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Video NEW $1,450,000 LASER CANNON TEST! (1 Laser vs. 100 People)
13:46   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • hey guys welcome back to my channel
  • we're back in the gun store you know why
  • well we hit 25 thousand likes in the
  • previous video and that's why we're
  • gonna check out the new store in the
  • game of the Widowmaker look at this
  • thing five hundred thousand dollars for
  • I mean I didn't even know what this is
  • like I honestly haven't seen anyone try
  • it I don't know what it does but that's
  • what we're here to figure out
  • so let's buy it mom thank you for the
  • five hundred thousand dollars swiping
  • that credit card beautiful all right now
  • I'm poor and my mom is too it comes with
  • the stock Space Ranger tint looks pretty
  • good I gotta say but I think it can do
  • better than that what about the purple
  • tint okay green tint looks looks looks a
  • little bit like me pink pink nope Gold
  • all God this actually looks really good
  • and platinum which for some reason looks
  • ugly as hell we're going with green man
  • you know me by now so last video we
  • actually try out this help bringer which
  • is a pretty awesome gun if you haven't
  • watched that video go check it out so uh
  • today oh come on you guys come on
  • what what's telling me off here I'm
  • allowed to buy guns in GTA all right
  • it's allowed it's allowed okay we're
  • gonna bring this gun outside and we're
  • gonna have a good time with it that's
  • right we're gonna get five star wanted
  • levels I mean five star wanted levels
  • I'm gonna pull up cars plates we're
  • gonna see how far we can shoot with this
  • thing and uh let's have a look so where
  • do I find this gun in my inventory over
  • here no over here oh there it is
  • wait oh my god oh my god look at a
  • beautiful thing alright how about we
  • take it easy okay this is kind of a busy
  • area I think if we start shooting with
  • this thing here it's gonna go completely
  • wrong well let's get in the car drive
  • towards the airport and that's where we
  • try some experimental alright
  • experimental for the win also by the way
  • if you're wondering what car this is
  • well this ladies and gentlemen is a new
  • Ferrari that rockstar games just
  • released if you haven't watched the
  • video on it go check it out it's a cool
  • car okay it's a really cool car okay I
  • think this is like a pretty safe area to
  • test out our new gun
  • all right so we got some some people
  • with us today who are willing you know
  • to uh to die right are you guys willing
  • to die for me I think they are no liar
  • game come on all right what are you guys
  • to do if you could just stand on this
  • white beautiful line so I can test out
  • this beautiful gun please
  • if that don't be great all right are you
  • guys ready for this you know what I
  • think they are all right it's time to
  • test out the newest gun in Grand Theft
  • Auto 5 here we go three two one it's a
  • laser gun and I killed four people in
  • like less than a second I'm sorry
  • everyone thank you for letting me kill
  • you I I'm sorry I feel bad I feel bad
  • well now that we know what this gun does
  • it's pretty much a laser minigun are you
  • kidding me did you see how fast we
  • killed those people
  • that was insane oh my God look at
  • bullets going down we have 10,000
  • bullets and now we have nine thousand
  • two hundred nine thousand won dude this
  • this gun is insane all right how about
  • we test it out on some other things all
  • right we got a car over here all right
  • the car is ready how many bullets does
  • it take to blow up a car okay not a lot
  • not a lot
  • this gun is like next-level five stars
  • with this thing is gonna be easy-peasy
  • all right good old cat is bringing me a
  • helicopter cuz I want to see how long
  • does it take to blow up a helicopter I
  • can't you just get out I'm gonna do it
  • all right Kat can't run for your life
  • guy before you light a little kitten
  • yo this is insane
  • like oh my goodness look at him shooting
  • that thing this must be like I don't
  • know we could blow up a tank you listen
  • in no time Eddie gonna be oh my god oh
  • we got a plane player game oh my
  • goodness you guys like the tiniest play
  • ever but it's okay it's okay
  • you say we could blow it up from here
  • she would try player game I'm sorry I'm
  • gonna have to execute your life he
  • doesn't want it he doesn't want it I'm
