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I did something to my hair
I did something to my hair thumb I did something to my hair thumb I did something to my hair thumb


  • help me I'm I'm stuck in a YouTube
  • channel and I can't get out well hallo
  • everyone it's me christine again and i
  • have long hair very very long hair
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • I don't know why it is but it seems to
  • bother people that I don't do much with
  • my hair as you know I usually just put
  • my long hair up in a cinnamon bun
  • because that's just the easiest thing to
  • do sometimes if I'm feeling sporty I'll
  • put it in a ponytail and the odd time
  • I'll just let my long hair hang down to
  • my butt hair goes down Ben seems to care
  • that I don't do anything with my hair
  • Christina is like major hang-ups about
  • her hair I'm gonna hang up on you if you
  • don't shut up even my boss has an
  • opinion no need to do something with
  • your hair it's true we haven't seen much
  • of simply hair logical on this channel I
  • think the first video was back in 2017
  • where I cut my hair on camera and braid
  • it in some holographic tinsel and then
  • there was that time I tested holographic
  • hair foam so I thought I would take this
  • opportunity to do something with my hair
  • I'm gonna cut it I'm gonna dry it and
  • I'm gonna style it just a humor all of
  • you let your hair hang low does it frizz
  • to and fro can you tie it so this is my
  • hair in its natural state I showered
  • probably four days ago I'd say my hair
  • is naturally kind of wavy but it does
  • drop kind of straight at the end and any
  • curls you see are really just a result
  • of having you know slept in a cinnamon
  • bun I get all these little frizzies at
  • the top although my hair is very long
  • it's very thin so I actually don't have
  • that much to work with okay are you
  • ready I'm just excited all right so
  • first we're gonna cut the hair but I
  • gotta wet the hair before we cut the
  • hair cuz that's what hair stylists do to
  • the sink what are you looking at you
  • don't even have any hair
  • yeah there you go sweetie
  • [Music]
  • you're getting it over the wall see what
  • YouTube is doing let me just put on my
  • hair towel oh let me show you most
  • people's hair would be caught by the
  • edge of my back to my salon now I look
  • like a wet rat cool wait am i guys
  • blowout perfecting cream prime and prep
  • datang detangler that's what I mean okay
  • I need that your girl loves free samples
  • [Music]
  • full body work ya know what's really fun
  • when someone else brushes your hair then
  • it's like tickling fresh hair before no
  • I'm a savage you like it when I pull
  • your hair some like hair brushing ASMR
  • when I was a youth I used to take like
  • really thick conditioner like the ones
  • that come in tubs put it in an empty
  • spray bottle add just a little bit of
  • water and then use that as detanglers
  • basically like spring conditioner on my
  • hair life hack trim trim there you go
  • there's your next video five ways to
  • detangle your hair shut up all right
  • [Music]
  • your girl decided to go the professional
  • route and buy some professional hair
  • trimming scissors off Amazon
  • I believe this kit was $29.99 Wow look
  • at this case is really nice is this kind
  • of weapon I don't know if we're staying
  • away from that this did not come with
  • instructions so now I have cut my hair
  • many times in the past but I normally
  • would just use whatever scissors I am
  • flying around the house like it doesn't
  • matter I'm not trying to do anything
  • fancy you know but like they should
  • because they can ladies you can cut your
  • own hair here's the thing okay if your
  • hair is short you can't see the back of
  • your head so obviously it's gonna be
  • hard to cut however if your hair is so
  • long that you can see all the ends of it
  • perfectly right in front of you then I
  • don't see why you can't cut your own
  • hair that's you know just simply logical
  • to me here's my technique ready sadly be
  • careful you need a garbage can that one
  • that's a good question get the measuring
  • tape and the camera can't even see the
  • bottom of my hair
  • you got a measure we do this in the
  • morning actually climb up your mother's
  • hair 38 inches 30 was it oh I gotta cut
  • my hair stop distracting me Ben how much
  • should we cut okay okay we're done
  • that's it no excuse me
  • the other good thing about cutting your
