Video The Greatest One Shot Fight Scene Ever

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The Greatest One Shot Fight Scene Ever
The Greatest One Shot Fight Scene Ever thumb The Greatest One Shot Fight Scene Ever thumb The Greatest One Shot Fight Scene Ever thumb


  • [reading on-screen text]
  • I'm almost there, sir. Mind telling me what the mission is?
  • Hey. Okay. About a week ago, I lost my briefcase in a poker game to a warlord... It's a long story.
  • Point is, I need you to get inside that building and get me back what's inside that briefcase.
  • [over phone] ...What's inside?
  • [background] Mile 22 will be starting in five minutes.
  • I need my movie tickets!
  • Really..?
  • [over phone] This guy, yo, he's the dude from "The Raid."{?}
  • [over phone] You know how much I love that movie! Is this going to be a problem?
  • Shouldn't be a problem, sir.
  • Oh, one more thing. We definitely don't want to start anything, so... no killing.
  • Never do, sir.
  • Ha. Wildly untrue.
  • You know, for a Craigslist personal assistant, you kill a lot of people.
  • Don't worry, sir. I've got this under control.
  • [cocks gun] Is that a gun?
  • Nope.
  • Hey. No guns-- I said no guns.
  • Sir. I'm almost inside.
  • [hits guy] [guy groans]
  • [dramatic music over fight]
  • [guy screams]
  • [cocks gun] Was that a gun? That sounded very much like a gun...
  • Sorry, sir. Force of habit.
  • Yeah, sure-- Oh yo, it's Ronda Rousey, dawg!
  • [beep]
  • [ominous music, background chatter]
  • [hits guy, guy groans]
  • - Woah, hey, you can't do that!
  • [punching, crashing]
  • [beeping, groaning]
  • [more fight sounds and dramatic music]
  • [groaning] [cocks gun]
  • Yo, yoo-hoo, still here. That sounded like a lot of screams.
  • - You didn't kill anybody, did you...? - No! I didn't kill anyone!
  • - Okay, good, because like I said, we don't want to start anything, so, right... - Yeah, yeah, I know!
  • [ominous music]
  • [intense music]
  • [gun fires]
  • [punching, more intense music, you know the drill]
  • [takes apart gun]
  • [hello intense music my old friend]
  • Hey! There she is!
  • [intense music, impact noises... i won't caption a play-by-play sorry]
  • [screaming from the drink]
  • [gun firing]
  • [the intense music has still been going on btw]
  • [screaming as she staples him. that's not a euphemism]
  • [gun firing]
  • [they fight. it's a fight scene]
  • [reloads, shoots more]
  • [yelling]
  • [another wave of enemies has arrived, so they fight]
  • [gun fires, man groans]
  • [theyre. fighting. to what kind of music i wonder]
  • [smashes bottle twice]
  • [impact noises as she kicks during an extremely realistic scene]
  • [the dramatic music fades to some ominous music]
  • Put some pressure on that.
  • [ominous music]
  • You know I can't just give you what's in this briefcase, right?
  • The power to control the masses..?
  • Uproot entire governments.
  • Destroy what civilizations have spent centuries building...
  • And you think I'm just going to hand it over to you?
  • Hmm..?
  • Hm!
  • Hm hmm hm!
  • Hm! Hahahaha!
  • [punch] Ow!
  • [final boss fight wowie]
  • [screaming]
  • [groans]
  • FRAG OUT!, the movie's about to start. What's going on?
  • I got the tickets. But there's this doomsday device. Do you want that?
  • Uhh...
  • Yeah, nah, he won that in the poker game fair and square, so, that's fine. You can leave it.
  • - Just bring me the tickets. - Copy that.
  • You think you can stop me, huh? Destiny has ordained me to--
  • [groans]
  • Thank you!
  • [weak laughter] Cool.
  • [falls. the end.] {thanks for watching and enduring my bad captioning}
  • This video was directed in one single, uninterrupted take, by Cameron here.
  • First try!
  • And it was also sponsored by Mile 22, which comes out August 17th, directed by Peter Berg.
  • It's got Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais. We actually got to see it earlier and it has the gnarliest kills I've ever seen in a movie.
  • And a special shoutout to Action Horizons and the stunt team there. Just amazing work.
  • - Get your tickets, see Mile 22 August 17th. - Do it!

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A totally legit one take action sequence like in all your favorite shows!

This video sponsored by Mile 22, which is out in theaters Aug. 17th!

Directed by Cameron Covell
Produced by Skyer Millicano

Melissa Prather as Redgraves
RC Ormond as Big Bad Guy

Stunt Team:
John Donohue
Nate Mitchell
Josh Wray
Brian Combs
Cameron Okubo
Jordon Okubo
Justin Chavers
Kurt Nelson
Rad Floria
Stan Elton
Tanner Vanbebber

Stunt Coordinated by Skyler Millicano
Additional Choreography and Coordination by John Donohue, Nate Mitchell, and the Action Horizons Team
Stunt Rigging by Thomas Vu
High Fall by Josh Wray

Written by Cameron Covell and Skyler Millicano
Music by James Covell
Sound Design by Kevin Senzaki
On Set Audio by Tim Wagner
Hair and Makeup by Cindy Millicano
Behind the Scenes by Carter Feuerhelm
Production Assisting by Connor Ling

Special Thanks to:
Carter Feuerhelm

Special thanks to Action Horizons for their space and amazing stunt team! Check them out at @action_horizons_stunts

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