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Video Jeff’s Irish infant! Is BABY SEAMUS Not Safe For The Nursery? | RELATIVE DISASTER | JEFF DUNHAM
02:41   |   2M+ views   |   today at 04:41


  • [Applause]
  • hi Shane is little baby Seamus so cute
  • touch me like that again and I'll bite
  • you
  • I'm sorry thought you were a baby I am
  • something quite a bit older than that
  • that's what a few points a day or do to
  • you
  • thanks you mean beer that's right
  • what happened to drink it from a bottle
  • hoho now you're talking whiskey as well
  • no a baby bottle I don't care what it is
  • if this night did true for dinner how do
  • you get from the tin can
  • by the way who taught you to curse
  • peanut
  • maybe you should not curse I know that
  • guys in a reminds me I got a joke for
  • you
  • all right do you know why chicken
  • breasts don't have nipples why because
  • if you frozen they talk a hole in the
  • package Walter told me that one oh he
  • did
  • you do know that we have twin boys at
  • home who are gonna be your new brothers
  • Oh sounds lovely I hate to drink alone
  • they don't drink alcohol
  • baby sticks you know you're sure they're
  • twins
  • of course maybe you're just seeing
  • double that happens to me a lot the
  • other day I thought I'd hit the mother
  • lode
  • how's that for nipples and you say your
  • boys are twins they are you told your
  • life to make it a double what are their
  • names Jack Oh as in Jack Daniels sure
  • and James like Jameson whiskey I love
  • this family
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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Click here to watch: "LOST TAPE! I’ll Bet You’ve NEVER Seen This Character Before!"
/watch?v=zGcRCt-LqC0 --~--
During our visit to Ireland to shoot my NETFLIX special, “Relative Disaster,” Audrey (my wife) and I adopted an Irish infant.  Let’s just say that Baby Seamus was a little more than Walter, Peanut, Achmed, or Bubba J bargained for...

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