  • gonna do it anyway
  • oh my god oh my god I'm missing so many
  • bullets I can't reach yo he's still
  • alive come over here this is not fair
  • he's flying it out with that thing how
  • am I supposed to get it's a minigun
  • bullets go everywhere instead of a
  • straight line this is it this is it this
  • is it oh oh he jumped out he jumped out
  • he wants to live he wants to live and
  • the plane blow up and play a game still
  • died that is more like it okay we're
  • gonna try a little experiment than this
  • one I mean we tried the little plane it
  • wasn't it wasn't that great I missed a
  • lot of bullets okay I've already shot
  • almost 2500 pullets that costed me 400
  • grand or 500 grand I don't even remember
  • how many bullets does it take don't blow
  • up eject here we go come on come on oh
  • my god
  • 200 I don't know but that thing is
  • usually make for the army and it's got
  • nothing against us now wow what about a
  • passenger plane passenger plane Oh
  • oh my god where do I shoot do I just
  • shoot in the engine I think I should
  • shoot on the engine right oh my gosh
  • good plan I'm sorry player he says need
  • a tank oh my God look at this tank it
  • looks so good there okay let me land
  • this plane and shoot it doc the revs I'm
  • sorry buddy but um I'm gonna have to
  • blow you up with my minigun okay he
  • doesn't want to die it's fine
  • run run rotten or do you want to die
  • doctor all right in three two one
  • God oh my god okay we got a little
  • helper with us but I think it's quite
  • necessary because it's a tank it's
  • really not supposed to be thrown up but
  • we're gonna do it anyway
  • okay smoking I have spent like a
  • thousand 500 bucks it's still smoking
  • close okay whoa
  • zis is even the turret fell off that
  • took me like a thousand eight hundred
  • bullets and that was like three people
  • so that's
  • it's the tank is still quite strong
  • let's just say that all right let's do a
  • little experiment to see how far these
  • bullets really reach because that's what
  • I'm kind of wondering about okay maybe
  • everyone stand on a line for right over
  • there
  • all right just stand in a line in front
  • of me cuz I want to know how far can you
  • shoot this thing and please keep some
  • distance between each other keep some
  • distance alright maybe like a good 30
  • meters 20 meters Oh God look at that guy
  • you're shooting lasers up in the air
  • look at it go
  • Jesus Christ it's like a like a laser so
  • alright so can my bullet reach doctor
  • ramps yes it can okay that's good that
  • looks
  • I don't know how far anyway he was but
  • it's pretty far can my bullet reach Kat
  • oh yes it can Kat I'm very sorry but I
  • killed you can my bullet reach play your
  • game this bullets far gwr oh oh it kills
  • him too we need you guys further away
  • this bullet goes really far technically
  • a laser goes like infinite firth how do
  • I say that they go infinitely far but I
  • don't know if rockstar games actually
  • implemented that are you guys cooking
  • right now you got to be joking me come
  • on guys I got a minigun laser you know
  • you don't got anything against me
  • brother okay everybody just moved up a
  • little bit like you guys are so far away
  • I need to grab a sniper to be able to
  • see you but I think the gun is not gonna
  • reach this what do you guys think let's
  • see let's shoot this guy first
  • oh is it is it hurt again oh dude gap
  • catches died what about this guy
  • oh oh oh my god is the bullet reaching
  • the bullets are not reaching I think
  • that's the maximum length right there
  • come on oh whoa I think it just touched
  • him so it looks like this might be the
  • furthest you can shoot with this gun oh
  • it's itching him I'm pretty sure it's
  • itching him well that's interesting
  • anyway I guess that's the furthest we
  • can shoot nice good experiment all right
  • how about we get a 5 star wanted level
  • now
  • okay I have an idea everybody we need to
  • go and buy some body armor first okay
  • because we want to survive this for a
  • long time so everybody just get in my
  • plane
  • sorry passing my plane taking off at the
  • beach thank you
  • all right so let's fly to ammunition
  • where we bought this gun to buy some
  • body armor because we need to protect
  • ourselves against the police officers
  • we're going for a 5 star wanted level
  • guys that's what we're gonna do alright
  • we're gonna jump out the plane in 3o % -
