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Video Minecraft: SIMPSONS HOUSE HUNGER GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game
18:25   |   today at 15:05


  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • what's up dudes it's pan welcome back to
  • the lucky block hunger game so dudes in
  • front of us we are on The Simpsons map
  • Jan is actually in front of their house
  • and the giant dog limped the school like
  • everything from the show is recreated in
  • the map it is going to be completely
  • epic today yes oh and also I don't think
  • this is supposed to be here no no we're
  • crafting David Lee I think I put this
  • year to put the lock on your blocks cuz
  • you lost last time all right we're
  • removing this it's not here but guys if
  • you're nerd the channel be sure to smash
  • that subscribe but you will not see
  • anything like this anywhere else and if
  • you love fun you're gonna enjoy this but
  • if you don't love fun shoo
  • oh my gosh you have I actually prepared
  • myself in the show today
  • so guys it's gonna be a lot of fun
  • basically this outworks we would be
  • running to the middle over here and I
  • you know what I gave you a crashing
  • table but I didn't even give myself a
  • pickaxe all right so I've got myself a
  • pickaxe we're gonna be running to the
  • middle to started in after one minute we
  • are allowed to attack each other after
  • seven minutes oh I couldn't reach your
  • mouth with that I'm sorry I'm so sorry
  • guys I hope you will still consider
  • sticking around I'm gonna get her on the
  • next part don't worry there's a couple
  • things we're not allowed to do and that
  • is use a chance to settle for apples
  • unlucky potion I got it mouth closed
  • she's trying to bite me but I have no
  • feeling help so it is gonna be epic if
  • you die from lucky block that is cool
  • that adds to the fun I get to start with
  • five plus twenty four lucky build that's
  • right she loses again it goes up to
  • fifty if I lose then it will change the
  • round so whoever loses gets an advantage
  • the next time to make it super
  • interesting
  • and I think we were ready to go I've got
  • my watch in front of me are you ready
  • ready oh yeah alright by the way guys
  • I'm gonna win right now three
  • oh by the way or swarm monkey boss Jen
  • one of the most evil ones I think I'm
  • gonna just be split for like one second
  • so I picked this block because cuz what
  • color is the Simpsons yellow okay so I'm
  • getting some decently horrible stuff why
  • am i doing so bad oh my gosh you're
  • lying you don't know what I'm doing
  • really good didn't you know I have
  • nothing here you've got something cool
  • you know what I got something really
  • cool too
  • oh that's a lie I'm gonna come and kill
  • you right now come I think I'm in the
  • Town Hall it's been 51 seconds if you're
  • following me am i crying right now
  • alright it would be a big mistake I am
  • peacock set is it like a weapon what
  • what I killed you with an attitude
  • adjuster oh my god you know the thing is
  • I was trying to trick you to make you
  • come closer I put my weapon into the
  • hand last second for this bigger than
  • mine how much damage is that weapon 86
  • oh my god mine is not really like Selby
  • with this Jenna that and I had this I
  • thought I was tricking her so it is 1 0
  • Jen's got the advantage but this is how
  • I would play gun you played till someone
  • wins three times Ruby back right I know
  • you guys are thinking Jen was so lucky
  • to get those super lucky blocks that's
  • how she got that weapon but didn't
  • matter anyways cuz I killed you I know I
  • can't believe that you got that I just
  • think you do that a few more times I
  • thought I was trolling you died I got
  • the watch reset are you ready for this 3
  • 2 1 go
  • all right it's on Oh what's happening
  • potatoes okay I really want to go into
  • the Simpsons house because we're on this
  • map but I love the Simpsons hey guys if
  • you love the Simpsons leave a comment
  • down below let me know I'm curious how
  • many people watch The Simpsons I've
  • watched it since I was a little kid okay
  • how are you doing I'm doing like really
  • bad I haven't gotten one thing you're
  • lying last time I tried to lie to you it
  • didn't work you still beat me I'm trying
  • to see how you realize we can get things
  • like Big Bertha from these lucky blocks
  • I'm looking around I kind of told Jen
  • where I was which probably isn't good
  • it's a little nervous about this has
  • been 50 seconds just so you know we
  • holding Big Bertha or the rug Guardian
  • no I think he's holding the Royal
  • Guardian silard I said Big Bertha or the
  • Royal Varney it's been one minute I got
  • part of the weapon I want to kill him so
  • he gives it to me this might take a
  • while them I'm fighting him with a
