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Video Outsource to India or Philippines? Ex Google Employee says, ‘India is the Quality Play’
20:50   |   02/22/2019 at 18:23


  • Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ashu Mishra and I am the Vice President of
  • I have come all the wayfrom India to Austin, Texas today to meet one of our esteemed clients
  • Mr. Blake Morgan. He is the president of Optimize Overseas,
  • LLC. You will find today’s case study very interesting
  • for 3 reasons. Firstly, you’re gonna learn what is cloud
  • staff, cloud company, and cloud office. Secondly, why with you’re
  • not outsourcing. Thirdly, how big corporations like Google
  • outsource and offshore and why you should too.
  • So let’s go inside and meet Blake.
  • Ashu: Hi Blake, first of all, a big thank you for agreeing to meet us in Austin, Texas,
  • and share your experience with our viewers over this video case study.
  • Blake: It’s a pleasure. Thanks so much for having me.
  • Ashu: Could you please introduce yourself and your company?
  • Blake: Sure. My name is Blake Morgan, the president of Optimize Overseas, LLC here in
  • Austin area, and we focus on helping make business process outsourcing accessible to
  • small and medium-sized businesses that may not necessarily know how to approach the concept
  • of outsourcing.
  • Ashu: Okay. And how many staff do you have through VirtualEmployee and what do they do?
  • Blake: Currently we have 5 staff members with VirtualEmployee. Pretty much all 5 are doing
  • sort of all kinds of lead generation for our clients. We have got 4 of them who are focused
  • on specifically the oil and gas industry and they are generating sort of leads for those
  • oil and gas companies to reach out to the people who they consider as clients. Separate
  • from them, we have a financial services company who is using another one of our resources
  • to generate leads for potential refinancing of debt transactions that are outstanding.
  • So this involve the team members looking at really large datasets, being able to manipulate
  • and understand the data, compare different data sources, and come up with the golden
  • nuggets that we are looking for, specific leads that we want and then even help sort
  • of initiate the process of reaching out to those leads and creating kind of a transaction
  • point to potentially close business with those people. The work has been absolutely fantastic
  • and we are really, really pleased with the whole team.
  • Ashu: What gave you the idea to offshore?
  • Blake:I started this company following about 3 years at Google where I worked previously.
  • While I was at Google, we had a team with Accenture, a team of overseas resources. Over
  • the course of my 3 years at Google, I basically transformed my job 2 or 3 times over because
  • we were able to sort of repeatedly take tasks standardized and then have the team overseas
  • helped us with them, and I sort of began to understand the strength of this concept of
  • outsourcing. They did a fantastic job. I sort of realized
  • that this is very approachable for large companies. The whole teams at Google and most large organizations,
  • they focus just on BPO, Business Process Outsourcing, but for small and medium-sized, in some cases,
  • businesses, it’s very difficult to approach this concept. They don’t know how you would
  • even begin to think about potentially offshoring any work. So we help to bridge that gap and
  • that’s how we got started with the company.
  • [05:23] Ashu: So basically Blake you’re helping the smaller companies do what the
  • big companies have been doing for quite a long time?
  • Blake: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do.
  • Ashu: Okay. And why did you decide to partner with VirtualEmployee?
  • Blake: Well, we chose VirtualEmployee after a lot of research of various vendors in India
  • who could provide these types of services. But ultimately we selected VirtualEmployee
  • for two main reasons Blake: The first reason is they are one of
  • the only organizations that allows you to work directly with the staff who are going
  • to be working on your project. In the typical sort of outsourcing model, there is a sort
  • of “project manager” type of a person who stands between you and the resources who
  • are actually completing the work. You sort of come up with what your project specifications
  • are, you tell this one project manager how it is to be done, and then if there’s any
  • misunderstanding about what exactly needs to happen, it gets multiplied by 10 when he
  • tells all the team who’s actually going to be working on the project. At VirtualEmployee,
  • you get to talk directly to the people who are actually working on your project.
  • Blake: VirtualEmployee is one of the only vendors that give you basically complete control
  • of the staff that you work with. They don’t attempt to project manage your projects.
  • So being able to work directly with the staff that are performing the work that you care
  • about is a big differentiator because you can train them and develop them over time
  • and help them be more accurate and do better work in general.
  • The second reason is that VirtualEmployee has a reputation of finding really, really
