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Video RАMPАGE Official Trailer # 3 (2018) Dwayne Johnson Monster Action Movie HD
02:36   |   773K+ views   |   09/25/2018 at 22:58


  • I rescued George he was 2 years old. He's not just a friend
  • He's family, don't move a muscle. Are you crazy?
  • Don't move very
  • Funny you and I laughing at your joke new guy you know about
  • He cry you can get up now and check your diaper come on
  • Your message about George you okay?
  • George
  • It's okay
  • Isn't mirrors he considerably bigger
  • No, he's definitely bigger need to find someone who knows exactly what the hell this thing is I found her no
  • That's a lie technically she found us
  • What's happening to my friend? Are you familiar with genetic editing?
  • Changes will be incredibly unpredictable
  • (Increased strength George speed agility)
  • Bills and chains that came run Where's George. I need to see him. He is dangerous
  • I think it's time for me to turn the man
  • We've created the next chapter in natural selection project rampage works
  • Another one of your little science experiments running around. What do you mean?
  • Of course the wolf flies
  • This time we throw everything we can at these things and get people the hell out of that city, let's go save the world
  • That's a big arm don't fight it. You know there are other ways of dealing with people right I?
  • Do know that yeah, but that's not fun
  • George okay ready to do this buddy you
  • You

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RАMPАGE Trailer (2018) Dwayne Johnson Monster Action Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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