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21:20   |   01/22/2019 at 18:45


  • you can be surprised anyone who would
  • you want to be surprised with I don't
  • know the people want me to say Oprah but
  • that's just not true
  • that's a character
  • [Music]
  • where am i goin ya gonna see the rapids
  • with the hell out of here here's your
  • profits for what run away from all this
  • goddamn responsibility you're feeling it
  • though dude I am days away from being a
  • father
  • oh my god I know my teacher said I know
  • I'm something way to the top yeah I
  • think we're gonna not be having a baby's
  • the worst oh my god it is funny because
  • when I told it when I did the reaction
  • video I'm telling everyone and I wanted
  • to do you but you sniffed it out at the
  • dinner like two months before you know
  • you can see you confirmed it they know I
  • was there I saw you guys you know why
  • I'd guess police pregnancy at two months
  • before she told anybody I know we I was
  • over her has to do it my thing and she
  • made it like go like this in her stomach
  • meat still like a loud burp but she
  • wasn't burping and I was like are you
  • pregnant and then she's like no I'm just
  • like laughing everything sighs like oh
  • my god so good I know if you want write
  • it oh my god you're doing sniff it out
  • really really bad yeah oh my gosh well I
  • was pregnancy vows well what about when
  • you have your baby that's gonna be the
  • best you that would be like the greatest
  • season ever happen to us okay so I
  • thought we can do would try not to laugh
  • challenge because this is YouTube and
  • I'm out of ideas
  • okay let's just you know let's just live
  • our full life and give it a shot I'm
  • with Trisha Paytas I'm waiting I really
  • don't like I said we did this for the
  • fine brothers and I like yeah I'm glad I
  • think laughing like people know I think
  • last time I bet and even when I watch a
  • movie that's funny I don't laugh really
  • mm-hmm
  • I laugh I like people but I'd never
  • laugh at movies or teeth so this might
  • be awful but we can try it but I feel
  • yeah cuz you're such a laugher alright
  • what are you this like five maybe six
  • and a half minutes and if it sucks we're
  • just going to talk about my baby there
  • yeah
  • yeah please yeah I give me plenty go -
  • let's give it a try alright here we go
  • three two one I'm nervous
  • [Music]
  • where's the red in this case Jalen
  • I feel like what this is is like what is
  • this fine yeah you know how parents seem
  • like their kids the cutest I feel like
  • this is like parents thinking like oh
  • wow because they're so funny I should
  • have known when it said vine even Jason
  • weddings the funny spurs in the world I
  • like want to find like when is this
  • should we react to Jason times I never
  • reacted to it can we do that we will
  • react to them reacting to the blog squad
  • vine I love that because vlog slot
  • already kind of makes me a little cringy
  • with the meals I'm sure I'm going to
  • make a lot of people cringe too but I
  • bet they're vying they're like 10 times
  • prettier because even Jason's I'm like
  • I'm so lost with those I'm so lost of
  • what vine was about oh man I can't
  • believe we just discovered this gold
  • nugget of the kingdom Josh like oh my
  • god no I doesn't giggling I giggle and
  • like I went with guys girls I guess yeah
  • Liza sounds like fun even I like to
  • flirt with people but like I dig comes
  • across it as a giggle but I just like to
  • make me feel comfortable and like that I
  • want like to be around you you succeed
  • and also listen y'all life is long
  • okay and cheating is bull but running is
  • fun top lines of your your partner your
  • love your number one your your baby
  • you're Jason
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • can I talk to you about Jesus now I'm
  • good thanks
  • Jesus your gardener suing you how much
  • to make love to Jason so far these are
  • great you think they're great have you
  • ever seen the vines like I remember
  • buying their whole mission was to make
  • it like snapchat like person to person
  • not like have a find star right but if
  • you ever watch anyone who didn't do by
  • professionally their vines were not
  • great oh really yeah I'm like nobody's
  • gonna make a good seven second video
  • like that doesn't know about it right
  • okay here we go
  • a little more of your number one your
  • high school and now you're in a position
  • of power to can't get enough of it
  • license registration body Oh fit but I
  • never really seen it gorgeous mm-hmm i
  • I've always referred softer bodies by
  • any Neil time he's like but like
  • gorgeous with a small like a light
  • depression to him yeah that's likely to
  • be dying of the president's idea yeah
  • yeah yeah he looks like he's dying and I
  • kind of like that what do you tell me
  • more like the look of like you've been
  • worn down and beaten down but someone
  • was like fresh and exact I found her
  • eyes at all yeah like oh yeah
  • yeah like oh you're hot what happens I'm
  • coming in I thought the most surprising
  • me oh my god that's PTSD post-traumatic
  • stress david disorder you can be
  • surprises anyone who would you want to
  • be surprised with i don't know the
  • people want me to say Oprah but that's
  • just not true that's a character that's
  • who Josh from JQ Josh would love to me I
  • wouldn't not like meeting her I would
  • love to meet her but you might have been
