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Video Solo Squad Extermination! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja
17:10   |   9M+ views   |   09/25/2018 at 22:49


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so I heard those guys just running away
  • this means I think they just don't have
  • good guns
  • all right no those guys had rockets so
  • which means that and at the beginning of
  • this game someone I heard someone shoot
  • a rocket launcher which means they're
  • still on the team here or they look
  • they've left
  • feel like a portal for we're actually
  • sanely useful so my goal is to hopefully
  • get one of these guys to rush me
  • like this
  • [Music]
  • well they both had rockets
  • 125 fella I know it looks like I'm alone
  • in different fields it is a horrible
  • wonder 25 HP once I'm shot
  • I'm like at like the 5 e treat any bet
  • and refers to an awesome and crit
  • example of what happens when you work
  • hard at something user Valley says
  • second any bison tips and becoming a
  • better build it on how to react to a
  • good builder I mean how to react to a
  • good builder is seriously simple you
  • just watch it the top dreamer and watch
  • how they react is then in your games
  • right and how to practice building in
  • general I mean obviously to make sure
  • you're using it as much as you can in
  • fights like that because I don't
  • obviously test your shit your skills and
  • stuff but if you just need to like have
  • no pressure whatsoever just land in the
  • middle nowhere to farm up material and
  • no pressure situations
  • guys I'm not gonna go all about that
  • mission don't worry
  • ok look at this there's 10 it's like
  • sometimes guys going backwards isn't
  • always right play that's scarred I
  • remember it there was a scar the shops
  • or know there was we're gonna score in
  • the shop doing again chat so there's a
  • scarf or would die to get 300 would for
  • it I think yeah I'm just gonna I'm just
  • not gonna go back
  • I hear you though I'm reading I'm
  • reading what you're saying guys and I'm
  • choosing to ignore it boys are practice
  • and Bruce blocking streams people in my
  • cohort mouth thank you for the dough no
  • man and Mike sound a few bro oh wait a
  • minute now there's no way
  • I'm suing my he's like your friend
  • hurting like that but I'm pretty sure
  • that I don't remember his name but
  • someone from my school died during like
  • while I was at school not dying telling
  • a school my name was Mike Johnny man
  • today have a good time today is my
  • brother's birthday tell your brother I
  • said happy birthday oh yeah
  • so I'm looking at my friends into the
  • story and they're at this arcade barn
  • gala they're playing well I made a
  • picture not that far from the zone so I
  • can challenge this I mean this is I got
  • can outrun this even though it's the
  • second storm okay I want to get to this
  • fight
  • yes before everybody got the knock
  • these are this is like flawless damage
  • I'm not trying to tell us how this on a
  • hand can because I know you guys know
  • fields I'm not gonna lie
  • I said I cannot run it I don't want my
  • mouth is can think of the 1000 bits man
  • hundreds but when this X game beasts
  • need this is a soul squad man with my
  • best
  • stop showing everyone how to build I'm
  • falling like I'm falling like a lot you
  • know
  • you know I'm Trever mate yo I'm gonna
  • give you that fall over up I mean
  • honestly I respect anyone that is
  • professional at something in sport and
  • also give this game and there aren't
  • that many people that I play with you
  • know I think the reason constant shouts
  • today all three days we would you do the
  • gingerbread impression so far I just
  • have one question for you Chad I don't
  • question few guys no no man hmm I can't
  • do it my voice isn't all the way back
  • yet
  • I apologize man never say no more time I
  • can't end it nope oh the muffin man I
  • can't do the do part the muffin man oh
  • yes yes I know the muffin man who lives
  • on Drury Lane well she's married to
  • she's married to the muffin man married
  • to the muffin man yeah that's bad man
  • your rain check on that one my boy
  • there's no way someone's up there if
  • they are daddy's getting that kill flop
  • flop flop flop flop flop flop
  • so I'm not gonna shut that rocket little
  • loose because I wanted to see this guy's
  • reaction like I want to see this guy was
  • gonna go to react soon as good is like
  • like it doesn't suck test
  • for all that was a headshot camera like
  • this one more up up up and where did I
  • drop this whatever hon I remember Eagle
  • I'm actually gonna I'm leaving that Bush
  • [Applause]
  • I probably I honestly this is a real bad
  • idea putting myself this far down
  • all right there's a squad left or
  • hopefully multiple teams it's too or
  • just halt all for solos who suck in JIT
  • my four years old love question for
  • tonight thanks to the clean channel is
  • hard to find someone that goes crazy on
  • a test pass thank you for the don't know
  • I want you to know that I slip up
  • sometime fan just know that and I'll
  • always do my best to make sure that I do
  • not okay I'm going for this guy
  • Oh chop it last guy they're all counting
  • on you
  • what Joel

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