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Video The Best of Moo Snuckel 2018! - Funny Moments, Fails, and Rage!
01:31:28   |   views   |   12/31/2018


  • oh my baby fuck angries banana I've ever
  • heard of my wife I've got an angry
  • banana we on baby part making baby jokes
  • keep frightened you ready for this you
  • have this oh no little Sebastian come
  • back come back you ain't gonna make it
  • you ain't gonna make it you ain't gonna
  • make this come on but no way you're
  • gonna make this team extreme alright we
  • went too far we have to get off and go
  • back to the stranger behind us Oh boom
  • got it
  • nice nice it took the train to go two
  • miles per hour for a tumor or the right
  • all right you guys ready
  • let's glue the club to the club on top
  • oh oh you got a snow cracks in here hold
  • on
  • play that royalty-free music please only
  • play a royalty-free music all right yeah
  • all right party till the a.m. by the way
  • I'm the only least we get another free D
  • camp
  • snapped out of nowhere that's job
  • security right there hang on everybody
  • help deliver the music equipment to the
  • neck of the sign that's a sign it's a
  • sign of sign that you're a bad driver is
  • awesome I've never been on the party bus
  • before man hey can I can I can I help my
  • turntables I'm gonna I'm gonna be are
  • you so big you're so big no November I
  • touch the magic weren't you here
  • security if you found content you've
  • gone too far Brian we haven't reached
  • that now there we go god dureena
  • [Applause]
  • what's inside who's going first
  • what a nice little rug right there fuck
  • is this huh the time machine
  • the big red sign content it's like the
  • air sign nice don't you find it kind of
  • ironic that this whole time we've been
  • searching for content we've been making
  • it please don't look in your eyes here's
  • the stupid thing is I tried to get cover
  • behind Brian like that was gonna do
  • anything this it the big build-up to the
  • boss get all my Magnum loser I'm ready
  • to go oh shit
  • I'm gonna take this car wheels had to do
  • it before the game ended my only chance
  • why and and then the text way for the
  • font wait
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • face down on the ground you escaping
  • from my clothes yes if you do a sharper
  • angle you'll get so much speed oh my god
  • Oh
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • favorite Pixar movie Oh imagine the game
  • trailer five-star review amazing
  • graphics you got a lot of space
  • and here we go right now I have no idea
  • what's going on oh I'm crying oh no okay
  • I'm gonna squeezed it through that
  • little this hole can take a lot about
  • now
  • whoa yes yes yes right here that's the
  • wall we gotta go
  • [Music]
  • that was pandemonium just the brief
  • glimpse of happiness from Scottie yeah I
  • just want to lose this wait wait wait
  • don't no one fight No three two one
  • done yeah we can you know how to use
  • that thing yeah
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • that was probably the most incredible
  • [Laughter]
  • frog that was incredible
  • holy matrix fuck and now go fight them
  • and boy
  • oh shit all right that's your weapon
  • right there get it go get it go get it
  • like in the movie put your thumbs up
  • yeah go do it
  • I pull my thumbs up your asshole finger
  • puppet oh boy yeah do that bet the
  • banana theme song that's it
  • you don't know it you don't know that
  • you don't know the banana
  • [Music]
  • oh well here we go that is a human acorn
  • [Music]
  • dude I don't know how sorry boys no I'm
  • gonna struggle again that's what
  • everyone made fun of me last time you
  • have to you have to pedal your legs and
  • attach a Wii controller to each I wonder
  • if you shake it shake it shake it oh
  • it's not a shake is it
  • no wonder I won I won we should play
  • each fucking one twice I see you gotta
  • give a little bit of a be keep on see
  • come on okay that's the whole whole
  • bippity bouncy god oh my gosh what do I
  • got
  • so incredibly lucky I don't even know
  • what I did that's incredible you get it
  • you got in one shot you get a
  • hole-in-one
