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  • So yeah, I just finished recording this video we play four different games. They are all ridiculous dudes
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  • What's going on guys SSundee here and welcome back
  • to itch.io
  • You dudes remember this I did this a few months ago where I found a few games from this website there are
  • 78,000 results of games
  • Let's do this, so I'm just scrolling through all of these games looking for something that pops out well looking for a nice thumbnail
  • Something that looks good as some of these games are ridiculously
  • Pauline Hanson serving fish oh
  • This one looks pretty cool tiny Knight. Yeah, look at this
  • It's like a it's like a a poly like poly clay looking battle like a medieval times. This is cool
  • Let me download this on a try this. This is a very early demo build. Oh, this is only a demo build
  • Tiny Knights okay here we go play demo okay, so I guess I gotta fight this dude, okay?
  • And my health is in the top left, get off you you freak
  • Okay, that's his health above his head oh
  • Okay, okay, I can actually block with so if I hold right click I block
  • Okay, okay. Hold on you get back get back. Oh, we took a lot of damage, okay
  • He's about to die now. NOOO! look at my health oh
  • That was sick
  • Dude hello dude pick don't pick I was helping don't care. We didn't pick up his helmet. Okay. Let's kill this guy no
  • dude, you see I
  • Just do shot that freak! Get freaking rekt you turd oh look
  • I'm gonna pile up all the bodies in one spot and make him run. Oh, it's to people
  • This ain't cool, bro. This ain't cool, bro. Take out one. No, okay, okay, okay? We're good. We're good
  • We're good back up back up take out the guy without the shield
  • We got this we got this get back
  • That wasn't fair that was 2v1 hold on
  • I will take vengeance Russel do like a do like a montage do like an awesome killing montage
  • These guys don't have helmets okay, okay here we go
  • 2 vs 1 one I will take you out. Oh, that's damage come on. Okay, okay?
  • Okay okay jab them okay. No
  • Okay, okay, okay get the guy with the shield okay hit him got him got him got him. Okay. We're at Riverrun
  • Bro, okay, okay, let's tap the guy with this yup that damage don't okay okay hit him overhead
  • Okay, okay, okay
  • You got to take out this dude now got to take out marshmallow got to take out marshmallow the artist okay back up back up
  • one hit
  • Yes, oh oh, it's a gorgeous spawn
  • Okay, okay
  • I'm gonna give this one more try that we're going to the next game this game is freakin tough
  • Oh my get plays plays, okay, okay?
  • We got this we got this just blocked run back and run forward hit him okay run forward hit him in the face back up
  • Hit him in the fentanyl. Okay, okay?
  • We got this back up run forward hit him in the face back up run forward hit him in the face
  • Before we got him here we go oh
  • Okay
  • Okay, we're doing good. We're doing good. We got him there. We go that was good damage. That was good damage
  • That was good damage. We'll get the wombo combo wombo
  • Frickin rag I want to steal far we can get before we go to the next game. This is my last life
  • Okay, back up back up run forward hit him there
  • We go run for it hit them there we go run forward hit him there. We go. Okay. We're still doing good. Okay back up
  • Hit him. Oh, he blocked that hit here we go here
  • We go one more hit the wombo combo here we go before we go to the next game to v1
  • Can we take these guys out?
  • I've done it one second do it now. Okay, okay? One more hit on that guy
  • Okay, okay, we got this yeah run. Okay, what B 1 1 B 1 B, bro
  • Yes before your teammate gets in here okay back up back up back up and then hit him just hit him just woke up, ooh
  • Come here, you party looking free
  • Okay, we have two orange guys Russian. Oh, oh we blocked it night block homie
  • Okay, back up back up back up calm down calm down. You freak. Okay, okay, my people need me my people need me
  • Okay, there's three people
  • All right that was fun. Let's go to the next game. I let's get back to it. Let's keep looking
  • That first game was pretty fun does this game save the last wiener
  • Like hotdogs. Yep. This is called the last wiener
  • Okay click to play okay, let's see what we do here
  • Okay, okay, so I'm controlling
  • the white one with W a s and D
  • Okay, what do I do?
