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Video Mad 2019 Style Transformation Challenge ft. Jess | PAQ Ep #68 | A Show About Streetwear and Fashion
22:27   |   views   |   01/10/2019


  • new year new me what about getting the
  • boys thing a little bit uncomfortable
  • That's not me man I think they need some
  • help please call in an expert this crazy
  • unit I look like an Ikea employee
  • I'm scared
  • [Music]
  • PAQ presents new year new me happy new
  • year welcome back to pap we are a
  • fashion show that drops videos every
  • single Thursday sometimes we do I'm not
  • gonna lie cuz it's a new year it's not
  • about what we've already done I feel
  • like it should be about what we're gonna
  • do we have some mud stuff plugged to
  • 2019 you know we are trying to let you
  • to do something completely new so we
  • thought we'd get someone that knows all
  • of us she is the lovely Jess Alexander
  • hi I'm Jessica Alexander I'm an actor
  • and a model from London I'm here to
  • transform the paq boys into new versions
  • of themselves between nineteen come out
  • seatmate last time I was yeah yeah
  • Anna boobs really I've inspired just for
  • the upcoming year of Hoops and you know
  • like a shock invented here that I just
  • have been to that and come out my mouth
  • sweetie what I said was why are you here
  • and why have you taken my seat since you
  • asked I'm here to set your boys and
  • years challenge so you can transform
  • yourselves into different people just
  • for a hot set I'm gonna be setting the
  • boys a couple rules and I'm gonna be
  • taking them on some shopping trips yeah
  • so obviously Dex you basically just
  • wrote nothing but the color black which
  • protects bouquet I'm also trying to get
  • him out of skinny jeans and like off the
  • road man flex Elias you walk a lot of
  • bad clothes is not need zombie killer
  • vibes
  • also trying to narrow down his budget a
  • little bit so if you can't be spending
  • money on designer clothes Donnie but the
  • whole gentleman thing going on for you
  • darling is not allowed to wear dress
  • shoes any heritage British brands also
  • not allowed to dress smart shut
  • you're quite tricky I feel like you can
  • like worm your way in and out of
  • different styles quite fluidly doesn't
  • mean you pull them all off there so I
  • don't I I gotta agree with our on this
  • one gonna have any Papa rules but I
  • think that's gonna make it even
  • part of him 2019 new year new me
  • challenge let's get it
  • [Music]
  • PAQ new year new me what about getting
  • the voice thing a little bit
  • uncomfortable instead of the same old
  • are they cute wearing yes bitch are
  • you doing 3d I mean look where 60 or so
  • episodes deep and I've watched enough
  • piq I know the boys were gonna find out
  • to know that they cheat their way
  • through challenges sometimes I had in my
  • whole tire head we're using people in
  • the UK no one said anything about going
  • abroad not gonna lie that they didn't
  • take it well I've been hearing that iPad
  • ever breaking the rules but I don't
  • recall shocked we get it you're an
  • artist you dress like an artist it's all
  • about perspective you see earlier
  • together
  • you like bucket hats you like R&B I love
  • budgie colors I hate skinny clothes hate
  • slim clothes No thank you sir Danny we
  • get it you're a gentleman you were all
  • the suave things I'm even in love furs
  • again today
  • Dex we get it you like wearing black
  • completely wearing everything colorful
  • That's not me man I'm scared I'm going
  • to cut cafe today and there were now for
  • their amazing array of clue they've got
  • a lot of Americana kind of stuff as well
  • but yeah man I thought it's got to be
  • fun
  • we are outside presented by sneaker
  • shopping this is the ultimate place to
  • kind of look for trainers in London
  • they've got things from 100 pound to
  • hundred thousand pound so there must be
  • something in there myself I'm gonna be
  • me in Alex here's an artist hi I'm
  • Alexandra Jaynes we're gonna be working
  • with Dexter exploring color he has a lot
  • of interesting things to say about
  • colors have to keep my ears open and
  • really listen after our chill with Alex
  • I'm gonna be going with Jess too lazy oh
  • I'm very excited because full out today
  • we'll learn something today is about
  • education
  • jess has said the apps to go to
  • Westfield we're at Westfield at
  • Christmas thanks
  • anybody know Christmas to get my fit do
  • I want to be here no it's quite hectic
  • in there this time of year I just met
  • thinking about makes me sad man
  • bad mom's prams kids teenagers literally
  • everyone and their dog is in Westfield I
  • hate that place
  • so many people it's gonna take so long
  • I thought we'd come here and just learn
  • how to you know shut out the outside
  • world and just focus and concentrate on
  • yourself and have a bit ever meditate
  • she owned a car line I love all that
