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Video 4chan: Nugget Security Inc.
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  • that sounds like a great business
  • opportunity nugget security incorporated
  • a worldwide network of commandos ready
  • for hire at a moment's notice for all
  • your security needs Jamal and his
  • friends riding a little too close for
  • comfort you and your neighborhood can
  • rest easy there's a wall of rusty
  • bayonets flaming barricades vodka and
  • Slav shit between you and them problems
  • with bears or other woodland critters we
  • guarantee there's a commando nearby
  • would be more than happy to flush out
  • and destroy the pest chavs mobbing and
  • acting like cheeky cunts a horde of
  • bitter no guns with twenty-twos bows and
  • cold steel should change their tune
  • right quick spoopy bumps in the night
  • ask for our penitent roadie run offer
  • where we flood your neighbourhood with
  • commandos that will loudly and violently
  • eliminate anything in the threat up to
  • and including stray animals straight
  • people skinwalkers muggles wildlife and
  • illegal immigrants we also offer
  • fortification services as well as our
  • shtf hotline where our grizzled phone
  • operators will answer any happening
  • questions you may have
  • call us now at 1 800 or a
  • some shady families are moving in down
  • the street concerned you called this new
  • security company you heard about hi I
  • need some help making my neighborhood a
  • bit safer
  • well actually I be calm click later that
  • night you're settling down to watch some
  • TV before bed
  • when suddenly
  • oh god what was that someone knocks on
  • your door you peek out to see an
  • unwashed bearded man in an old Soviet
  • greatcoat and mismatched gear loudly
  • feigning an accent he tells you to be of
  • staying inside dovish you lay awake in
  • bed afraid as you hear the commandos go
  • to work
  • the next day you go to leave for work
  • the neighbors across the street the ones
  • who had the stick figure family and the
  • Obama stickers in their car window have
  • been pulled from their home tarred and
  • feathered and beaten senseless their
  • house is a burned-out shell there's a
  • t-34 on your lawn the treads coated with
  • blood and feces your mailbox is full of
  • dragon dildos every stray animal for a
  • mile in every direction has been rounded
  • up shot and laid out in neat rows
  • multiple nugget induced brush fires have
  • broken out the streets are cordoned off
  • with razor wire roughly 200 drunken men
  • and military surplus have passed out
  • around the neighborhood someone has set
  • up a mortar emplacement or your
  • flowerbed used to be and your house is
  • pockmarked with shrapnel your bill
  • pinned to the garage door with a rusty K
  • bar as you survey the damage you feel
  • oddly aroused

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