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Video Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide
17:46   |   views   |   02/12/2017


  • hey guys it's my chin I am an adult
  • emporia of Osaka often considered a hard
  • install does any look ride mostly right
  • now alone 2004 a gala - now there are
  • tons of shop theater and of course who
  • and that's what brings me here today
  • don't let go explore it first food item
  • of the night
  • takoyaki this is same as moussaka
  • because this city is where this popular
  • dish originated in this particular stall
  • is really popular because deponent lee
  • they still utilize the traditional
  • method of making these awesome octopus
  • balls
  • [Music]
  • and you notice for stuff I had takoyaki
  • I thought the stuff on copper was still
  • alive I didn't realize it was slices of
  • fried fish I thought you know I heard
  • octopus I just started with a lot better
  • it seemed really stupid but yeah I'll
  • can harvest it oh oh I give this octopus
  • ball and thumbs up all that that's fine
  • I can definitely taste the green onions
  • and the pickled ginger inside and on the
  • outside a little bit a male takoyaki
  • sauce which is kind of like Worcester
  • sauce so I guess you could kind of say
  • is a big nice shiny green color - poppy
  • with an aqua surprise inside I saw this
  • on Facebook these ginormous cotton
  • candies and I know the kid in me really
  • wanted one since I'm growing up now and
  • I have my own money I can actually get
  • one without asking my parents and I'm
  • saying no I wasn't speaking is normally
  • cotton candy to me just tastes like
  • cotton candy is just kind of sweet and
  • cotton eat but this supposedly has three
  • different flavors two top ones mostly
  • great the middle is supposed to be lemon
  • and the bottom is supposed to be cider
  • so with whatever it doesn't collapse
  • this whole cotton candy cider oh that's
  • pretty yummy
  • I want to yet I also don't want to just
  • shove my face into it
  • this middle part supposedly lemon is
  • quite lemonade well am I missing out
  • where have I just always gotten like
  • regular flavor cotton candy in my life
  • this was actually kind of fun I haven't
  • had cotton candy like ten years and I
  • forgot that you can kind of pretend
  • you're eating like pieces of cotton and
  • somehow the cotton is melting in your
  • mouth let's imagine this is the most
  • famous
  • kushikatsu place in this area look at
  • the line that that's not the line this
  • is a line here
  • now if you're not familiar kushikatsu
  • are skewers of meat and vegetables and
  • our teeth price and they are different
  • in tempura the tempura is usually
  • covered without water blaze flour and a
  • and kushikatsu is usually cover with
  • breadcrumb also there's a really
  • interesting way etiquette of how to eat
  • this so I'm going to show you guys that
  • inside they situated me upstairs when I
  • first came in here I thought people were
  • smoking everywhere because there's smoke
  • everywhere but that just woke from the
  • oil frying up all the goodies so here's
  • the etiquette of meeting kushikatsu
  • they're going to give you dip in stock
  • and the dipping sauce is going to be
  • communal so is usually sitting on your
  • table and what you don't do is you do
  • not double dip you don't double dip
  • you don't triple dip you don't quite
  • ripple dip you dip only one but in case
  • you're a horrible dipper and you made
  • your first attempt you'll realize you
  • didn't get enough sauce well that's what
  • the cabbage is for you can use this as a
  • spoon to screw more sauce on your p.c
  • Tatsu and after you're done eat it
  • because it helps with your digestion
  • this is the combo I got because it looks
  • like it literally has everything all
  • right this is so exciting he went over
  • what everything is of course they all
  • kind of look the same to me I don't mean
  • to be a kushikatsu is but yeah literally
  • they're all breaded and kind of like the
  • same to me except for I know this is
  • shrimp and I know this is sausage and
  • recipes I'm going to taste my way
  • through them let's start with this
  • beautiful looking thing that was Moshe
  • Wow the sauce is very vinegary if the
  • sauce works very well with the mochi
  • because the Moshiach soap stain can skin
  • and then it's fried in oil so the sauce
  • of the Lockett cups roll now
  • next up no idea what this is but their
  • tour moment I think they might be egg
  • goes awesome
  • Oh mom fried throw eggs the fried
  • breadcrumb shell was so nice and crispy
  • and the egg of course soft and tender
  • I just such a nice contrast I have no
  • clue a difference I'm getting a very
  • good ending okra
  • that's very good oh all that it's great
  • I'm in love with that nice crispy shell
  • it gives a superb form then you break
  • through it and get that tender bite of
  • whatever is inside and I'm really
  • excited about this next item is a cheese
  • stick this is a fried cheese stick let's
  • dunk this thing in the top oh that was
  • the most insane chief dick ever that was
  • so beautiful and melty I was hoping to
  • have a cheese on a stick because you're
  • frying all sorts of things you're frying
  • vegetables you find seafood you're
  • frying chicken you got a fried cheese
  • next up I don't know what that is that
  • looks like a corndog let me mini Clorox
  • try this out yeah that's what sir
  • honestly I don't think oysters are so
  • oceany to me I have some oysters that
  • were really good namely on what I had at
  • the fish market in Tokyo that was
  • remarkably awesome but this one it is a
