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Video CHILI Crab & ORIGINAL Black Pepper Crab in Singapore
09:37   |   views   |   08/24/2017


  • hi good morning from Singapore you know
  • last night I was so happy that I was
  • able to have awesome Hainanese chicken
  • so that's one item off the food bucket
  • list and now I'm about to cross off
  • another so let's go get some chilli crab
  • for breakfast
  • [Music]
  • in regards to where to go to get the
  • best tasting Singapore chilli crab and
  • black pepper crab most of the
  • suggestions I got were two places one is
  • jumbo seafood and the other is Long
  • Beach seafood and supposedly at Long
  • Beach seafood that chilli crab is bit on
  • the spicier side and also they create to
  • be the creator of the black pepper craft
  • so today I travel to the popular yeast
  • coast park beautiful area by the way and
  • I'm at the Long Beach Museum see of
  • course I can't just walk away with one
  • crab so I'm gonna try their chili crab
  • and their black pepper crab and like I
  • mentioned before this is breakfast for
  • me and if you think having two large
  • spicy crabs from breakfast may be a
  • little too much tin
  • I don't know if we can do friends the
  • first thing that came to the table is a
  • popular veggie dish called sambar gong
  • gong and a Samba is a very popular Malay
  • sauce and in this sauce I see a lot of
  • garlic I think this is in Chinese
  • closing time which translates to beauty
  • inside veggies looks like this thing is
  • really sauced up sauce the sauce is
  • spicy it's gotta get a little bit sweet
  • Wow here we go
  • chili crab is here oh thank you sir oh
  • no I'm dressed for battle let me show
  • you what I'm looking at right now I'm
  • looking at this crowd like I'm seeing
  • the Grand Canyon for the first time just
  • admiring his beauty and majesticness
  • this crab Mountain I'm gonna call it it
  • just surrounded by a moat of garlic
  • chili sauce I'm gonna try a little bit
  • of the sauce first I was like I'm trying
  • it's cut up it's good give it a hug it's
  • like I've been hearing about a beautiful
  • person that my friends be introducing me
  • to and we just met for the first time
  • that does call for a hawk so
  • so many flavors so little time let's
  • just kick it off - oh I feel like that
  • really should give you gloves for this
  • because there's really no way to be
  • civil here I'm gonna pretend I'm King
  • Kong eating this giant sea monster but
  • that massive claw submerged that in this
  • garlic chilli sauce use it like a spoon
  • [Music]
  • oh my oh my god it's awesome I'm gonna
  • call that the Singapore chilli crab bite
  • of love cuz that was just really
  • emotional for me I gotta do this again
  • sorry we did there we go I came to
  • control myself
  • now when you love something you feel
  • yourself kind of just loose control and
  • then the whole world just seems to fade
  • away and all its left is you went the
  • crab I'm kind of sorry you have to see
  • me like this but this is what food love
  • is let me just try to explain what's
  • happening here besides besides the crazy
  • love affair they told me this is Sri
  • Lankan crab the crab it's up to me and
  • there was such thing as a crab lollipop
  • that would be it the meat is so
  • succulent and tender you can tell fresh
  • it is and when you bite it it just kind
  • of cradles your tongue gently and sings
  • you this is delicious krabby wanna buy
  • in the sauce it's spicy its garlicky
  • it's a little sweet and it's got an
  • element of creaminess to it although the
  • crab on its own is already so good it's
  • just adding the sauce it really adds a
  • lot of dimension to this crab because of
  • crab me to sell the street I think I
  • would have liked it if the sauce was a
  • little less sweet maybe a little more
  • garlicky spicy flavor because again like
  • the crab meat itself is already pretty
  • sweet but I got no complaints this is
  • masterful like I'm literally looking the
  • sauce off the joint me that's one of my
  • favorites and I love this way of eating
  • some filtered a little animalistic it's
  • eating at its most primal form and when
  • it comes to crab that's the only way to
  • eat stick into the crab organs a little
  • bit yeah that's the good stuff
  • wow that was like the essence of a crab
  • right there along with some garlic and
  • spicy sauce and they also serve you a
  • little little fried bun with the crap
  • and I think this is this is just meant
  • for the sauce let's dig from inside this
  • cracker
  • which is a perfect dipping metrof the
  • montoya saw it really doesn't have much
  • flavor though and it completely just
  • soaks up all this beautiful sauce dish
  • it's better than any chips and dip
  • you'll ever have oh wait guys guess
  • what's here the chilli crabs best friend
  • black pepper craft just looking at it I
  • felt like this crab committed a crime
  • and someone just hard it but it looks
  • and smells absolutely delicious listen
  • me and you get a little familiar with
  • each other wow look at this beautiful
  • neat wall just from that finger lick I
  • think my life changed a little bit that
  • was one of the most delicious finger
  • licks of my life thank you for appearing
  • in my life the emotions the sentiment
  • the love everything I felt for the
  • chilli crab I felt way more about the
  • black pepper craft I mean certain times
  • in life you find that perfect food item
  • that just kind of completes you on a
  • certain level and this is it the crab
  • just like the last one super tender
  • succulent sweet but oh my god that sauce
