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Video Traditional Vietnam Street Food FEAST in Saigon: SIXTEEN DESSERTS!
18:39   |   views   |   02/06/2018


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey guys it's Mike Chen here in Saigon
  • okay full disclosure I've been eating
  • all day I've been eating a filming all
  • day I had a tons of noodles of Bobby and
  • they were done we're back at the hotel
  • I was just sitting there yeah and I
  • realized something I was hungry again
  • like I just I don't know so I asked my
  • local Vietnamese friends why I should go
  • to dinner and I wanted to go to a place
  • or an area where I can try a lot of
  • different things and they recommended
  • here this is uh gel 200 I'm really
  • excited to be here because I see a ton
  • of foods I haven't tried before only
  • thing is this place is pretty dangerous
  • everywhere you're eating you're really
  • close to the zooming motorbikes tell the
  • key tonight is have a good time you know
  • a lot of good food trip not to get run
  • over
  • um I already saw something I really want
  • to try it's an apa-style
  • I absolutely love in this days called
  • banh say yo and I see them selling it
  • over there so we're gonna go get some
  • you know again just safely somehow and
  • she's making it fresh right here this
  • smells incredible already some pork
  • shrimp scallions just went into the wok
  • and then egg is going in and she's kind
  • of just pouring the egg very slowly into
  • the wok so it forms sort of like an eggy
  • shell wow that looks and smells
  • incredible some more eggs is going in
  • you can see the oil for me on top and
  • then she's adding some bean sprouts look
  • at how beautifully crispy I think it's
  • in the bottom is I looking at a half
  • solar eclipse I absolutely love this
  • dish and I cannot believe I'm eating a
  • tear in Vietnam the outer shell nice and
  • crispy look at this so easily this is
  • snapping our
  • and you get oh that's not good
  • it's eggy lightly sweet ridiculously
  • thin and crispy and what you do to eat
  • this put it onto a piece of lettuce of
  • course as with almost all Vietnamese
  • meals fresh herbs some mints basil dip
  • it into the fish sauce which also has
  • some radish and carrots
  • this dish is so good because after you
  • crunch through the veggies it's just
  • soft fluffy eggy dull then the nice
  • tender sweet taste of shrimp fatty
  • explosion of the pork
  • I love every single thing about this
  • dish every single thing about it
  • this is gonna be something I really miss
  • about Vietnam like it almost every
  • single just like I mentioned that you
  • tell you get comes with a plate is just
  • of precious herbs and veggies you cannot
  • beat fresh herbs on anything it's just
  • as such an awesome layer of dimension to
  • basically every single thing you eat
  • just layer the outer edge I call this
  • the outer ring of Cristina's that's my
  • favorite go ahead and fire up this this
  • fish sauce here cuz I'm thinking this
  • dish is a key it's a little doughy I'm
  • thinking it's gonna be awesome with some
  • heat oh thank you and I'm I'm digging
  • into the middle of this dish right here
  • where this is the heart of everything a
  • lot of sprouts a lot of shrimp a lot of
  • pork so absolutely incredible this is
  • not rolled up very well because I think
  • I jumped too much into this lettuce you
  • know what it's okay I'm gonna double
  • lettuce it you know how in grocery
  • stores you double bag it this is double
  • lettuce in it
  • [Music]
  • the different types of texture I feel
  • like it's really what makes this dish
  • along with flying bombing this is
  • something else I so look forward to
  • trying with in Vietnam it is really
  • making me happy right now I'm very happy
  • means L was my happy face it looks the
  • same as my food eating fish hmm I'm
  • basically done with all this after like
  • sure little rapture so good okay let's
  • keep exploring I love just walking
  • around a random alley and to poo stalls
  • on either side and just eating whatever
  • let's go to you it's like my favorite
  • form of fun you know what I'm gonna I
  • want to get a couple of the the summer
  • rolls I got this once before in Vietnam
  • and I already notice how IKEA the outer
  • wrapper the right wrapper is not as
  • gooiest stickiest gelatinous as the
  • virgin of the u.s. like not by a long
  • shot and she gave me shoe one with
