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Video 10 Relationship Goals From 2018 Reviewed By Couples | The 10s (React)
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  • - Oh my gosh. - That dude is smooth as heck.
  • - Whoa, that's so extra, but I love it.
  • ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
  • - (FBE) Today, we got a special couples episode.
  • Who are you here with? - So, this is Anthony.
  • This is my boyfriend. - Hello.
  • - This is my husband, partner for seven years, Taylor.
  • - This is my boyfriend Corey. - Howdy.
  • I met her on Instagram. I did the DM slide.
  • That's exactly what happened.
  • - I'm here with my lovely girlfriend Diana.
  • - We got together when we were 19,
  • so it's been a while.
  • - We've been together about a year and a half, right?
  • - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, a year and a half,
  • but it feels like longer. - It does.
  • It's meant to be.
  • - (FBE) So, since you're here with your other half,
  • we're gonna show you other couples from around
  • the internet who may or may not be viewed as relationship goals.
  • - (both laugh) - I love it.
  • We even have the same laugh. - It's so crazy as you're with
  • somebody for so long, you just start to talk like them
  • and act like them and you have the same jokes
  • all the time.
  • - (FBE) After each one, we'll ask you if you think
  • they're relationship goals or not.
  • - Oh, okay. - Okay, sounds fun.
  • - That's cool.
  • - (FBE) Here's your first one. - "My boyfriend has taken
  • a picture of me on every single date we've been on
  • in the last year. I didn't know why
  • but for our anniversary, he gave me this book."
  • - He's taken a picture of her and he made a book out of her.
  • That is creative.
  • - This guy's just trying to make us all look bad.
  • You can't live up to this.
  • - "Street taco. Waking up with a torn up stomach
  • was all worth it." - "PS, I don't know where
  • that blue fit is now, but it is super hot."
  • - "Graze. On this date, you got up
  • and got me three things of ranch and that's when
  • I knew we were real between us.
  • Dab of ranch." Relatable.
  • - It is.
  • - "Commoner & Co. The biscuits and gravy
  • were the second best looking snack that morning."
  • - Oh, [bleep] (imitating airhorn)
  • - (FBE) Relationship goals? Yes or no?
  • - Yeah. - Yeah.
  • - This was relationship goals. - Definitely relationship goals.
  • This was great.
  • - I say yes. - Not.
  • - Oh, [bleep]. Conflict.
  • - Not for me. - No.
  • I mean it's cute to look at once.
  • - For the sentimental reasons. - Yeah, I would say yeah.
  • - Heck yeah, relationship goals. - I'm gonna say no,
  • 'cause it's unrealistic. - What?
  • - (FBE) Here's the next one. - "Got my boyfriend
  • a promise ring and I caught him doing this."
  • - Yo, he's stuck flexing on Instagram.
  • - That is so cute. Look at him.
  • I do that. Literally, Clem got me
  • these two rings. I literally take pictures
  • of them all the time.
  • - I'm not wearing mine today. - It's a modest ring
  • of white gold that has our names engraved in them.
  • - (FBE) He was so excited he kept posting about it.
  • - "Part 2. So, my girl got me a ring.
  • I been looking at this [bleep] all damn day."
  • - He's back there like...
  • - I love how the girl got him a ring.
  • - Yeah. - 'Cause it's like, yeah.
  • We are equal partners here and the girl doesn't always
  • have to get treated. The guy should get treated too.
  • - I love that. More of that.
  • - (FBE) Relationship goals? Yes, no?
  • - (both) Yes.
  • - (both) Goals.
  • - No. - Super cute, but no.
  • - Goals, just because it's so cute. - Goals, goals.
  • - Yeah, this man killed it.
  • - I wouldn't think it's relationship goals personally.
  • - Yeah, I'm not one for doing that on social media.
  • - As long as you two know what you've got,
  • that's all that really matters.
  • - (FBE) Here's another one. - No.
  • - Absolutely not. - Tattoos, no.
  • You do not.
  • - It's two pinkies. Oh, get it?
  • Pinkie promise. - Oh.
  • - Life is insane. You never know
  • what's gonna happen and if you ever do
  • break up, you're gonna look at it like,
  • "Ah, I'm an idiot. Why did I do that?"
  • - (FBE) It's common now to see people get tattoos
  • instead of traditional rings. Is this something you guys
  • would do as a couple? - I couldn't do that.
  • I love you and all, but I wouldn't--
  • I can't do a name tattoo.
  • - I'd be super down. - Yeah, I think if we were married
  • and you get that, then that's fine,
  • 'cause if you take off your ring or whatever,
  • but to get it as a promise? - No.
  • - Not goals. - No.
  • - Absolutely not.
  • - Not goals.
  • - It's not a goal. - At least not that.
  • - Definite no. - Definitely no.
  • - It's a good idea for other people,
  • just not for us.
  • - (FBE) What do you think about this couple's exchange?
  • - Are they letting them know-- I think they're letting them
  • know they're pooping. - Oh.
