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Video Funny Vines December 2017 (Part 2) TBT Vine compilation
30:47   |   today at 12:12


  • 4199 5000 ready or not here I found you
  • say cheese hold on you maggots I wanna
  • do Mugler Sato what the hell are you
  • guys looking at it's freezing in here yo
  • you late for class
  • who is that watch the movie what
  • happened watch she died just watch the
  • movie
  • yo where's the rest of the rice man what
  • do I need to raise my grades in school
  • let me see your grades there you go
  • Oh yo Gray's need Jesus hey said I got
  • to some new shoes thanks dad I really
  • appreciate what the would you get for
  • Christmas I got a handle you don't like
  • it no you know some people got nothing I
  • wanna
  • Charlie the mad puppy doesn't like when
  • people touch him
  • what's not baby you need a ride I always
  • feel so bad about that one little
  • Christmas tree that no one really pays
  • he approaches the current custodians of
  • the staff waiting for the game to start
  • and you'll split up
  • Wow hey you for you today yeah I got a
  • few minutes you stopped by I just have
  • like the littlest favorite did you set
  • all that up
  • hey little buddy what you've been up to
  • I killed a beer with my hands today ah
  • daddy I've got a boyfriend boyfriend
  • what's his name
  • what does Mathew live don't do anything
  • weird hey Josh Quincy the DNA test came
  • back you are the father yes
  • 60,000 she's got cut down this nothing
  • wakes me up more than a hot cup of God
  • hi I'll be your wages for tonight what's
  • up ladies my name's Brad I'm a really
  • good singer just be yourself
  • follow your dreams all right Dean's
  • gonna follow us now it's a figure of
  • speech attention shoppers the lady on
  • aisle 7 is checking me out
  • thank you hey I bought you some flowers
  • they're fake though like you
  • oh look who's wearing the same dress as
  • I am that is not correct because
  • according to the horn face excuse me
  • what hang out today
  • I can't I have to work out I got me to
  • go grocery shopping I'll come with you
  • and I hate you bye why are you late to
  • my class it's because we were saving the
  • world okay take a seat
  • was this storytime in every group of
  • friends
  • there's the dumb one really Scott have
  • you ever worked with dolphins I did
  • watch this I wanna try I'll call you
  • back my best friend did you just put the
  • be before the f
  • Oh remember when ham hanging off my BFF
  • and we love nature
  • it's a bug in your hair why hello mrs.
  • Claus have you been naughty this year oh
  • you have fast you were going back there
  • I would have gone faster but you stopped
  • me get on the ground
  • um I didn't hear a please no it's too
  • late give me the gun what okay class
  • Billy where's your book must forgot it
  • faggot
  • oh is that it's mr. faggot hey why you
  • interrupting my class what the hell are
  • you talking about
  • how I study for finals I don't what are
  • you doing at the playground uncle Alec
  • I'm helping the community are you
  • selling crack to kids
  • I remember my first day how'd it go it
  • was great when did we learn these I'll
  • see you later
  • I see you ladies stop that stop that I
  • just feel something I just killed
  • somebody just had a nice storm here in
  • Oklahoma but no days off all right mom I
  • refuse to go back to school after what
  • my principal just said to me What did he
  • say you're expelled like how dare you
  • I'm just gonna ignore this like you
  • ignored my texts yesterday oh my god Hey
  • Joe why are you following me our table
  • darling hey sir I'm in a meeting right
  • now can this wait yes of course
  • one this is my friend will be right what
  • Michael Jordie no check one Bill Cosby
  • how Norma's sisters take selfies we so
  • cute
  • tell me and my sister take selfies
  • tomorrow make sure you guys check out
  • what's good
  • and I really don't worry buddy that's
  • why you're my bud
  • hey that's my car it's okay it's my
  • birthday
  • I mean sure abs are cool and all but
  • have you tried stuffed crust pizza I
  • mean damn goddamn why do girls keep
  • clapping at me when they talk you're not
  • listening
  • should I respond like I'm not a cake
  • face I'm an ice cream cake face under
  • this thick cosmetic frosting it's my
  • cold interior um excuse me my um I love
  • your dog what breed is it I'm dying
  • what no Danny I love you died
  • what's up a sick bro and then I puked at
  • Walgreens we must travel to the
  • afterlife
  • together each other all right class get
  • ready for your finals calculators will
  • not be permitted final calculator oh
  • this was English it's not history
  • who are you excuse me sir has there ever
  • been a robbery at this establishment
  • okay mom why often appeal my suit well
  • we in traffic so you act away a long
  • period I'll include hot right there
  • that's handicapped pod right there man I
  • got this mine yeah I don't like you
  • Merry Christmas hey Christian I'm just
  • trying to figure out who the hell you
  • guys think you're talking give me your
  • money
  • diary of a wimpy to candidate Underpants
  • Alyssa mom
  • 12 seconds later you want to supersize
  • that for ten dollars yes of course oh
  • it's actually three dollars we paid 50
  • okay and I'm not around but we got to
  • eat cause the night before Christmas and
  • in Saint Nick flew Sam doll knocked he
  • was breaking and entering so I knew what
  • to do but I'm the best one on the team
  • not up to me sonic people don't think
  • you're human
  • they sent the letter coach I didn't
  • leave her any money dude on the line
  • where it said tip I just wrote my phone
  • number instead Tiffany this delivery to
  • Billy and song did you do what I ask you
  • to do know because my homework is the
  • size of a vacation package your stuff
  • can wait