  • pickaxe
  • oh you're fighting with a pickaxe is it
  • a good pick axe the titanium iron all
  • right you're gonna die over and over to
  • him dead I got some titanium blocks but
  • guys I can't use those because you need
  • to combine them with uranium to actually
  • get anything good really important
  • what's going on where are you all right
  • let you be because I don't want to be
  • cheap I'm not like you who's just gonna
  • i completely destroy someone with much
  • better yeah feels like cheating to me
  • if you do something horrible Semyon ray
  • up there ma'am oh my god I'm hiding hide
  • oh my god I can't believe you got the
  • Lightning blah did you do it
  • wait maybe I can kill King Bob okay I
  • just killed my oh yeah remember you
  • couldn't no kill yourself with that
  • weapon oh I believe I've no time for
  • that well I have to go I know she's
  • chasing me I can hear it close it off to
  • get the kill it is time one to one you
  • use the whole staff
  • Gracie you can't use it anymore at all I
  • throw it off I DC it okay so Jen got one
  • of the coolest weapons the Thunder step
  • but she spam is so hard and didn't kill
  • me that she ran out I actually got the
  • nightmare sword 30 1.25 attack I know I
  • have so much cool stuff but it's tied up
  • now and we're going on to the next round
  • you know I was looking for a crafting
  • table the whole time and I forgot that
  • you left this one right there okay
  • there's your oh yeah I didn't save them
  • you're out of the world so don't touch
  • that one it's don't touch no it's not
  • don't touch that what happened about
  • your characters looking in the air three
  • two one go I don't know if the middle is
  • good with these blocks
  • WTF thing okay okay everything's cool
  • Oh beautiful thing oh man okay I need to
  • get something cool there's like nothing
  • around I mean it's it the worst house in
  • the world
  • okay I'm proud to serve the washer
  • starts now you're so cool you need all
  • three of the parts there's three giant
  • pieces there's no chance that you're
  • gonna get all three of them if you do
  • that would be so ridiculous okay that's
  • not helped you that much you won't
  • believe what I just got I don't think
  • there's anything I could do with it
  • I got the Queen sport egg Oh if I spun
  • that near you oh man okay so right now
  • guys we are 35 seconds into the match I
  • think it's around because I see leave so
  • I got kooky oh the cool kids on the
  • block kids on the block I'm hiding
  • because I just I feel nauseous right now
  • I don't have anything we're 50 seconds
  • oh you did oh I got part of it bro so
  • which part you have I have the gourd
  • which part do you have I have the guard
  • oh okay help us to buy come on okay I
  • might need these I'm not crafting what
  • are you doing you actually almost killed
  • me I was down to three and a half hearts
  • I was too nervous I would have rather
  • had you just run away too risky you risk
  • it for the biscuit I ate your biscuit
  • all right dudes we are back and I think
  • I just realized that Jen will attack me
  • no matter what she has in her hand I
  • know even if it's like a piece of dirt
  • I'll just come right
  • and through motion at least have
  • confidence and then all of a sudden you
  • you die but really guys if I win this
  • route it is over because we're playing
  • to three
  • it's two to one right now are you ready
  • 3 2 1 go
  • I'm not going towards the middle I don't
  • trust it oh my gosh I'm getting so many
  • good things I don't believe you at all
  • I just heard lightning you must be bad
  • luck huh you think it's me that's
  • causing this yeah oh no the bees oh it's
  • like the worst thing hello umm and I got
  • a nasty source of having some bad luck
  • oh okay so I need to get something so
  • they already see jet all geared up it
  • was from the middle I'm telling you
  • you're the bad luck it's really amazing
  • I hear the swag bees oh my god I need to
  • run okay I need to get into a house
  • right now it's the only thing I could do
  • I got the mole annoyed check I'm having
  • the worst luck ever right now it's
  • horrible
  • it has been almost a minute at this
  • point okay
  • kill me bees he's got yet it's dead mmm
  • I picked up some pants oh do you have
  • like special boots on oh that is epic so
  • I'm glad that you have that is that the
  • Queen yeah alright as long as you don't
  • hit her she won't become aggressive so
  • she can just fly out peacefully and
  • enjoy I have two parts of the Big Bertha
  • oh so you need one more part alright so
  • I've got a weapon
  • come at me bro I'm ready for you I'm not
  • gonna tell you tell me that's a B that's
  • not Jed I'm like hiding in a building
  • right now afraid to go out oh man I'm
  • dead again no you died where are you
  • oh wait were you behind me shooting up