  • shrimp and pork and I think one would
  • just pour come true feel good though the
  • sprouts and lettuce makes it nice and
  • crunchy
  • this is a great to take a break from
  • food food you know I'm saying all right
  • I feel good
  • now I'm ready to eat some more I passed
  • by this stall a few times and everybody
  • seems to be eating it and having a good
  • time I'm eating a bowl of what looks
  • like eggy crab soup so I'm gonna I'm
  • gonna try of all this top
  • dumb soup god that dumb top dump soup
  • door tap Tom Cruise my new friends here
  • this is called soup core top dumb it's a
  • pretty thick crapshoot I'm in a mistake
  • they asked me if I wanted everything and
  • I said sure what I mean whoa what could
  • possibly go in a crab soup so some poor
  • win in great some shrimp win it
  • beautiful artificial crab don't love it
  • but okay okay thousand-year-old egg you
  • know what haven't had that in a while
  • why not but then this went in a piece of
  • brain last time I have spring was in
  • Taiwan I remember it didn't eat
  • I was at sea foam braised pork over rice
  • asked me if I want a cup of brain soup I
  • mistakenly said yes and I regretted it
  • ever since
  • now seeing this brain mic
  • let's just try the soup itself but super
  • job is good and very crabby and eggy
  • 100% needs some spice because it is
  • really really thick when you put just a
  • superior mouth you still have to chew it
  • my Chili's are kind of oh my god it was
  • in raw egg on the bottom I don't even
  • see that Wow will you ask for everything
  • they really give you everything guessing
  • you'll break it up I really don't know
  • how to eat this stuff a lot more creamy
  • now and tastes better because of the
  • spies in the situation what I really
  • like about the soup so far is the rich
  • crabby flavor actually dig how thick and
  • creamy it is too
  • all right this is a solid polish shoe
  • but again this is the only thing I'm a
  • terrified up look at it look at this
  • spring I'm gonna channel my inner Andrew
  • Zimmern it's creamy its creamy its
  • creamy its creamy
  • let me just get that flavor out of my
  • mouth with some thousand-year-old egg
  • words I never thought I'd ever utter in
  • my life well you need thousand-year-old
  • eggs to change the way of girls chasing
  • your mouth that's saying something
  • it is creamy to stop this shoot shoot
  • funky up a taste for me I just I can't
  • get out more with it soup I like spring
  • not for me
  • I smell something I like all the way
  • down the street beef and basil freshly
  • grilled over charcoal I love this first
  • time I had this I was just blown away by
  • how awesome does this because think
  • about it you're grilling delicious beef
  • inside basil leafes
  • so all that beautiful basil flavor just
  • into completely infused his smoked into
  • the meat and then the last place I went
  • to it was really just with just like a
  • stand and day all they gave me was this
  • didn't even give me any seasoning on it
  • but here they put some mayonnaise on
  • might be Faisel wrap some peanuts and I
  • got the whole spread so what I see the
  • lady be sunny doing is she's taking her
  • rice paper putting the beef basil inside
  • grab a few peanuts rice noodles
  • Spider Man esque rice noodles and a slew
  • of herbs of course to shake this up they
  • give you star fruit
  • that's our I'm gonna are some just
  • because it's their number and they have
  • this fish sauce which this looks like a
  • a much more pungent thicker version of
  • fish sauce I'm trying to see if they're
  • dipping it in there I'm kind of a little
  • scared of this I'll just snip a little
  • bit the beef basil is already good but
  • add in some fresh herbs some rice
  • wrapper this thing can now add a chewy
  • and crunchy to its arsenal
  • [Music]
  • there's all my favorite food items here
  • in Vietnam absolutely one of my favorite
  • it's country to point out every time I
  • see someone cooking this on the street I
  • have to get something
  • let's bring Chile's to the party
  • obviously you could just eat this acid
  • you don't get anything else but man is
  • it ever good with fresh herbs and
  • veggies I do have to work on my folding
  • skills you got it one minute I'm just
  • kinda like doing what other people do
  • okay and this fish sauce is not that bad
  • it's pretty pungent but it's good some
  • he does his beef a lot of good you guys
  • know what also is great about this I got