  • why then you got that gas money this
  • electrical yeah you're right what up bro
  • what up - what up PO we're not fro what
  • up flow what up girl what up no you
  • cannot try you can't do it I'm on a diet
  • come on man it's just one you you know
  • your mom you know other rooms Oh baby
  • you are hot g89 blonde whole shebang
  • come together hurry up with my laundry
  • so no so much sweat and your mom out
  • where are you going no your business
  • where are you going if you get too close
  • your hair's gonna burn off what dude
  • I can sell out you said a big guy with
  • shopping sweetie I'm gonna work on a
  • piece on Christ what you look great are
  • you in your room
  • of course I am oh you take a picture of
  • us for sure no private thing thank you
  • what
  • we should sit in the middle no front row
  • I want to be in this movie
  • excuse me but what time is it well I
  • think it's time for you to get a watch
  • but I'm blind you know I am a manly man
  • but whenever I see my dog I'm just like
  • Oh player I'm just gonna hurt you you
  • can change I have issues you don't want
  • me yes I do
  • I don't like you I love you I love you
  • oh you know I don't like labels mom is
  • that Toby Toby Toby
  • dude dude you're not Toby it could be
  • done no no no I need some Starbucks did
  • I get a pumpkin spice latte Thanks
  • a theme can I borrow your lamb or even
  • abdominus
  • I'm actually again a fam can I borrow so
  • you've been drinking tonight
  • what ha ha ha ha gonna have to take you
  • and get out let's go
  • I'll tell whatever are you from Earth
  • cute I know
  • oh don't do that oh you're my text you
  • it's Christmas time excuse me can I have
  • one right officer oh not hi I'm smoke
  • weed so what soggy mom on here I watched
  • my best friend burned death oh my god
  • grandpa shut up and play video games
  • with my friends
  • oh wow what an amazing view yeah I don't
  • know either but I'm totally over them
  • okay bye
  • now the judge will choose the winner I
  • can't decide they're all cute and
  • they're mine now thank you
  • she's at jury duty
  • you're a jerk I'm out of here
  • what why don't you teach you call me
  • this afternoon oh she just wanted to see
  • listen I don't know you listen to me I'm
  • not helping I got a hot date tonight hey
  • bro what are you doing well I just
  • talked to somebody I liked and I did
  • some what-have-you didn't I
  • I'm your brain and in a few moments I'll
  • have you imagining all the ways you went
  • wrong I see you I see you
  • kind of wiki kid out in asleep yo what's
  • up man come check out my new place
  • what's the address obviously no no I
  • just feel like oh here's a leaf I have
  • no money so here's a leaf red orange
  • yellow blue green what is that oh my god
  • well what's that gold what you mean look
  • scooby-dooby summer talk to me
  • judgment days coming buddy forgive me
  • Lord it's going down I need your trust
  • how do I know you're not gonna rat me
  • out oh my gosh mom we've been invited to
  • Ellen DeGeneres Show next week No
  • what you're not ugly you're just less
  • prettier than everybody else is that
  • Sasuke
  • yo Sasuke yo is Sasuke up Hayden just
  • right you forgot your backpack so I
  • decided to give up Chico and this is my
  • new cheek why is the pork are you
  • feeling you said bring my grades up
  • I bet see that let me see are you ready
  • for the movie so much as you
  • you don't have to take the finals you
  • can just be jobless and homeless for
  • life
  • totally worth it guys never have I ever
  • been in Asian named Emily I kind of feel
  • like that's targeting me a little bit
  • what's this I beg your pardon there can
  • be only one
  • baby all right man taking off it's okay
  • I know you're busy no I'm not busy I
  • just don't want to see you anymore so is
  • it any wonder people are afraid of
  • equality equality sorry you got a F on a
  • test what the hell knows is the same
  • thing kids will be kids don't ever come
  • back still I see out here in Oklahoma
  • not gonna stop me today though let's
  • start with some free throws
  • but you do have singles oh really
  • you ever go to a doctor's waiting room
  • and there's this guy opposite you like
  • their shirts not on your receipt I came
  • in here with this shirt but where's the
  • receipt I didn't get this shirt here
  • where's the proof this is a grocery
  • store
  • oh I like your accent mm-hmm were you
  • from I'm Liberian oh my BAE you want to
  • go outside don't care what people think
  • I just farted I'm sorry won't you guide
  • my sleigh tonight
  • what cuz you're dressed up as Rudolph no
  • not
  • oh hey Nora do you pee your pants
  • what do you pee your pants yeah Lucy get
  • out of the trash okay okay
  • which one Santa Claus the year - this
  • year
  • Robbie master Robbie I love spending
  • time with you babe he's bad good no I
  • don't wanna get down what was your first
  • day
  • get it boy oh oh girl cheat on me now
  • what are you doing what do you want for
  • me chick-fil-a sauce is just what you
  • doing yo chill get away from my TV
  • screen I can't see the cheese okay mom
  • wait you fuck my baby
  • jeez you had my ass waiting in the
  • hallway for you you expect me to walk
  • into class by myself
  • come on come on you got it close it
  • let's go kids I'm sorry we have no money
  • left just kidding I hate when people
  • like oh we're expecting a baby what do
  • you mean you're expecting a baby dolphin
  • was gonna pop out of there excuse me you
  • know where the candles I have a
  • boyfriend but don't you work here yeah
  • but I have a boyfriend
  • why can't you tell I'm getting my boss
  • do you want to make out next week with
  • me make out next week with me

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New TBT Vine compilation with the Best Vines of December 2016

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