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Video Big Meteor, New Sunspots, CMEs | Evening Apr.15.2018
01:58   |   27K+ views   |   07/21/2018 at 17:13


  • good evening folks were taking a quick
  • look at this morning solar eruption to
  • appreciate its motion and power relative
  • to the size of Earth we've got a big
  • meteor to talk about luckily just buzzed
  • our planet this morning would have been
  • a major event but first I want to draw
  • attention after those eruptions at the
  • limb to the turning active region where
  • just north and ahead of it a new sunspot
  • group forms and begins yelling as
  • newborns are prone to do after an
  • initial flurry it has calmed down most
  • of the day but its development across
  • the earth-facing disk will be important
  • to monitor tonight and tomorrow in case
  • of further development not to mention
  • what's going to be coming over the limb
  • here too now let's quickly jump back to
  • 2013 the big Russian meteor now this was
  • only about 20 meters across three times
  • smaller than Tunguska the big one from a
  • century ago and what just buzzed our
  • planet
  • was between 48 and a hundred and ten
  • meters across possibly much bigger than
  • Tunguska we are going to look at the JPL
  • orbital diagram for 2018 ge 3 which is
  • the object designation its orbit is
  • elliptical and it is relatively tilted
  • compared to the major planes of
  • planetary orbit we're starting in March
  • of this year and running up to now after
  • this generic longview approach let's
  • begin changing viewpoints along the way
  • to aid in perspective of the object
  • approach the data here is from April
  • 11th and we're going to watch the close
  • approach of this rock which came as
  • close as half the distance to the moon
  • earlier today however it did not come
  • into the direct line of orbit of Earth
  • it did indeed pass almost directly over
  • our planet to the north but it does not
  • cross our orbital plane until much
  • closer to the Sun and indeed the
  • closeness of the approach today was
  • entirely north of our planet lucky
  • indeed as this would have been 2 to 6
  • times larger than the 2013 meteor and
  • could have been nearly twice as large as
  • Tunguska I will see you in the morning
  • for the full show be safe everyone

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Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science

This video utilized the JPL orbital diagram for 2018 GE3, which (luckily) buzzed our planet this morning. It would have been a big event, especially if it had hit the closest earth-point, which would have been the north pole.

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