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Video George Carlin - Flamethrowers
01:10   |   2M+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:44


  • think for a moment about the concept of
  • the flamethrower okay the flamethrower
  • because we have them but we don't have
  • them the army has them that's right we
  • don't have any flamethrowers I'd say
  • we're fucked if we have to go up against
  • the army wouldn't you but we have
  • flamethrowers and what this indicates to
  • me it means that at some point some
  • person said to himself gee I sure would
  • like to set those people on fire over
  • there but I'm Way too far away to get
  • the job done if only I had something
  • that would throw flame on them well it
  • might have ended right there but he
  • mentioned it to his friend his friend
  • who was good with pools and about a
  • month later he was back hey quite a
  • concept and of course the army heard
  • about it and they came around we'd like
  • to buy about five hundred thousand of
  • them please we have some people we'd
  • like to throw flame on give us five
  • hundred thousand and paint them dark
  • brown we don't want anyone to see them

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Classic Carlin on flamethrowers


george carlin flamethrower flame thrower

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