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Video Hướng dẫn nếu như ngày đó Guitar (Lệ Quyên)
17:04   |   14K+ views   |   today at 02:26


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  • want to pick up and go hey Shan Shan ba
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  • Jakob and me bombuh
  • goodbye
  • so kidding
  • thing to give back but when you let you
  • buy your cup and a nice one
  • you're gonna hear back and get more time
  • a fun day
  • go detail
  • ding yeah man what a night
  • Roy general neighbor I thank him
  • merengue keno Tahiry Caban captain
  • German vassalage a dirigible good
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  • night I lie awake event Kelly see you
  • long and mukarat kale
  • you come at me at your vassal roadway
  • damn brother
  • look at Nina Simone behind look a back
  • button on John but I got me so hot
  • Brenda Sumatra Bass Pro job
  • Lana
  • hey sumo so high I want out I'm so high
  • bring some okra back though
  • in a Roth IRA an idea where leather cap
  • and chapter minibus lava jato issue by
  • Ronnie Sabathia
  • hang on later hang on Javanese bhai
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  • get one overriding J so so high
  • but I mean - hi
  • Rodi mum King I ba ba ba ma
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  • when should I be like like a magician
  • I'm the best math you'll see
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  • can I recover I need no minute in the
  • Cabana tango you having to I like it all
  • Oh welcome a new header row he magenta
  • happy cause its annual my name Savan
  • Kotecha do slow new you later the hunger
  • you teach it made so the original rank
  • bass row J so by row J hi mo G when you
  • bite her yeah
  • okay yeah no you made on all about you
  • know how do you later
  • those whom gotta paint you played a home
  • so no you later then your teaser they
  • battle fight sir you know you made oh
  • and colors oh do you think I'd Idaho
  • like Lloyd
  • you chose your toes girl under what me
  • I'm Rachel
  • okay fund hacker back when i'm
  • happen to unite the no Chunghwa union
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  • those and Sonia ping your windows don't
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  • now kiddie arrays yourself
  • right bass bill Ming Tsai chocobar mochi
  • come to Kulik language Anna yay mass
  • bone by hi bad
  • bass bomba hyah hyah
  • mass Bambara time I come to NOLA mass
  • bone my hai na da platoon de un Canyon
  • de Verano Sundaram oh hi back
  • like Yankee no singing you know mass
  • bone behind up boat I'm a bass boat
  • behind up boat I'm a bass bass bass boom
  • behind Mumbai have a motor day like this
  • so your engine and thank you to the
  • motor soccer and be ready if you come
  • and Eli you make bass Mumbai hi doc not
  • Kevin Cotter key order to extend remote
  • hi back again man
  • but back hold behind up more time man
  • Caban for the England you know me keep
  • it in your coma had the notion were you
  • you know
  • windows do that in my quite jacobite
  • okay what do you slow fusion value so
  • now you can go a thousand
  • then you buy those
  • I'm so out
  • didn't love a man ring and
  • Zubin young people
  • um when ecoprogetti chuka to do slalom
  • in you look mohkumat ayaahs la la la la
  • chica hanifa mass me finally pass me
  • finally passed me finally passed
  • we do yo Chung value you summon your
  • needle by you conditions and zone
  • do you wonder
  • nobody go when yo
  • they'd let you to analyze about a
  • my fiber
  • by taking protein la cabeza range a job
  • eating like a bunch of your rank soon
  • daytime or come on Butthead
  • let's kill you boom sad
  • boom sir Sam Sam welcome yang you were
  • sad
  • Oh Jennifer
  • Bhuvan yo pickle down
  • okay well achieve a new bottle if I'm
  • gonna come back got a third of my name
  • okay yeah yeah okay we're gonna need a
  • good command menu of our little Appleman
  • quark a page button facebooking they're
  • claiming you and of life

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page guitar :
Link bản solo /watch?v=QA8fQfL7GXc

1. Nếu như ngày [Em] đó ta không gặp [Am] nhau
Thì chắc [D] nay đã không u [G] sầu
Nếu như ngày [C] đó tiếng yêu không [F] phai màu
Thì giờ đây ta đâu phải xa [B7] nhau

2. Nếu như ngày [Em] đó anh không lừa [Am] dối
Thì [D] tình đôi ta đã không lạc [G] lối
Bước trong chiều [C] tối nghe lòng đơn [F] côi
Một mình em về chốn xa [B7] xôi

ĐK: Tìm nhau trong bao nhung [Em] nhớ sao nghe nhói [Am] đau
Đã yêu thật [D] rồi sao gian dối [G] nhau
Tiếng yêu ban [C] đầu giờ là nỗi [Am] đau
Thôi ta dành [C] cố quên mau người [B7] ơi

Tình là trò chơi ân [Em] ái gieo bao trái [Am] ngang
Giấc mơ phai [D] tàn mình em khóc [G] than
Trách ai phũ [C] phàng lòng ta nát [Am] tan
Dù [B7] cố bên nhau thì cũng [C] đã [B7] muộn [Em] màng - Download Hi-Res Songs

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