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17:09   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • gas it up and door
  • [Music]
  • set up a lord
  • gas it up oh yeah
  • gasps it
  • gas it up the Lord
  • yay
  • [Music]
  • damn man I'm trying to kill you but shit
  • man you look so fucking familiar man god
  • damn where I know your ass from shit but
  • damn baby how you gonna mess up my damn
  • Christmas New Year's and all that shit
  • man
  • Cassandra Alicia meal Lisa all the
  • bitches left my ass because I didn't buy
  • them a gift because you know why cuz
  • you're asked to call the gifts but damn
  • man you look so familiar
  • mm-hmm yeah you do look kind of familiar
  • I don't know I know you from somewhere I
  • just I just can't put my finger on it
  • let me thank ya you look really familiar
  • you look like I don't know mommy back
  • when I was in the penitentiary you can't
  • you damn close your legs nigga you show
  • me your damn half of your Nazi shit fuck
  • yeah I'm glad you made my balls they're
  • out though but you do look very familiar
  • you know what that is you back movies in
  • a penitentiary wait a second we helped
  • each other break out of jail it was me
  • and you we were super cool then just do
  • me off cuz you had a head full of hair
  • wait a second JJ
  • [Music]
  • listen up you dare curl juice
  • motherfucker nigga is two niggas in
  • Africa you know I'm saying we don't
  • trying to get the fuck out of here
  • hopefully less we're gonna be right
  • about this shit so I'm not trying to be
  • eating oatmeal was shit in it for the
  • next three years the guy honey eat that
  • shit to make shit that's why we doing
  • this see fear me we're gonna get the
  • fuck out of here
  • hi JJ okay sweet let's just wait to this
  • okie asgaard pass spot watch me work now
  • yeah I'm on Club duty I'll see you watch
  • out for the black ones now trust me I'm
  • aware of death all right I'll be back
  • he's coming
  • [Music]
  • making my way downtown walking fast I'm
  • about to get this nigga mm-hmm it's
  • gonna be a good night
  • oh damn slipped on some jheri curl juice
  • why he handed I it's time for me to do
  • my job okay motherfucker you gonna see
  • big ray-ray damn I don't make us sleep
  • like a baby okay can't see the cameras
  • fuck yeah
  • yeah skip you a speculum yeah that's
  • what make it was funny escape this she
  • just grabbed you ass damn thing I hear
  • you eight nickel the hair you ate Apple
  • piles nigga shit hopefully JJ got the
  • other guy gonna toss this nigga like an
  • egg salad you ass down bitch I'm in town
  • got this nigga PI's turtleneck but the
  • track isn't nigga all the way up to
  • where I need him to me god damn yep
  • heavy ass nigga get up there bitch
  • yep sit your ass up there nice and easy
  • get job Jay Jay damn man we were good
  • together man let's get the fuck out of
  • here
  • cover y'all motherfuckers I'm about to
  • shoot all these got them cameras up
  • ten nine horrid bitch now the snot off
  • in their brand-new helicopter you silly
  • Nick we gotta have a cop down here I
  • don't think so it's me nigga Geoffrey
  • Jackson JJ you remember me we go way
  • back like a Cadillac with full flats
  • we had a good time man breaking under
  • there jail damn teacher I can't believe
  • it's you man but man you stole my
  • Christmas shit I didn't know is your
  • Christmas tree motherfucker I was just
  • out making my nightly rounds still in
  • this shit like I do every Christmas and
  • get over here man happiness no that's
  • your life man you know say Dale JJ JJ JJ
  • Nick
  • JJ man you gotta understand man I've
  • been smashing a lot of girls man
  • yeah I'm happy to bother you bro
  • grab a bigger head needs you right now
  • bro this Daquan I need you right now
  • Dawg just big booty too he set us up man
  • damn this bitch that ass up so hard
  • braum under the bridge on 45th Street
  • hurry up it me me me over here she's
  • working with the Bloods man and she
  • capture the homies bro come over here