  • good and really qualified people. The other sort of big differentiator of VirtualEmployee
  • is that they allow you to pick the particular person who you ultimately end up working with.
  • With VirtualEmployee is that they spend a lot of time helping you to source people that
  • are really, really appropriate for the particular type of position that you are looking to fill.
  • I have looked through literally hundreds of resumes that VirtualEmployee has provided
  • me over the last couple of years and we have interviewed dozens of people, and they have
  • been extremely patient to that whole process because they are completely on board with
  • helping us to find the perfect candidate for the position that we want because ultimately
  • they know that in the long term that’s only going to help them by having someone stay
  • for very, very long time and be successful on the role. So they take a lot of the risks
  • with us of sourcing people. They don’t make you pay anything for sourcing. You don’t
  • pay until someone actually starts working. Those two big things really set VE apart and
  • kind of make it the quality approach I think to offshoring as opposed to sort of the cheaper
  • and more industrial approach, which oftentimes doesn’t have these good results.
  • Ashu: So Blake, how would you summarize the difference between the outsourcing business
  • model with business model?
  • Blake: Well, the difference in terms of the feel for the client is that it’s like having
  • a remote employee. It’s like having an employee who is at your company and working right there
  • alongside you, who you can train and develop and work with on a daily basis except they
  • are in India. That’s the only difference. A traditional outsourcing company, it would
  • have that project management element to it, which is the person who stands between you
  • and the team actually doing the work which at lot of times can create problems and confusion.
  • You can’t really develop the people who are really doing the work for you and train
  • them and VirtualEmployee allows you to do that. That’s the biggest difference.
  • It feels like you’ve got members of your team who are right there in thick with you
  • working on various projects and communicating with you because of technology these days
  • as if they are sitting right next to you but in fact they are halfway around the world.
  • They feel like a member of your team who just happens to sit in India.
  • Ashu: And what has been the biggest advantage you would say of using our services?
  • Blake: I think the single biggest advantage to VirtualEmployee services is that when you
  • work with VirtualEmployee, you feel like you are working with a cloud company, and cloud
  • company what I mean, when I say that is a company that handles all of the tertiary elements
  • of having an employee for you so that you can focus on the real reason why you’re
  • getting an employee, which is the core of the work that you actually want performed.
  • If you think about sort of the hassle of having an employee, what is the hassle about. Well,
  • it’s the HR, the payroll, thinking about taxes, and all kinds of legal implications
  • of having employees. All of this is handled for you so that you
  • can focus on the core of the work. That’s in the same way a company like Google has
  • cloud platforms to help you collaborate online and they handle the services and data centers
  • to enable that and you just get to focus on using the tools, while you just get to focus
  • on having the employee, virtual employee. That feel, that’s why we continue to use
  • VirtualEmployee, and that’s the biggest benefit.
  • Ashu: Okay. In the past I think you have outsourced to the Philippines as well. So how would you
  • compare offshoring to the Philippines with India?
  • Blake: I think the biggest differentiator between the Philippines and India is that
  • India is kind of a quality play and in particular VirtualEmployee is the quality play in terms
  • of offshoring. If you have a project that you know is really critical, really important,
  • you need someone of high caliber to work on it who is well qualified for the work and
  • is going to have to develop overtime to get better with the task, it’s a complicated
  • task as most projects are these days, VirtualEmployee is a no-brainer.
  • In the Philippines in the past we have taken some simpler work there and we have some fantastic
  • people that have worked with us consistently over time in the Philippines, but in general,
  • simpler tasks tend to go there because we don’t have – it’s much harder to obtain
  • high-caliber people in the Philippines than it is through VirtualEmployee in India. So
  • that’s why we keep coming back to VE. VirtualEmployee is really the quality play.
  • If you want to take your project somewhere that you know, it can be done correctly, it
  • can be accurately, consistently, high quality, every single time, you need something done,
  • particular task or project, this is the guaranteed way to have it done correctly. It’s not
  • the cheapest way, it’s not necessarily the fastest way, but it’s the easiest way to
  • find someone that you know will be able to perform at a high level consistently.
  • Ashu: Have you also worked with other companies in India?
  • Blake: We have actually worked with one other main vendor in India and that did not work
