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Noah Centineo Responds To Your Thirsty Memes | #HashtagYourself | Harper's BAZAAR
Noah Centineo Responds To Your Thirsty Memes | #HashtagYourself | Harper's BAZAAR thumb Noah Centineo Responds To Your Thirsty Memes | #HashtagYourself | Harper's BAZAAR thumb Noah Centineo Responds To Your Thirsty Memes | #HashtagYourself | Harper's BAZAAR thumb


  • Peter Kavinsky: *breathes*
  • Me: James
  • Jesus Christ!
  • Did you see that catch?!
  • What's up, guys? I'm Noah Centineo
  • and this is Hashtag Yourself.
  • This is so bad.
  • What am I doing?
  • I'm such a fool.
  • I'm just sitting there looking at the camera
  • 'cause I think this song is hard.
  • That was from @netflixguys
  • I appreciate that.
  • Oh my god.
  • That's my mom, my sister, myself and
  • and erin, that erin. That's my best friend
  • in the world.
  • We always jam out.
  • I like to think that I know how to play drums.
  • But that my beautiful mama in the front seat there recording.
  • Probably some of the best moments we have
  • is like when we are all in the same car driving
  • and blasting music.
  • Noah Centineo as emojis.
  • Okay, first of all, top middle
  • I am not wearing glasses,
  • I just being a goofball.
  • This is the type of shit that makes you self conscious
  • about your face like
  • what is my face doing right now?
  • hastag To All the Boys
  • Noah with another fan
  • heart face emoji
  • wedding ring.
  • All I'm looking at though is that I'm not wearing
  • a shirt right ever.
  • Someone was like, "What did sleeves every do to Noah?"
  • And I'm like they haven't done anything to me,
  • It just gets really hot.
  • Noah Centineo's search history.
  • "Help, I'm getting too famous lol."
  • "How to deal with being so handsome?"
  • "Avocados!'
  • That's the real one.
  • I love avocados.
  • Last thing I googled.
  • Oh my god.
  • Everybody's thinking it.
  • "Si te vas, metrica"
  • Oh a lock smith, DTLA.
  • My homie left town and we were watching his dog.
  • Then, I came here.
  • And then his dog got locked in his place
  • because someone else that was watching his dog
  • forgot to like not lock the door before they left
  • so I was looking up a locksmith in downtown LA
  • so that we could save the dogs life.
  • I'm just a dog rescuer, NBD.
  • Oh god. James Cordon in a wedding dress.
  • Funny story, met James Cordon at Ludlow House
  • like months ago, walked up to him
  • and was like, I've never met him before and
  • I'm definitely not booked on his show or anything.
  • And I was like, "James Cordon!"
  • He's like, "Yeah!"
  • I was like, " I'm gonna be on your show!"
  • He was like, "What? When?"
  • I was like, "I don't know! Eventually!"
  • So, James Cordon.
  • Come on, dude.
  • Woah woah woah, hold on hold on, stop stop stop.
  • Woah woah woah woah, hey hey hey hey hey.
  • Woah woah woah.
  • Woah woah woah woah.
  • Stop it.
  • This is so bad.
  • you know I say, "woah"
  • a lot in my life.
  • you know how Keanu Reeves
  • is like in ever movie
  • "Woah."
  • Woah woah woah, must be like my thing
  • because I say it in Sierra Burgess is a Loser too
  • so
  • you guys have that to look forward to.
  • I'm really upset that
  • the director
  • or somebody wasn't like
  • "Hey dude, you know you've said 'woah woah woah'
  • like a hundred times already?
  • You probably don't want to say it
  • in ever single scene
  • throughout the film."
  • But alas
  • it has now become a thing.
  • If none of the boys look like Jesus when
  • I go back to school in september, I'm dropping out.
  • I mean, Jesus is a bit of a fool
  • but I do appreciate that.
  • You're never this reflective
  • on your own life until people start tagging you in things.
  • Peter K.
  • a fictional character.
  • Me.
  • Real life boys who hit on me.
  • It's hard to date a two dimensional figure.
  • I mean, I give you all the support in the world.
  • If he ever comes to life though I'm sure
  • Mua_xo_ is like the perfect candidate.
  • I'm attracted to your meme game.

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Noah Centineo—known to many as Peter Kavinsky—has captured the internet's collective heart with his recent roles in Netflix's hit romcoms, To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. In true internet fashion, Noah has been memed and hashtagged all over the web. In this episode of , we asked the rising star to take a deep dive into some hashtags and break it all down.

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