  • I let him know if I've have diarrhea or whatever
  • all the time. I'm like, "I just have
  • the worst diarrhea." - (FBE) Honesty is beautiful.
  • - This is literally how we text. - Pretty much, yeah.
  • - Except it's not emojis, it's memes.
  • - (FBE) This couple apparently has digestive problems
  • and formed a habit of texting each other poop emojis
  • whenever they successfully completed their bathroom trips.
  • - That's cute.
  • - It's a level of intimacy, right? 'Cause at the beginning
  • of relationships, you're real nervous about this sort
  • of situation.
  • - I feel like I've been dating him a lot longer than we have
  • because we're just very comfortable.
  • - Very comfortable. - I think if you're not,
  • if you're like, "Girls don't do that," then it's like,
  • come on girl. Are you serious?
  • - I grew up with sisters, too. I'm well aware what
  • you guys do.
  • - Relationship goals or no? - Yes, relationship goals.
  • - (both) Yeah.
  • - Couple goals.
  • - I love it. - I love it, too.
  • Thumbs up for sure.
  • - 100% yes to this. - To be comfortable enough,
  • yeah, why not?
  • - Oh yeah. - I'll say relationship goals
  • for how supportive they are of each other.
  • I'll let you know when I poop next time.
  • - Me too. - You'll be proud of me?
  • - I will.
  • - (FBE) So, this next one. What do you think about this?
  • - Dang. - Oh, two different gaming setups.
  • - "My wife and I's gaming setup." They're balling.
  • - It's not a man cave, it's a couple cave, which is great.
  • I haven't heard of that yet.
  • - I don't like how it's side by side.
  • What if we're competing against each other.
  • I want that wall. You can't see what I'm doing.
  • - What would my setup be? A stereotypical--
  • - Well for you, it would be my PS4 with YouTube
  • so you can do yoga and watch inspirational videos.
  • - Goals. - Yeah, goals.
  • - No. - Yes, for me, yes.
  • - Yeah. - Definitely.
  • - Maybe for one of us, but I'm not sure
  • if she would be... - So, the gaming setup
  • in particular, no, but if we go with something
  • we both have in common that we like,
  • for example, the gym, I'll take it.
  • - Yes, absolutely. - Sounds like a yes.
  • Cool, so you're saying you're gonna start playing
  • video games with me more?
  • - (FBE) Here are some relationship goals that
  • revolve around proposals and marriage.
  • - (man) All right, you wanna jump or...
  • - (woman) Sure. One, two...
  • - They're gonna take a photo? How cute.
  • - Oh, that's genius. - Oh my God.
  • - That dude is smooth as heck.
  • - (woman) Are you for real? - My man out there in the snow.
  • He better be serious.
  • - That's nice. - Aw, in the snow?
  • - It's cute. - It's super cute.
  • - But how ours went down, we were just drinking a beer
  • on our friend's porch, right? And he's just like,
  • "Hey, do you wanna get married?"
  • "Yeah, sure."
  • - If he were to propose to me, it would be
  • something French countryside, some random speakeasy alone
  • that only we know about. It wouldn't be something
  • that everybody knows about. - If you propose to me
  • with a flash mob, I'm gonna kill you.
  • Even if I would say yes, I'd be like, this is too much.
  • - (FBE) Intimate and small like this, does that seem
  • like relationship goals? - Yes.
  • - (both) Yeah.
  • - Yes, super cute.
  • - Relationship goals. - Yes, it's very cute.
  • - Definitely. That's more our speed.
  • - Yeah, I like that. - Yeah.
  • - That was a really sweet intimate moment.
  • I feel like you'd want both moments.
  • - I want both moments. I love big things
  • and I love intimate moments. - Yeah.
  • - I want you to propose to me twice.
  • - I feel that.
  • - Oh my gosh. Wait, what is happening?
  • - Whoa. - Wow, whoa.
  • Whoa, that's so extra, but I love it.
  • - I'm not nearly photogenic enough to do all of this.
  • - It's like a water nymph.
  • - What, she's on stilts? Oh, okay, wow.
  • A lot of effort for a photo.
  • - That's pretty cool though. - That was actually cool.
  • - Not even gonna lie. - That was a cool part.
  • - That's cool.
  • - Look, if that's your dream, live it.
  • Hey, I'm all for it, but not for me personally.
  • - How cute. That is a beautiful photo.
  • - Yeah, that's really, really pretty.
  • - Real love or really good relationships, it's not
  • a performance for everyone else, it's just something you do together.
  • Not our dream. - No, no.
  • - Yeah, this one was great. - It is, yeah.
  • This one's great.
  • - (both) Sort of.
  • - Pretty much work. - Not worth it.
  • - No, no I can't do that. - I just have no patience for it.
  • - No, get out of here. - Don't like it.
  • - Let's be real, folks.
  • - (FBE) This next couple turned their wedding
  • into a real life Disney fairy tale.
  • - See, okay obviously they're two dudes
  • and I think we're supposed to be like, "Aw, they're two--"
  • But we're also not that kind of gay dudes.