  • eight of these basil wraps this whole
  • spread fresh herbs rice noodles rice
  • paper everything $2 I'm moving in here
  • really made me so happy right now
  • I honestly have no idea how to decipher
  • which store is good or not I just see
  • like a lot of people here hi and they
  • seem to be enjoying whatever they're
  • eating and it looks like crab soup so
  • I'll take a bone crab soup yo you guys
  • said you guys took the last bowl crab
  • soup
  • good yeah man I just gotta keep walking
  • I guess I see this this is bone real oak
  • we all it looks like a noodle dish with
  • fur get all some port blood and crab
  • yeah good let's try it ho ho I just you
  • know everybody's actually sitting here
  • this please this tripe yeah I made a
  • good choice feel like like I'm sitting
  • in the kindergarten Sam right now
  • oh okay okay oh I think this is cried
  • and like I said pork blood fishcake
  • tomatoes and give me some sprouts and
  • green onions add that on I just want to
  • try this soup out oh this is really
  • crabby Wow I mean this this is some
  • serious crab soup here oh that's strong
  • crap flavor this soup actually tastes
  • like you you actually bit into a piece
  • of crap it's a bit sweet little ol
  • shitty I mean it literally tastes like
  • like liquid crap
  • I'm literally being readjusted as I eat
  • here because they're trying to Tetris in
  • more more people it's gonna give this
  • little mix noodles are like wow the soup
  • doesn't really taste too tomatoey I know
  • there's tomatoes in here well it just
  • tastes like a sweet crab hmm these are
  • rice noodles really spring actually goes
  • pretty good with the soup snail if you
  • never had snail not slamming at all I
  • like what they look like
  • it's actually really crunchy this whole
  • stupid is ker like tasting the ocean
  • Despero you need some spice much better
  • I need some spice they need some citrus
  • it's just like eating a big bowl of
  • noodle crap the flavor becomes little
  • too Monday so I think it was up spies a
  • little bit citrus this thing is gonna be
  • elevated a lot now we're talking
  • oh the soup still has that really strong
  • nice crab flavor but now it just became
  • more entertaining no longer overly
  • one-dimensional so with that beautiful
  • crab flavor you now have a lot of fire
  • you have the nice as it comes from the
  • line
  • this thing is firing on all cylinders
  • right now they just went from a high
  • school play to a full-blown Hollywood
  • production yeah the change is that
  • dramatic absolutely delicious
  • whoa another fish cake
  • Marty sweating great start for tonight
  • Wow after that fireball you know I need
  • some of the cool myself and as soon as I
  • walk out this place in here this is
  • serving Chet I'm gonna get everything
  • jet jet table come all right you put a
  • bunch of different types of beans in
  • here some jelly mung bean and then I
  • think this is coconut milk
  • oh there's a mochi in here as well this
  • is definitely refreshing buggy eyes I
  • mean check this out they don't do much
  • with the ice so I literally have an
  • iceberg in here so I guess I'm gonna
  • have to just like chip chip away at it
  • and everything else I mix it up a bit so
  • here there's some tapioca some jelly
  • bunch of peas this is excellent this job
  • just tapioca ball they have a little pit
  • stop coconut inside gives it a really
  • nice crunch the fire in my mouth
  • completely extinguished already my mom
  • this is how innards I mean it looked
  • really interesting when I walked by and
  • then she asked me if I wanted a stir fry
  • world worried I said stir-fry it well
  • this is more like almost deep-fried and
  • asked me if I want his fish sauce with a
  • little chili which I did ask me if I
  • want to forget of course I did and here
  • we are on the table there's there's some
  • herbs some chili and this this is the
  • cow intestines
  • just like win nice intestines chewy
  • really no bad aftertaste the curry is
  • nice and fragrant this is a piece of the
  • liver yeah that's working luckily I like
  • liver this is the visited cow's stomach
  • I love this stuff does chewy nice it's a
  • little spicy because of the chilies I
  • think eating this with some herbs oh no
  • I'm sure pretty girl take a piece it up
  • again dip it in some of that curry I
  • really like this area my friends told me
  • this is a very local place like really
  • only locals come here is not a big
