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Video Quince Perfection | My Dream Quinceañera - Breanna Ep 6
10:13   |   492K+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:34


  • hey guys thanks watching my season MGK
  • we'll be back on January 27th and when
  • I'll be on Saturdays at 3 p.m.
  • [Music]
  • ah señorita quinceanera Brianna
  • maria-paz gave the party just started
  • and I'm excited that I'm you know
  • actually seen everyone here with her
  • sign which is what I was waiting for you
  • know just having both my family building
  • with me at my special day and it's just
  • really I think it's special for me to
  • you know bond with each and every one of
  • them my friends my family and everyone
  • I think bonding with them he was just
  • actually like really special to me see
  • my venue it was really outstanding and
  • really beautiful and I love the colors
  • the backdrop of my table really looked
  • really pretty and I like the colors in
  • the back kind of like the ombre lip at
  • the light the cake that was cool I
  • really like that I like the centerpieces
  • it was beyond actually what I expected
  • which is really beautiful and it made me
  • happy
  • my mom did pretty good um actually she
  • did amazing I'm really thankful for that
  • and I'm pretty sure now she's got it
  • under control
  • we've have the dents coming up I know
  • I'm gonna be kind of nervous for the
  • vod's and the surprise dance but I'm
  • also gonna be happy because I've been
  • waiting for this day so I'm just really
  • excited and I can't wait you know to
  • just keep the day going
  • [Music]
  • you're going to take this moment for the
  • Kingston yet see the fancy
  • [Music]
  • she is definitely a daddy's girl I
  • enjoyed watching her at that moment
  • because because of his prior career he
  • was gone so she's actually the first one
  • that he actually got to watch grow up I
  • know that there's that significant bond
  • with them that he was actually there for
  • diaper duty and helping you know tight
  • pigtails on her sending her off to
  • school and just watching him you know
  • watch his little girl grow it was it's
  • just amazing because I know the one that
  • they have and you know not very many
  • people are blessed to have that
  • [Music]
  • esra special to have a dance with each
  • other my siblings and my parents that
  • special moment between us and us only
  • each other oh it's gonna be here for
  • each other I'm always gonna remember
  • that you know Emma in my heart
  • [Music]
  • but if I wanna put the plows
  • to break a butterfly on the wheel that's
  • when you hear in the dance went along
  • was really special I think I just made
  • special for me and her to have that
  • special moment especially that you know
  • it's my quinceanera and I just seen her
  • like you know these past weeks that you
  • know my mom isn't just like a really
  • hardworking person but you know she
  • really cares about me I just I love
  • having a mom like that and I'm really
  • thankful for you know being supportive
  • and always here for me and doing
  • everything she can for me I love her for
  • that it really it was like a like a time
  • capsule when I was holding her dancing I
  • remembered the first day that she was
  • put in my arms she was born because
  • she was literally a miracle baby I
  • wasn't able to have it we're kids so to
  • have her here with me it's just it's
  • just a bigger gift for me even though
  • it's her birthday but I feel like
  • celebrating this is just a gift for
  • myself that I get to enjoy with her and
  • embrace
  • [Music]
  • she used to be so small
  • we have a little surprise for your
  • favorite e to what I do so the Sun arose
  • on July 24 to giving life to a beautiful
  • baby girl that girl will try to figure
  • herself to become a loving and caring
  • daughter sister granddaughter because
  • today she woke up and she got through
  • the first major milestone surrounded by
  • all her loved ones tears will fall hugs
  • will be given but most importantly we
  • celebrate so right now at what is this
  • is brie Maria Vasquez Toni's really into
  • like writing it was really cool that you
  • know he got to share like his interest
  • to my party and the poem itself that was
  • really pretty and really beautiful and I
  • didn't I didn't see it coming it was
  • amazing
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • decades at a crime Jackie week on
  • the night see the features bright should
  • be here in no time
  • [Music]
  • come to the city then trace built where
  • the bedsheets is silk to Cadillacs on
  • till I'm at the center of it all
  • feeling like I'm will our guns the
  • drudges told me that a hand-built cedar
  • journey makes the man the man makes the
  • music the music makes hotter chicks in
  • the club moves and I'm starting to
  • believe my own same chicks was
  • looking at me twice I walk bring me
  • little cash but I ran a piece of hair
  • watching ain't trying to see the bottom
  • of my glass I'm saying they gonna have
  • to carry me out at the end of the night
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • I knew that I was different I told him
  • one day I'ma be the best food and lives
  • and they started off as a dream I turn
  • it into a fish your passion made me
  • consistent so now I'm on a mission and
  • doing my sell against right now and all
  • I'm thinking in my head right now is
  • smile smile smile and then just
  • remembering all the parts and you know
  • kind of coming back to that kind of
  • experience when I used to dance before
  • you know in big competitions it was
  • really great a memorable experience
  • [Music]
  • you can't do that I know if you believe
  • Everywhere's it's a chance to begin with
  • a plan I would never be a quitter I'm a
  • fighter today
  • mr. president was amazing it was amazing
  • because you know when I was like
  • cheering I went on to like you know pop
  • up and you know yell and everything era
  • when do those amazing just having that
  • rapport
  • to just continue the choreography and it
  • took away my nerves and it was just
  • really cool I was kind of standing in
  • the back controlling the music but just
  • watching the audience and just their
  • expressions
  • it was the so rewarding it's extremely
  • rewarding to see the support you know
  • standing in front of her especially the
  • room filled with such close family very
  • close friends and I think that just kind
  • of gave her that energy to be able to
  • just you know gain that scream and
  • perform as if she had never left
  • touching for her to be able to do
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • overall this day you know running back
  • and forth from hair and makeup and dress
  • and photos it was so worth it I mean
  • sleepless nights I didn't want to blink
  • because I don't want to miss any moment
  • any second of it because I don't want to
  • lose anything that you know she does in
  • her life if I have to wake up tomorrow
  • and plan this all over again
  • I will
  • press rewind and me any favor they run
  • so far good
  • you seem like you're out of breath
  • exhausted no it's just a little foot of
  • birds or something
  • I think we know they're eating I think
  • we did
  • [Music]
  • I'm really happy that you're happy thank
  • you for today together with emboss and
  • roulette walls you know you mean
  • everything to me so I want everything to
  • be perfect for the perfect girl
  • overall this day was amazing and
  • spectacular and just what I junior
  • people
  • this was my drinking together
  • [Music]
  • hey guys thanks for watching my show if
  • you want your Quinta you cheat on
  • aussolas TV send us a video telling us
  • why to keep the awesomest and
  • don't forget to subscribe to
  • awesomenesstv i

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After a stressful start to her quince day, everything seems to fall into place for Breanna and her mom. When it comes to this family, things are bound to get emotional. Sit down and prepare to cry!
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Created By: Autumn deVitry
Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
Producer/Director: Kevin Stalker
Senior Producer: Tara Cole
Producer: Jackie Merry
Coordinating Producer: Sean Saley

Director of Photography: Armir Camangian
Camera Operator: Dan Fox
Camera Operator: Joe Adams
Sound Mixer: Chase Yeremian

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Assistant Editor: Jose 'Taco' Cruz
Production Office Assistant: Andrew Oliver
Post Production Assistant: Anais Bergues
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