  • yeah yeah hold on one that's insane
  • oh fuck you are some sort of midget
  • [Laughter]
  • no no it's a midget right there's four
  • up so you're gonna hope they play the
  • outskirts like that and you're gonna
  • home hmm
  • they're gonna fly it now once they fight
  • that's when you that's your chance
  • you're not allowing anyone guest:a to be
  • one there's some you guys ever see
  • Saving Private Ryan when the Nazi sniper
  • is looking through his thing oh I think
  • I see someone bullet through the lens
  • triggers i famous all the way hurry up
  • get it you gotta go we gotta go gotta go
  • get it go Speed Racer no I could fly and
  • land into a bush oh shit do I go
  • underneath this fucking thing look at
  • that yep I look like this guy this guy
  • wants to go to space we got the rock
  • this guy guy this guy this guy's ready
  • to go to space yeah
  • let's take them
  • [Laughter]
  • I got another spaceman here in front of
  • me I want to go to space - you're right
  • take a right take a right here
  • take a right oh yeah you're right you're
  • right oh we did it okay I might have
  • killed that guy
  • yeah cuz you definitely didn't kill the
  • others yeah Oh what the hell
  • this one right yeah I don't think it's
  • possible to bouncing who's gonna cause
  • okay I hit the lamp that's gotta boom or
  • something
  • Oh what guys I made it I want it this
  • was like anti-cheat it's over
  • [Laughter]
  • everyone all the time you guys should
  • get this one watch you kidding that's a
  • bit too long oh I know who this is
  • [Laughter]
  • we meet again we go up going up these
  • tell me that's not a fucking zombie oh
  • yes swing over there
  • oh my god here we go
  • yeah mm-hmm oh yeah
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • never fucking goes away oh oh you like
  • this bra it's just convenient that he
  • makes the sounds that I make after
  • losing every match no I didn't I just
  • got lightheaded I'm coming for you I
  • swear to God I don't know what's going
  • on oh it's on like Donkey Kong
  • yeah it goes here what flavor ice cream
  • do you have is like you you know one of
  • those Ben and Jerry's fancy names like
  • pedo stache EO you may have his own ice
  • cream but look at what you have Bryan is
  • pretty cool yes there's a warning for
  • sharks they come out when they smell pee
  • oh I'm screwed hey Blair yes yes I don't
  • think you four be doing that
  • oh did I just what what
  • oh great well what what I did to brine
  • yeah to do go straight down you dick
  • hey your stomach first it's fine
  • everything's gonna be just fine
  • get away Brian I don't know boss always
  • finds a way
  • Brian oh shit Oh God here we go we're
  • off to the races this event
  • [Music]
  • oh no you fuck it's serious
  • we're okay jiggly we're okay this is
  • where I always get fucked how do you get
  • fucked at this part it always bounces me
  • the wrong direction but we met at that
  • yeah like that that's how I get fucked
  • [Music]
  • whoa I think right back down there here
  • we go oh yes if Fermi in that fucking
  • hole there we go well what is there any
  • girl hey there we go it's an elevator we
  • just have to wait awkwardly around each
  • other okay Brian you're gonna win
  • five
  • I care so much about winning thank you
  • alright I'm gonna do a little bit of
  • detective work here
  • I'm sorry brah hmm oh wow where is he
  • gone where has he gone
  • Hera's are you okay you ruined his yeah
  • you go find pan I don't wanna ruin his
  • own day I don't wanna be responsible for
  • ruining huh I just saw Brock go in the
  • hoop two points on you can you can make
  • a little feather going up
  • where'd he go watch it boy these coming
  • down which one is he now you know you
  • know is that can't remember how our
  • dress looked but whatever oh my god
  • I don't know what the fuck this thing is
  • okay oh no no no no no
  • [Music]
  • come on oh all right yes yes yes yes
  • [Laughter]
  • that's it pincer movement I get them
  • yeah oh come on
  • Oh baby hey how's it go in between your
  • wheels same Fast and Furious and diesel
  • showed me this one I missed the shortcut
  • no not not in the air
  • I met this shortcut there I don't even