  • oh don't shoot me oh my god like I was
  • aiming a gun at me that was kind of
  • scary ok let's let's go down here there
  • we go alright stack up some bullets and
  • armor alright browse armor we're gonna
  • go for some super heavy armor and we're
  • gonna buy eight of them cuz that's the
  • maximum I can do great and then over
  • here to the right Widowmaker
  • just a couple of rounds you know just uh
  • a lot of rounds
  • alright what's a good spot for a five
  • star wanted level guys would it be here
  • I don't know Airport I like that idea
  • airports just the best location man just
  • freedom you know time for a five star
  • wanted level okay where's the airport
  • exactly oh it's right there
  • yeah I gotta forget sometimes it's got
  • to recharge the bike perfect and off we
  • go oh hey what's up Ellie and recharge
  • come on we're almost there
  • whoa okay maybe we should uh maybe we
  • should go in a hangar I feel like that's
  • the best idea for a five star then
  • people can only get in from one
  • direction so a hangar is usually my
  • favorite place for a five star wanted
  • level you know oh god did I really just
  • do that
  • alright let's blow up this plane and I
  • think that should be good timing right
  • that's that should be good
  • there we go I put planes gone and now we
  • should get some cots on over here
  • alright we should get some cops here
  • here they are come on come on I hear
  • them I hear them
  • oh wait doesn't matter oh I'm so sorry
  • oh yeah that was an accident
  • but mater we got two stars let's see it
  • all these cops oh my God look at these
  • laser bullets flying around oh my God
  • look at those lasers that is amazing
  • dude the cops are never gonna survive
  • this we got three stars already oh okay
  • that's a friend okay all right we got
  • another buddy with us the guy who I
  • accidentally took out on the stairs yeah
  • it's kind of awkward I know but we're
  • good we're good
  • I've got a heli in the air too okay I
  • just gotta make sure I don't stand in
  • front of the lasers oh he just fell down
  • I already shot a thousand bullets this
  • is going pretty quick
  • Oh cops are here cops it's amazing doing
  • this with a couple people this is so
  • much fun I'm having the greatest time
  • ever oh my God look at those lasers four
  • star wanted level we got a healthy over
  • here they got nothing against us they
  • got absolutely nothing against us more
  • helicopters the broad with these heli is
  • there are actually really accurate
  • they've got like a couple shooters in
  • them and it's a it's a bit of a pain oh
  • okay that's another one oh my God look
  • at this laser festival Jesus Christ this
  • is crazy guys can you survive five stars
  • with a laser minigun I would say so yeah
  • absolutely again absolutely you can all
  • right we got five stars we got we got
  • five stars guys it's a thing now it's a
  • thing and this is easy like I only shot
  • 2005 in our bullets so far oh we got
  • another one
  • oh hello guys you know I'm sorry this is
  • a bit over power but it's okay right
  • it's only itching you won't feel a thing
  • I need to make sure I don't stand in
  • front of my bullets lasers cuz that will
  • be painful
  • Oh Oh what I almost are standing in his
  • laser this is going so much smoother
  • than expected I mean look at this look
  • at this guy shooting this laser it's
  • beautiful but these guys look at it oh
  • my goodness I actually only got shot
  • about two times so far which is a not a
  • lot for a five star wanted level I can
  • tell you that yeah that's right yeah
  • sit down whoa yo yo yo I almost died
  • there did you see that look at my health
  • oh my goodness first time having to used
  • that armor okay well this is where we
  • are this is where the laser gets in and
  • it sucks because it doesn't reach some
  • of them oh there you go now it does
  • either too far it won't reach oh this
  • guy's just taking a little coca-cola
  • okay all right guys well I'm gonna add
  • the video over here this might be the
  • easiest five star I have ever had in my
  • life this is insanely easy I mean are
  • you kidding me look at this alright
  • thank you for watching I'll catch you
  • next time huzzah thank you guys so much
  • for watching this video if you enjoyed
  • it click on that subscribe button and
  • also make sure to check out the new
  • exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly
  • [Music]

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