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Video COMMANDO NINJA Trailer NEW (2018) 80's Action Comedy Movie HD
03:39   |   355K+ views   |   09/25/2018 at 22:48


  • [Music]
  • when a secret ninja organization Rises
  • on time as promised he is the only
  • soldier the only American who is capable
  • of digging them down
  • with fevers and commando
  • 50 percent ninja
  • and Honduras and America
  • Eric all easy is the mondo ninja
  • that could use in bed jump good news
  • first
  • they murdered your ex-wife no more
  • alimony and they took her kid they
  • loaded his ex-wife yeah pepperoni man I
  • didn't order any people X to the 9
  • millimeter they trapped his man hey guys
  • I got a good one you want to hear it
  • what do you say to a black man in a
  • uniform
  • [Music]
  • and they talk the only thing if you want
  • your kid back John and you better
  • cooperate right
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • no time no ninja can stop him
  • because only a command only jackin
  • killer adventure with commando ninja
  • call come on damages make a dog and
  • kamana ninjas ex-wife versus the evil
  • dr. Z each sold separately
  • [Music]
  • join the Kickstarter now on
  • don't worry I'll keep an
  • eye on him
  • [Music]

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COMMANDO NINJA Trailer NEW (2018) 80's Action Comedy Movie HD

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