Video HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES 10x FASTER (and WAY more useable)

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HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES 10x FASTER (and WAY more useable)
HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES 10x FASTER (and WAY more useable) thumb HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES 10x FASTER (and WAY more useable) thumb HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES 10x FASTER (and WAY more useable) thumb


  • based dudes and dudettes today we're
  • gonna be talking all about scales and
  • how we can learn them 10 times faster
  • before we even get into this video let
  • me just put it out there Rob but this is
  • the hottest room in the world right now
  • I actually might melt during this video
  • so the reason I wanted to put this video
  • together for you guys is because I've
  • just been geeking out on Billy Sheehan
  • over there on YouTube man that guy is an
  • alien his technique is just so crazy and
  • his fluidity across the neck is just
  • second to none
  • [Music]
  • so I thought be fun to put some really
  • cool exercise to get a few guys to help
  • you learn your scales not only 10 times
  • faster maybe 20 times faster but in a
  • much deeper and useful way but before we
  • get onto this lesson guys I just want to
  • say before there's any Billy Sheehan
  • hate going on in those comments Billy
  • Sheehan is one of the most original bass
  • players of our lifetime he's a legend in
  • his own lifetime what he does on bass I
  • have never seen any other man do so if
  • anybody is about to bash him because
  • they think he's a first-rate guitar
  • player or they might not like the way
  • that he dials in he's tone if you're one
  • of them guys that are gonna comment down
  • there please do but make sure that you
  • leave a link to one of your videos as
  • well so we can check that out and
  • likewise if you think the Billy Sheehan
  • rocks as I do leave a comment and let me
  • know how much because I think Billy she
  • needs some love a great place to start
  • with the scales is understanding that a
  • scale is just a collection of notes or
  • intervals nothing more okay it's just
  • like the alphabet is a collection of
  • letters can you learn a scale and make
  • no music at all yes can you learn the
  • alphabet and not be able to speak a
  • language absolutely same deal here right
  • in fact the alphabet is a great example
  • of this because if I say ABCD efg hijk
  • etc etc I can do that
  • but guys what's the fifteenth letter of
  • the alphabet you can't do it without
  • going through the motions right you
  • can't just instantly pick it out this is
  • what we need to be able to do with our
  • scales and there are very certain and
  • specific exercises we can use to get is
  • there now with that in mind in this
  • video I'm going to show you five cool
  • tricks to help you learn your scales way
  • faster and in a much deeper way so
  • number five is understanding that the
  • scale notes exist over the entire
  • fingerboard and use in three different
  • positions fingering positions to help us
  • learn the scales over the entire neck if
  • we take a C major scale for instance
  • that's just one finger in position and
  • you probably already know that finger in
  • position right starts on the second
  • finger two four one two four one three
  • four well you can also play the exact
  • same scale from finger what c d e f g
  • may be seen same notes different
  • fingering and then there's a third
  • finger in as well which starts on the
  • pinky c d e f g a b c so there we have
  • three fingerings now once you've got
  • those three fingerings down what you
  • need to do now is practice them in
  • parallel with each other moving
  • throughout the scales so you might start
  • on the fourth finger position okay and
  • then you might move up into the second
  • finger position and then you might move
  • into the first finger position
  • [Music]
  • now as I went down there you would also
  • see that we've got the first finger
  • position of the C major scale here we've
  • got the second finger position here
  • we've got the fourth here second first
  • four second as you can see that I'm
  • getting loads and loads of mileage from
  • just three shapes what you've seen me do
  • here with the C major scale you can do
  • with every single scale okay so great
  • get a scale learn the three fingerings
  • and then use that to learn the entire
  • neck number four is learning your scales
  • from the lowest note possible to the
  • highest note possible within that scale
  • so I'm going to use the C major scale as
  • an example here and if you look at the
  • note c d e f g a b c they're the notes
  • of the c major scale the lowest note
  • available in that scale on the bass is
  • an e right so we need to be able to play
  • a c major scale from the lowest note
  • possible on the bass to the highest note
  • possible on the bass and it sounds like
  • this
  • [Music]
  • now you need to do that with all the
  • other scales and number three is a cool
  • one you should be able to play all your
  • scales using just one string so to keep
  • the continuity here let's take the C
  • major scale and let's play the C major
  • scale up and down the a string starting
  • from the lowest note available so again
  • c d e f g a b c the lowest note
  • available on the on the a string which
  • is in the c major scale obviously the a
  • okay let's take the a and then go up the
  • c major scale just on the a string now
  • on the E string on the D string number
  • two is to use digital patterns and
  • intervals so if we take the C major
  • scale we can play this grouping of notes
  • because remember it's nothing but a
  • grouping of notes okay we can play this
  • scale in thirds
  • [Music]
  • we can play it in fourths we could play
  • in fifths we could even played sixth and
  • seventh and on top of all of those
  • interval exercises we can also use
  • digital patterns such as this and then
  • finally number one probably the most
  • important point that I want to make
  • today is that you have to use your
  • scales in context there's no point in
  • going up and down these scales if you
  • can't hear any underlying harmony to it
  • okay so make sure you get a track on and
  • then you can hear
  • [Music]
  • you can hear what each of these notes
  • sounds like underneath some underlying
  • harmony that's absolutely key because it
  • trains our ear to recognize a sound a
  • result with a certain pattern otherwise
  • it's just a redundant pattern that has
  • no meaning this e here doesn't have any
  • meaning as a note unless it has
  • something underlying underneath it so we
  • could put an A underneath it
  • and it's gonna have a context we could
  • put an F underneath it
  • you can have a context we could put a G
  • underneath it
  • it's got a different context we could
  • put a d-flat underneath it see
  • it is really important to give these
  • scales and these intervals and
  • everything that we're talking about
  • today some context otherwise it's just a
  • random buncha notes now if you've got
  • something from this lesson than you
  • really enjoyed it what I want you to do
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In this lesson I'm going to show you how to learn your scales 10x faster...

In fact, I'm going to show you 5 specific tricks to help you start visualising your scales over the entire neck - in an easy and systematic way.

Now, don't get me wrong... I know you might be thinking "scales... boring!"... but bear with me...

When it comes to understanding harmony in a much deeper way they're a HUGE piece of the puzzle, and if you ignore that, you're doing your bass playing and musicianship a crazy disservice.

Plus... if you learn them and start using them in the correct way (which I'm going to show you how to in this new lesson!)...

They can be transformative!

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)


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