  • out very well. At some point, we had several folks, like say we have 5 now with VE and
  • I think at some point we are going to add 6 persons, and we thought - we saw it with
  • VE we should at least be able to say that we gave some other vendors a chance to kind
  • of see how it compares, And we need to not stay so isolated to this
  • one vendor and just make sure that VirtualEmployee really is the heaven that we think it is so
  • to speak.
  • We ended up giving another vendor a shot. They gave us a quote which was extremely exciting….when
  • we first saw it, it was much lower than the quote that – any quote we ever gotten from
  • VirtualEmployee. So we were excited by that, but what we figured out really quickly is
  • that you get what you pay for. Unfortunately with this other vendor we had to terminate
  • the contract after about a month and half or two months, because the person that they
  • put on our project was absolutely unqualified, didn’t speak English very well, and ultimately
  • we ended up leaving that vendor behind. It was a waste of time. It was a waste of
  • money. It was a big lesson learnt which is if you gonna do BPO, you need be really careful
  • about who your vendors are and focus on vendors that promise the qualitynot the costs, because
  • if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
  • I mean the work was abysmal and that’s because the effort upfront to source someone really,
  • really good, it just wasn’t there and VirtualEmployee does that.
  • We took the task to VirtualEmployee and was able to find someone really great to do it
  • there. So the experience with VE has been superior to anything else that we have tried.
  • Ashu: Blake, would you like to share any advice with our viewers so they avoid getting their
  • fingers burnt while looking for offshoring partners?
  • Blake:I think the biggest piece of advice I’d give someone new to the concept of offshoring
  • is that if it sounds too good to be true, chances are that it’s too good to be true.
  • There’s a lot of vendors out there who would give you whatever quote you want. You can
  • say you want to spend $100 a month on somebody and somebody will show up and say they can
  • do it for that. But you get what you pay for. By no means is VirtualEmployee the least expensive
  • option out there but that’s because they are in it for the long term with you. They
  • want you to have somebody who’s gonna be able to perform on the task that you need
  • performed and is gonna deliver quality results for a very, very long time and develop into
  • someone who is even more valuable to you over time. That alone is a big differentiator for
  • VE and that’s the reason that we stick with them.
  • As a general rule, India is kind of where we intend to go for the quality play and VirtualEmployee
  • in particular. If you need a project done right the first time, and you need to find
  • someone highly qualified to do it, VirtualEmployee is going to be able to provide that for you.
  • It’s by far much more approachable than outsourcing to the Philippines Having a virtual
  • employee at VE is a much easier experience, and the quality of the work output is almost
  • guaranteed. I mean it’s fantastic. It’s like the Rolls Royce of BPO.
  • Ashu: And how’s the experience and results of working not just with the virtual employee
  • but with as a whole has been?
  • Blake:It has been absolutely fantastic. VirtualEmployee has been extremely good to us in terms of
  • sourcing people. The main service is that VirtualEmployee as an organization provides
  • in my understanding or at least in my experience is sourcing the people, providing IT support
  • onsite and obviously the physical infrastructure, the building there to work in, as well as
  • the HR team to monitor the staff and make sure they are showing up to work and doing
  • what they should and such.
  • On the sourcing side – I will focus on that because the sourcing team has found extremely
  • qualified, really, really good people for us. They have taken really good care of us,
  • found fantastic folks. They are very patient if you have to go through many iterations
  • of interviews, multi-round interviews, and the billing doesn’t even start until you
  • select someone and they are working at VirtualEmployee. That’s the big important difference between
  • VirtualEmployee and other companies because it’s very rare that an outsourcing vendor
  • or a virtual employee vendor like VE would offer that kind of a service where they are
  • taking the risk with you of not finding someone.
  • You guys have provided ongoing support to us, direct the access to senior level people
  • at VirtualEmployee if we wanna try new types of tasks, new types of projects, and if we
  • wanna see if that’s viable, the kind of thing that someone that VirtualEmployee could
  • recruit, could work on. I just want to thank you for a great experience that we have had.
  • So much appreciate that.
  • Ashu: And how have the results been working with your staff?
  • Blake: The results have been absolutely fantastic. I am extremely pleased with the work that
  • they are doing. Our clients are extremely pleased with the work they are doing. They
  • are consistently developing their skills and growing. They are doing more and more and
