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Video Trump Goes to the Border Amid Shutdown: A Closer Look


  • -President Trump traveled to Texas today
  • to make the case for his border wall
  • as the government shutdown dragged on.
  • For more on this, it's time for "A Closer Look."
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • This is now the second-longest shutdown in history,
  • and the effects are very real for millions of people,
  • from federal workers about to miss paychecks
  • to potential cuts to housing subsidies and food stamps.
  • Even our National Parks are not immune.
  • And now park visitors are resorting to desperate measures.
  • -16,000 of our 19,000 park employees
  • are no longer on their jobs.
  • Along with all the others,
  • they've been deemed nonessential.
  • That means roads are left unplowed,
  • garbage is left uncollected,
  • bathrooms no longer work or are being maintained.
  • Trash is piling up, there are health hazards,
  • and park visitors, in some places,
  • are taking care of business, shall we say,
  • along pathways or in the woods.
  • -Great. Now when someone says,
  • "Does a bear [bleep] in the woods?"
  • you can say, "Yeah, and so does Kevin."
  • [ Laughter ]
  • The reality is that Trump is subjecting millions of people
  • to unnecessary pain and suffering
  • to get his wall and hoping Democrats will blink first.
  • Reporters asked him if he could empathize
  • with people who, right now, are literally having to choose
  • between food and medicine, and he insisted that he could.
  • -Mr. President, can you relate to the pain of federal workers
  • who can't pay their bills?
  • -I can relate.
  • And I'm sure that the people that are on the receiving end
  • will make adjustments. They always do.
  • And they'll make adjustments.
  • People understand exactly what's going on.
  • But many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck,
  • many of those people agree 100% with what I'm doing.
  • -I don't know. It's hard to imagine
  • someone sitting at their kitchen table,
  • choosing between food and insulin, saying,
  • "I'm just glad Trump's getting his wall.
  • Now off to take a dump in the park."
  • [ Laughter and applause ]
  • And also, no. No, you cannot relate.
  • You got a million dollars from your dad,
  • you lived in a golden tower for most of your life,
  • and you've never even been to a supermarket,
  • which we know, because you once told a crowd
  • you need I.D. to buy groceries.
  • -You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries,
  • you need a picture on a card. You need I.D.
  • -No, you don't.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • If you need an I.D. to buy your groceries,
  • you're an alcoholic.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • And --
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • And if you're a worker going without pay,
  • it probably stings all the more knowing Trump has no idea
  • what's actually happening at the border.
  • All he has are his delusions,
  • and those delusions are getting weirder and weirder.
  • Here he is yesterday describing how he thinks migrants
  • get across the southern border.
  • -The fact is that if we don't have barriers,
  • walls, call them what you want,
  • but if we don't have very strong barriers,
  • where people can not any longer drive right across --
  • They have unbelievable vehicles.
  • They make a lot of money.
  • They have the best vehicles you can buy.
  • They have stronger, bigger, and faster vehicles
  • than our police have and than ICE has
  • and than border patrol has.
  • -What are you talking about? [ Laughter ]
  • They have unbelievable vehicles that are faster than our police?
  • Did you try to watch the news and accidentally watch
  • the "Transformers" movie instead?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • "These immigrants, they have unbelievable vehicles, folks.
  • They can fly. They can talk.
  • They're friends with Shia LaBeouf."
  • [ Laughter ]
  • This is actually a new obsession for Trump.
  • For the last week or so, he's been telling
  • very bizarre stories about how migrants
  • are supposedly driving across the Southern border.
  • Here he is last week trying to explain the route they take
  • to cross into the U.S.
  • See if you can follow any of this.
  • -They get off the road, and they drive out into the desert,
  • and they come on, they make a left turn.
  • Usually it's a left, not a right.
  • They make a right turn before they get to the port of entry.
  • They go as far as the wall is, or as far as the barricade is,
  • and then they make a left.
  • Welcome to the United States.
