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Video Key & Peele - Undercover Boss
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  • as Dawn's week at the warehouse was
  • wrapping up it was time to come clean
  • with his employees actually everybody
  • got an announcement to me don't nobody
  • want to hear your newbie okay
  • think you will care about this one so
  • gather around
  • I'm not actually a new employee you can
  • say that again you a waste of space as
  • far as I'm concerned
  • can't get another done in time like a
  • snail over here I am actually president
  • of the company
  • you're on Undercover Boss in this week
  • since I've been working here amongst you
  • I got to hear each and every one of your
  • stories
  • just about and I was just playing right
  • you know I was just trying to lighten
  • the mood in the workplace and why not
  • okay Thank You Joseph bill buddy you're
  • telling me that your car broke down and
  • it hasn't been working right ever since
  • well I want to get you a new Ford
  • Explorer oh thank you so much mark that
  • means so much to me the whole family
  • died in one day
  • thank you shoes car crash news man we
  • were having a family picnic and in his
  • truck just came on through and just
  • killed everybody it chopped every
  • birthdays on Eleanor you were worried
  • that you were not gonna be able to
  • afford college for you to two boys and
  • I'm starting a college fund for them
  • both putting $10,000 in each radical
  • this is amazing so grateful I can't make
  • no family anymore cuz my dick got
  • chopped up in the accident and now I pee
  • out the side that's sometimes I wake up
  • in a minute nighttime just start to pee
  • in my mouth poop come out the other side
  • I don't even know what dick is in eight
  • pieces okay you know just just if I want
  • to get I'm gonna go and get to you right
  • could you mention our vows of
  • prostitution 1713 Joseph dolphin show
  • said three dolphin fit of prostitutes
  • are three I was a prostitute
  • I do put his peepee in my mama and the
  • guy decide of me and in and they give me
  • money
  • Joe says please man you have been rude
  • to me since the moment I came here come
  • on man look miss big-ass muster out
  • that's my real mustache mr. really hurt
  • your fire
  • you know I can't stand what get out of
  • here
  • I got a writ I got a rare condition that
  • make me unlikable I need doctor sir
  • that's last you've been in a year now
  • wouldn't you see me in a year Atlanta
  • I'm sorry but do not engage I'm a bit
  • jealous in pieces Joseph we find
  • something is true so don't give me a
  • little bit of money no it's not gonna
  • happen I haven't Joseph he did he did
  • Joseph leave Norman out of this
  • it was Norman the foreman Norman the
  • foreman
  • that's his name I know that I work
  • intimately with him no you don't you're
  • fired
  • all right all right yeah out the door
  • with you Joseph I am sorry about that
  • Oh is he gone okay uh Betty when you
  • told me that your father passed away it
  • hit me because my father passed away but
  • my dick got chopped up down Joseph my
  • dad saw that is so disrespectful Joseph
  • what are you doing I thought you left
  • Joseph like gristle off a Thanksgiving
  • turkey you're lying and I don't know
  • crystal dick Joseph that's wildly
  • inappropriate straight meat gristle just
  • hanging out here right here right now
  • you can't see that coming up we have so
  • many siblings and just to know that we
  • both share a familial bond and then
  • there's nothing that can take that away
  • but my dick got chopped up Joseph work
  • how did you
  • [Music]

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An office bully tries to recoup his losses after finding out that his most recent target is actually the subject of an "Undercover Boss" episode.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele stop by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to chat about their film "Keanu." /watch?v=dn4Wll11Pzw

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