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Video Top 100 David Lopez Vines (w/Titles) Funny David Lopez Vine Compilation 2018
11:02   |   3M+ views   |   today at 10:28


  • give me some Diet Pepsi being a criminal
  • is more than muscle it takes a special
  • set of skills my life shopping you know
  • I'm just waiting
  • but it's cool cuz there's a couple other
  • guys that are just waiting - how long
  • have you been here no much just one back
  • at it again with the white junkless do
  • you mean old are you
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • today you reach your worst nightmare a
  • Coug week so chupacabra no don't trust
  • seriously spider what do you do I want
  • to be spider-man Oh Felix I'm gonna see
  • we can see you I can see you too it's
  • just kidding I'm blind
  • okay welcome to the faun in his new show
  • today we're gonna teach you how to build
  • I share my two little old for a lemonade
  • stand not the size of the dog in the
  • fight it's the size of the fight with
  • dog wanna go get ready I am ready
  • [Music]
  • don't let anyone bring you down if you
  • have a dream following night we feast
  • what what we don't use hot sauce just a
  • little bee I have your son let me talk
  • to him please
  • I told you to fold the underwear why
  • would I fall down because it's me oh you
  • someone's gonna walk in here open mentor
  • I said look at David's meat folded under
  • way I'm suing you for hit Michael suing
  • you for suing me suing you for
  • threatening me and I'm suing that guy
  • for looking at us
  • [Music]
  • I win are you serious
  • your wife please tell me where you were
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • some men aren't looking for anything
  • logical some men just want to watch the
  • world burn I'm just going through a lot
  • I can't believe you hey did you fall
  • you got spatula course - lunch - no
  • smoking kills people
  • hey I said 1 J I know
  • whines chips - parking spaces they don't
  • want to scratch it I don't want I need
  • your help my car broke down my tire pop
  • we need you back I'm done hurting people
  • starting tomorrow
  • clarity with a good man
  • [Music]
  • the new gardeners yeah you go way fight
  • not yet he's teaching them better really
  • so sweet
  • well what hey it's Costin the greatest
  • movie ever made coming the summer 2039
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • who are you
  • one this is my friend will be ready what
  • my coach Rd no check one loose Gary goes
  • he said double thing you'll suggest a
  • trick-or-treater what because you need
  • to grow up and quit being a baby
  • [Music]
  • IDs please
  • we are making him no mind just one David
  • I understand you iPhone 6 a lot of
  • rumors out there that have been hey good
  • news it's not the flu it's just a cold
  • and why'd you take his arm off that's
  • actually my bag do you want some
  • stickers yeah what kind my bike want a
  • sandwich
  • if you ain't acting doc kozara wanna
  • talk you're fired
  • just kidding starting with stone where
  • am I gonna sit oh yeah
  • there's no such thing as ghosts get out
  • Mykonos rock-paper-scissors
  • okay hey thanks buddy
  • what a nice guy what oh hey David this
  • is Tyrone what's that wrong wrong is he
  • serious are you kidding me if me Oh
  • [Music]
  • Senor I can't come in to work today
  • Juan I can see what the neighbors be
  • holy That's not me that's my doing
  • cousin was a wine this is your resume
  • Dinah from the border down here
  • you mean bottom the only tacky money I
  • don't want it what is your profession
  • I'm grant
  • let's party oh so my boyfriend just
  • dumped me oh why don't you care it's on
  • you this time
  • I can't get my hands dirty well fit for
  • it
  • please clean your windows in your oh
  • [Music]
  • speaking Spanish why not I don't know
  • who you are it's when I will find you
  • he's no one not much is a negro speak
  • English yes you are citizens yeah
  • your names yes I'm heading east
  • I just did my laundry are you lost
  • I just got my pants me too hey excuse me
  • accidentally got your mail all the time

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