  • stuff meditation spiritual here's about
  • my incense I've probably given Elias the
  • hardest challenge by making him go to
  • Westfield so you know obviously I had to
  • balance that out by giving him a little
  • tree and letting him relax and calm down
  • before we hit the stores you can just
  • sit and make yourself comfortable
  • oh god my knees I'm sorry this is the
  • problem I'm just gonna run around when
  • it sounds gonna sit like this cool thank
  • you
  • yeah all right so that's the clutch cafe
  • this place is sick I'm seeing like I
  • think there's like a lot of Japanese
  • stuff you know I love Japanese stuff
  • you're not supposed to walk in and like
  • it that's all across dammit okay but it
  • was tough I mean I don't even know I
  • feel quite overwhelmed because this is
  • literally my idea of heaven do you see
  • anything here that you would ever wear
  • you're wearing all black and that's yeah
  • what you've been doing for a long time
  • right yeah I used to be the same I only
  • used to I still wear all black paint or
  • black color it's good I don't know it
  • sends you into different worlds rather
  • than black and white it sends you into
  • until one time you know I'm already
  • uncomfortable before you as soon as I
  • see these two fat cameras they're gonna
  • obviously like not filming not feeling
  • support you're gonna have to do that one
  • and gone tactical self shoot let's get
  • going back restaurant yes Oh sealer you
  • guys are leading me through like the BG
  • section why are you so cast when them
  • Berets are allowed at all definitely not
  • Shaq seems to just sort of explore every
  • corner of the fashion world these days
  • yeah I only get shot in a poncho if
  • there's Poncho's around here yeah
  • there's some sick ones right here
  • why any idea ponchos before any some
  • trousers could you wear like every
  • silhouette of trousers I feel like
  • you've got like wide legs you want beer
  • up flares
  • I mean like oh my god I'm betting way
  • too much smoke up this boy's ass
  • I don't want to get you in there animal
  • print ones yeah you never want animal
  • friend I'll tell you what I used to wear
  • wait rumors like flying it's and supply
  • that sorry this way before the Danny
  • never live it was black and white what
  • can't mean the exact name of them but he
  • said pay that was sick
  • clearly your imagination is running so
  • it's probably a better time than ever to
  • get stuck into some painting what you're
  • gonna help us out with so I've left you
  • two cavities society so that when that
  • represents the new colorful decks no
  • black right zero zilch nada damn man you
  • can imagine a string pulling up from the
  • top of your head lengthening your neck
  • lengthening your spine I only used to
  • paint in life black biro and just or
  • black pain it's a safe option when you
  • start exploring color there's more risk
  • involved
  • imagine you're drawing in all light or
  • positive thoughts or kindness from the
  • universe honestly got the creative
  • juices flowing as that whew I feel like
  • a changed woman
  • how come you have a green face and red
  • evil eyes because for luck I was dead
  • and I've been reborn and as you watch
  • the stream small leaves start to float
  • by until they disappear out of sight
  • what's a colors yellow as thoughts come
  • into your mind just take the thought and
  • place it on a leaf and watch it float
  • away my thought is gone
  • pink yeah there's more yes
  • our fondest experience I open in and
  • very fun as all oh hey proud of it
  • I'm very proud of it now we've got to do
  • the real work
  • just think about this decks and what he
  • wants to wear this is 2019 decks yeah oh
  • yeah yeah
  • fuchsia yeah what's that fuchsia is that
  • fuchsia what is that what future
  • what I'm decided to wear is like khaki
  • green and then it's got like a bright
  • orange accent those are two of my
  • favorite tones and colors her like this
  • is where the challenge is really gonna
  • take place
  • I was scared before but now now it's
  • just going crashing down yeah basically
  • I just want to come away from lazy earth
  • with one like sick statement item that
  • you can have in your fare it goes of
  • your hair these bits what about these no
  • I'm a cranium too flat yeah that looks
  • great this has been very overwhelming
  • and I feel like we do not have the
  • authority to unwrap and wrap them again
  • I think we need some help we need to
  • call in an expert a giant beam under 50
  • partners not worried in the cell 45
  • looks climb and even thinking about
  • didn't find anything I wanted I tried on
  • a full look and I Jenny looked probably
  • a 0.1 out of 10 don't know I think
  • Westfield's popular domes that's why I
  • brought you here
  • I've got changing the first outfit and
  • Australia government I look like an Ikea
  • employees I mean to notice if you think
  • in my looking around there any gem I see
