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Video Crappie Rod Lengths for Spider Rigging
05:35   |   4K+ views   |   08/18/2018 at 20:12


  • hello guys Jared over here professional
  • crappie angler here for crappie Academy
  • and I'm going to talk to you about which
  • rods you need to spider rig that is a
  • question someone had and we're here to
  • answer your questions all right let's
  • talk about Clearwater in Clearwater
  • you're gonna need a rod that is the
  • length 14 or 16 foot long that's what we
  • use 14 or 16 now they have rods 18 and
  • hence even 20 but we normally stick with
  • 14 and 16 footers the reason why you
  • need that fish that are in Clearwater
  • they can see just think about when you
  • were swimming in the swimming pool and
  • you were sitting down at the bottom you
  • can see people that's walking around the
  • swimming pool all right
  • same thing with fish they can see you in
  • clear water very very good
  • and so in Clearwater you want to make
  • sure you use a 16 or 14 foot long rod
  • alright clear water now if you are
  • fishing in stained water it has a lot of
  • color to it or muddy you can get away
  • with using a shorter rod okay staying
  • water you can get away with using a
  • shorter rod I would say you can get away
  • with using our 14 footer or even less
  • all right stained water you can get away
  • with using a 12 footer or 14 footer but
  • in Clearwater you want to use a longer
  • rod all right clear water longer rods
  • stain water you can shorten up your arm
  • now here's the thing let's go to another
  • application if you are fishing extremely
  • deep and when I say extremely deep I'm
  • talking about deep for me is 15 feet and
  • deeper to 25 feet or even deeper and
  • you're targeting brush piles some type
  • of cover that is that deep you don't
  • want to use a 14 or 16 or a 18 foot long
  • rod you want to use a short rod a lot of
  • people in Texas do this they old fish
  • wood 12 or 10
  • they'll Spiderwick with 12 or 10 footers
  • it's reason is because you're able to
  • it right there on top of your brush pile
  • and you can stay right on top of it so
  • when you're fishing in deep water you
  • want to go ahead and use a shorter rod
  • okay 10 to 12 footer so that you can
  • stay right there on the brush pile and
  • you'll be unable with your rods being
  • that close your rocks are close to your
  • trolling motor and what you see on your
  • screen on your depth finder your lines
  • are kind of right there okay so in deep
  • water you can get away with using short
  • rods I'm talking about 10 footers or 12
  • footers some people might even prefer 9
  • okay now in shallow water whether it is
  • stained or clear and shallow water five
  • feet or less you want to use a longer
  • rod okay five feet or less no matter if
  • the water is chocolate milk or it's
  • clear you want to use a 1416 and yes
  • even sometimes 18 because fish in
  • shallow water act just like they're in
  • clear water they can they can sense
  • things a whole lot more better in
  • shallow water then in a mid-range like
  • 10 or 15 feet all right so listen clear
  • water
  • you're fishing in clear water you want
  • to use a 14 16 18 foot long rod we use
  • 14 and 16 the only that gets the job
  • done if you're fishing in stained water
  • we can get away with using a 12 or 14
  • footer I would prefer you use 14 and
  • stain water also that's covering that
  • mid range from 5 feet that's 10 or 12
  • feet okay you can use a shorter rod and
  • stain water but if you're fishing
  • shallow stain water whether it's 5 feet
  • a muddy or 5 feeling clear you need to
  • use a long rod a 14 16 or 18 and if
  • you're fishing very deep and clear water
  • or it has a little color to it but
  • you're fishing deep you can use
  • a 10 or 12 foot rod so that you can keep
  • your bait kind of close to your trolling
  • motor where your transducer is picking
  • up that brush pile and kind of stay
  • right there on that brush bone this is
  • Jared Roper hopefully I didn't confuse
  • you and this helps you out so for those
  • are just getting into spider rigging try
  • these techniques over all what you might
  • say overall what rod should I buy I
  • don't want to buy a 10 a 12 or this and
  • that like all of us other guys might
  • have overall the best rod length to get
  • starting out is a 14-footer period 14
  • footer but if you want to go ahead and
  • venture a little bit deeper in the
  • spider again and you know just kind of
  • dive it in just a little bit deeper you
  • can get a 12 for deeper water and 14 for
  • that mid-range and depth of 16th of
  • you're covering and fishing in the
  • springtime and you're covering that
  • shallow water all right Gerry Robo
  • professional property angler here for
  • crime the Academy saying go fishing see
  • you in the water

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Pro Crappie Angler Jarad Roper talks about Rod Lengths when Spider Rigging for Crappie Academy.


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