  • more and more complicated projects because they are building on the understanding that
  • they have already developed overtime with us and one of the reasons we are able to do
  • that is that we are able to work directly with the person who is actually operating
  • the project, working on the project. So that made a big difference for us.
  • Ashu: How do you work with your staff in India?
  • Blake: Well, our whole organization is on Google Apps. So we have got the whole set
  • of collaboration tools that Google offers including Google Drive and all the Google
  • documents, functionalities that’s in there so that you can have shared spreadsheets,
  • shared documents, shared presentations,
  • And the big difference with these tools is that as our staff works within them, we can
  • actually monitor them working as they work. It’s in real time in the cloud, so we can
  • sort of follow up on what they are doing. I was looking at the exact same document,
  • there’s no version problems, and also Google has a chat mechanism that allows us to chat
  • with our staff and stay in communication all the time even on our mobile phones and their
  • mobile phones. We have shared calendars through Google calendars. So that suite of products
  • has been really key to helping us feel like we are working with someone who’s right
  • next to us or right down the hallway, but in fact is on the other side of the world.
  • Ashu: So would you recommend VirtualEmployee services?
  • Blake: I would absolutely recommend VirtualEmployee services to anybody. VirtualEmployee is the
  • quality play in business process outsourcing. If you have got something that you needed
  • done right, and you really need a qualified person to work on, VirtualEmployee is by far
  • the best experience that we have had in finding a person like that,
  • Like I said, we have tried some other vendors in the past and we have just not been nearly
  • as satisfied with the results. We’ve learnt our lessons.
  • I would absolutely recommend VirtualEmployee services to anybody who is looking to approach
  • offshoring for the first time or for the 100th time. VirtualEmployee can deliver really quality
  • people, quality results, and successful overall offshoring effort.
  • No question about it. I think they are the only sure bet that I know of for getting something
  • done right in India. Ashu: Okay. Is there anything else that you’d
  • like to add for our viewers today?
  • Blake:I have to recommend VirtualEmployee services. We have had an absolute fantastic
  • experience with them. They have been very, very reasonable with us overtime as we had
  • very strange requests and different types of things we wanted to try. I think it’s
  • a no-brainer. We love VirtualEmployee. Blake: You knowI would just like to add that
  • I have been very, very pleased with you in particular Ashu. I have had great experience
  • with you personally helping me out with a tremendous number of requests that I have
  • had for crazy different things over the last 2 years. VirtualEmployee has always been extremely
  • accommodating even for the most obtuse or unusual requests or unique type of persons
  • that you’re looking for to fill a position. I owe so many of those resolutions to you
  • personally Ashu, and I thank you so much for all your help.
  • Ashu: Thanks again for meeting us and taking time out for this. It was a pleasure.
  • Blake: Yeah. Absolute pleasure. Thank you.
  • Ashu: So ladies and gentlemen in conclusion today, there are 3 main points to take out
  • of this case study. Firstly, by running a cloud company and hiring cloud staff, you
  • get to focus on the bigger picture, which is working with your staff, not working for
  • them. This is possible because we manage everything on your behalf, your office and your employees.
  • Secondly, with, you are not outsourcing but rather hiring your own
  • in-house staff that works from your office in India.
  • And thirdly, when the biggest and most profitable organizations have offices in India, why shouldn’t
  • you? With now you can.
  • Thanks for watching this and best of luck for your future endeavours.

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Not able to decide whether to Outsource to India or Philippines?

In this case study, Blake Morgan a former Google Employee and the CEO of Optimize Overseas LLC, a company which helps local US companies outsource overseas, gives an amazing insight into the outsourcing industry.

In this case study, you will learn:

Tips for outsourcing when choosing the right outsourcing vendors, working with remote teams and how to outsource effectively.

How and why large multinational corporations like Google outsource overseas.

Why a former Google Employee believes when outsourcing ‘high calibre & critical work’ you should outsource to India over outsourcing to rather than the Philippines.

The difficulties in outsourcing overseas for small to medium sized enterprises.

Why is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of BPO, (Business Process Outsourcing)

The difference between the virtual employee outsourcing business model and the conventional outsourcing business model.

The other benefits of outsourcing to India and they go beyond mere cost-savings.

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