  • now JJ I might need your help on this
  • one
  • please man you gotta I gotta trust you
  • me hey don't be triangle crazy shit okay
  • you wouldn't me now man let's do this
  • shoot her somewhere around here but
  • finest ass
  • [Music]
  • no you around here show up
  • fuck me back hurry up - as I swear I'm
  • already show up please bro meet you
  • bitches crazy bitch where are you that's
  • what got a native man this bitch was in
  • a cycle that god I can't do this shit
  • anymore I'm in pain how about you go and
  • look for him I'm gonna go upstairs and
  • when you find him just let me know I
  • need to go lay down or something I'm
  • feeling hurt I just kept going party
  • about finest
  • fuckin Johnny captured his damn dude
  • better get a fuckin race
  • why are you kid just come over here I'm
  • not gonna hurt you
  • just wanna talk to you just take you
  • somewhere come on fuck this kid and I
  • will kill his ass when I see that trust
  • me come on kid come out
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • put his ass to sleep probably dreaming
  • about me fucking his mommy shit
  • but anyways get shit I'm glad I'm on
  • your side again we back cool again
  • I like this feels right did cry way you
  • act man come out whoa whoa whoa whoa
  • whoa wait wait wait wait
  • big ray-ray what the hell brah what the
  • hell why is this bad sign of which you
  • meant I'm not after your head young man
  • I'm here to help you ass out let's stop
  • being ungrateful a man it's a long story
  • [Music]
  • dad damn but the bighead skateboarder
  • [Music]
  • stay down you little bitch I knew I was
  • gonna I'm gonna find you somehow oh shit
  • you guys trying to shoot me or something
  • yeah you see it you better tell me right
  • now where the rest of my niggas am okay
  • you better tell me right now where JT
  • where the fuck is day-date and where's
  • that damn African lady your ponytails
  • look like balls just give us what we
  • need
  • this bitch Judi really fucking set us up
  • what the fuck is up with that bro man
  • matter of fact
  • JD's probably your fucking fault because
  • you're always talking all that shit she
  • should have just set you up in your
  • black ass probably a bonus you ugly as
  • shit so I could see why she fucking set
  • us up with that one and shut up you try
  • be like this Ali this bitch locked up
  • like our Kelly in the closet you should
  • be on yourself nigga man I can't believe
  • that bitch-ass niggas shine like me to
  • fuck out that shit got my heart fucking
  • hurt fucking Jeep oh fuck oh god damn
  • you know I guess when I get fucking the
  • man I can't fucking think shit stuck a
  • hot fucking spoon up there nigga ass
  • then somebody gonna be clap clap
  • clapping his cheeks got me fucked up I
  • swear to god imma beat the dog should I
  • have god damn bow dance nigga yeah I'm
  • so hungry my mouth is thirsty I think I
  • need a coconut okay yeah I can't believe
  • Duty set us up like this you fucking
  • cricket our fish bitch this bitch look
  • like a bluefish I swear I got bent damn
  • but you see the mo quit miss over there
  • don't worry I'm gonna find a way we're
  • gonna get the hell out of here I'm about
  • to do some magic on this motherfucker
  • ooh man this shit better work bro I
  • swear to god bro cuz if this this whole
  • shit here go to flames we're gonna like
  • fuckin barbecue chicken I swear we and
  • you know I got a life to live I got a
  • long life you know I got bitches to do
  • and I got money to get I used to put on
  • my neck and you know man got this rap
  • career don't try to start when I get
  • older man
  • take that same tube suck stick it up
  • your ass and turn you to a piggy bank my
  • nigga go play with me that's wild oh man
  • who the fuck where's two handbags you
  • look like Saturn bitch you must have
  • forgot who you was playing with nigga
  • about the honey roast OS you're not
  • tired of getting knocked out yet niggas
  • everybody took turns knock your ass out
  • oh oh I can't wait til I get up out of
