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Video The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect
16:58   |   02/23/2019 at 23:00


  • Welcome to overtime episode 4 it is great to have you guys with us today. We have a great show planned
  • To segment, you know two segments you don't
  • You're twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple
  • *intro*
  • Coach tell them the first one. Let's start off a little cool not cool, bye-bye Wow
  • Here we go starting off with a bang Cubs you got something cool for us
  • Yes, you guys are gonna have to be the judge of that
  • You know I'm saying I brought some of my best work today. This is a portable sauna. Oh
  • Okay, so you just have hop in and zip that sucker up
  • Already turned it on it's set to 160 degrees
  • Okay, you might be asking
  • yourself, "But Kobe what if you want to use your phone?"
  • I actually was not thinking that...
  • You know what I like the effort I'm gonna give you a sympathy green
  • Yes! I'll take it!
  • Ty, you have lost your mind.
  • It doesn't look to be totally improved.
  • Going with the red button.
  • Oh my! Put your hand in there!
  • Listen, this is not a toy
  • You should not have gone first.
  • Here's the deal, I'm gonna vote based on how sweaty you are at the end of this segment if he is sweaty, he will get a green
  • Cory, you want to go next?
  • Yeah, I think I should I'd like to introduce you to the cup that cannot be spilled. Oh
  • Oh my! I will start us off with the green, you know, I don't spill that often but I've got a little kid at home
  • Bang baby! Hold on. How do you go from this to this?
  • Oh my! Absolutely!
  • Nice yeah, nice. You wanna green him? Nice. Yeah, that is 100% my fault
  • I gotta say I'm gonna keep that over here Cody or Garr Oh somebody quick if you don't want the world's loudest whistle
  • That's a pretty bold statement
  • Okay
  • I need everything you got at one time
  • *Whistle gives all it's got at one time*
  • I'm deaf. Really? well bonus whistle. I'm giving it a great oak. I just pick one for me. Oh, yeah, I'll give him...
  • How about both? Hey, there's no other whistle. I'd rather have I think I might be able to hear that whistle from the moon
  • Oh, yeah, that is loud. I hate to like to go there, but is there sound in space if you're standing next to a rocket?
  • Your gonna hear the rocket!
  • Comment below whether Cody's right or not speaking of space. I've got a really cool thing. You're gonna enjoy
  • That is a remarkable control, I will 100%
  • Green man, green for Kobe. Sorry, I'm not very good
  • Not a great flyer but the product speaks for itself. Oh Mylanta! You are sweating! I did say if it was a working product I would not
  • I'm gonna wrap up this segment right here. You guys ever seen one of these giant flashlight?
  • No, sir codes, I'm gonna actually use your vehicle in the demonstration. I would be honored. Would you mind taking it up for me?
  • I'm gonna stand back. I
  • would like to introduce you to
  • the net gun
  • I think we have a little fun with
  • This is how you handle the tall guy that only shoots threes
  • Should we see if they'll take down a twin
  • He's got netted we should probably go back to the desk and we're gonna do this all day
  • Nice round of applause great cool not cool. We're getting better. Well, it is time to move on to a brand new segment
  • Hope you guys enjoy it. It is called prank Jackson
  • Okay, so here's some various taxidermy and here's how this is gonna work, we got a couple buddies
  • They think they're just coming to hang out at the office today
  • What they don't know is there's gonna be a vicious garden snake waiting just outside
  • DP HQ - ready the snake attack. I'm ready. Let's head downstairs
  • Alright guys here we are at the sabotage point and we're gonna lay our snake right here in the grass
  • So here's how it's gonna work snakes gonna be laying here fishing line is going to be through the crack of the door
  • They walk up to the door ideally without seeing the snake and then here it comes
  • Right up
  • I
  • Think that's gonna work
  • They think that this door is open. So they're gonna walk up and tug and then the snakes just come on
  • Okay, they're here
  • Tell him to use a fake coat on this door, so he's gonna be right here
  • Can you believe it both wesley and trav actually what their britches ha ha ha I cannot believe that that is funny
  • That was a good time
  • It was a good time and I hate to be that guy but you know, it's about to be a not good time
  • No the next segment because it's time to head to wheel
  • unfortunate I
  • Hate this segment you want to I think I've got a new way to do this Garrett
  • You're gonna start take a name out. Don't show anybody Coby same thing then me then Cody
  • There will be one name left in the Hat that Corey will pick up that will be the person spinning the wheel
  • All right, Garrett eliminate the first person do not show anything
  • Eliminate someone Kobe I have eliminated someone please me money, please. Okay, okay
  • I am queasy like my stomach hurts. Oh my gosh. My heart's pounding. Okay, Corey. The person is spinning that wheel
  • is
  • This is all fun and games, but I think we got a
  • Great show of all time it is good to be back. I'm your host ed Forrester the golden boy see the resemblance
  • Anyways, we've got a great show for you guys today. We've got a guest at his babe
  • Are you serious
  • Regardless, it's great to have you on the show this week
  • I've been kind of thinking maybe he tried to steal the spotlight or something, but then again it was like
  • Nobody could steal that spotlight. So I wasn't too worried about it, you know to be yeah cor I'd tell you how this works
  • But you're pretty familiar. So if you would hold my bike real quick. Yeah
  • Alright thanks for doing that core and I got some great new stuff on the board. Well if you're ready, I'm ready
  • Cory sped that way. Oh