  • All right
  • You are the Wiener
  • Okay
  • Is this all I do
  • Okay, so I get it check this out you see the left-hand side the ketchup bottle
  • That's my health and watch this whenever I go on that fire on the grill my health goes down
  • Look at this
  • So my goal is to survive and push off the other
  • Hotdogs or burn the other hotdogs and check this out the arrow keys
  • control the other hotdogs
  • This is a two-player game hold on let me go get Madeline you ready
  • This is the game we're playing Madeline this is a 1v1
  • The best Wiener surfer I'm ally you're ready, we're gonna do this so it's 1v1 you use the arrows
  • Okay, okay, yeah, we'll just start. I'll do this now so worried. You're the brown. You're the brown the red a hot dog
  • I'm the white hot dog
  • My health is on the left your health is on the right you see how your health is going down because you're on fire down
  • There and our goal is to either survive or knock each other off the edge like this
  • Yeah, you got to get out of a fire by pressing up and down or left and right, are you ready here?
  • We go get ready, okay
  • Okay dodge it no dodge it oh
  • You're in the fire
  • Your help is really low though your health is really don't load o
  • Beautiful, okay, you ready to play again. Let's do let's do the best of five best of five already one one ready go
  • Let's do it
  • I
  • Went to you ready, let's do it again, okay here we go
  • Getting that fire battling getting that fire. Well your your goose is cooked your goose is cooked
  • Oh
  • No, I'm glad the fire get out, okay, okay, hold it down
  • No no no
  • We're good, we're good. You're getting in that fire. I am half dead
  • Okay, okay, okay? We got this please don't kill me
  • Because you're the waiter right there
  • Okay, this could be the last game if I win that I'm going on to another cave okay here we go
  • Let's do this and go
  • That was good all right guys
  • Let's go back to the list let's fight another game all right next game. Let's see if we can find something good that
  • Last game though life the game life goes by so fast. This is a game about your life
  • Will you achieve your dreams and goals play various minigames and discover? I let's do it
  • Let's do at play here. We go life the game get born
  • push aah
  • What do I do?
  • You got stuck for three days trying to get out of your mother's womb when you finally succeed your mother was so tired of you
  • She put you up for adoption
  • So I failed okay
  • So is this like a fast paced game like the thing up top is the timer so I got a push
  • on the purple part, and I'm popping out my
  • Talk tap oh I have to tap the note blocks and this is how I talk oh
  • My gosh I am actually living life right now, I borned myself and now I'm talking
  • Okay, now. I have to study I drag and drop through plus fifteen seventeen
  • square root of 9 is 3 5 times 4 is 20
  • No, I got an A+ puberty up up
  • That is disgusting after the pimple incident you became known as the nipple face guy a
  • Year later you agreed to a dirt-cheap scar removal surgery performed by your cousin Alan you died on the spot
  • So I got a pop all of the pimples
  • As fast as I can pop everything pop up all this is disgusting pop every single
  • It is so gross
  • And I'm happy with my braces. Okay, what's next date? Ah find her swipe?
  • She's got a pretty uh I love her. Oh
  • ex get away
  • Grandma ex uh yeah, she's pretty hard. Ah what no
  • Soy burger I failed a parent I gotta try again okay date. I love her I
  • Disgusting grandma sorry no not into that
  • Pretty lady Elsa love her and Zoidberg. I apparently love it, ooh
  • Redhead pretty redhead like it love it
  • It's a match. I married the redhead okay. Oh sports. Dunk it this is pong
  • I
  • Gotta make it into cups oh
  • That is awesome
  • Oh, I made it ok. I gotta make it in the first one and I win here we go. Yes. Is that it?
  • In turn okay, what is this make coffee uh?
  • Okay, cut oh here's coffee. I dumped it in
  • You imbecile get out you messed up big-time. Not only that you poisoned your boss you got fired from your dream job
  • You got charged with attempted murder and spent the next 20 years of your life in prison oh
  • Okay, so I gotta make coffee so coffee put it in there. Oh, I just got a drag and drop it sugar and milk Oh
  • Excellent you keep your job get married. Oh suit up. Oh, I gotta put on a suit. Okay, uh
  • Okay, put this on uh
  • pants uh uh
  • Does that it?