  • -He sounds like Google Maps
  • after you drop your iPhone in the toilet.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • "Hey, Siri, can you give me directions to 30 Rock?"
  • -Get off the road. Drive out into the desert.
  • Make a left turn.
  • Usually it's a left turn, not a right.
  • Make a right turn.
  • Go as far as the wall, then make a left.
  • -Yeah, never mind. [ Laughter ]
  • And that's not the only delusion Trump has had about the wall.
  • In that same press conference last week,
  • he claimed that previous presidents
  • had privately confessed to him
  • that they wished they had built the wall.
  • -This should've been done by all of the presidents
  • that preceded me, and they all know it.
  • Some of them have told me that we should've done it.
  • -Now that's an obvious lie,
  • and every living president has denied it.
  • But here's what's so weird to me.
  • Why didn't he just pick a president who was dead?
  • It would've been so much easier to get away with.
  • "You know, right before he died,
  • Ronald Reagan told me he wished he'd built a wall.
  • Now, you can't ask him because he's dead,
  • but he totally said it.
  • It was at a secret meeting in a National Park
  • where we both took dumps."
  • [ Laughter and applause ]
  • It's impossible.
  • Fully impossible to negotiate with someone
  • who doesn't operate on the same plane of reality that you do,
  • which is why his trip to the border today made no difference.
  • On his way there, he stopped by reporters
  • to once again argue that only a wall would stop immigration,
  • adding that technology alone would not work.
  • -We need border security, and have to have it.
  • And the only way you're gonna have border security --
  • there's only one way.
  • You can have all the technology in the world.
  • I'm a professional in technology.
  • [ Laughter ] -No, you're not, no.
  • You don't know how to operate --
  • You don't even know how to operate an umbrella.
  • [ Laughter, cheers, applause ]
  • So, I mean...
  • Look at how he's dressed.
  • He looks like the only technology he's familiar with
  • is a stair lift.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • He shouldn't be in the White House.
  • He should be at the self-checkout aisle
  • in the grocery store, yelling at the computer,
  • "Oatmeal! Oatmeal!"
  • [ Laughter ]
  • "I have I.D.!"
  • [ Laughter and applause ]
  • And when Trump finally --
  • finally got to Texas this afternoon,
  • he held a roundtable
  • where he made a new argument for the wall.
  • Trump said, "Walls can't be bad because cars have wheels."
  • -They say a wall is medieval.
  • Well, so is a wheel.
  • A wheel is older than a wall.
  • And I look at every single car out there,
  • even the really expensive ones that the Secret Service uses,
  • and believe me, they are expensive.
  • I said, "Do they all have wheels?"
  • "Yes." "Oh, I thought it was medieval."
  • The wheel is older than the wall.
  • You know that?
  • And there are some things that work.
  • You know what? A wheel works and a wall works.
  • -I'm sorry -- you had to look at all the cars...
  • [ Laughter ]
  • confirm they had wheels?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Man, I take it back.
  • You are a real... -Professional in technology.
  • -But, seriously, what is wrong with your brain?
  • Did someone replace your Diet Coke with Nyquil?
  • I mean, honestly,
  • how long until he just starts reciting nursery rhymes?
  • "The buses, they all have wheels, folks.
  • And the wheels on these buses, they go round and round."
  • [ Laughter and applause ]
  • "Round and round. Round and -- All!
  • All through the town.
  • All through -- That's why we need a wall."
  • Trump is frustrated because he's not winning the argument,
  • and even he knows it.
  • He spent three years making the wall
  • the signature promise of his campaign and his presidency
  • and it got nowhere.
  • A majority of Americans are against it.
  • Democrats are now in charge of the House.
  • And as we saw in November, when voters go to the polls...
  • -They make a left turn.
  • Usually it's a left, not a right.
  • -This has been "A Closer Look."
  • [ Cheers and applause ]

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump traveling to Texas to make the case for his border wall as the government shutdown drags on.
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Trump Goes to the Border Amid Shutdown: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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