  • in there no wonder I didn't see you when
  • I was looking around ok so right now I
  • don't really have a lot so I'm just
  • doing this to get out here I'm trying to
  • get armor and stuff cuz I was trolling
  • you the entire time I was waiting for
  • you to be behind me thinking you had me
  • in your grasp
  • I had the ultimate shovel 73 attack - I
  • have no help because of the beer oh the
  • bezel I said I just want them in that
  • was a plan all along well guys what
  • we're gonna do I think I won for the day
  • but we're gonna play one more right
  • we're gonna make you say we're to give
  • Jen a chance to still win Jen okay you
  • can still win if you beat me in the next
  • round I make this really cool if you
  • could beat me before the minute and
  • thirty round the time on the clocks you
  • have 30 seconds from a minute to a
  • minute and thirty two kill me if you do
  • that you win the whole thing for the day
  • our news we are back in Jen before we
  • saw who is your favorite character in
  • the entire Simpsons did you really did
  • you really just do you even Simpsons bro
  • that was the worst answer I've ever
  • heard you said anything you know that
  • this is gonna end and one of those
  • animations again who's your favorite
  • person The Simpsons Simpson I think you
  • met Homer but I'm gonna go over is my
  • favorite I also like Bart and Maggie
  • Simpson I miss embarrass alright so if
  • you get beats me before a minute and
  • thirty then that means that she is the
  • winner for the day are you ready for
  • this yeah oh my gosh wait okay turn
  • around
  • do you see below the cloud there's like
  • a bird but it kind of looks like a
  • mustache with lucky blocks for
  • oh my god I'm heading there great two
  • one go
  • alright I'm gonna get those lucky Breyer
  • I told you it's not me it's you
  • alright so I want to go to a different
  • area this time so I wanna explore more
  • than map and I believe it is possible to
  • reach that area wait I'm supposed to be
  • following you oh no I already mess so
  • yeah you have until a minute and 30 to
  • find me okay I think I know the way get
  • up there oh there's a mantis oh that's
  • gonna kill you I hate those oh my god
  • they're on top of each other okay I'm a
  • little bit nervous wait I think this
  • might be the way to get to it you're
  • never gonna find me if I go into this
  • area by the way but I'm 42 seconds in no
  • where are you remember I'm going near
  • the mustache oh okay
  • alright put on some armor
  • [Laughter]
  • it's been a minute 14 I'll come down
  • we'll make this interesting okay all
  • right it's been minute and 20 seconds at
  • this point this max is everywhere I'm
  • hiding in the building you've got six
  • seconds to kill me oh I'm over here you
  • ran past the building um oh you ran
  • faster going again you already ran out
  • of time because you kept running okay
  • I'll better give you one more chance to
  • keep me right now yeah it was a minute
  • 55 seconds after you already died oh man
  • guys it was an intense match on The
  • Simpsons map I actually got up to the
  • mustache I really wanted to get there by
  • the end of it
  • as I can't believe you got up there that
  • was awesome oh and dudes I wanted to let
  • you know I found some really amazing
  • Hunger Games maps I found I don't want
  • to give it away but I'm gonna give it
  • away anyways I'm gonna do it do it okay
  • cuz you're probably gonna subscribe and
  • you hear this dr. Seuss map that someone
  • made it looks he's seeing like the
  • creators of this map for the same ones
  • that made the Smurfs impact when they
  • meet so many Hunger Games maps that are
  • epic and dudes I hope you enjoyed the
  • video if you did subscribe to our
  • YouTube channel that would be amazing I
  • am gonna die from mantis also guys leave
  • a comment down below I love your support
  • and I love you with comments that I'll
  • be giving you down there why did you
  • just I'll be replying to a bunch of
  • people down below like I normally do and
  • we both are dead but yeah guys hope you
  • have an amazing day and Happy Holidays
  • to all of you guys happy new years and
  • we'll see you dudes
  • next time
  • [Music]
  • you

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The Lucky Block Hunger Games begin, but who will win!?
Jen's Channel
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OreSpawn Lucky Block Mod:

Map: /watch?v=k76eVdZcB-g

- 1 Minute before you can attack
- Death from blocks does not count
- No Enchanted Golden Apples or Lucky Potions
- 7 Minutes = Death Match
- Next Match Loser Starts With Lucky Blocks

In this Simpsons Hunger Games Modded Mini-Game:
Today we are playing the Hunger Games on this Simpsons Map! We will be battling it out with Lucky Blocks again.

Intro by:
Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
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