  • - Disney, no.
  • - There you go. - I'm gonna cry.
  • - That's touching.
  • - First of all, anything Toy Story, I'm in.
  • - The real question is did everyone have to show up
  • in a Disney costume? 'Cause then that's a fun
  • wedding to go to, but also a hassle.
  • - (FBE) They were engaged at Disney two years prior
  • and even got their whole family to participate.
  • They felt that Woody and Buzz Lightyear best
  • reflected their personalities. - You're just giving me
  • more reasons to cry, man. - Yeah.
  • - Oh my God.
  • - That is so cute. They found something
  • that they both love, which is Disney,
  • and then they were both like, "Yeah, let's make
  • this everything."
  • - (FBE) Their first dance was You Got A Friend in Me.
  • - Yeah, perfect song for that. - So cute.
  • Love makes me so emotional.
  • - I was away for a few weeks and she sent me a bunch of songs
  • and I jogged and worked out to the songs and it made me
  • think of Jeannie every time and it really cemented
  • my feelings for you.
  • - (FBE) What was your wedding like?
  • - We didn't. - What wedding?
  • - Exactly. - No, we signed a piece of paper,
  • sent it off. - We've talked about even
  • getting married, married, but we kind of did it
  • during a time when it was illegal for us
  • to get married. It was radical.
  • It was a little bit subversive, but that wasn't the reason
  • to do it, but it reminds me how far, in just a short
  • amount of time, we've come.
  • - This is amazing. - 110%.
  • - Yeah, this is cute as hell.
  • - It's so cute, but not for us.
  • - Yes, relationship goals. - I think a themed wedding
  • would be fun.
  • - Yes, so much yes.
  • - (both) No.
  • - I don't wanna be Buzz Lightyear in my wedding,
  • but I think it's a cool idea. - Yeah, I think it's sweet.
  • - One, two, three-- they're blending in with the bed.
  • One, two, three, four, - Six.
  • - Five, and then six kids.
  • - Ideally, if money wasn't an issue, if the world was a better place,
  • I would love a giant family.
  • - I can barely take care of myself and my cat.
  • - It's gonna suck if he has to go to the bathroom.
  • - I want a big family. I love kids.
  • - Not a chance. - Yeah, he doesn't--
  • he wants three. - I'm like, three max.
  • - Yeah.
  • - I would want a kid to have a sibling,
  • but then after two, you're getting diminishing returns.
  • You got more kids and more finances.
  • It's a whole thing.
  • - I have four siblings, so I always wanted four.
  • Me and my siblings are all really close to each other.
  • - I feel like this is a dream. - Yeah.
  • - Yeah. - Yeah, heck yeah.
  • So cute. - Definitely.
  • - I love it.
  • - No. - Very cute, but no.
  • - No, no, no.
  • - (both) Yeah, for sure.
  • - Just in my perspective. - For me, no.
  • - I do. - I think, yeah.
  • - Oh my gosh, that is so cute.
  • - Ay. Oh, [bleep].
  • Grandma can move.
  • - Yas, queen.
  • - She's going off. - Aw, they're so cute.
  • - Oh. Oh, get it, bitch.
  • - I don't think we could be that if we wanted to.
  • - This is so cute.
  • - Aw. We're gonna do that to Drake.
  • - Yes, I love you so much for saying that.
  • - They just literally look like this is the best time
  • of their life.
  • - The chemistry between them as they're dancing,
  • they're so in sync with each other and they're so happy
  • to even just be doing what they're doing.
  • - (FBE) And finally, is this sweet older couple's
  • Rockabilly jive performance relationship goals?
  • - Absolutely. - Such goals.
  • - Goals. - I wanna be so hip
  • and happening by the time I'm that age.
  • - For sure, 100%. - Yeah.
  • I wanna be like them when I grow up.
  • - Absolutely, yeah. - Yeah, of course.
  • Life is just more enjoyable when you have a partner.
  • - Yeah, why not? - I'm gonna go with no.
  • - Yes, this is amazing. - This means lots of likes.
  • - This is the epitome of relationship goals.
  • Of all the videos, this takes the lead by far.
  • - (FBE) Okay, after watching all of these, any couple goals
  • for 2019? - Yoga.
  • - Yoga and we're gonna start talking to each other in Spanish.
  • - Yes.
  • - I don't wanna boast or brag or anything,
  • I just wanna lead by example. I just feel really fortunate
  • in my life right now to have him and he's my rock.
  • - Maybe a proposal? - Oh, there you go.
  • We got it on video. I'm just kidding.
  • - You heard it here first, folks. - ♪ (wedding march) ♪
  • - You're welcome for all the relationship goals.
  • - On the React Channel.
  • - Subscribe for new shows... - (both) Every day.
  • - (both) Bye, guys.
  • - Hey guys, Sabrina here, React Channel producer.
  • I feel like we're at this point where we can just
  • tell each other anything like, "Subscribe and hit
  • that bell and check mark to be notified of new episodes."
  • What do you think? Can you do it for me?
  • Thanks.

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