Video I Let My Kids Pick My New Hair Color (Feat. Joey Graceffa)

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I Let My Kids Pick My New Hair Color (Feat. Joey Graceffa)
I Let My Kids Pick My New Hair Color (Feat. Joey Graceffa) thumb I Let My Kids Pick My New Hair Color (Feat. Joey Graceffa) thumb I Let My Kids Pick My New Hair Color (Feat. Joey Graceffa) thumb


  • - (exaggerated crying) No!
  • (exaggerated crying) I don't wanna...
  • I've never been so nervous for a video in my life!
  • (upbeat music)
  • Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm the World's OK-est Mom.
  • And, the number one question I'm asked--
  • Wait, dammit!
  • Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm the World's OK-est Mom.
  • Now, the number one question that you guys ask me
  • is, "Am I ever going to have a third child"?
  • (stark pause)
  • And the second most asked question is,
  • "Am I ever going to change my hair color, and if so,
  • "what color would I change it to"?
  • Now, I have no idea what color
  • I would go to from this blue,
  • because I've had it blue for so long.
  • But, one thing's for sure,
  • is I want to involve the boys in it somehow.
  • So I figured, let's do something totally crazy.
  • I'm gonna let the boys give me a full makeover.
  • Now, I have no idea how this is gonna go.
  • I have no idea what's gonna happen, but wish me luck.
  • So first, let's define what this makeover is.
  • It's not only going to include my hair color,
  • but the boys will also choose my haircut and my outfit,
  • And I'm gonna have to--
  • You need to stop harassing me for pets.
  • You need to stop harassing me for pets.
  • (smooch) (dog whining)
  • Okay?
  • I pet you all day.
  • The boys are going to choose my new
  • hair color, haircut, and outfit.
  • They're not gonna do my makeup,
  • we did a whole week of them doing my makeup,
  • you can watch that video.
  • So, I need to establish a few
  • ground rules for this makeover.
  • First, because my hair is still a little bit blue,
  • there are some colors that are just off the table.
  • For example, no pastel pink.
  • So, we're gonna offer the boys a range
  • of colors that we can do in one treatment.
  • It's a little more limited, but there's still lots
  • of options for them to choose from.
  • Second, I'm going to offer the boys
  • some hairstyles that they can choose from.
  • I know my boys, I know the first thing
  • they're gonna try to pick is a Mohawk,
  • and I'm just not gonna do that.
  • No shaved head, no Mohawk, no nonsense like that.
  • So, like the color, I'm gonna give them several options,
  • just none that are completely implausible.
  • I'm extremely nervous for this change.
  • I'm extremely nervous for this change.
  • The blue hair is my thing.
  • You guys know this, I've had it for over two years,
  • and it's just, I feel like this is my natural hair color,
  • and it just means so much to me that I'm afraid to lose it.
  • (nervous laughter)
  • I can't believe that I'm gonna do this tomorrow.
  • - Hi, I'm Shurie.
  • I'm a hairstylist at the Butterfly Lofts Salon Ubungalows.
  • When Hannah told me that she was gonna let her kids
  • choose her cut and her color, my first thought was,
  • oh no (chuckle).
  • - Okay, I'm gonna leave the room.
  • Make a good choice, okay?
  • Are you gonna pick something good?
  • Promise?
  • Okay. (smooch)
  • - [Matt] Alright guys, we're gonna choose
  • the color of Mommy's hair, you guys ready?
  • - Uh huh.
  • - [Matt] Wy-Wy, you ready?
  • - Yeah!
  • - [Matt] Alright, let's do it!
  • Alright, let's take a look at the colors.
  • What do we got?
  • - Purple, silver, gray, red, magenta, green.
  • - So, I'd actually be really open to silver or gray,
  • but hands down, my number one choice
  • if I were to change my hair color, is purple.
  • - [Matt] What do you think?
  • - Magenta and silver.
  • - [Matt] Oh yeah, that's cool.
  • You like silver?
  • Magenta and silver, you like that too?
  • Hey guys, you ready to choose the haircut for Mommy?
  • - I hope they don't choose the short bob!
  • (fake crying) I can't!
  • - [Matt] Which ones do you like?
  • - I like this one.
  • - I like this one.
  • - I like this one.
  • - [Matt] Okay, between these two, which one do you think?
  • Point at it.
  • - This one.
  • - So when it came time to pick a cut and a color,
  • the boys picked magenta as the color,
  • and they picked a short layered cut for the haircut.
  • Once we decided on the cut and the color,
  • we brought Hannah in, and we started with the haircut.
  • The reason for that is, if we're cutting a lot of hair off,
  • we don't want to take all the time to process
  • all that hair just to hack it off in the end.
  • So, we had Doug come in, my good friend Doug,
  • and he did her haircut for us.
  • - You ready for me to cut your hair off?
