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Video GOT GTA 7 EARLY!!!!!
01:24   |   655 views   |   09/20/2018 at 20:13


  • hey there guys today I got Grand Theft
  • Auto 7 early that's right all you
  • fuckers on a different level get in GTA
  • 6 you're all fucking week wait yeah see
  • GTA 7 undeniable proof it says right
  • there and yeah so fuck
  • it's pretty fucking cool you know I've
  • already played it ah yeah it's it's
  • actually my favorite game now new house
  • I've been playing a lot it's all it's on
  • the ps2 is even see Rock okay they
  • released it for the ps2 and ps5 which
  • I've also gotten earlier the PS 5 early
  • also but I will be showing that in
  • another video so yeah we're just gonna
  • fucking break it because I have more
  • copies of GTA 7 this piss you guys
  • trying to break it so yeah GTA 7 early
  • pretty fucking dank isn't it
  • fuck you - gt7 bitch

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I got gta 7 early. Please watch the video. May be doing a gameplay in another video

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