  • know where the shortcut oh I didn't know
  • how to do it Brian okay I did who's in
  • first yes it's Anthony hind you should
  • be nice to him alright Brock okay I see
  • come on you got that protection I'm
  • coming for you he brought his comm Dahms
  • god I'm so close to bitches Oh No
  • oh my gosh oh my gosh it's over oh my
  • gosh oh you fucker you hit me right at
  • the finish line
  • [Applause]
  • I just looked at my rearview mirror
  • there's big dopey bastard by which way
  • should I go I don't know is right why do
  • you not shoot me yeah what Evan what's
  • in that portal
  • oh it's gold come here do it it's going
  • at that yeah well yeah just kidding
  • we're monsters do we know where the hole
  • is
  • [Music]
  • hey Evan hi where are you see look it
  • look across oh you started on that side
  • yeah
  • I swear shot your face oh my god I Got
  • News for You Nova was amazing Brock I
  • watch them take a draw even if you were
  • wait I'm trying to get him up top right
  • oh okay
  • what I trusted you Bryan
  • never trust me I'm a douche come on
  • Brock me idea
  • I fucking dare you windmill are making
  • their two tank killers five to shoot
  • them and the traps wisely to to them
  • track move Brock gets it on YouTube
  • there we go they don't have a shot on
  • this here let's just make it easy
  • [Music]
  • all those backpacks I know but there's
  • more going the shagging stairs route and
  • wait for them to come up the stairs no
  • go down to them show them your big dick
  • keep going
  • all right call it call it see see Brock
  • stick at the stairs check the stairs
  • you're a pussy
  • yeah yeah
  • what if you hook oh you can jump down
  • yeah you can base jump though I've never
  • done it I'm not sure you might risk it
  • but your wingsuit want math we deploy if
  • you jump up something super I well I've
  • heard I'll do it automatically deploys
  • yeah I that's why I've heard but don't
  • you die don't put that on me
  • I'm the messenger this looks like a good
  • place to died I mean don't dive
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • science the man fuck some lawns yeah
  • it's not even grass in this that's right
  • because we put all the grass
  • hey guys try riding that uh that fence a
  • quarter pipe won't do it do it let's do
  • it is oh darn oh yeah we expected it to
  • oh I gotta kill ya keep throwing seed
  • when you come down
  • [Music]
  • oh god mom ooga I mean throw sweet trick
  • whoa Wow use that momentum oh the trick
  • was almost not so sweet oh oh here he is
  • nobody snake Oh all right it's on let's
  • go all right boo all eyes on you dude
  • all eyes on you
  • oh my god the whole world is watching
  • we got 300 grand on the line here wait
  • thanks yeah that's a lot of anomaly
  • money yep no real money I'm getting that
  • money moto is strategically gaining
  • momentum yeah Oh God Oh God I started
  • rolling after that in fact those crazy
  • land works perfectly
  • oh you want a lot of money yeah so
  • oh that guy can't get enough oh my god
  • jiggly hips
  • am I right jiggly yeah I love me some
  • tips
  • can we chose each other you had the
  • better angle oh Anthony went absolutely
  • flying
  • here we go round two yes
  • all right here we go sweat best round
  • whoever has the driest balls with I'm
  • just gonna I'm just a winner gets a
  • sponsorship I began boys are you sweaty
  • fucking bitch cunt shit on your face
  • you're messy good I feel better my dad
  • feels less salty
  • [Laughter]
  • we are the world championship the
  • bookies favorite coming in this is
  • business fuck yes he's coming in
  • definitely strong badass gaming doesn't
  • know it at 42 in five years in GTA here
  • we go go for it
  • situation
  • he definitely has the composure to take
  • our two men at once take the angle you
  • just get in the circle Anthony you get
  • in the circle strongest member of this
  • team this mission is the weirdest that
  • was so beautiful oh you got destroyed
  • look at you
  • racing mistakes beautiful name
  • ten out of ten all fraud will happen
  • the grass about oh my god where did she
  • wait well she did what I hated and
  • Johnny do the shortcut okay get out here
  • over here's the turn I always fuck up