  • is myself here so you know so this is
  • many she is trainers got that that's
  • cool where'd you guys want to start well
  • I'm drawn to the reacts cool this shoe
  • right here is a collaboration with
  • undercover pretty much been popping in
  • the reselling market and just in the
  • sneaker world
  • all in all day resale for about 600
  • [Music]
  • okay shock this is crazy enough the
  • heavy weight denim jeans the monkey
  • boots a belt the vest and the leather
  • jacket Wow
  • so like the brown texture is the core
  • joy and the leaf shine but you know what
  • this is like a calm Cimber hello it's
  • uncomfortable it's basic this is eight
  • hundred three thousand two grand 350 and
  • do we take time just to sit with
  • ourselves sit and connect with what's
  • truly insider just brought me here today
  • because she wanted to set me back my
  • comfort zone comfy right it's okay to
  • admit that you prefer those two your
  • loafers you know oh this one's bed and
  • last one I think the jacket it's kind of
  • hard and I do like the t-shirt I think
  • you looks really good in baby pink to be
  • honest with you that's my opinion I've
  • never worn all-white or like all cream
  • trousers before that all in the fit is
  • this gonna be something completely
  • different to what I'm used to which is
  • amazing I mean the experience as a whole
  • was quite dismal such an iconic
  • collaboration but okay now which is and
  • made me realize like the world doesn't
  • always have to view me the way I view
  • myself and I think that's something I
  • need to know and I need to learn maybe
  • that will help me view myself in less of
  • a negative way so I'll tie Jess
  • visualize yourself in a in a forest
  • meditation is actually the key to life
  • oh no you were doing you can tell that
  • you're putting it on it's not natural
  • good acting darling well leave that to
  • the professionals I am professional
  • so Jess how did you find our lovely
  • shopping excursions I mean each one was
  • different you know very much excited to
  • see what you boys have prepared for me
  • Elias
  • you're up first don't get change darling
  • [Music]
  • Taq episode 1 my god Hartigan was so
  • gross Wow
  • the teachers actually a cause Sesame
  • Street unit ho collab so when I saw that
  • was our this is pairing these are Bass
  • Weejuns in a top man top man Uniqlo a
  • sauce can you take the cardigan off that
  • is that you me and summer
  • it's like Danny said Danny and summer I
  • have those exact same loafers and like
  • mahogany Brown really don't my Grandad's
  • I have the same ones in black and black
  • and white all right now we're matching
  • in it okay pop together but it might get
  • a couple loafers for maybe the next year
  • I don't want to make Danny sweat though
  • you know how do you feel when you're
  • wearing this so the only thing I like is
  • a t-shirt which I will be wearing yes
  • that's all because of now episode yeah
  • she dressed up as yellow bird if I
  • remember correctly I mean it wasn't
  • great but like you know the cardigan was
  • a bit like you know a bit leave it can
  • you do this
  • just like rub it no no grab uh you know
  • you look like you know when you knock on
  • the door like an old lady she comes goes
  • oh hello
  • this is the point you're meant to be
  • uncomfortable I know you would never be
  • seen dead in that reminds Rama Elias
  • reality bear pictures
  • all right well thank you yes good effort
  • horrible part again all
  • right Dexter the cardigan of course was
  • a major out
  • [Music]
  • so I haven't exact - I have their shoes
  • as well I love him in pink I love him in
  • pink so I have the pink converse one
  • stars I've got some baggy denim jeans
  • like kind of like that / mom jeans white
  • tee and pink tie though I can see it in
  • your eyes a little smile you like the
  • way you look in there come on I can see
  • you like I know baby pink there's like
  • guy little sheep - really I just love it
  • any time you're not wearing black
  • color-wise yeah like fit and baggy wise
  • yeah and tie that wise no cut like the
  • pink is a different shade to the top
  • yeah Oh buddy Simon Cowell yeah yeah I
  • could imagine you in this top definitely
  • the cover up bottom half we can
  • definitely imagine you in that jacket I
  • don't know if we went shopping with Dex
  • I could have prolly find an outfit
  • either light that was given to his
  • actual style but I genuinely think you
  • should look this like I love the color I
  • love the fit of it I don't usually
  • really like Tyler that much I have no
  • time or drove really but I actually
  • really like this I don't know man you
  • just look very sweet it's a really nice
  • outfit
  • Dexter oh would I wear this tight out
  • peace
  • yeah I think maybe you know one day
  • Thank You duck
  • if you guys can see it shot you're going
  • shook while
  • [Music]
  • probably their way
  • you start to lose balance oh yeah
  • cowboy rustic farmer chic huh he looked