  • tourist spot all the food is super on
  • point I think I ate all the food I want
  • to eat main course rice I gotta go for
  • some dessert in the place I'm thinking
  • about for dessert it's not here it's
  • really unique place I'm gonna show you
  • guys I'm at a place called gem mom and
  • what they serve is is kind of insane
  • they serve a tray for desserts and is 16
  • different types of desserts something
  • I'm just uh I'm gonna get them all this
  • place is famous for their thank you
  • thank you come on
  • famous for their desserts and like I
  • said there's usually 16 different types
  • they serve here and oftentimes a group
  • of people or even I saw tonight like
  • there are many two peoples that got all
  • 16 desserts most of these are really
  • similar they all except for maybe one or
  • two have coconut milk in them like
  • literally everything in these little
  • bowls they seem to all be some sort of
  • sticky rice or some sort of sweet bean
  • soup just start with this one this is a
  • taro sticky rice
  • [Music]
  • it's gone coconut milk really fragrant
  • really sweet rice its gelatinous there's
  • something about sticky rice such an
  • addictive quality to it this is really
  • unique it's like a big mochi ball and
  • again coconut milk and the inside is
  • stuffed with mung beans
  • that's sweet as all these things are and
  • they are really delicious all the rest
  • is kind of similar so I'm gonna just
  • stop plow through if I notice one that
  • tastes exceptionally good I'll let you
  • know flat sesame soup with roasted
  • sesame seeds on top I love black sesame
  • this is warm it's fragrance and favorite
  • dessert so far red beans coconut milk
  • sweet and starchy don't love this wow
  • this is not bad mochi balls with ginger
  • and sesame mild ginger flavor you love
  • the sesame seeds on top mochi is of
  • course delicious
  • last winter whoa hey this this looks
  • like the Japanese natto beans where how
  • sticky this is warm and sweet extremely
  • slimy
  • I'm almost able to chew the slime but
  • it's bite how slimy it is flavor is
  • really good mung beans and with seaweed
  • I see a lot of desserts in this country
  • with see you eating it and you know what
  • that just work I think with a little
  • less sugar in some more ice this would
  • be really good will just taste like a
  • Chinese mom being soup which all Chinese
  • people love it's fantastic this sticky
  • rice with coconut milk it's warm this is
  • good but this is heavy I don't think
  • they make this from the bottom it looks
  • like a floating jello yeah it's a really
  • soggy floating jello I'm pretty sure
  • there's gonna be cooking Eddy it takes
  • me back like I've got it with my fingers
  • really really sweet all right lasting
  • this is a flan and I think it's soaked
  • in Vietnamese coffee I think already
  • there's gonna be my favorite because I
  • see ice
  • yeah
  • I see like pretty much everybody's
  • learner's is the winner I absolutely
  • love this papi
  • milk sweet custard he's smooth and
  • delicious and this dish is just
  • refreshing couple things about this
  • place everything is delicious but if
  • you're coming here alone I definitely
  • recommend the flaw with the iced coffee
  • and also the slimy not so big looking
  • thing another thing is this place is
  • ridiculously economical the 16 desserts
  • you saw before all that for US dollars
  • oh one more thing if you guys want to
  • head over to our shout 200 at the first
  • place I was at the one that out the
  • locals recommended I would also
  • recommend that area because this really
  • got some great through there but I do
  • just want to mention that under Wilbur
  • right over there and also on the Wilbur
  • right back to the hotel the drivers did
  • tell us that that area there's not a
  • pickpocketing going on they told us to
  • hold on tight to our camera equipment
  • make sure we don't take our thumbs out
  • because people will literally try by on
  • the motorbike and snatch it so if you
  • guys do go have a great time eat a bunch
  • of awesome food 'inna stay safe and as
  • always all the addresses are listed for
  • you guys in my description box below
  • thank you all so much for watching and
  • I'll tell we eat again I'll see you
  • later

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My last street food market in Vietnam, and still so much to explore!

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