  • own hair is you're in control you know
  • someone else isn't gonna mess it up only
  • you will mess it up
  • there see perfect he says a good highly
  • recommend five-star review they cut hair
  • when was the last time you actually had
  • your hair you mean by another person I
  • don't think I can remember that far back
  • probably when I was a teenager which was
  • you know like two years ago it's been a
  • long time long actually a question I get
  • all the time is how many years did it
  • take you to grow your hair ever since I
  • was maybe 10 years old I've never really
  • cut my hair in a meaningful way besides
  • just getting a trim don't expose older
  • than half of your subscribers I'm a
  • proud 30 year old lady okay this took 30
  • years to grow you know it's crazy if you
  • don't cut your hair then it will grow
  • wait that doesn't make sense I don't cut
  • my cat's hair and their hair does not
  • grow we're gonna take the bangs which
  • aren't actually bangs I had those ones
  • they don't suit me but I do like a
  • little bit of tapering or feathering or
  • layering or whatever they call this
  • where you go down like this it's like
  • I'm cutting someone else's hair and now
  • we go to make these pieces even with
  • these pieces on an angle see all goes to
  • show it doesn't matter what parent
  • scissors you use as long as they cut
  • hair separate the hair and make sure at
  • the left side is equal to the right we
  • wouldn't want a hair imbalance I hear
  • those are worse than hormonal imbalances
  • I don't know it's not that I have no
  • knowledge of haircutting okay I kind of
  • understand that a tapered look usually
  • looks more natural once you blow it out
  • so what I like to do for that
  • professional look is take your scissors
  • but then
  • this way so you're kind of giving them a
  • little bit of a rough edge a little bit
  • of unevenness somehow that's
  • professional dyeing my hair 17 color is
  • rainbow unicorn cutting two inches up
  • and what are you saying Ben these
  • youtubers are risk takers okay I am NOT
  • I think we're almost in good shape you
  • look a little less harsh come closer I'm
  • a whip us you look a little bit less
  • like that girl who's way too into horses
  • what's wrong with horses they have
  • beautiful hair horse is a good know I've
  • seen a picture of you as a kid feeding a
  • horse what was that my grandma just took
  • me to a horse stable like one time okay
  • yeah that looks good to me I mean you
  • never really know if it's nice and
  • straight until it's dry so we gonna blow
  • dry I bought this fancy Dyson air dryer
  • tachi told me to four years ago tacky
  • told me to can I just bought it last
  • month it cost so much I expected it to
  • vacuum but like why blow dry your hair
  • with this when you can just let it air
  • dry for free
  • [Music]
  • oh no way oh no wait forgot blow out
  • perfecting cream that's what you're
  • supposed to use before to make it
  • perfect right that's a joy go says so
  • I'm gonna do it
  • oh well now I'm hot and my arms hurt
  • it's nice really straight do people do
  • this every morning yes people do this I
  • know it's crazy right there was a time
  • in my life where I used to just
  • straighten and blow-dry my hair more
  • regularly but then you know I just
  • stopped caring
  • I think it kind of damaged my hair back
  • in the day and now my hair is not
  • damaged it's just beautiful silky silky
  • smooth auntie for his dry oil mist
  • leaves hair soft and silky smooth okay
  • need
  • [Music]
  • you're not stirring my neck going all
  • the way down to the bus
  • how does my tram look you can't tell huh
  • okay I'm hungry you see how long this
  • takes it's ridiculous
  • I'm gonna have two meals before I finish
  • here today
  • [Music]
  • all right we're back and got me some tea
  • I'm ready to slay this man
  • oh god this off Amazon it had you know
  • enough stars for me now I could use a
  • curling iron like those hot ones but I
  • thought it would be more fun to decorate
  • my entire head with curlers life's hard
  • out there though for people with curly
  • hair they always want their hair
  • straight and the people with straight
  • hair always want their hair curly life
  • isn't fair though I guess we should take
  • the cardboard oh we turn it on fire
  • hazard faster heat up setter heats up in
  • 85 seconds perfect because I hate
  • waiting this video is not sponsored by
  • Conair in fact they probably want