  • oh this turn right here is not an easy
  • one
  • yeah nice drift oh I just hit the hot
  • dogs there's no hot dogs I don't know
  • what I'm going I don't even care if I
  • get first place it's just got a beat you
  • looks like you're going to you know oh
  • sorry I just killed someone right price
  • you gotta pay come on man imagine if I
  • just didn't hit that van at that one
  • apart you know that was so unfortunate I
  • mean yeah I don't know man accidents
  • happen oh shit we're missing one dog
  • don't tell me it's in one of these
  • things or it has to be something with
  • the shark cards and then any what are
  • you trying I'm just gonna go through the
  • entire alphabet all right well you that
  • will think
  • [Music]
  • got it what I just trying shit out put
  • in the missing combo he did it oh fuck
  • my game oh there we go
  • you're peeing out of your mouth he don't
  • stop peeing wait for me
  • EP you totally will not it's just coming
  • why did you fucking free time what are
  • you doing
  • I forgot peeing he the pee crash the
  • game Reese Reese and this fucking nope
  • I'm gonna go I pee on this turtle over
  • here no suck this dinosaur was bowling
  • off three a dinosaur
  • alright I'm joining sorry Novus just
  • checking out dinosaur you kidding me
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • shake all the candy a king oh yeah it is
  • a little rat-a-tat-tat
  • you know get out of there come on oh my
  • gosh imagine watching frog looking at
  • his penis doing this violently I've been
  • trying gentle spine find the hole find
  • the hole and
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • he's got that piece-of-shit shotgun
  • nothing is garbage nice nice bus goes
  • Oh Scottie that was me
  • we're that guy just popped out of
  • nowhere good teammates here yep
  • I can hear him look at these brave men
  • Oh ones out back get up
  • huh two of them jeez the corner four
  • zeroes it is so dark you guys are so
  • good for the best breathe fucking 12
  • dead man in this fucking house well he
  • has a place all these bags yeah
  • alright you ready for the next round you
  • for crawler next time shit I feel like
  • I'm there police should I feel like I'm
  • there oh I think my heart can take this
  • anymore
  • I see these guys you know risky you're
  • gonna jump in you going yeah I got one
  • sure you have okay it's probably just
  • this team over here please have armor in
  • across can you cross you got two seconds
  • on zone
  • you didn't have armor think they're
  • right above me he's shooting me
  • I'm trying to rotate Y zero this is your
  • time
  • oh yeah he's still at that tree oh I
  • don't think I'm gonna be able to get up
  • this I got a book it go go go go go oh
  • oh you good I'm pinched boom got one oh
  • she left
  • oh you're low on health I know he's
  • mauling me I'm in the zone
  • I just got oh yes water yes you're gonna
  • kill him he's gonna kill me I'm not it's
  • all you oh shit
  • he's low on me he's off the side of the
  • cliff
  • oh it's 1v1 gays far off the side of
  • your career depends on this remember so
  • like can i push right here yeah yeah so
  • he's gonna hook right probably or go to
  • the water he can't come up through the
  • middle yeah he's right below there just
  • be really careful don't fall off oh
  • there is he was the left he's running
  • there he is
  • fuck him up fuck him up the Saudis
  • I'm freaking out right now go to the
  • beach and you get a free car give it to
  • me oh my gosh where'd you go hang on to
  • the gravity belt you can jump the whole
  • way down you won't die there's a
  • teleport oh I just jumped all the way
  • down I didn't die
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • right in the kitchen okay okay hold on
  • actually just grab the hostage run up
  • grab the hostage behind you oh you were
  • ready to this tosser out the window with
  • me what's better dead or being alive
  • with a broken ankle jump out of the I
  • grown South relationship with that guy
  • this crazy Russian man grabbed my arm
  • and that died five seconds later it was
  • pretty crazy
  • Yeah right Scott Scott we got lucky we
  • got a marquis we got a baby I'm gonna