  • little too fishy for me again mystery
  • stick yes I love this is pork um another
  • delicious step pork was so juicy and
  • tender that takes you like a fancier
  • version of a poor captive into your less
  • oily but our different sauce fry
  • lollipops
  • it's a brand-new ball almost one hour
  • double-dipped is because this thing
  • that's dense you definitely need more
  • sauce in a second seven skewers disk use
  • me guys I need to add my digester a
  • little bit this one I know I mean this
  • is like gift wrapping a hammer I know
  • this is a little juice that is still
  • crispy on the inside and Wow one of my
  • favorite items so far
  • you get a double crunch from fish the
  • crunch of the bread coating then the
  • punch off the loaded there you get that
  • delicious sweet Lotus flavor oh I feel
  • like that seems didn't really even need
  • the sauce at all because the Lotus
  • brings his own sweetness to the game
  • chicken karaage this is basically fried
  • chicken to be honest the triggers blows
  • up its colorful top I mean this tricking
  • can whooping on the back out
  • oh this is lovely
  • this is happiness this is - why this is
  • a festive Thanksgiving dinner in a white
  • Christmas morning all wrapped up in one
  • this shrimp is so sweet and tender so
  • it's got way more texture also some
  • reason it is not as oily to me as it's
  • important and that could be because of
  • the sauce but it doesn't fuel and pays
  • as Woodleigh in my mouth
  • finally last one chicken nugget on the
  • steak naturally I'm not exactly sure
  • what that was
  • it tasted like fish cake with cheddar
  • cheese inside let's go with that 15
  • skewers down and I'm still pining for
  • more but the night is young
  • got a lot of food in front of me we're
  • going to go ahead and live on this
  • little leftover bread crumb here
  • [Music]
  • it's so cold right now I believe I just
  • got ice cream but I had to because
  • there's a vendor selling a melon bread
  • now melon bread contrary to the name
  • does not have any Nolan zinger this term
  • looks like melon and looks like a
  • cantaloupe and what the humor is
  • scooping ginormous amount of ice cream
  • in this case creepy ice cream into your
  • bread so it's in at least because the
  • British hot anything a pie right now
  • guys take a look you're staring at
  • Beauty right now oh look I got a purse
  • because it's dripping everywhere hands I
  • guess now was simply delicious and
  • satisfying it does sort of taste like
  • some pineapple bread except for this one
  • it's much much lighter and less flaky on
  • top and the little four pieces you see
  • on topics it's like a little I don't
  • know sweet crackers were cooking but
  • that food item comes with a time limit
  • because it's got the ice cream they got
  • the hot but and I think you got to eat
  • that in like three minutes where it
  • becomes a melting power soggy mess I
  • thought it's a great hot crunchy problem
  • with nice creamy ice cream on the inside
  • it's like a Hot Ice Cream Sandwich
  • [Music]
  • I wanted to eat this octopus because
  • I've always wanted to eat a sea monster
  • and I think this qualifies that is
  • pretty much the opposite of tender it's
  • nice as snappy really really sweet so
  • maybe when it comes to octopus to figure
  • it is that the tougher it is and if
  • that's the case
  • eating the Kraken that's going to be
  • really tough I'm achievable one of the
  • best places the Gulf oil for the
  • Moroccan endorphin boring and if you
  • don't know Henry yaki is a popular food
  • item that's safety clean of Pancakes now
  • depending on where you are in Japan's a
  • couple of different ways of making this
  • well ways to cook the pancake will say
  • first and then add all the ingredients
  • on top the other is to mix all the
  • ingredients together before it goes on
  • the grill top and typically to mix all
  • the ingredients together at first it be
  • a shock away but for the number one
  • special with eggs in scallion
  • [Music]
  • is that not the most beautiful egg yet
  • everything in your life in your life
  • this looks like the glowing morning Sun
  • I'm like terrified to cut it Oh
  • stuffs so bad about ruining this egg oh
  • look at look at the runny yolk oh my
  • goodness it's like a painting is a work
  • of art and I can't believe I'm about to
  • heat up
  • masterpiece I destroyed it it doesn't
  • look as good now but it's gonna feel
  • really good in my stomach I'm sure you
  • know what this reminds me of have you
  • guys ever seen that anime Ranma 1/2 and
  • there's a girl in there that makes
  • okonomiyaki they should fight with like
  • a giant one of these and throw like
  • smaller ones that show leekens so yes
  • and the right hands these could also be
  • used as weapons of death and you get to
  • your unit on this still top so this
  • thing never gets cold look at this multi
  • layer of Awesomeness inside this we got
  • some scallions egg of course pancake
  • shrimp pork with independents all mixed
  • together this is like the ultimate
  • melting pot no prejudice here oh this is
  • just delightful
  • this is really just a collection of
  • beautiful flavors you got surf and turf
  • you got veggies you've got egg you've
  • got clay I think all it's missing is
  • just a cherry on top this thing is super
  • tender on the outside not overly seasons
  • although everything is mixed together
  • you can taste every single ingredient I
  • just asked for some chili powder I think
  • I'm going to do some upgrade on my
  • okonomiyaki thing even better even
  • better because there's so much aching
  • doughy
