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Video GOD LEVEL Street Food in Mexico - Sandwich NINJA with SUPER FAST Cutting Skills + Mexican Chicken
20:21   |   02/22/2019 at 23:02


  • - Alright check it out, guys, it's Trevor James.
  • We are in Cholula, couple of hours outside
  • of Mexico City in Puebla State.
  • And today, I'm so pumped
  • 'cause we're going for a full on
  • Pueblan State
  • street food tour.
  • After Cholula, we're going to Puebla
  • and we're gonna have a ton of street food.
  • And right up ahead is a big market,
  • check it out!
  • (upbeat music)
  • If you like juicy meat and spicy tacos,
  • along with watching superhuman slicing skills,
  • you're in for a treat.
  • 'Cause we found a ton of delicious street food
  • on our Puebla street food journey
  • that's gonna make your mouth water.
  • You can start your street food journey just as we did
  • by leaving Mexico City in the morning
  • and stopping in the small local market town
  • of Cholula along the way.
  • Tasting the world famous mole poblano,
  • rich and dark chocalatey sauce over top of
  • juicy chicken before driving to Puebla
  • and eating even more.
  • And in this street food tour video,
  • we found six incredible street foods
  • that you're gonna love.
  • So make sure to watch all the way until the end
  • to enjoy them all.
  • Let's eat.
  • Alright, right up here is the town market.
  • Beautiful little town, classic old feel here,
  • and we're gonna go deep into the market
  • and see what we can find to eat.
  • Oh,
  • nopales.
  • Look at these.
  • Prickly pear cactus.
  • Cool.
  • There is so much in this market already.
  • We're just walking past quesadilla stalls,
  • tons of big pots of soup,
  • and we're gonna go try to find the perfect spot.
  • Oh, look at that!
  • Wow, just look at what we found,
  • all of this sheep meat in a taco.
  • You can see that you can have a taco down here
  • in a fresh corn tortilla.
  • Oh, it looks incredible.
  • And I believe this is also, right here,
  • I believe this is the stomach and some sausage
  • and he's going to put it into a fresh taco
  • and we're gonna sit down.
  • It's like a bar-style taco joint.
  • Start the day off right.
  • Ooh.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh, caliente?
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Okay.
  • Gracias.
  • So we've got one more (mumbles) lamb taco
  • and one stomach spiced, stomach taco.
  • And we're gonna sit down at the local bar here,
  • and try it out.
  • I'm gonna put some of that salsa verde on.
  • Oh, color.
  • The color of Mexican cuisine is something to dream about.
  • We're gonna load that up with some salsa.
  • Spice that up with some
  • fresh onion and salsa.
  • Maybe some parsley and cilantro mix.
  • And then a nice squeeze of lime on there.
  • Oh, double layer that for double protection.
  • You do not want that to break on you.
  • Let's try it out.
  • (moaning)
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • (moaning)
  • That is
  • oh yeah.
  • Oh, oh it's messy and good.
  • Oh that is just so sloppy.
  • So sloppy and full of delight.
  • Spiced like a chorizo sausage
  • with that cilantro
  • and lime and onion
  • and that stomach flavor,
  • it's actually very nice.
  • The odor is not strong at all.
  • Incredible.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • (moaning)
  • After those delicious lamb tacos,
  • we kept exploring the market
  • and found a row of friendly ladies
  • selling cold Mexican salads
  • and spice packed chilis.
  • Here, you gotta be really careful with the heat.
  • This market is just full of deliciousness,
  • look at all this sliced lamb meat.
  • We just had that in a taco.
  • There's just so many of those stalls.
  • And we're gonna try and find some more food.
  • There is just unlimited selection here.
  • Oh, egg and bell pepper quesadilla taco I think.
  • Oh and what's this?
  • Oh, look at all the sliced meat.
  • Hola.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh, she's just given us a sample of nopales salad
  • which is prickly pear cactus with onion and cilantro.
  • Mm.
  • Good.
  • Oh, wow.
  • Gracias.
  • That's actually quite sour.
  • And a little crunchy and slimy.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • I think that is actually a cow foot salad
  • and maybe a bit of nopales in there and onions
  • and cucumber and cilantro
  • and I have a bit of that citrusy flavor as well
  • from that past salad.
  • Oh.
  • Mm.
  • There is so much here.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • What I just tasted there
  • is like a little tangy
  • almost has a
  • jalapeño
  • you can actually taste those pickled jalapeños in there
  • that's what it is.
  • Pickled jalapeños with that cow foot
  • is very tender and soft.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Canada.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Canada.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Lots of food here.
  • Look at all the food.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh.
  • Gracias.
  • Gracias, oh.
  • She's just given me a chipotle.
  • I believe this is a pickled chipotle,
  • and I think that is a sweet sauce that it's in.
  • Mm. (laughs)
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh, it's like a smoky chili, a smoky chipotle.