  • here boy
  • you ever seen um what's the
  • motherfucking kicks called are you ever
  • seen Jordan ones right right
  • Jordan ones up your goddamn ass cuz
  • that's what you're about to see I swear
  • to God if I owe if I have some coppers
  • too but you know I would even get
  • conference like that no more because
  • they kind of don't be selling like they
  • used to but anyways what sounds fucking
  • poor i'ma beat the dogs out your aks
  • they could come here nickel stop playing
  • with me you gotta be dumb tight nigga
  • that's why you locked up
  • little bitch shit getting on my nerves
  • though about this
  • let my weave go man just let me go okay
  • she says straight ahead I swear to God
  • if you try some stupid yeah got her ass
  • huh she gonna give us what we need to
  • cook oh wow
  • hard-headed oh hey let it go now buddy
  • how things move a swift God ice would
  • have gone up Papa
  • capo oh yeah three your dicks uh-huh
  • looks like the table have turned you
  • motherfuckers now who's the boss that's
  • what I thought I'm the fucking boss even
  • I'm hurt shit I can't
  • you're surprised you guys didn't know I
  • tricked your ass you are dumb just like
  • the way you look wait to call my dad and
  • when he gets here yeah man what a
  • beautiful day thank you Jesus I thought
  • it finally caught me there man we got
  • more people to the damn party okay stop
  • right here
  • [Music]
  • thank you lord what do we have there I
  • remember that motherfucker knocked me
  • out
  • hey Rico put that ass right now you know
  • that shit slide on your little bitch ass
  • come on too slow
  • [Music]
  • you
  • hey hey hey no Google ah I'm not sure if
  • you know but I'm trying to get out
  • anytime soon
  • get me the fuck out of here goddamn
  • nigga you just like you fucking
  • sponsored by Ross and Edie's discount
  • Smith stop playing with me
  • hurry up nigga don't you see I'm trying
  • to get this shit to open just relax man
  • hold your little dick and sit your ass
  • back bullshit fucking time nigga you got
  • it oh yes oh yes cuz I gotta go see
  • these who the hell is DC's nuts OH these
  • nuts are nuts okay how about we leave
  • your IC and me and fucking DD howl ass
  • fuck that shit but anyways come on guys
  • we wasting time man I've got no time
  • come on let's go let's go to school the
  • freaky I got titties a sudden I'm trying
  • to eat some ass today cuz it's been a
  • long fucking day I need eat some ass
  • need some booty cheeks now saying try to
  • clap clap clap somebody's daughters
  • cheeks or something I don't know our
  • Kelly type of shit cuz I'm young but on
  • some cool type shit damn that smell like
  • eight cans of shark shit oh my god JD do
  • you ever shut the fuck up
  • hey I need to put a dick in your mouth
  • I'll tell you fuck
  • can we just get out of here peace and
  • quiet oh he's acquired that's all I ask
  • weed weed weed weed weed somebody is
  • coming not getting you somebody with
  • weed sure open the door for us man we in
  • the front
  • motherfuckers then we gonna kill them
  • okay but uh I got everybody one of them
  • hard-ass I don't know who worth but
  • y'all - yo now is our chance bro let's
  • got the Conor McGregor this nigga bro oh
  • my gosh
  • looks like something motherfucker about
  • the gun shot his ass
  • it's been a fucking while since I got
  • somebody
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • this place is weird as shit man this
  • nigga must be like some type of mad
  • scientist to some shit like what some
  • futuristic shit you feel me bro like
  • this is not no regular place he got us
  • locked up in it's like shit let's go you
  • smell like dog shit JD did you step in
  • dog shit
  • [Music]
  • hello city better you knew back it for a
  • while
  • somebody's in there oh she still lives
  • here just trying to see my my daughter
  • it's been a while since I've been here I
  • hope they still live here Victor this
  • excited to SEMA my grandson JD
  • you

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