  • fatty ingredients in there I really felt
  • like there needed to be some sort of
  • acid some sort of spice that cut through
  • all that and those chili peppers really
  • did the trick
  • [Music]
  • the system of Japan I gotta get one of
  • these stuffed fish things come here baby
  • ah this is still without which is like
  • sweet potato biggest difference between
  • this and it wasn't having a stage step
  • the outside show here in so much thinner
  • Lots post here lot less sweet than the
  • ones I've had in the state also they
  • were throwing this little ice cream
  • sandwich named em Russian are we go
  • yes I'd love just like vanilla ice cream
  • ice cream itself is not very creamy a
  • little more refreshing
  • actually super refreshing it's almost
  • like a vanilla ice and the wipers are
  • really clean this is kinda like a
  • transformation of a wafer card except
  • here every mouthful you get ice cream in
  • the shop simple yet deliciously
  • satisfying wow what a great food day the
  • only thing I could say is I love this
  • place there's so many things to see so
  • many things to do so many things that
  • you eat I could even get to everything
  • you guys see that huge crab right over
  • there yeah I wanted to keep that but
  • that was so that I like five o'clock so
  • I'll be back tomorrow
  • stay tuned I'm back at so donburi if you
  • 11 o'clock in the morning less crowded
  • but this place is still bustling I told
  • your window you eat that guy so let's do
  • it
  • [Music]
  • freshly chargrilled the king-crab for
  • breakfast
  • I'm ready whoo right away I can tell
  • this meat is gonna be succulent
  • that's how usually the meat is coming
  • out and see how juicy the seniors Oh
  • bowl that's know grab me fresh on the
  • chart will oh my car oh how did it get
  • so juicy it's almost like they took the
  • syringe and injected juice into this
  • crap the meat gets sweet like candy I
  • swear this crap ate only apples its
  • whole life this is by far the tenderest
  • king crab I've ever had and I had a lot
  • of king crab in Vegas all day servicing
  • wrap the service use hold extreme it for
  • you I've even had you stir fry none of
  • it comes close to how tender is
  • consistent oh look at this piece this is
  • the par with the lace Connect there's
  • some good meat in here and by far the
  • biggest chunk look at that holy crab
  • guys everything ok I've had king crab
  • before just okay you're never had king
  • crab like this
  • fantastic or real taste of meat I cannot
  • tell you how to gentle sokeep booth and
  • stop it in in that it's not all
  • sweetness all I've got to say is all
  • hell's a king I don't want to waste a
  • single more so because I'm like standing
  • here in public before staring at me I'm
  • just put it sound it's crab absolutely
  • the best thing I've had here by far I
  • was there at 5 p.m. yesterday and told
  • me everything was so down now I know why
  • I'm sorry for being so barbaric but this
  • is indeed that incredible all right I
  • think that's all of it
  • I'm good to talk to and everybody is
  • staring so I'm gonna go down my way I
  • came across this Japanese Street
  • champion Mont re pudding Corinne I don't
  • know what porn is I'm going to find out
  • [Music]
  • this looks just like a typical pudding
  • ha ha ha ha has majestic it's a little
  • glee sort of watery when you get towards
  • the bottom ah
  • that's like eating velvet you know it's
  • of it was sweet delicious and edible I
  • almost feel like I just think it's
  • Florence suck this all up I hope didn't
  • come to take away my pudding because
  • I'll defend it with my life one thing
  • you can definitely taste in here is the
  • quality of the milk definitely one of
  • the softest smoothest creamiest pudding
  • I've ever had such a wonderful creamy
  • flavor and the texture you don't even
  • feel like you need to swallow it just
  • kind of runs down your throat that's how
  • gentle and delegated it and even though
  • this is the first time I had it I'll
  • know I'm gonna miss this when I leave
  • Japan first of all this baby was on like
  • a like a 20-pound diesel
  • this thing is gigantic and it is heavy
  • so here that's the things going to try
  • the personally big mini cheese heart all
  • chuckle yeah
  • I'm really really good this is the macho
  • cheesecake freshly baked fresh they said
  • it's still hot on one side
  • [Music]
  • that is deeply satisfying
  • I'm sure I can tell you're persistent
  • because I think the matcha flavor
  • overwhelmed each needy flavor of this
  • hash but it's so wonderfully warming
  • coming on the inside fabulous try some
  • without ice cream that's insane you guys
  • are here in Japan come to this place and
  • try this I think that's different my
  • time here at don't don't worry how fun
  • is this place there's so many things to
  • do and see and of course so much goodies
  • I wish I could have more time here I
  • actually wish I could bring a second
  • stomach to this place unfortunately I
  • have to leave all talk down but the wise
  • words of the Terminator I'll be back
  • also if you enjoyed the ends dance
  • revolution and you want to see an
  • incredible performance that I have it
  • Akash here last night go to my blog
  • channel the link is down below so until
  • we meet again
  • see you later

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I went to the Dontonbori area of Osaka Japan and tried out the delicious street food there. This is where takoyaki was orignated and the home to osaka's version of Okonomiyaki also known as japanese pizza.

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