  • - Yes.
  • - Alright, let's do it. - I'm so ready (chuckle).
  • - My name's Doug Theoharis.
  • I work here at Butterfly Lofts Salon,
  • and I am platform artist, and educator for Pulp Riot.
  • - I've seen a lot of Doug's haircuts
  • and they're all fantastic, so I'm just really
  • really excited that I get to have one from him.
  • - That's awesome, I'm excited to do it.
  • When I heard that the kids were gonna
  • choose the haircut and the color, I was really intrigued,
  • because I have a daughter who's
  • the same age as her oldest son,
  • so I could only imagine what she would wanna do to my hair.
  • - That's the first thing Jackson said when I was like,
  • you get to pick the cut, he's like,
  • "I'm gonna make you bald".
  • (laughter)
  • - So, they picked a short layered haircut,
  • and honestly, it couldn't be more on-trend.
  • (background chatting)
  • - It's a look.
  • - [Doug Voiceover] Those are the types of haircuts
  • that I'm doing in the salon all the time right now.
  • - It feels like, and I know he's not doing it,
  • but it feels like the hair's being cut two inches
  • from my scalp (nervous chuckle) right now.
  • - [Doug Voiceover] Her hair's perfect for a cut like this,
  • 'cause she's got a lot of hair.
  • It's kind of on the fine side, so you can kinda
  • manipulate it and get it to do whatever you want it to do.
  • - This feels very short.
  • I'm trying really hard not to peek right now.
  • - [Doug Voiceover] I feel like she held it together
  • pretty much while I was cutting her hair.
  • I know when she saw that pile of hair on the floor.
  • - Whoa! (laughter)
  • I was not expecting to see that much.
  • Wow, that looks like a rat's nest.
  • - Alright guys, my job's done.
  • (laughter)
  • - I feel good, I'm excited.
  • It feels very different.
  • - Alright guys, so let's get going.
  • We're gonna go get Mommy some clothes.
  • Right? For her makeover?
  • - Yeah! - Yeah!
  • - [Matt] Wyatt, what do you wanna get her?
  • - Dress!
  • - [Matt] You want a dress?
  • Yeah, I think a dress is a solid choice.
  • What color Wyatt?
  • - I think pink!
  • - [Matt] Pink? Ooh, yeah!
  • Alright, you guys ready to go?
  • Let's go do it!
  • - Yeah! Yeah!
  • - [Matt] Alright, let's go.
  • - Alright, so what's going on right now
  • is Hannah has a ton of her natural color,
  • so we gotta bleach that out.
  • So, what we're doing is we're lightening it,
  • but we're kind of doing a modified balayage,
  • which we sometimes call a foilage.
  • - I bet Jackson chose pink,
  • I bet he swayed Wyatt to choose pink.
  • He's been talking about me having pink hair for a while.
  • I don't know if pink is my best look...
  • (nervous laughter)
  • - Uh-huh, continue.
  • - But, I don't know!
  • - Right now we're toning.
  • Hannah's hair was really blue,
  • so it comes out green, you can't get blue out all the way.
  • So, it's really hard usually
  • for people to change colors from blue.
  • - So, I haven't even thought about this,
  • I wonder how the boys are doing
  • with their shopping endeavor (chuckle) right now.
  • - Alright, so we just got our clothes.
  • How do you feel about what we got, Jackson?
  • What did we get?
  • - I'm a little worried about the outfit.
  • I just hope I'm fully clothed,
  • and I think at the very least,
  • they will choose clothes that they would wanna wear,
  • because they don't quite grasp the idea
  • of shopping for somebody else.
  • - [Matt] Wyatt, you happy with what you got for Mama?
  • Alright.
  • - So, now that we've toned her hair,
  • we're putting on her main color,
  • and then, we're gonna leave some pieces out...
  • (laughter)
  • I don't know how to say it without giving it away!
  • We're gonna leave some pieces out using a clear.
  • - Well, I know it's two colors,
  • so I just really hope it's nothing that clashes.
  • I think what I need to do is stop
  • trying to figure out what it is
  • before I see it-- - Great. Good.
  • Because I'm driving myself nuts,
  • and I think I'm driving everyone in the room nuts.
  • And at that point, I was really getting in my head,
  • I was really freaking out.
  • So, I texted my friend Joey.
  • (chuckle) Hi.
  • - (chuckle) Oh my gosh.
  • - (chuckle) I'm so happy you're here!
  • - Wow, it looks so good!
  • - Thanks!
  • - Wow! - Oh my gosh, phew!
  • Right off the bat.
  • - How are you feeling?
  • - I'm excited! - Yeah.
  • - Well, if you say it's okay...
  • - Yeah. - I feel better.
  • - No, I think that you'll rock this color, for sure.
  • - 'Cause you've had so many colors.
  • - Yeah, I've gone through them all.