  • my number one I would not I've really
  • corny in I was ready to meet Obama Obama
  • yeah Wow president I would like to meet
  • him because he means a lot to me don't
  • give me your concert in the comment
  • section whatever happened politically
  • here I'm just talking about me I just
  • yeah he means a lot I think what he
  • represents is really powerful and also
  • he mentioned drinking Josh in the speech
  • and I remember I think you really knows
  • me oh wow the speech towards the end of
  • his term and he was like mom for Brett
  • and I was like he said my name first so
  • maybe you want to meet you after he sees
  • this video yeah you know Jason wants to
  • meet so bad and I know you're friends
  • with them and would be great surprise
  • cuz lit her the other day he's like I
  • just want to be his friend and then I
  • said well here yeah there one who you
  • thought he was coming to the house a
  • surprise I keep like I can you look like
  • yourself as Pete Davidson really you
  • David hmm he's there like I wish I knew
  • him and he was thinking it so serious
  • like off-camera he's yeah he's really
  • wishing you him P David didn't I knew
  • him and now I don't know how he just
  • disappeared I think he just like had a
  • yeah yeah be popular too big yeah night
  • I'm a nice blog anymore it was great
  • it was a good week she's a couple
  • detects now he's overhead but I'm sure
  • you even have that - you have friends
  • who like all of a sudden like blow up on
  • me like I did a movie out with Chris
  • Hemsworth and he's the best I can't say
  • a bad thing but I remember my wife I
  • would like teller sure he said Oh Chris
  • and I had the best time making this
  • movie she's like what are you gonna
  • stalk I'm like yeah they get too famous
  • you know what happened with you again
  • like if you got one indifferent you
  • don't not me like it's so and I've also
  • had so many ups and downs like that I
  • would never if I have like a moment oh
  • my god like I did this movie or TV show
  • that people love I would never delude
  • myself to think that it would laughs
  • yeah yeah this is real life and I like
  • you guys this is real team life yeah and
  • like we get to like hang out with our
  • friends make content we want we don't
  • have a boss we don't have to answer
  • channel and that's powerful
  • we went to an MTV shoot yesterday which
  • like me at like 20 would have loves
  • being like oh my god word and to be seen
  • the show for that yeah
  • but it was awful like sitting around be
  • like to have a different shirt that
  • whites on alig on camera and like we
  • can't hear you can you rephrase it
  • differently I'm like oh my god I think
  • most like this you can just literally
  • like look like have fun no Josh Peck
  • finds all right I've heard you are the
  • number one online for a little bit like
  • a hot minute
  • whatever whatever okay you just clap
  • with hot girls I'll never never all
  • girls with big boobs that yeah a little
  • bit did you ever date a minor no I was
  • with my wife the whole time
  • are you a yeah like we're early on but
  • yeah here we go here we go
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • I wasn't either funnier than well yeah
  • I'm not sure but they know even if the
  • concepts aren't great your acting is
  • good yeah it's not like a goofy like
  • this is a vine like you look like you're
  • like being a character I and when you
  • you see Leila in the binder and you know
  • it's gonna be dumb fire which one it's
  • gene where they Poland oh you don't know
  • she'll be by now that I should know it's
  • a cloud you don't know her
  • no no stop it I swear jet ass we can say
  • I don't know what to say in the Bible
  • this is pure pure disappointment
  • it's like when's that one shows you
  • something and you there's nothing yeah
  • here we go
  • my favorite I know
  • [Applause]
  • all right little more no try to put it
  • in a little crooked
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • good concept nice today I think I
  • probably would have killed my and had
  • I've been on it and why do you think
  • that joy so funny and like those that
  • bed
  • these are top tier vines yeah this was
  • as good as Ryan got I mean we want some
  • king batch vines if you like people were
  • like damn I don't know what the joke was
  • good right parents maybe there was like
  • if you don't know what the joke was
  • beautiful girls but they told me they're
  • like a lot and I was like okay yeah got
  • nobody
  • I think they're like objective vinyl
  • woman sure literally was like it was
  • weird and I even asked me back to do it
  • again I'm like no I got no followers on
  • that and they get up a lot of hours with
  • no one caring like no one ever goes in
  • by
  • that girl got a college degree long form
  • poverty like YouTube like is you even
  • David's blogs are too quick for me like
  • I can't get in our job unless it was a
  • joke use me I can't get in on a job like
  • right someone else's house like those
  • are true quick like to come up with a
  • joke right ah yeah how much YouTube do
  • you watch could you watch a lot I like a
  • lot
  • okay lately cuz I'm like and now I have
  • a boyfriend I have a life so so I don't
  • but when I'm before Jason I think I
  • would sit all day and watch YouTube
  • maybe like maybe eight hours a day but
  • bang bang I watched her muffins and a
  • lot of my finger is like huge my fingers
  • I watch I
  • I love daily vlogs I love people daily
  • vlog I love there's a girl named Shannon