  • I'm I'm shoes. Oh these are shoes. Yes. I got married. Okay. Get kids I
  • Gotta do the same thing again
  • Shopping lists new car travel tickets of wait wait okay?
  • I got to put it in the shopping cart ticket on your way home. You realize you forgot to buy everything
  • Oh, I forgot to buy the car. Okay. I got to buy the car a ticket and waits. Oh, there's the car
  • I put a car in my shopping cart
  • Uh-huh wait all right? Where's the ticket yeah ticket ticket?
  • Okay
  • grandchildren drag and drop
  • All right
  • What do you what do I do with them? I put him in the foot?
  • On your first day as a babysitter for your oldest daughter
  • You managed to electrocute the first poison the second is set third kid on fire
  • Okay, so I got to keep the kids away from where they're trying to go
  • So this middle kids trying to go to the fire move them away this kids trying to get electrocuted move
  • It away this kids trying to poison himself move. It away. Move. It away move them away until the time oh
  • No, he poisoned himself. Okay. We got this
  • Move away move away from the electricity move away from the poison move away from the fire. Just kids kids
  • I need you to stop trying to kill yourself. It does not worth it. You got much longer to live okay, okay moving away
  • Stay healthy okay sort o
  • We got to sort them by color. Okay here we go here. We go look. I got this sorted stay no daughter. No
  • Okay drag it back over here drag it back over here
  • I'm gonna sort all the blue ones first sort all the blue ones first. I don't have much time left I
  • Can do this I can do this no no no okay, okay, put the green one
  • This is so difficult pick one oh
  • I can do this hold on. This is so difficult. I think I can do this
  • okay, got the blue one then the pink one I
  • Don't I start left just
  • It
  • It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die that is true, it's called life
  • terry pratchett
  • And that's the game ladies and gentlemen let's find another game
  • What a freak are these games today, WC hero. Have you ever found yourself in a mall looking for the nearest toilet?
  • So this guy down here, I gotta get him to the toilet in a mall before he craps himself apparently all right. Let's start
  • Okay, okay, I move with wasn t
  • Okay, excuse me excuse me people where's the nearest bathroom excuse me miss excuse me sir
  • Okay, so the left hand or the right hand side you see the brown. I'm guessing whenever the brown fills up
  • I crapped my pants and then the green. I don't know I
  • Just made these people so I can fart hold
  • On let me learn about this game twelve seconds later. Yeah, so check this out. I have to run this guy look
  • he's got to take a dump I
  • Got a run up all the way through the mall to find the toilet
  • Meanwhile all these people. I get excuse me. I can't get through all these people are blocking me, and then there's pills
  • That help me from pooping
  • And then if I fart, it pushes everybody out of the way like check this out
  • I said all these people are the way I'm gonna fart excuse me atomic Tom time
  • It pushes everybody out of old dead end dead end excuse me miss excuse me sir. I gotta poo
  • I got to make poopie. I gotta make poopie. Okay. Okay, go up this way
  • Oh another pill grab the pill, and it looks like every time I fart
  • My poop fills up even more. I think Mitch scuse me miss
  • Here we go we gotta find that toilet. Okay? Ah
  • Wcwc this is this way is this where the toilets at okay excuse me miss excuse me excuse me sir, sir I
  • Gotta take WC this is it
  • This is it
  • Congratulations, you are the WC hero so what actually happens if I crap myself
  • We're gonna get to a busy intersection and then just crap myself oh
  • We go to a busy spot like over here in the center of the mall right here my poops about to fill up
  • Let's see what happens here we go
  • It's about to fill up my
  • Boobs filling up it's right there
  • And what's a dude?
  • And people just continue to walk by as I crapped my pants
  • Dudes for now listen I'm gonna end this video here
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  • Also, you dudes next time

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SSundee tries not to poop his pants...
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