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Video 3 Big Things: Warriors dominate the Bulls 146-109
03:22   |   views   |   01/12/2019


  • everybody do your curtain back here at
  • Oracle Arena Friday night one team play
  • basketball and the other team was the
  • Chicago Bulls warriors win 146 to 109
  • here are the three big things from a
  • game that I'm sure everyone from Chicago
  • would like to forget number one the
  • Warriors got their groove back not only
  • in this game but in the game on Tuesday
  • against the New York Knicks warriors won
  • that game 120 to 95 followed up with a
  • dominant performance like this they
  • started strong never looked back klay
  • Thompson three three-pointers made in
  • the first 70 seconds of the game
  • after that it was it was it was game
  • over Warriors 168 offensive rating and a
  • plus 97 net rating in the first quarter
  • Chicago is never coming back from that
  • deficit warriors led 43 to 17 after one
  • they led by as many as 29 in the first
  • half they led by 44 overall in the game
  • at one point klay Thompson six of eight
  • from three in the first half 24 points
  • 30 points in the game in only 25 minutes
  • Stephon curry 28 points 8 assists 27
  • minutes warriors have seven of their
  • next eight on the road they're feeling
  • good now boogies coming back they got
  • their feet under them offensively they
  • put in a pretty good solid defensive
  • performance tonight
  • the Bulls helped out certainly in a big
  • way warriors got to feel good about
  • where they're at right now second thing
  • let's talk about these first half's
  • against the Bulls because they have been
  • flabbergasting obviously tonight another
  • great performance Bulls dropped 92 on
  • them when they played early this season
  • in Chicago added up a hundred and sixty
  • eight points 28 made three-pointers and
  • plus 68 in two first half against the
  • Chicago Bulls this year the NBA's gotta
  • like step in and do something this this
  • Bulls team is a disaster it's really an
  • embarrassment it felt weird that the
  • crowd was cheering for the Warriors
  • it was like the older kids beating up on
  • the younger kids third thing and this
  • was probably the biggest thing from
  • tonight's game the starters got rest
  • mentioned already Klay played 25 minutes
  • Steph with 27 Durant had 28 minutes
  • played draymond Green only played 21
  • minutes in this game and that is
  • absolutely huge with all of the Center
  • minutes that he has had to play over the
  • last few weeks with Damian Jones out
  • drayman's been taken a beating wear and
  • tear this is a guy who already was
  • injured coming into the year who
  • sustained an injury this season dream
  • getting a night off more or less he put
  • in a really good shift in those 21
  • minutes but being able to sit out most
  • of the second half
  • huge bogeys coming back that's going to
  • take more of the load off a dream on
  • shoulders I think we're about to get the
  • best dream on green and the bench guys
  • came through in a big way in those scrub
  • minutes if you will that mop up time
  • easily a situation where the bowls can
  • kind of claw back into respectability
  • but the bench guys kept their foot on
  • the gas pedal nice minutes for Quinn
  • cook 15 points
  • Jordan Bell who made three mid-range
  • jumpers and had 13 points in the game
  • and good for Marcus derrickson getting
  • in call up from the G League 10 points
  • he played the fourth quarter of this one
  • final note before we get out of here
  • Steph Curry now third all-time on the
  • alt on the three points made list as
  • Kevin Durant said there's no reason to
  • celebrate it because he'll be at the top
  • here pretty soon all right from Oracle
  • Arena I'm dieter Kurtenbach
  • we'll talk soon
  • you

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Columnist Dieter Kurtenbach says the Golden State Warriors are hitting their stride as they dominated the Chicago Bulls 146-109 before a tough stretch of the schedule.

Video by Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group



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