  • Oh wow.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh, but it's actually a little sweet and smoky.
  • It tastes like it has a plum flavor in there.
  • Wow.
  • Man, my mouth is burning.
  • But what I'm really amazed with
  • is just how friendly everyone here is.
  • After tasting that deliciously spicy chipotle pepper,
  • we bought some bags of the samples she gave us
  • and then kept exploring the market
  • and found the true jackpot of Puebla.
  • Mole.
  • And not only was there the world famous
  • dark and rich mole poblano,
  • but there's also a whole new world of moles to try,
  • with all different colors and flavors,
  • depending on the spices that they use.
  • Full of nuts, fruits, chilis, and chocolate.
  • My mouth is just on fire,
  • but it's a smoky, sweet deliciousness
  • and we're gonna keep exploring this market
  • and see what else we can get.
  • Look at this here.
  • This is sliced beef, I believe this is called cecina.
  • And you can actually have it grilled.
  • Look at this, they're grilling it over here.
  • And oh, look at that.
  • Oh it looks fantastic.
  • And you can put that into a tortilla.
  • But we just had tacos so we're gonna keep exploring,
  • and see what else is down this food paradise.
  • Oh.
  • People are just so friendly here.
  • I am just blown away not only by the food
  • but by the hospitality in Mexico.
  • Aw, look at the colors.
  • Look at these colors, all these pots.
  • All of these pots of different soups.
  • Incredible.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • (laughing)
  • Look at all of these.
  • Mole poblano.
  • Look at that, that's mole there.
  • Mole poblano.
  • Mole sauce.
  • Made with chilis and chocolate.
  • There is a ton of different soups and moles
  • and I believe this here is a Pipián
  • which is a type of mole made from squash seeds, I believe.
  • Look at that.
  • Pumpkin and squash seeds mole.
  • Different moles all spiced with tons of different spices.
  • Chocolate, chilis,
  • and you can see just this whole row
  • is just packed with stuff to try.
  • Look at that, that's mole poblano.
  • That is what we're gonna have to order.
  • Wow.
  • So the mole poblano, awesome.
  • You get a chicken leg,
  • you get some rice with carrots,
  • and then the real beauty is this right here.
  • Mole poblano.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Look at how rich that looks.
  • Oh.
  • Gracias.
  • And we're gonna get a little avocado on there as well.
  • This is just what dreams are made of.
  • This truly is what dreams are made of.
  • Not only can you try the world-famous Puebla mole sauce,
  • but you can come make for weeks and try new stuff each time,
  • like red moles, and healthy stews and soups,
  • all served with tortillas, enchiladas, or rice,
  • and all deep in the local market
  • make it worth coming here to Cholula solely to eat.
  • Gracias.
  • (laughs)
  • What an amazing
  • selection we've got here.
  • This is what we came to Puebla State for.
  • To try the mole.
  • You can see we've got that dark, rich mole sauce.
  • We've got some chicken covered in lots of sesame,
  • and avocado.
  • And we are just gonna, oh look at that.
  • Just gonna break off some chicken.
  • Oh, yes.
  • Chicken and avocado.
  • Doesn't that look fantastic?
  • (moaning)
  • Oh yeah.
  • It's actually a little sweet, savory,
  • spicy, and chocolatey in one bite.
  • It's just a slight chocolate flavor
  • with chili, tons of spices.
  • They put nuts in there.
  • They put a little cinnamon in there.
  • It's just an aroma spectrum that you get
  • in your mouth when you bite that.
  • After that life-changing mole,
  • we walk through the market a little more,
  • sampling some fried pig skin chicharrón crackers
  • and then made our way outside
  • and on the main road again to the city of Puebla,
  • a one hour drive away
  • and home to even more delicious street food.
  • We are in the beautiful Cholula town square now.
  • Look at this.
  • Awesome old classic architecture.
  • We are gonna make our way 30 minutes drive
  • to Puebla now, and have more food.
  • Check it out.
  • (dreamy upbeat music)
  • So we just got into Puebla,
  • I've heard there's so much delicious food here.
  • And right up here I think there is a food center
  • that has one of the most plump,
  • juicy delicious cemita, Mexican sandwiches.
  • And I've heard you've gotta try it here.
  • So we're gonna go try that out.
  • When we walked up to the sandwich stall
  • in this food center,
  • we couldn't believe our eyes.
  • 'Cause we truly found the sandwich hotspot.
  • There's these huge buns
  • that are stuffed with your meat of choice.
  • Like chicken, cow feet or ham.
  • But the real joy comes from loading it up
  • with tons of Oaxacan string cheese,
  • and a ton of spicy chilis and smoked chipotle peppers.
  • And watching the superhuman speed at which
  • they slice and prepare the sandwich.
  • Oh yes.
  • Hola.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh, cemita.
  • - Si, cemita.
  • - Oh, these look beautiful.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • It looks awesome here.
  • We are gonna get a plump cemita with chicken.
  • And oh yeah, look at these buns.
  • It's like a sandwich bar.
  • Lining up the buns with sesame.
  • And I'm loving the selection here.
  • I think these are those cow feet we had earlier.
  • Here's some, I think these are jalapeños but red,
  • and then some smoked chipotle.