  • like a bit of a mob boss so the
  • inspiration behind this was actually
  • like I guess I'm like I'm Japanese
  • Americana oh my bad you know and then
  • I'm wearing these like crazy kind of
  • like high-waisted like white wide leg
  • trousers and then I'm wearing this like
  • green shirt and I never wear green so
  • even like without the shirt for I feel
  • like a dad on holiday like I do in it
  • proper that was almost like Pharrell
  • meets country club so I'm gonna show us
  • that to go to West Ford and you've got
  • you know to do this there try on the
  • jacket yeah
  • mint green looks really nice and you
  • know yeah imagine this I have literally
  • never seen anyone for like that before
  • [Applause]
  • obviously the grip is a bit you know off
  • key and you had me doing off the slider
  • slide
  • the hat does take to you very well I
  • think I look sick
  • the child's look sick as well it shocked
  • I love it I love the green on you I love
  • this thing this is Bujji I see everyone
  • here like this this is like a jacket
  • that just everyone loves yeah and the
  • heart looks sick on you all right thank
  • you very much Chuck you take a seat
  • don't eat no Matt let's go double what
  • the winner was in a bow
  • just until I made a bigger pain row
  • seems like plenty in the piles we're the
  • prey phone so get it how i living try to
  • lay low tell me why
  • [Music]
  • livin large I'm a teacher
  • taking charge oh I know that where
  • that's for a man hey yeah I was gonna
  • buy that this is like head Shaq out of
  • it nah it's a key win the vapour mats no
  • I just I just burned that bull Maharishi
  • look because when I first started coming
  • to London its visit Maharishi and I love
  • their like military kind of styles no
  • see L of like converters fire yeah
  • Maharishi nailed this I feel like I'm in
  • a sleeping bag it's lovely and I can't
  • lie I had nothing on my head and as was
  • in the change room I saw Shaq's hat and
  • I was like you know what that self is
  • missing
  • I'm popping on Shaq's beanie at the end
  • there is quite a little good bit of
  • initiative yeah no I think it's clean
  • man you're wearing vapor max which is a
  • very interesting to see I'm feeling the
  • fit sick the jacket was hard the beanie
  • actually sued him laughing it looks it
  • well honestly I think I think the kimono
  • is like sleeping bag / robes that's what
  • you know I think it looks sick when you
  • I would have liked to see new wear
  • sandals I mean I think it's super clean
  • and I see it about the being vehicles we
  • got hot I like you with the beanie
  • because the black and otherwise breaks
  • breaks up I still think it's a sick fit
  • though and I think you should dress that
  • this more often
  • daddy that what was interesting I didn't
  • love it nor did I hate you I think it
  • was like sat in the middle with me
  • Thank You Danny you take a seat
  • [Applause]
  • I've seen we all love the outfits it's
  • quite a difficult decision
  • we've gotta do a bit of thinking in my
  • skull for Elias obviously the cardigan
  • was an interesting choice but you know
  • it met the challenge it's know you'd
  • never wear so yeah I think you should
  • consider wearing will fitted jeans that
  • look quite nice that lovely seeing you
  • in color really really enjoy that pink
  • top Jack I mean the jacket is just like
  • it's sick and wish you've just felt a
  • bit more like uncomfortable I wish I
  • could see you squirm
  • Buster challenge Shaq a little bit more
  • in a future maybe we could crank em in
  • some spray-on spray-on skin tight jeans
  • and then Danny yeah again you definitely
  • come at me a comfort zone it's nice
  • seeing you as Ivan Lopez but I can only
  • be one winner and so I think for me the
  • first winner of an episode on PAQ in
  • 2019 is oh we're still doing that
  • [Applause]
  • I prolly said that I'd rather me win
  • I took the table I didn't take it to the
  • next level for this challenge but watch
  • give us a hot SEC keiki we're coming
  • back to smash okay
  • [Music]

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PAQ is a show about streetwear, fashion, menswear and clothes.

You know what they say, “new year, new me”.

For the second episode of 2019 we wanted to do something different and test the boundaries of the boys’ individual style. Ultimately, you’ll never reach your maximum potential if you don’t push the limits and step out of your comfort zone.

For this week's episode the boys need to embrace something new and find a fit that they wouldn't usually wear. We’ve got London actor and model Jess Alexander as this weeks special guest and judge. She’ll be helping the guys pick a new fit and break some style boundaries along the way. Anything can happen so stay tuned to find out who takes home the win.

Massive shout to Jess Alexander for taking part in this week's episode.


Jess Alexander:

Presented By:

Alexander James:



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