  • nothing to do it it always feels warm on
  • ice excuse me will I take a nap
  • like being 18 years old and ironing my
  • hair clothes iron on towels in my
  • bedroom with the door closed with my
  • sister helping me listening to
  • Chumbawamba yeah one girl came to school
  • with the big burn mark on a report it
  • wasn't me
  • my hair feels kind of greasy and like
  • hard here was all those products I put
  • in after all this and I'm still gonna
  • have to take a shower
  • let's section the hair and quick what's
  • my head divided by 12
  • do the math student this even this took
  • a long time gotta go all the way to the
  • ends in the hair yes
  • [Music]
  • three minutes later I've reached my
  • scalp yeah you take these little
  • horseshoe things don't stab yourself any
  • press that in redo redo I don't even
  • know I did because I dyed it 12 years
  • ago bed so you used to do stuff I used
  • to dye my hair a lot actually I did all
  • sorts of crazy dye jobs to my hair I did
  • like dark purple eggplant streaks I did
  • bright red streaks those were fun
  • because that was cool back in the early
  • 2000s to have thick chunky streaks of
  • bleach blonde in your like otherwise
  • dark brown hair what do you think
  • 14-year old me was taken peroxide bleach
  • in my bathroom and lightening my hair
  • you know I went straight to the hard
  • early on in life everyone was
  • dyeing their hair but they were getting
  • it done it's the law and I was doing it
  • myself
  • [Music]
  • I died other people's hair - I even dyed
  • my dad's hair once because I was so
  • obsessed with it made his hair purple I
  • dyed my hair pretty frequently in high
  • school but once I got to university I
  • was like this I cannot keep up so I
  • kind of just let it go there but then
  • I'm pretty sure I went bleach blonde or
  • strawberry blonde I think in grad school
  • I don't think I had more fun as a blonde
  • in case you were wondering I even dyed
  • my eyebrows sometimes when I went blonde
  • and again I did that myself you know
  • about the little eyebrow Lightner kit
  • from the drugstore I don't need
  • professional help
  • I mean I think it's good to experiment
  • when you're young and pre kind of regret
  • doing a lot of the super bleach blonde
  • stuff because it just did not look good
  • because I don't know what toning is so
  • it was very like orange bleach blonde if
  • you know what I mean yeah my prom
  • pictures I just you know I don't look
  • good and my university graduation
  • pictures also don't look good I think
  • when we first started dating it was
  • still like darker now I remember the
  • last time I dyed my hair I was so sick
  • of like kind of weird mousy blonde ends
  • of my hair so I dyed my hair really
  • really dark brown to try to get rid of
  • all of it with the intention of just
  • never dyeing my hair again how do I have
  • so many left then you didn't help me
  • divide my head correctly so would you
  • ever let like some youtube hairstylist
  • do your hair for a video I know that's
  • like a commonly requested thing that
  • people ask especially because I have
  • virgin hair born-again virgin hair I
  • guess first time I met guy tank
  • he grabbed my hair nobody actually you
  • took my hair in his hands and just
  • started like playing with it and
  • braiding it and then he was commenting
  • on how I have virgin hair now he wanted
  • to have his way with me I had no idea
  • who he was
  • oh he just came up to answer everyone's
  • questions I've been there done that you
  • know I got all my crazy hair colors at
  • when I was younger now I just don't want
  • to do the maintenance and the upkeep of
  • it so it's much simpler to leave it all
  • natural I'm simply natural natural I
  • also don't need to dye my hair from use
  • I think the only person I would let dye
  • my hair is definitely jenna Marbles yet
  • that's the only person I would trust
  • well you said you you only started
  • dyeing your hair after acting because
  • they said you couldn't dye your hair yes
  • yes because my agent it was the coke
  • actually it was just okay I'm sorry
  • that's not true um my parents just
  • wanted me to focus on school but that
  • answer is just boring so three times
  • away from my head I said I'm a true
  • booty guru right now one of the very
  • last auditions I did was for Degrassi
  • the next generation like that TV show
  • and I got a recall from my memory there
  • was 10 people left or a dish auditioning