  • Oh yeah, so there's avocado.
  • Look at that.
  • Fresh avocado.
  • Just loading it up.
  • Oh yeah, just loading up fresh avocado
  • on all those sandwiches.
  • Mexican cemita.
  • Beautiful sandwich.
  • Oh yeah there's the chicken.
  • There's the chicken.
  • (laughs) Look at that chicken.
  • All of these sliced
  • fried chicken going onto these nice big sesame buns.
  • That just looks incredible.
  • Look at all the cow feet.
  • And that is, I believe that is Oaxacan string cheese.
  • Tons of string cheese.
  • Oh yeah, Oaxacan string cheese.
  • That is a ton of cheese.
  • Oh just lowering the cheese.
  • That is a huge mound.
  • Just look at that mound of cheese
  • on each cemita sandwich.
  • String cheese, white Oaxacan string cheese.
  • Those are gonna be, that's gonna be a huge mouthful.
  • Here come the avocado, another layer.
  • That's just loading it up with avocado.
  • Look at all the avocado,
  • there's chicken, the avocado.
  • All that string cheese.
  • This is gonna be a heavy sandwich.
  • Oh look at all of that avocado on there.
  • Those are just plump cemitas.
  • Tons of avocado.
  • It's just like a mountain of avocado.
  • And she's just loading it with the papalo leaves as well.
  • This is gonna be my first time trying them.
  • I can't wait to see what flavor those add.
  • And a little mustard.
  • No, no that looks like oil.
  • Oh and then here's the smoked chipotles.
  • What a beautiful sandwich.
  • Incredible, truly incredible.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Oh and a little bit of jalapeño on there as well.
  • And that's the slicing action.
  • It's just beautiful watching these sandwiches get made here.
  • Cemitas.
  • You can get tons of different types of meat.
  • You can see she's made a couple with the cow feet,
  • a couple with ham,
  • most of them are with chicken and that's what we ordered.
  • There it is.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • (laughs) Look at that.
  • That's a monster sandwich.
  • Wow.
  • That is a monster.
  • That is truly a monster sandwich.
  • Oh, it's messy.
  • Oh yeah, look at that.
  • Oh, it's just overflowing.
  • I've never, oh it's messy.
  • Look at the layers.
  • She put chipotle in there,
  • jalapeño, avocado, all of that string cheese.
  • I think that was a bit of olive oil.
  • And then these green leaves are called papalos.
  • And I think they taste a bit like a mixture
  • between mint and cilantro.
  • (moaning)
  • Oh yeah.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Those smoked chipotle.
  • The papalo leaf is actually quite minty.
  • I would say it's citrusy.
  • And it has a cilantro flavor as well.
  • With the avocado and all the string cheese,
  • this is like a ultra heavy filling sandwich.
  • But deep down satisfying,
  • from that crispy bread, the sesame.
  • Mm, it's really filling.
  • And this is the spot.
  • (speaking foreign language)
  • Gracias.
  • That was just an unbelievable sandwich.
  • I can't believe that those flavors exist
  • with that leaf they put in there.
  • After that beautiful sandwich,
  • we made our way for our final meal of the night,
  • hitting up the streets to go food ranging
  • for a classic Pueblan meal.
  • What an amazing day it has been in Puebla,
  • so much delicious food,
  • I'm absolutely stuffed,
  • and we got one more meal to enjoy.
  • But first we're just enjoying this
  • beautiful, classic architecture.
  • I think this was actually built in the 1600s to the 1800s
  • by the Spanish.
  • And you can just see that influence everywhere here.
  • Super heritage, and I can't wait for our next meal.
  • We're gonna get a big stuffed chili pepper.
  • Let's go check it out.
  • Right up here
  • is the famous joint
  • we're gonna try chiles en nogada.
  • Stuffed chilis.
  • Yes yes.
  • Okay here we go.
  • After talking with the server,
  • he told us that the chilis were out of season.
  • So we ordered up the green Pipián over pork
  • we saw in the market earlier instead.
  • Gracias, wow.
  • Gracias, look what we got here.
  • This is a Mexican pumpkin seed sauce
  • and with pork, I ordered it with pork.
  • Comes with some rice.
  • And then look at these.
  • These are chalupas.
  • Tortillas with a red and green sauce.
  • There's some chilis and there's onions and beef on top.
  • They give you some green salsa verde
  • and lime you can squeeze and put on everything.
  • And then also some chips and bread.
  • We're just gonna go right in for that green.
  • Oh, yeah look at that.
  • The green Pipián Mexican pumpkin seed sauce with pork.
  • And I'm gonna get a bit of rice.
  • It's completely fine that they
  • don't have that stuffed chili,
  • because this just smells so aromatic.
  • (moaning)
  • It's actually kind of like a peppery green chili sauce.
  • But it's not too spicy, it's more smooth and peppery
  • and I can taste a bit of pumpkin seed in there as well.
  • What an awesome day in Puebla.
  • Tons of amazing food.
  • I would love to know what you thought about this video
  • in the comments below.
  • Please click that subscribe button
  • and the little notification bell as well.
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  • you can buy a Tai Hao Le T-shirt,
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  • That'll help us keep traveling
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  • Thanks so much for watching, guys.