  • aim it right at your balls
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • hey you wanna you want to try for a
  • funny clip sure
  • run to the air drop and if no one is
  • around then I want you to stand directly
  • under the circle and look down you
  • crouch and look down Hey
  • crouch that's right in the circle and
  • we'll go straight down when it lands
  • you're gonna be inside of it do not do
  • not take any steps you can look around
  • but don't take step okay
  • we're gonna hope someone wants to come
  • for this airdrop and then they're ready
  • they're gonna get a Christmas present of
  • moose knuckle I don't know which way I'm
  • looking but I'll tell you if anybody's
  • coming near oh here comes away come to
  • my I don't know which way to look
  • here it comes it comes here it's one
  • person great idea man great idea that's
  • a fantastic idea here move move move
  • drink that yeah oh my gosh I'm so happy
  • that work I am too you have no idea I
  • mean I was so spite surprised when he
  • opened it up like I didn't know where he
  • was
  • yeah I was gonna try to tell you where
  • he was but it was hard too yeah that was
  • so funny though oh you've lost your back
  • your back
  • oh okay here we go oh I love this one I
  • love this one people just hold onto it
  • until their beeps are really loud and
  • and hand it off like a big bastard yep
  • can't fucking wait yeah
  • you've played this one before I see yes
  • I have I hope I get it yeah bitch yeah
  • bitch I'm gonna tell you any second yeah
  • it's gonna wait till it beeps reload
  • look at the timer you gotta see the
  • timer on it
  • what's it say what's that
  • I think that's 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 7
  • pool egg offer you sound mad he has the
  • taste of Evans piece this game is great
  • oh my god Brock I'm sorry dude
  • once this is down to 10 seconds your ass
  • is grass all right
  • he just he's so irritating brilliant yes
  • fantastic come on let's go there's a
  • damsel in distress
  • come on there did you not see you didn't
  • see that lady that needs help I'll do it
  • myself oh my gosh oh maybe the wolves
  • will get him
  • yeah yeah okay now we're just gonna kill
  • these whoops man everything just is
  • happening at once yes yes Oh
  • oh my gosh what everything happened at
  • once get off hey you fat fuck wait why
  • my little backwards get off me silent
  • bitch
  • yeah I see that are you serious man
  • we've got yeah he's like fuck yeah yeah
  • he's got one of those going on but oh
  • wait what's fuck it's the wrong color
  • son of a bitch we'll put one of these
  • right here that's the wrong color oh
  • wait maybe this'll help
  • yeah I was like well you're gonna choose
  • the right color that looks great doesn't
  • it how did you get that just because I'm
  • like what could it be
  • I saw the block the mystery block
  • that's Tyler where's it in front of it
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • contaminate
  • [Music]
  • know where I killed him all right scum
  • yet it's in the water
  • nice I think buddy oh my gosh I'm crying
  • all right let's go hey Evan Evan yeah
  • check me out
  • all right you are wha wait explained in
  • the chat what you did to become that all
  • right I wanna make sure that that was
  • actually I mean the spot is kind of
  • obvious there's a massive hint there is
  • a massive massive hand massive you're
  • kidding
  • if that went wide I would have just left
  • the session it's pretty obvious he says
  • right use your eagle eye Ryan and you
  • will find him it was my ego
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • I'd say we did it Brian
  • I am so pretty you did it what's what
  • are these this portal that portal is it
  • buttholes buttholes what was that
  • whoa you do that oh we got Plinko oh I'm
  • gonna Bank this off the wall hold which
  • what are you supposed to do the last no
  • no no no Brian can you please tell us
  • what you do yeah I did the last one but
  • here's the fun thing guys even if you
  • get it in the last one it's a blink oh
  • and if you don't get it in the middle
  • sets you back to the beginning because
  • Satan made this map
