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  • [Music]
  • hey guys Jess what's up dude and welcome
  • back to another video today we are
  • playing the really easy RB so Jen we did
  • the one with grandma now why are you
  • both I am NOT wait if I jump off do you
  • think my hair I'll show off baby
  • alright so no so we're getting timed
  • apparently and the scoreboard on the
  • right to see how quickly you complete
  • this we've been standing around we're
  • getting a horrible time so on its kill
  • are you ready oh and if you can't do a
  • jet by super jump or super speed I see
  • him on the side okay I'm not gonna do
  • that yeah I'm gonna see how well I do
  • without those things alright I was
  • thinking about buying it alright
  • it's called oh really easy RB I figured
  • this would be good practice for you when
  • we do harder things here we go alright
  • so we just jump over these if you landed
  • up you want I can do it backwards
  • alright so we have a whole group of
  • people with us no one has failed I don't
  • know the stairs disappears you go up
  • that what you died yeah I know I'm gonna
  • go on without you I just saw someone
  • fall down for like a thousand feet in
  • there they're disappearing
  • where are you making it oh you think so
  • alright I'm coming back I'm at the
  • stairs all right I'm going so we just
  • woke up I'm so far behind everything go
  • I'm like right behind you wait for you
  • here cuz I'm scared someone killed me
  • because they're right in front of me and
  • they made the block in front of me
  • disappear
  • okay wait don't do anything yet don't do
  • it
  • look it disappears oh so we have to make
  • it through the whole thing really quick
  • okay right when it appears we have to go
  • No
  • he's still going you know I think you
  • can stay on after disappear instead
  • we're just jumping through the air okay
  • the whole thing all right wait right
  • here
  • I'm not gonna move hey don't fall off
  • somehow
  • oh yeah I made it this far I feel like
  • look at the night jump that's the super
  • jump he jumped all the way from where
  • you were to where I am we go over here
  • okay sideways jumps oh man all right and
  • this is called the really easy RV
  • grandma's was easier than X all right
  • calm down disguise of my head
  • luckily there's like checkpoint so you
  • end up back at the level you're on all
  • right good we made it all right so this
  • one it looks really easy just walk
  • straight
  • Yeah right are some fake just Kardashian
  • you off oh my god you Kardashian him
  • that way let's go this way
  • this guy's already standing on it yes oh
  • so some of these are gonna be fake oh
  • who should go first you all right
  • then this one that one yeah
  • no you just gonna wait for everyone else
  • aren't you no baby this one in the
  • middle
  • oh you think it's - in the middle in a
  • row I'll do it oh wait you can see
  • they're they're a different color look
  • this one oh no wonder this is in this
  • one I hope one of these kills you look
  • slightly a different shade of red I
  • don't see any difference at all so I'm
  • just falling yeah okay
  • all right we go over this way yeah what
  • do we do here it looks like is all right
  • all this appears oh you have to make a
  • turn of some sort
  • how do you do it I did it wait how did
  • you do that
  • Oh turn your Swiss to your body
  • all right I'm like right behind you I
  • think I'm doing really good he's
  • everything disappearing for me yeah
  • everything behind you is gone okay
  • please do it again huh you actually all
  • of that wait how did this guy get here
  • wasn't he behind
  • he jumps so far these fall all right so
  • look at this look what's coming up over
  • here we have to jump in these weird
  • blocks after him
  • see I knock you off Hokkien Derek excuse
  • me I want to lead the way you probably
  • jump over your head it's really skinny
  • Otto just walk here okay all right
  • you're doing good yeah don't mess up now
  • Jenn he fell off by the way what do we
  • do he oh okay we just jumped all right
  • these look really weird though yes so
  • fun all right you're extremely good at
  • this compared to mine crash I'm so good
  • at parkour and roblox for some reason
  • I'm jumping on cheese how much more is
  • it okay let's take a look at the whole
  • map once we get up to the top over here
  • okay all right I think was done all
  • right what is this just like partially
  • invisible no it's like ice oh it's not
  • slippery though no it's just like hard
  • to see yeah don't mess this up behind
  • left everyone behind it was following us
  • not just oh do you want to turn this
  • into a race to the end yes we already
  • we're racing I've been owning you I
  • didn't know we were racing now that I
  • know it's a race
  • all right okay I'm like way behind he's
  • gonna disappear again I don't know I
  • don't even know where you are you so far
  • have tell me oh they're like turning
  • they're turning yeah they're like
  • bending when you step on them huh so if
  • you stand them too long you'll fall off
  • the side okay
  • oh man you left them all bent here for
  • me okay I need a pass yet there's still
  • many bet ones wait how do I get through
  • okay I think I actually am going to
  • catch up with you oh man
  • you left it like in shreds no it was
  • already like that maybe they don't move
  • oh yeah makes jobs up this carrot Oh
  • panicking
  • what this is a carrot mystery I think
  • I'm doing really good how are you going
  • so quick all right this is an actual
  • race right now challenge oh no it didn't
  • save me you're still gonna lose I'm
  • gonna catch up yeah okay go up this is
  • really hard just so you know all right
  • you're gonna die I don't even see Janet
  • anymore maybe you should look down to
  • see if you could see me okay stay calm
  • don't freak out you'll be okay no take a
  • little tickly
  • all right tick tick away was after I
  • think all the way before that happened
  • the remnants of the tickles still
  • lingered on are you were still like
  • laughing ticklish
  • we were just talking about how you're
  • the best park or IB player is different
  • it's Abbi don't mess up
  • no take a link okay if I just say it I
  • think it's gonna mess you off wait I
  • think it is a carrot right yeah looking
  • at the bottom of it looks all carrot
  • mine alright I'm back on the tree okay I