  • this is one of the best seafood sauces
  • I've ever had and combine that with this
  • crab this might be one of the best
  • seafood items I've ever had this is so
  • incredibly peppery spicy smoky that
  • really balances out the really tender
  • sweet succulent crab meats this is what
  • balance and perfection looks like
  • manifested in this universe the black
  • pepper sauce in the strap together it's
  • like a Rachel and Ross sort of love
  • juggling guys this will complete your
  • life a little bit I kid you not
  • look at this beautiful cloth almost
  • perfect crab lollipop yeah let's just
  • let's just rub some of this sauce on
  • here
  • crap is literally so sweet that black
  • pepper sauce oh I wish it brought me
  • more sauce so I can just like I just dip
  • this crap in there alright guys don't
  • think less of me because if you were
  • here you'd do the same thing I will
  • literally travel back to Singapore and
  • just to eat dish actually you know what
  • I'm gonna say
  • this is best crap I've ever had in my
  • life without a doubt that was a
  • life-altering meal and I consider
  • life-altering meals where you would
  • actually make time for more go out of
  • your way to go somewhere to eat that
  • particular meal and this this is
  • definitely that the chilli crab is great
  • but that black pepper crab it was just
  • mind-blowing like you guess remember
  • that pepper crab I had in the Bay Area
  • can I even compare so I would definitely
  • recommend if you guys ever come to
  • Singapore and you love crab come here to
  • have your taste buds and your mind blown
  • no here's the thing I know once I post
  • this video a lot of people gonna be like
  • you know what
  • jumbo seafood is so much better their
  • chilli crab is so much better each of
  • the one over there I know that's gonna
  • happen and truth be told I won't be kind
  • of wondering the same so since jumbo
  • seafood it's literally right next to
  • this restaurant let's go let's go have
  • another chilli crab
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • Here I am a jumbo seafood arguably I'm
  • the most popular place in Singapore to
  • go for chilli crab and Dave even
  • proclaimed that their chilli crab is the
  • best in Singapore so I'm not gonna get
  • another chilli crab in another black
  • pepper crab so let's just see how the
  • chili crab compares between Long Beach
  • and jumbo thank you feel like a baby
  • everyone helps me put a time to bid
  • ready to go since I was having such a
  • crappy day let's just keep it going
  • she's a peach let's start with the claw
  • again and this is a monstrosity I think
  • this crab is way bigger than a crab I
  • had a long beach whoa
  • and that just came right off look at the
  • nut holes on this thing
  • Kristy I think oh it's kind of broke
  • apart I will have my perfect claw but
  • this thing definitely works out look at
  • this I mean he definitely does some
  • curls there we go
  • happy crab day first of all this is
  • amazing about private self just as good
  • as Long Beach succulent tender
  • everything you want out of a delicious
  • succulent crap and I think the biggest
  • difference between dis and what I had a
  • Long Beach Asaf the chilli crab here is
  • a whole lot less spicy also it just
  • seems more tomatoey also the sauce is
  • really sweet I think there's ketchup
  • mayhem it's almost like this crab has
  • soaked in the really popular Chinese
  • tomatoes and egg dish I know it's just a
  • matter of personal preference but I tend
  • to like the chilli crab better at Long
  • Beach because it's just more spicy and
  • more chili SK and this is a little more
  • edgy a little more sugary a little more
  • tomatoey I mean don't get me wrong this
  • is so good but I think if I had to
  • choose I like the one in Long Beach
  • better I mean that might be because I'm
  • partial to things that are more spicy
  • but yeah if you like things more spicy
  • go to Long Beach you like things a
  • little more tomatoey a little more again
  • you pumped a jumbo so either way I
  • really don't think you can go wrong here
  • and I don't know how exactly the black
  • pepper crabs stack up against each other
  • between Jumbo's and Long Beach but right
  • now as it stands
  • my vote is with Long Beach but I am glad
  • I went to both institutions to try their
  • chilli crab a you know what I would say
  • more crab is good crab but guys if
  • you're from Singapore let me know which
  • place you think has the best chilli crab
  • and if you've never had chilli crab and
  • black pepper crab before leave me that
  • on your food bucket let's see if you
  • don't have a food bucket list me it's
  • make one I mean all it is it's just like
  • a piece of paper with some food items on
  • there and again my personal preference
  • black pepper crab above all else that is
  • the king
  • crap mountain right now so if you're
  • into seafood you're in Singapore that's
  • what you got again and I'm sure there
  • are a lot of different places at
  • Singapore to try out chilli crab a black
  • pepper crab but these two places are the
  • most popular that's why I wanted to try
  • it out let you guys know what I thought
  • and as always the information for these
  • two places is in my description box
  • below thank you all so much for watching
  • and I'm telling it again I'll see you
  • later

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I went to Jumbo Seafood and Long Beach Seafood to try their chili and pepper crabs in Singapore. Here's how they were...


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