's like missing
  • that Oh fun as always we split a portion
  • of that fried rice
  • you can steal someone's idea and style
  • and recipe but it's the execution and
  • the execution airs all around the fried
  • rice where's that seared wok flavor the
  • smokiness like mmm the taste you didn't
  • mean like yeah it's kind of the same
  • ingredients but but then come down here
  • last thing this place is terrible and I
  • wouldn't eat here everything edible I'm
  • just like the other place is way better
  • this broth to play there's no depth to
  • it it's one-dimensional and the other
  • ones layers of like deep richness you
  • know exact same prices that this coffee
  • shop that we're at days ago all right we
  • were gonna chill and have a coffee here
  • but we had a situation little poopy
  • diaper situation and we have this
  • beautiful knife going out bag with no
  • diapers in it because it's in the diaper
  • bag
  • [Applause]
  • so we spent pretty much the rest of the
  • day looking for flights to go somewhere
  • the whole family has to do a visa run
  • coming up here and at first I mean
  • obviously are huge like bucket lists
  • place to go is Japan but that's just too
  • expensive all around for us to do right
  • now it's just not within the budget the
  • flights expensive and then Japan is
  • obviously just like expensive so we were
  • just looking at all the other options
  • that are possible to fly out of Hanoi
  • from for like a quick little two-day
  • getaway or if it was affordable more
  • than two days or whatever you know make
  • a little trip out of it if you're gonna
  • haul the baby on the plane right so
  • Japan off out the window off the list I
  • have a bunch of grad mates better than
  • Taipei right now and I was like oh I
  • would love to go down to Taipei and hang
  • out with my grad mates and shoot some
  • cool stuff and eat food and just you
  • know hang out and stuff but again
  • flights just a little bit over the
  • budget that we want to spend everything
  • so like ah that's off too and then we're
  • like okay well Thailand is pretty cheap
  • but you know we want to go to the beach
  • so we're like let's check for a flight
  • to go down to the beach that took two
  • flights and then it just made it not
  • affordable as well so the cheapest thing
  • we found is to go just to Bangkok
  • Thailand so that's what we're doing next
  • week travel vlogs we're going to Bangkok
  • we'll just get like a nice hotel or
  • Airbnb we haven't booked at
  • we gotta do that today and then we'll
  • hang out poolside and eat some Thai food
  • because we love Thai food we love all
  • food and that'll be it yeah so that's
  • what we did the rest of the day I didn't
  • pick up the camera I did go out at night
  • and do like a little night drone mission
  • but none that I was useful I thought
  • there would be enough lighting from like
  • music park lights and stadium lights and
  • street lights to you know have a good
  • like picture but the quality is just so
  • grainy it's not even worth it so that's
  • not going in I have to do more research
  • on if thematic can't shoot in low light
  • or what the low light capability is of
  • the thematic so not to fail for the
  • first light anyways also I landed it in
  • the dark on the roof that was scary
  • alright guys travel vlogs coming up
  • that's a little update for you thank you
  • so much for everyone that's been
  • commenting and like just keeping the
  • community like so involved or being so
  • involved in community keeping it like
  • very vibrant I really appreciate it all
  • and I'll talk to you guys soon guys only
  • somebody's first bubble bath
  • first bubbles oh yeah
  • I'm gonna have a bubblehead gotta have a
  • bubblehead
  • well look at that
  • bula QT o hoola cutie
  • she's like why
  • [Music]

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Not the worst Pho in Hanoi, Vietnam but a definite fail. They tried to copy the old tenant's business model but the come up shot on the main important factor. Taste. Some travel updates for you as well!

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