  • just have to calm down I'm acting too
  • crazy okay I actually might be able to
  • catch up after having to go back through
  • everything I do it through the invisible
  • section and the tree oh boy yes Oh in
  • the bed cheese section I had to go
  • through I'm actually catching up I'm
  • just gonna go for it alright I'm up here
  • on the staircase to heaven
  • alright I'm going I don't think it
  • actually does anything
  • wait so you're just walking up
  • something's walking up a very long stick
  • a very high stakes what okay I'm no good
  • all right think I'm catching up are you
  • I'm going up the elevator thing that
  • you're on oh you are murder
  • first ride oh oh oh there's like a maze
  • oh this is my chance
  • oh just can't win amazed all right I'm
  • going up a staircase I'm almost at the
  • top
  • I just don't wanna mess this off I'm so
  • good at mazes you favor you say it'll
  • help you alright oh yeah this is my
  • chance we're in a giant maze oh man I
  • can't believe it's actually on right now
  • me against Jess you don't away I know
  • the way follow you and then I'm gonna
  • keep
  • you can't kill someone in this luckily I
  • guess that was the way I'm going this
  • way
  • oh don't you see where's the way are you
  • sure you were coming from the right way
  • before oh this is the way wait that's
  • not the way found the way excuse me
  • oh that the guy we saw from before this
  • is definitely the way yeah this is
  • definitely the way okay I'm Way ahead of
  • Jan oh this is my chance so we're on
  • stage all right so I witness up came out
  • 13 all right okay so it gets really
  • complicated over here no just a hey I'm
  • in first place we need that jump wait
  • hold on a second what that jumping how
  • could I buy that right now maybe we
  • could just jump over the whole thing
  • that's what I was thinking too bad we
  • don't have the choice right here so
  • confusing
  • ooh bad intersection I found purple you
  • know yeah I did a founder collar yeah
  • oh and I found dark purple all right
  • you're lost what you really want me to
  • wait for you yeah all right I don't
  • think you're ever gonna make it through
  • the maze come back to the green okay I'm
  • in green and this is blue too okay I'm
  • in all green and there's yellow where
  • are you I'm in green and blue okay I
  • think I know where you wet maybe yellow
  • Jen we're never gonna find each other
  • like this what oh no no your henna me oh
  • there we go
  • all right go over this way see ya there
  • no more race all right that's what you
  • say they get a pass you guys I can see
  • you why
  • all right there's definitely two well
  • don't you know
  • oh isn't the right way how could this
  • not be the right way I will really have
  • no idea you come on it I'll buy it I
  • purchased and I'm winning wait I think I
  • what do you mean all right dudes we are
  • back and I need to tell you guys exactly
  • what happened
  • so absolutely I'm cheating I told her we
  • need to redo it but this time we'll get
  • the jump boost in the speed boost so I
  • had to bring her all the way back here
  • right when she got back here she fell
  • off and then we had to go through the
  • maze all over again
  • all right so Chet go up to these by
  • super jump and SuperSpeed and let's do
  • this are you just click on it okay
  • all right do not press forwards right
  • now as you may come flying into the
  • abyss all right come over here turn
  • around can you jump high yes all right
  • so I see the castle all right no wait
  • wait you come back here we're actually
  • gonna race through this time all right
  • so right for me do not fall off the edge
  • three yeah 100 you can make double jump
  • oh yeah sort of yes oh oh man I'm losing
  • to gem says about me why do you say that
  • like you're surprised I'll be there 10
  • minutes MOOCs for kids all right so is
  • this the end of the map for now oh cool
  • picture over here all right so Oh all
  • right so what do we do do we just click
  • on them probably yeah probably
  • oh I want this oh oh you feel like five
  • max
  • remove half of the bottle right Oh baby
  • you still gorgeous all right I am I
  • definitely need I'm too bomb calm put on
  • the little pink oh it's a super speed
  • wait I'm gonna put on every hat there is
  • okay I just want the pink oh hold on I'm
  • gonna be beautiful on a second here
  • there we go all right how do I look that
  • looks good I don't know why I don't have
  • any hair anymore do I look beautiful
  • you look gorgeous all right yeah you
  • look really bald here I don't call me
  • fun there's a TV oh the TV's huge it's
  • bigger than we are look at the stove
  • what are they cooking something yellow
  • in there Jeff oh into the bed it's like
  • a studio apartment yeah I got to tell
  • you something about this house it's all
  • one room but they have the biggest TV
  • and stereo system I've ever seen in my
  • life they spent money on the right
  • things
  • okay so it looks like one night a second
  • come over here what is this let's climb
  • up this thing oh okay maybe there's
  • something at the top like an easter egg
  • or so the race is not over yet
  • whoever makes it up to the top first
  • wins what are you going in there chimney
  • yeah I miss you uh by the weird thing
  • Oh so you don't get trapped in there all
  • right so I noticed something so what are
  • these like weird tubes over here oh my
  • god it brought me somewhere I go in okay
  • I'm coming
  • hello a really completely different game
  • now yeah oh my hairs back what no idea
  • this is a different girl
  • they're like shooting each other oh we
  • have all kinds of weapons where are ya
  • oh let's do this you just kill somebody
  • all right I'm gonna kill Jen I'm
  • shooting balls at her wait is this like
  • your reward for beating the obby you
  • wrote it like these cool places to
  • battle yeah I guess oh yeah we have like
  • some really cool weapons like I've got a
  • bomb okay so we have a slingshot oh this
  • thing is really cool oh you think your
  • innate launcher oh my god yeah you put
  • the wall you can like blop blip oh my
  • god you're missing a leg an arm oh my
  • god it jumps he's so high that's
  • ridiculous yeah you look awful dad make
  • sure to leave a like also don't forget
  • to subscribe to see more videos like
  • this and we'll see you guys next time
  • peace out dude
  • [Music]

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