  • The only colors I haven't done
  • are orange, and red, and yellow.
  • - When you first changed colors, how was that?
  • - It was alarming.
  • - It was alarming.
  • You're so used to seeing yourself
  • a certain way that the initial shock,
  • but then I totally got used to it,
  • and I eventually loved that color.
  • But it's definitely a shock at first.
  • - Yeah.
  • - (chuckle) So, should we expect some tears happening?
  • - Not in front of you.
  • (laughter)
  • - I hope it is.
  • - Nope, you're here, so that means I can't cry.
  • We're rinsing it out, and the boys brought
  • their outfit back, so I'm going to put the outfit on
  • while my hair is still wet and wrapped in a towel,
  • and then, we'll dry out, and I can finally see it!
  • - (gasp) That's beautiful!
  • - Thank you!
  • - I actually kind of want this color now.
  • - They gave me some options!
  • Are you (chuckle) kidding me?!
  • What?
  • But I think I'm gonna go with
  • this sequined sweater and my boys' track pants.
  • this sequined sweater and my boys' track pants.
  • I'm just not in the right place
  • to rock something like this right now.
  • (laughter)
  • - Oh...
  • my God.
  • - Oh!
  • - Beautiful!
  • - Can I draw on you?
  • - Yes.
  • - Oh...
  • - She's a mermaid. - It's a look.
  • - I think Jackson probably picked the pants
  • and Wyatt picked the top.
  • (background chatting)
  • - [Hannah Voiceover] So, last thing Shurie did
  • was style my hair, and then it was time
  • for the big reveal, and I was so nervous.
  • - (chuckle) Oh, are you sure you're ready for this?
  • - [Hannah] I'm ready.
  • - Okay, let's count down.
  • - Okay.
  • (drum roll) Three, two, one...
  • (shocked laughter) Oh my God!
  • (gasp)
  • (chuckle)
  • (high-pitched exhale)
  • Oh my God!
  • Oh my God!
  • Oh my God!
  • (gasp)
  • (laughter)
  • What?! (gasp)
  • What?!
  • (shocked laughter) Oh my God.
  • I look like a different person!
  • (laughter)
  • Oh my God!
  • I'm shaking right now.
  • I think I went into shock for a second,
  • 'cause I look like a different person.
  • - Yeah!
  • - From here, I would have no idea that's me.
  • Wow...
  • I love it!
  • I feel like I needed a big change,
  • and this is a really good big change.
  • and this is a really good big change.
  • Thank you so much guys. - I love you.
  • - Oh my gosh, I love you so much.
  • Well, I know the boys are gonna freak out.
  • I know Matt is probably gonna freak out the most
  • because I straight up look like
  • I'm a different person right now.
  • I don't think Rosie will recognize me.
  • She might recognize my voice,
  • but she's gonna be like,
  • "Who's this in my house"?
  • Alright, I am walking in the door to show the boys,
  • Alright, I am walking in the door to show the boys,
  • so let's see what they think.
  • - Who's this?
  • Oh my God!
  • (laughter)
  • Oh my God!
  • Oh look at you!
  • - (laughter) What do you think?
  • Rosie, you recognize me!
  • - Awesome!
  • - You picked short hair!
  • And who picked magenta?
  • - Me. - Me!
  • - [Hannah] Matt, what do you think?
  • - I like it.
  • - [Hannah] It's gonna take some getting used to, right?
  • On a scale of one to 10, what do you think of your choice?
  • - 10.
  • - [Hannah] One to 10, how much do you like the new hair?
  • - A 10!
  • - 10?
  • So what did I learn?
  • (sarcastic laughter)
  • Well, this was a fun thing to try with the kids
  • and it was a cute experience.
  • Will I keep this hair?
  • No, because I've learned that blue
  • is such a huge part of my identity.
  • The blue hair is what makes me happy.
  • But that being said, if you want to try a bold color,
  • or even this color, I'd highly recommend it,
  • because you'll learn a lot about yourself
  • and you'll see what you really like.
  • But, maybe don't let your kids pick it without you knowing.
  • So, that's all I got for this season.
  • I'm Hannah, and exciting news,
  • we have merch for the show now.
  • Join my Mom Squad, you don't even have to be a mom to join.
  • Now, if there's anything you want to see next season,
  • leave it in the comments, 'cause a lot of these episodes
  • from this season were requested by you guys.
  • Or you can always text me, this is a real number.
  • I don't answer all of them 'cause I get a lot,
  • but I do read every single one.
  • Now, if you'll please excuse me,
  • I'm going to relax on my couch,
  • in an outfit that I chose for myself.
  • 'Till next time!
  • (upbeat music)
  • (laughter)
  • (upbeat music)

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Hannah let's Jackson and Wyatt give her a surprise makeover. Would you trust your kids to do the same?

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