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • all right you wanna there I believe I
  • don't see the bomb why isn't it why is
  • it lower gate Brian did you get in it's
  • not over why what's going on why it was
  • it's not letting me over though
  • thumbs out your door
  • hey Brock want to see a magic trick I
  • have arrived gentlemen come on you guys
  • I don't know how I got to where I was
  • either I like I got a gun perfectly Oh
  • jiggly lending a helping hand yeah
  • wait you ran out of time on door baby
  • are you are you kidding me I'm sorry
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • it's me it smooth victory lap really
  • think about know you maybe get 15 we
  • cannot let him win this that would just
  • be like a dog shit on the carpet than
  • his relatives in it got a ram his
  • Vespucci yes we gotta put it in his
  • Vespucci quickly oh yeah one would say
  • he's very very wet 2spooky he's blue
  • she's slippery with his Vespucci Oh
  • gigglesworth keep it up nice I'm not
  • serving this time nice oh hi it's been
  • fun but I gotta go I got an appointment
  • no get your ass back here you humble
  • humble looking fucking car
  • he's cuttin right I see that home I see
  • that also have eyes see ya
  • [Applause]
  • oh my god you set him up part of my plan
  • he's in the houses get him out I didn't
  • invite him oh no no no oh my god no
  • response he cut back around okay he's
  • sparring any good spot guys between a
  • fence and a light post guys please he'll
  • win the whole thing
  • I'm aware of how it works
  • oh I knocked him out behind I'm try box
  • box box table sup sup don't let go don't
  • stop stop stop don't move
  • yeah I didn't oh yes okay come back
  • towards you
  • [Music]
  • oh man you've got four left a car might
  • be a little Paris and let him do it
  • I see him let's do it I can't let him do
  • it rock them
  • oh no of course no get out of the way
  • I'm gonna get out of the way oh shit
  • come on guys
  • yes yes Porter um Porter I'm trying
  • where are you guys went first slippery
  • acai yeah guys come on jiggly and uh
  • hold on
  • oh my gosh I'm sorry I'm sorry
  • [Music]
  • oh my gosh it was right there did you
  • get it I need one more second
  • [Music]
  • bujji - I feel that one right in the
  • Vespucci this is purgatory the game this
  • is this is my personal hell this is this
  • is what happens when you go to hell an
  • eternal game of uno with Satan
  • everything and he has his hand is always
  • always miss that one
  • what the hell he says thump that's right
  • here's all Reds all Reds oh fuck okay
  • thanks for helping out home oh that no
  • then that's a bit Evan don't don't do I
  • want what if you could turn around and
  • be he didn't call you know and we could
  • I know I saw that we were gonna liberate
  • these dudes here I got this
  • [Applause]
  • nothing more completely killed him all
  • right cheese he will be freed and
  • momentarily he's out he's out he's fine
  • now he's free how do we get him back
  • Brock you killed him no you know he's
  • good he's good
  • and he looks like he's standing up for
  • me right now all right Brock let's get
  • the fuck out of here come on rest in
  • peace
  • see you later Brock wait wait see you
  • later
  • oh I don't need you Brock I need help
  • team they're spawning k-f is I've got a
  • radioactive as balls
  • Jesus let's see it
  • don't talk about it be about it right
  • I'm gonna go come and man yeah I'm
  • cooking ass cookies ass you think this
  • is my final fuckin I heard the Dragon
  • Ball Z music going in the hook in my
  • head and everything alright Brock hold
  • on to me tight I don't know how to do
  • this I don't know either
  • backflip first thing alright you don't
  • want to lean back that's fine well you
  • didn't say we got a backflip every time
  • we can okay
  • backflip run flow so this is hard to do
  • a flip my gosh she came back flip back
  • flip
  • alright now I'm gonna let you yeah I'll
  • just let you do it there we go yes
  • that's the clue all right yes checkpoint
  • another one no it's right another
  • checkpoint here we go slap it around
  • wait forward slip back flip double
  • double my easy easy easy there we go hey
  • oh okay here we go
  • we're together Brock we're in this