  • Rose who had a baby that I watch i watch
  • something to eat your beef there's like
  • lifestyle I was really random pair like
  • smaller Channel I don't really watch
  • like big channels um who else - I love
  • their spelling ma'am but Walter I
  • watched for a while sheet of daily vlogs
  • yeah I mean I'm kind of a like bigger
  • TVs everybody yeah I watch that person
  • too but I don't know I felt the Franco
  • you watch like Casey nice dad it's too
  • techie boy and Jeff boy stuff I don't
  • get into what do you watch David's new
  • video every time megacities opposed to
  • watch me like I'll click on it and like
  • literally like kind of like kind of put
  • my cursor over it like when I am a thumb
  • [Laughter]
  • okay yeah 38 times oh yeah yeah and I
  • also feel like I don't wear enough like
  • I should wear more cleavage shirts I
  • feel like I'd be in like thumbnails
  • marks I used to always are features not
  • always in the thumbnail yeah yeah you're
  • happy you have to show skin just to like
  • get people like no I just gained 40
  • pounds so I'm like trying to like topper
  • out my fat so when I said did you you
  • know what you look better than in your
  • vinyls and why is it when I think it's
  • the color I think yeah I'm feeling -
  • it's so bad - I go genetic to nuts yes I
  • like the wings I'm not I'm also doing
  • better I'm getting a little like age is
  • good to me yeah it's better yes and I
  • think that with most guys like I do
  • think Jays looks better now than he jet
  • 20 I think you look way better now than
  • you did want you don't I mean thank you
  • so yeah it was a different time yeah
  • skin suit I love I love I love Turkey
  • that I feel love a tummy tuck like okay
  • if 230 pounds this is like years decades
  • ago we're both single never met my wife
  • or Jason before this I presume
  • my comic session clear
  • I'm like 230 pounds mmm
  • twenty-year-old Josh you're nice and
  • you're owed Trisha fresh out of Costa
  • Mesa anything's possible
  • oh yeah I holler are you replying to the
  • text say I sent you attacks that like
  • maybe when were unifying with Oliverio
  • 25 no okay so I so by only 20-25 I think
  • I might essentially like a couple tweaks
  • you like hey no yeah you do when you are
  • on like the show like grandfather look I
  • think I try to look it up because that's
  • gonna delete it and once I start
  • becoming like friends with you I
  • definitely was trying to be like let's
  • hang out yeah Wow yeah I know I did I
  • know I did it I was like trying to like
  • delete it cuz like I don't know there's
  • like two but now I might okay with it I
  • think it's funny I think you're so funny
  • to be fair I do DM a lot of celebrities
  • I'm always like trying to like Sun news
  • to people like I sent one of my own
  • Manson and Jason found out and he was
  • like what when we broke up by some
  • wondrous pond is that why I was amazing
  • dude you don't want to man the mansion
  • in the last year it was that would you
  • hook up in a dream that like me really
  • is that we're getting married Oh me not
  • like really hot or whatever and I was
  • like okay idnum
  • this was like right with me and Jason
  • broke up oh well this will be good but
  • never ever sighs I would love to know
  • who else to say oh my god we were doing
  • a reading each other CMS video and then
  • also it was a bad idea because it's just
  • me being so thirsty what is Lady Gaga
  • say
  • 99 people could say no and now one
  • person will slide back into your names
  • and we shouldn't work that maybe that
  • one person would be you know Crispin
  • Glover he does answer damn I notice
  • you've been married girls hit anymore
  • and like the science beer diems more or
  • no no I don't really check my diems but
  • no no they think it's a lot now anything
  • he'd swear I don't have my gloomy swears
  • before me he said nobody would ever
  • respond to him huh you would never meet
  • people huh but now I see em so I see but
  • I think maybe now they do it to me you
  • kiss me I don't know because someday
  • it'll be like the great seeing you last
  • night let's remember like I was in the
  • whole nights okay I think sometimes did
  • you piss me off yeah definitely let me
  • be bombs in his DF not literally
  • okay like new pictures like I would like
  • piss my retinas games like what are
  • these they knew you all too well I know
  • but now I don't respond because you know
  • this is good cute even it's high a
  • necklace a sermon look at the growth
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • with this new sort of thing that I'm
  • trying it's like I for so long been
  • worried about appeasing the audience and
  • main convening so they wanted and
  • sometimes with great return and
  • sometimes not and I figured that
  • whatever this was gonna be that for my
  • soul it had to be something that I was
  • deeply interested in and then I'm just
  • curious because you don't know what that
  • is I think that's genetics yeah
  • definitely for sure that's got a good
  • set to just have a better say yeah these
  • two men are gorgeous there's always they
  • come over here right - and I love it
  • yeah there's not a burrow down a lot of
  • brows it's very it's very um yeah

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David, Zane and Heath, Jason Nash, me, WE WATCH EM ALL! Trisha and I take a walk down vine lane and remember the good and the bad of every ones favorite 6 second video app.

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