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GOD LEVEL Street Food in MEXICO! We went for a full on Mexican street food tour in Puebla, Mexico, and discovered the most incredible FAST cutting sandwich lady, with the fastest knife cutting skills, kind of like the Super Human Sandwich Fruit Ninja of Mexico, along with amazing tacos with spicy salsa and delicious mole poblano! ALL of the Best Mexican Street Food!

In this street food tour vlog, we venture outside of Mexico city to Puebla, to eat the best street food in Mexico and taste the world famous Mole sauce over top of juicy chicken. It was spicy, full of chili, and so delicious.

► New Camera (AWESOME 4K) :
► Main Lens:
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► Favourite Telephoto:
► Take everywhere cam:
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The Best Street Food we found, was definitely the cemita sandwich from Puebla, which was made by the most amazing woman, the Sandwich Ninja of Mexico! The cemita sandwich was cut so fast with amazing skills, EXTREMELY fast! Her knife skills were incredible, chopping and cutting so fast with the avocado fruit and the chicken as well. The way her hands worked was amazing to watch, and this was just one of the street foods we had in Puebla, Mexico! The Chicken sandwich was so plump and delicious

We started our street food tour in Mexico in Mexico city, eating a ton of delicious street food in Part 1 and 2 here:


After this, we spent a day on a street food adventure to go to Puebla, all in search of the famous Mole poblano, but we found so much more. The first thing we did was visit a local market and try out a bunch of food in the market, like juicy lamb tacos, covered in spicy salsa and then spicy stomach tortilla tacos as well. This is the beauty of Mexican street food, the amazing variation and extreme deliciousness of the cuisine that makes your mouth come alive.

After those amazing Mexican tacos, we kept exploring the farmers market even more and found delicious salads and pickled chilies that blew my mouth off, they were so hot and spicy!

After this, we found the world famous Mexican Mole Poblano, famous from Puebla that was incredibly flavourful, full of chocolate, chilies, fruit, nuts, cinnamon, and more!

After exploring the street food market a little more, we drove to Puebla and found the most amazing sandwich ninja cutting up with super human skill each ingredient and fruit like avocado to put into the sandwich and slice with incredible speed and precision! She was so fast! The sandwich was prepared very fast and it was so delicious as well! She had GOD LEVEL skill, her knife skills were so fast and so fun to watch.

After eating the sandwich with the locals and enjoying the flavour, we went on to have one final meal in Puebla, Mexico, except this one wasn't a street food. We wanted to try the stuffed chili pepper, but it wasn't in season! So we had a pumpkin seed sauce over top of pork and it was still fairly delicious.

Here are the addresses for the locations in this street food vlog:

1) Lamb Tacos with delicious spicy salsa - Inside the Cholula Farmers Market near the town square
2) Amazing Mexican salad bar featuring spicy pickled chipotle chilies and cow feet salad along with Nopales prickly pear cactus salad - Also inside the Cholula farmers market
3) Mole Poblano rich and dark chocolate sauce with chili, nuts, fruit, and cinnamon - Also found inside the cholula local farmers street food market
4) Super human fast cutting skills sandwich lady of Mexico - Found in Puebla downtown - Super Cemitas El As De Oros
5) Pretty delicious but not amazing Pueblan dinner found downtown Puebla


My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food as I can .


MUSIC I use for my videos (GREAT for Youtubers!)

Get your Food Ranger Merch Here, TAI HAO LE Merch here:
► My Food Blog: - Download Hi-Res Songs

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