  • together now lean forward lean back just
  • kidding no no Oh run flip flip double
  • flip okay ease up
  • ah here we go okay all right jump the
  • lava
  • you have a nice tandem lovest scream we
  • did that was good there we go oh my gosh
  • this is so frustrating but slipping
  • backward planning on it always expect
  • the unexpected backflip like now no no
  • not that what that wasn't even possible
  • there yeah that's make that's what makes
  • it unexpected that was definitely all
  • did me to skip that high backflip this
  • time there we go oh I stick it there we
  • go there another flip another flip back
  • flip double triple triple quadruple
  • here we go hey right up it in the hot
  • air balloon I that went well I think it
  • really died 12 times there's the
  • legendary rocket launcher oh it's on god
  • it's on you got rockets for me I got
  • some Rockets I don't I don't I don't I
  • got 10 Rockets for you how about that
  • and that is 10 flying men on a fuckin de
  • Partie G with a mini launcher I see guys
  • on the field 30 just below that hill
  • they both have mini guns boom oh behind
  • us behind us South 175 it was so low oh
  • yeah yeah this guy there are people
  • inside a small house inside of big blue
  • oh I guess tonight tonight tonight he's
  • peeking he's peeking they're both
  • peeking this way is he oh my god rock on
  • there fuck now
  • get him Tyler get him
  • oh yeah he's one shot nice nice
  • appletinis trap here dog hey laughing -
  • I don't know - like 500 I 500 I have the
  • 1999 I have 60 so good hey Brock here's
  • to the last people are fucked
  • alright let's build up let's build up
  • everybody build up and then build a big
  • guys platform we want to rock it right
  • or do we want to oh I feel good just Ram
  • the inside Oh 16 are they behind a tree
  • they're buying that tree I'll find them
  • nope Oh yep down low do the book not
  • anymore I got him oh ok ready
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • oh fuck I got a mouth open that Fox Evan
  • I blew on the fire sell 100% I blame
  • that fucking guy on the screen why do
  • you have a picture of me no I'm fucking
  • weird ass whatever the Fox Fox with the
  • Fox and fucking blue jeans over there I
  • didn't see a fox and blue jeans
  • wait did you mean Crash Bandicoot yeah
  • fucks and blue jeans
  • fuck you see I was just like dudes last
  • name
  • I thought his first name was crashed
  • last name is Bandicoot that's an awesome
  • last name I've never heard like someone
  • say hey look it's a Bandicoot or like Oh
  • like I think they're indigenous wayna
  • Australia okay so I never hear of
  • somebody being like yeah I went camping
  • and saw a bunch of bandicoot's I've only
  • heard it in the context of that fucking
  • character with blue jeans well guys we
  • all have pretty thick hands here whoa
  • what happened you're gone
  • we got Al dusty in here are you serious
  • why did you get kicked I don't know we
  • just had a network here we're battling
  • sure that's AI but we're gonna call him
  • now
  • it looks like a lowercase L definitely
  • ow
  • what you got al Oh bitch that's going in
  • that was really close
  • once upon a time before I had victory oh
  • you mother trucker does not mess around
  • oh my gosh
  • yeah have 19 cards right now it had to
  • zoom out how al has green I mean do you
  • want me to win everyone out I want me to
  • win oh no oh no oh fuck what color does
  • al have oh this is all on you and hand
  • up this is so much pressure Panda and
  • look at his face right now I'm not
  • playing Allegan he's a phone I'm out
  • here nobody's everyone I'm unsubscribed
  • from now
  • items okay he's got the boombox
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • no no not like this not like this you
  • won by one point yes fingerling dong
  • ding ding ding ding ding dong ding ding
  • ding ding ding dong ding ding ding dong
  • ding dong ding ding from ping the
  • rolling ding ding dong ding ding ding
  • dong dong ding ding ding ding dong dong
  • ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
  • ding dong the Lincoln ding ding ding I'm
  • running out of breath

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