  • for the role and it was for the main
  • blonde girl I think Emma was the
  • character's name I wasn't blonde I guess
  • they were looking for different options
  • the director or producers of show had
  • started talking to my parents about what
  • it would mean to shoot the show and how
  • we would have to move to I think it was
  • Edmonton where they were shooting the
  • first season which is weird because the
  • rest of it was shot at Toronto but in
  • any case once those conversations
  • happened I think my parents got a little
  • freaked out because I was supposed to
  • start high school next year and they
  • were like oh wait a second is this gonna
  • take up all of our daughters time and
  • she won't be able to go to school an
  • adequate
  • so well I didn't quit my parents just
  • stopped driving me to auditions I didn't
  • really mind like I wasn't upset by their
  • decision maybe I didn't want to be an
  • actress I could I could have I could
  • have been best friend I could have an
  • album with Drake right now should I take
  • these out maybe first I should spray it
  • texturizing hairspray I think from like
  • seeing people and TV shows do this yeah
  • you're supposed to spray it while the
  • curlers are still on so it kind of sets
  • are you sure watch it all like explode I
  • [Music]
  • hate hairspray I just remembered the
  • smell of hairspray reminds me of dance
  • recitals when they sprayed so much and I
  • was like 10 years old and then you just
  • have like crusty crusty curls in your
  • hair yeah that was a weird time of
  • colorful leotards and Britney Spears
  • songs all right here we go ready no no
  • we're gonna stop drop and roll ready for
  • the beauty to be unleashed
  • [Music]
  • one thing I do to my hair you know just
  • for all you people who tell me I do
  • nothing is I occasionally braid my hair
  • okay you've seen evidence of that I know
  • how to brave yo girl went to overnight
  • camp this one worked out really well
  • yeah oh my god I feel so like expensive
  • this is nice
  • a subtle curl a settled in mess I'm
  • almost ready for prom just waiting for
  • my date no no no no roses teeth besides
  • if you brought me roses I would just
  • hang them upside down on my ceiling
  • until they die that's another point I
  • kind of miss it explaining my TEENhood
  • of dyeing my hair I was kind of eating
  • so what music did you listen to they
  • used I was expecting a little more pearl
  • from this con there you conned me let's
  • see if we can texturize it and do the
  • hair flip upside down give it some
  • volume you know I don't want to be no
  • limp Biskit does anyone even like know
  • that references anymore you ready B
  • let's go get him take a seat take a seat
  • Christine Oh Cindy Crawford who is she
  • I feel like I could go to the
  • supermarket and buy green onions and
  • shallots excuse me can you point me to
  • the olive tapenade
  • I feel so expensive now like I couldn't
  • buy my children's way into university
  • you want to give us a little sexy
  • narcissistic montage it's a mandatory
  • narcissistic mother's not sexy big
  • [Music]
  • dancing with that's the other problem
  • with doing your hair the second you have
  • fun and go dancing or something it all
  • falls out make the effort you put into
  • your hair kind of just gone my hair
  • looks good for like exactly three
  • seconds look what I did today look at it
  • I cut off a piece of myself are you like
  • that I think I'm gonna film a cleaning
  • commercial mop the floor I didn't cut it
  • enough look at this beautiful bone
  • see that looks nice maybe a maybe I
  • would cut this part just just a little
  • yeah that pride the little log so I
  • think for me this is a good job but I
  • fully understand that this is probably
  • not how you would expect your hair to
  • look after all this trouble we just went
  • through so you like how your hair looks
  • when you do this right I mean like not
  • really maybe I don't want to look nice
  • so for everyone who's frustrated by my
  • lack of hair styling I hope this major
  • day is priming down below what you think
  • is the best hairstyle for me straight
  • curly blonde redhead giant chunky
  • streaks let me know cuz clearly I'm just
  • not a good judge of what looks good on
  • me I think the next time I want to have
  • a cool hairstyle I'm just gonna put on a
  • wig alright everybody
  • thanks so much for watching and I'll see
  • y'all later
  • [Music]

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