  • Wow power ability obviously, it's been working on that since last time
  • All right, Leo looks like it's coming to a stop. You're not gonna have to shave your eyebrows
  • Gratulations cor what I need you to do is fly to
  • Wisconsin D board the plane go out through security take one step outside
  • Take a big snipper and that fresh, Wisconsin air
  • Turn right back around and come home if that is the definition of fly to Wisconsin for absolutely no reason
  • Cory say it with me here
  • Hey go buy yourself a plane ticket big guy
  • Just left the office. Guess I'm going to Wisconsin what could be better than going to Wisconsin for literally no reason
  • Everybody's walking around with their bags. I have literally nothing. I'm holding my hat just so I can feel like I'm holding something
  • So boring
  • Why are you
  • Wisconsin no reason I've arrived in Wisconsin. I got my cheese hat on but I can't keep it a reason for coming
  • the moment we've all been waiting for
  • Wow, the flights are actually really close together no offense, but it all I get stuck in, Wisconsin
  • Excuse me. Almost miss my flight didn't know
  • still
  • Dead hope would never see each other again and back and that was unfortunate back to the studio
  • All right, and welcome back Corey
  • Yeah, oh thanks guys I hate this game
  • Well now it's time to add to the next segment and that is mail time
  • Alright and as always we've asked our editors to come up with a creative way to deliver our mail
  • So, let's see what they have in store for us today Chad. What do we got? Oh,
  • What a treat is that a male goat
  • Let's see what we got boy, so starting off strong
  • Custom VP trailer hitches. Oh, very nice
  • Look at this a clay figurine know what your big fan of our face off series take a look at that
  • That's tingle baby. Oh
  • Wow, what a draw hair got a couple of friendship bracelets here if Jill wanted a shout out and he wanted us to wear them
  • In the overtime video. Oh, yeah like a reward Oh guys
  • Somebody sent us some micro smoke what in the world is micro smoke not familiar. I'm unfamiliar Oh
  • Guys, there's a pan. No, it smells horrible
  • It does smell like a goat. Oh, he's definitely peeing. Oh really No
  • Oh, yeah now the goat
  • Smells it's so strong. I thought we just lost real unfortunate
  • ok, guys, you want me to pop smoke and try and run him and
  • Get the go-ahead. (goat poops on floor) Oh, he's taking a dump on the pee. Is this a bad idea? Yes! x4
  • Don't worry guys. I'm getting rid of it. That was a horrible idea
  • Chad come clean this up. Thanks for joining us on mail time
  • We'll take you to the next segment as soon as we clear the building ha ha. That's the greatest segment ever
  • The smoke is cleared. The smell has not still smells little goatee in here
  • But show must go on and it is time to head to a brand-new segment at the kitchen. Mine doesn't look like that
  • Hidey-ho, welcome to my kitchen. I'm sure you're like me were you scared of the Internet look for a cool project?
  • Think you know what? I could probably do that by the end of it you go
  • Hey, mine, doesn't quite look like that in there. Yeah, these two teams will be battling off in a watermelon sculpture battle
  • Let's see. What happens Oh sup guys team tying gear here. We have picked our watermelons. Hold on
  • I would like to be its team Garrett and I go ahead take it away. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to team twins
  • What's up, guys? Here we go team guarantee
  • We've decided to go with the peacock
  • We'll be tackling a slightly
  • simpler concept a shark
  • Good luck boys in three two one
  • Begin, I wouldn't worry about this so much
  • Y'all ever seen a shark jump out of the water
  • Shark-tooth
  • You guys know that cucumbers or pickles pickles or cucumbers that's what I meant
  • Do you ever know that pickles have scales like fish I feel like at this point in the competition
  • I'm taking this a little bit more seriously than Gary
  • Hey ty you remember those high school projects where you always had the team lead, you know, the team lead does absolutely nothing
  • You know, yeah welcome
  • to Team Gary
  • Always wanted to do this I
  • Love have yet to see Jarrod do anything productive for his team? And honestly, I'm pretty impressed with what I'm seeing
  • I think we might have to change the title of this one. Mine does kind of look like that
  • One minute remaining oh I got a good idea. I got a good idea
  • One eyed shark currently, I would add another blueberry no need you have to alternate tomato blackberry tomato by
  • 3 2
  • 1 tiny shark one side. I'm sorry. Literally all that matters is the one photo being posted to Instagram. We did a one-sided shark
  • Sure, the other side doesn't look great. He didn't have an eye. Okay, but all we need is one phenomenal side of this shark
  • So that our Instagram viewers will vote on it
  • It's officially time to take this to Instagram to find out which sculpture is better your week
  • And the winner of the 2018 watermelon sculpture battle is
  • Grant Pham what happened man? So disappointed I am too Gary that was absolutely ridiculous never should happen can't believe that peacock
  • Look exactly
  • That's all I have to say about that. I believe it is giveaway time
  • As always at the end of it over time. We've got a couple treats for you guys if you're a subscriber
  • pound and you share the video pal you get this and this
  • I'm not a freak out there you get this bow and this valley so we'll pick five of you guys that are
  • Subscribers and share the video and then there you go half anity
  • So if you're not a subscriber
  • Click down here
  • So you don't miss out on any new videos if you want to see the last overtime video click right here
  • And if you want some TP merch click right here sign it off for now. We're the set smells like goat pee

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